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Its primary aim is to show the visitors how to create the highly sophisticated websites using the available WordPress sources.

Founders Of WPGlossy

WPGlossy is a collaborative blog that has been founded by the two web enthusiasts, a diligent WordPress Theme Designer, and a Devoted blogger who would like to write the helpful WordPress tutorials. 

A Few Words About Us! 

Sakthi Kumaran


Sakthi is a thoughtful guy who specializes in the WordPress Setup & Design. He is keenly interested in designing the functional, attractive & easy-to-use WordPress themes for the Digital marketers & Bloggers and helping in attaining their goals with the tailored site. He launched several products on the grand marketplace for the themes, ThemeForest; Have a look at its current Portfolio on ThemeForest, so that you will come to know his great design sense. Besides, he can provide the speed optimization service to make your WordPress site load blazing fast. 

If you would like to get help in the WordPress installation and Speed optimization, you may reach him through [email protected] and follow him on Facebook


Nirmala is a prolific blogger who has been in the Blogosphere since 2010. She manages the progressive blogs like MyMagicFundas, Infobuzzy, and a few niche sites. Writing is her preferred hobby, and she is making efforts to shape her writing approach to be an effective one. Crafting the helpful blog posts related to Keyword Research, SEO, and Link Building for the WordPress users is her main focus. Through this blog, she recommends the best products she uses for her blogs. 

If you want to get suggestions to improve your blog, you may catch her at [email protected] or through Facebook, and Twitter