GreenGeeks Vs InMotion Hosting – Who Is the Winner?


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I’m using the two Green web hosting services, GreenGeeks and InMotion for my blogs.

Through this blog post, I would like to compare the features of these hosting providers.

Before beginning the battle “GreenGeeks Vs InMotion“, let me tell you some essential things about the hosting servers. 

Hosting Is The Endurance Of The Website

If you get the cheap or unreliable hosting service, you will meet the server down trouble that makes your site lifeless.

During the downtimes, how can your readers get the information that they need or able to purchase the product/service that you are selling from your site?

If they often get frustrated with the “Site Unavailable,” would they return to your site again?

I hope that you have the answer to my questions!

Choosing a reliable hosting service would not only give a pleasurable experience to your visitors or clients, but it would also help you get love from the search engines so that you can perform better than your competitors by getting good SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position).

I have apparently given some helpful instructions to choose the best hosting for your website.

You know, I’m a person who cares about the environment a lot and always keep my surroundings clean. As I’m an online freak, I would like to keep the web clean and green as well.

Thus I’m using the Green website hosting services like InMotion, GreenGeeks, and HostGator Cloud for my blogs and I’m delighted with the server performance of these companies. 

I have seen that the site founders (like you) are struggling to choose the hosting services that boast the same features and hence decided to do the host comparison posts.

When I carefully look at their requirement, they would like to evaluate GreenGeeks hosting with its toughest competitor InMotion hosting.

Yes, if you too strive to select the best one from the two reputed green web hosting companies, then this piece of content is for you!


I have been blogging since 2013, and I’m using several hosting services for my blogs.

The viewpoints that I’m going to share is my personal experience, and they may conflict with the views of other users.

GreenGeeks Or InMotion, Which Is The Best?

Before getting into the battle, “GreenGeeks Vs InMotion,” let me tell you some essential points of both green hosting companies!

GreenGeeks – It is a green energy web hosting leader that has been successfully surviving in the hosting industry for more than nine years. Being a complete hosting solution provider for more than 35000 customers, GreenGeeks would like to make the necessary investments to enhance its excellent service qualities.

InMotion – It is an old hosting player than GreenGeeks that earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and the top score from CNET. The primary goal of InMotion hosting is to delight its customers with excellent service & support, and it might be the reason for its growth and fame.

Now, let me compare the significant features of GreenGeeks and InMotion!

#1. Server Performance

Evaluating the server performance of the hosting services is critical, and thus I have kept it top in my GreenGeeks Vs. InMotion web host comparison.

You might think “Why the uptime of a site is so important?”. You may read the importance of server performance and Uptime through this post What is Uptime in Web hosting?

GreenGeeks mainly focuses on server failure prevention as they know that the online business unavailability would annoy the customers. Hence, it is providing maximum uptime through its high-quality servers.

I have been using its WordPress hosting service for the past six months, and my site’s server performance is maintaining at 99.9% (just only one downtime for very few minutes).

Check the latest uptime status of my blog hosted with GreenGeeks (recorded last 20 hours)!


When it comes to InMotion hosting, I’m delighted with the server routine, and yes it has achieved no downtime during my monitoring phase.

The uptime of Wpglossy is 100%. Not only for me, but most of the users have also obtained excellent uptime and reliable server service from InMotion.

Check the excellent Uptime performance of this blog (WPGlossy) hosted with InMotion!


Winner – GreenGeeks & InMotion

#2. Technology

You might wonder, how these green hosting companies could offer an unfailing service for its customers. To support my viewpoints of server performance, know about the server technology details of GreenGeeks and InMotion.

GreenGeeks has a well-planned infrastructure, and its network is routed by Cisco and Juniper switches. The servers are powered by the latest generation Intel Xenon processors with 64 GB memory and RAID 10 SSD storage for maximum performance.

The data centers of GreenGeeks have well-equipped systems to protect the customers’ data from fire and other potential disasters.

State-of-the-art technology has been incorporated in InMotion hosting to provide a reliable staying power for your website. They have purchased the line servers from DELL and server routers from Brocade & Cisco systems.

The data centers of InMotion are placed in the safest places on Earth. They are fully redundant and climatic controlled. The company keeps on investing in millions of bucks on hardware every year to meet the requirements of the customers.

Winner – GreenGeeks & InMotion

#3. Security

Choosing a hosting service with enhanced security features would help your data stay safe from hackers, malware, and intrusion codes.

GreenGeeks keeps your site safe through custom security rules. SiteLock is a helpful (Paid) security feature of GreenGeeks, and it will scan your site against SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other vulnerabilities that you need to look for.

You can get the SSL certificate with just a click and hide your domain registration data as well. If you get GreenGeeks’ WordPress hosting service (like me), you will get automatic updates, real-time scanning, brute force, and DDOS scanning. Free nightly backup is also available, and therefore you can feel safe.

Like GreenGeeks, InMotion also offers improved security features like SiteLock and SSL. Your site will be monitored consistently, and you may utilize the Shell access, hotlink, and Leech protection safety features.

In my InMotion hosting review, I mentioned that this best hosting for WordPress has protected my blog from hacker attacks. Yes, the technical team has found some unusual activities through the WordPress admin login, and thus they have disabled it for some time.

The support team informed me about this security concern and suggested I change the password. I don’t have any worries with my site data as it is entirely safe with InMotion!

Winner – GreenGeeks & InMotion

#4. Speed

You might wonder, what is the importance of having a quick load site

Not only your readers but also Google and other search engines like the fast-loading website. So, you should get the most rapid hosting service to establish your footprint on the web.

The usage of the best hardware with an inbuilt PHP caching system is the speed highlight of GreenGeeks. It allows us to choose the appropriate and closest data center from several choices and integrate CDN as well.

You would get HTTP and MYSQL tweaks for the fast blasting performance.


Even though this green hosting company has the speed mentioned above and claims that it is the fastest WordPress hosting at a low price, I’m wholly unsatisfied with my site loading performance when compared to InMotion Hosting.

InMotion comprises a unique feature for Speed, Max Speed Zones, through which you can use the best data center from multiple choices and premium bandwidth providers. This feature is unseen in its rival, and hence it earns the credit “Fastest Hosting Service.”

I don’t have any complaints about InMotion’s speed as its shared hosting plans use ultra-reliable Samsung SSD drives to diminish data retrieval times and provide quick content delivery to my audience.


#5. Price

Calculating the affordability of the hosting services is a must for newbies and tight-budget site owners.

I’m happy with GreenGeeks’ reasonably priced pricing plans! Instead of explaining the pricing details in the text, I have created a table for easy understanding!




Shared Hosting



WordPress Hosting



Reseller Hosting



Dedicated Servers



Managed Hosting Service


Available (But not affordable)

I’m using the Power plan of InMotion for my blog, which costs around $8 per month. However, I have purchased the affordable WordPress hosting plan from GreenGeeks, and it just costs around $3 per month.

So, if I compare the price and value of GreenGeeks and InMotion, GreenGeeks is the leader and winning the game.

Even though the VPS and Reseller hosting plans of InMotion are more economical than GreenGeeks, it is worth buying GreenGeeks plans as they offer more RAM storage than InMotion!

Winner – GreenGeeks (70% Discount)

#6. Customer Support

I can understand that you would like to ensure the trustworthiness of the hosting service to deal with your technical problems quickly yet professionally.

GreenGeeks provides 24 X 7 top-notch customer support for its users and making their hosting experience fantastic. They have professionally qualified technicians to assist with your hosting difficulties.

So, if you are a non-tech savvy person, you don’t need to bother about the technical aspects of your server service. You may reach them anytime through chat & Email and call them Monday to Friday from 9 AM EST to Midnight EST and during the daytime on weekdays.


My experience with GreenGeeks support was good as they reacted well to my queries and migrated my blog from old hosting without any downtime. They are always available and helpful for my struggles, and thus I don’t have any criticism with their assistance.

InMotion also has the No.1 support team, and they treat us with the respect that we deserve. Offering premium support for the success of your project is the dignity of InMotion.

They can speak at your level and guide you in the right direction. You may use any communication channels like Phone, live chat, Email, and Community-based Q & A.

I admire the friendly customer service of InMotion, and they have helped me with my tech issues at all times. I used to get the best replies and good assistance for my blogs.


With my previous hosting provider, my blog got a virus attack through security holes, and thus, I moved to this fast web hosting service. During migration, they handled my blog with a lot of care and monitored against malware codes.

Winner – GreenGeeks & InMotion

#7. Green Energy

If you are an environmental care enthusiast like me, then you should opt for the green web hosting service for your business site.

I have listed some best Green Website Hosting Companies where you can get enough information about “What is Green Web Hosting?” and a list of such server service providers.

GreenGeeks is an industry-leading green web hosting provider since they replace three times the amount of energy used by their servers with wind power. If they purchase 1X of power from the grid, they return 3X of power produced by the wind to the grid.

So, if you get GreenGeeks’ green web hosting plan, your website will be hosted on a server powered by 300% wind energy, and therefore, it will not leave any carbon footprint on the internet.

We must appreciate their efforts to lower greenhouse gas emissions and generate wind energy. The company also makes sure that they use less energy for their servers and avoid running their office equipment when they are unessential.

InMotion also understands the importance of having an eco-friendly web. Thus, they are reducing waste, increasing recycling, and stopping paper usage wherever possible.

As they care about energy consumption, they have founded their first-ever data center in Los Angeles. The company uses advanced outside Air cooling technology to cut down the cooling costs by nearly 70% and reduce the carbon output by more than 2000 tons per year.

Both the green hosting companies, GreenGeeks and InMotion, have been patterned with non-profit organizations and have planted trees for every hosting sale that they make. However, there is no doubt that GreenGeeks is the leader of Green website hosting. 

You may also have a green badge on your site and proudly say that you are making the web green. I’m very much impressed with the ecological quality of the servers, and I feel proud that I’m not making the internet pollute through my blogs. 

#8. Other Features

If I compare other features like a user-friendly Panel with all essential software, Disk Storage, Email accounts, Bandwidth, FTP accounts, SSH, .htaccess support, MYSQL hosting, automated backups, Google Apps integration, and free marketing extras, both the hosting biggies have similar qualities to serve the best for their clients.

Both GreenGeeks and InMotion have high business credibility, social media presence, and website popularity as well. These Linux-based hosting providers have earned positive and negative reviews from users.

To troubleshoot common technical difficulties, beginners can get helpful guides and video tutorials from these green hosting providers.

All the features of InMotion and GreenGeeks have been compared! Let me conclude my opinion so that it would help you find the exact hosting service provider that meets your requirements. 

Winner – GreenGeeks & InMotion

Managed WordPress Hosting Ability Of GreenGeeks

How much traffic can GreenGeeks’ managed WordPress hosting handle? – It might be a million-dollar question in your mind.

My Answer – As they have zero limitations on disk space and bandwidth, GreenGeeks’ managed WordPress hosting can handle around 800 hits every day without any trouble.

If you get more than 1000 hits daily, you may upgrade the WordPress hosting plan of GreenGeeks to ECO Premium, which costs around $24.95 Monthly and $239.40 yearly.

I’m using GreenGeeks’ upgraded hosting plan.

Traffic Handling Capability of InMotion Shared Hosting

How Much Traffic Does The Power Plan of InMotion Shared Hosting Can Handle? – I have received this question from the reader. 

My Answer – The Shared hosting (Power Plan) can handle thousands of daily hits. However, if you get several thousand of daily traffic, it would be better to go with the InMotion Hosting VPS plan.

GreenGeeks Vs InMotion – Which Has The Best Shared Hosting Plan?

GreenGeeks has been working hard to beat InMotion in terms of customer satisfaction. But, who is the leader, and how?

1. GreenGeeks Beats InMotion in Price

GreenGeeks is a green web hosting giant! It is beating the Launch & Power plan of InMotion in Price and value through its cost-effective, all-in-one shared & WordPress hosting of GreenGeeks. So, if you are specific about the budget, go with GreenGeeks.

2. InMotion Better than GreenGeeks In Speed

I have explained the speed qualities of InMotion and GreenGeeks, and yes, InMotion is the swiftness champion. Though there is not much speed variation between these two services, I would suggest InMotion if you are particular about the fast loading site.

Final Words Of My GreenGeeks Vs InMotion Comparision

As the last words in my evaluation, “GreenGeeks Vs. InMotion,” I would like to tell you that both highly reputed hosting companies serve customers well through their high-performance server service. As they possess the same features, it is somewhat tough for me to say which is better.

I’m using GreenGeeks for the past six months and InMotion since last year, and I didn’t face any issues till now. I feel very comfortable with these green hosting services, and they are worth the value for the money that I spent.

Get GreenGeeks for 2 major reasons

  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable pricing plans

Sign Up GreenGeeks For Special Discount

Go with InMotion for 2 main favors

  • Speed
  • Large refund period – 3 Months

Sign Up InMotion Hosting For Exclusive Offer

If your priorities are Performance, Latest Technology, Security, and Customer Support, you may get any hosting package from GreenGeeks or InMotion without any hassle. I’m sure that you will find great satisfaction in their reliability and support.

I hope this GreenGeeks versus InMotion Hosting comparison would help you evaluate their features and select the top green host for your website. 

Now, you tell!

Which green hosting service do you wish to purchase, GreenGeeks or InMotion? Were my viewpoints helpful? Which hosting are you using right now?

What is your opinion on my comparison post, GreenGeeks Vs InMotion green hosting? Share your thoughts in the comment section; let’s discuss!

You must also check GreenGeeks Vs SiteGround, GreenGeeks Vs HostGator, and GreenGeeks Vs A2 Hosting to know who is the direct winner. 

Also, if you need any clarification on these services, please ask, I’ll share my previous experience so that you can choose the best hosting for your website or blog.

by Nirmala
Nirmala is an avid blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She loves to write useful WP tips & tricks on this active blog.

13 thoughts on “GreenGeeks Vs InMotion Hosting – Who Is the Winner?”

  1. Seems like its really hard to pick one of the hosting from these two. Price and services seems quite similar. However if we take greengeeks for 3 years we can save lot of money.

    Thanks for review.

    • Hi Allen,

      Thanks for getting time to read my host comparison post. Yes, as you said, both the green website hosting providers boast the same features and hence it is somewhat tough to say which one is better. However, we can go with InMotion for fast servers and GreenGeeks for Price value.

  2. The one thing which I’m really happy about after reading this post is I learned how to check the server response time or server performance. I’d definitely keep in mind about that from now.

    I’d go for inmotion hosting since I have used it in the past.

    • Good that you have learned something new through my blog post, Jonny.

      Yes, you may go with InMotion hosting as it offers a great service for its users. I’m using it since last year, I’m fully satisfied with its performance.

      Thanks for adding your comment, keep coming!

  3. Your content helped me to identify the best hosting for my business site. Thanks for writing the comparison of GreenGeeks and inMotion. I would like to go with Inmotion so that it would help my site to load quickly.

    Thanks Nirmala for your good effort in making the points clear.

    • GreenGeeks is offering the awesome service. It is the leading eco hosting provider and hence I don’t have any complaints with them.

      Thanks Rajkumar for reading the post and adding your comment!

  4. Wonderful Job! This is the type of info that is supposed to be shared around the net. Thanks for the detailed comparison. I would like to get any one of the server services for my website. thanks!

  5. Hey Nirmala
    Thanks for sharing this informative post! I’m thinking to choose inmotion for my new niche blog, your comparison is the best and clear. Thanks for writing this good comparison post.

    • Hi Mohammad,

      You are most welcome, glad you liked my comprehensive comparison of GreenGeeks & InMotion.

      I use both the green web hosting services and didn’t experience any kind of troubles till now.

      You may go with InMotion and yes, it is the fastest hosting that would make your site load fast. Keep visiting!


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