Cloudways Vs Kinsta – Which Managed Hosting Should You Buy For Your Small Business Site?

Cloudways Vs Kinsta, which is the best managed hosting worth buying in 2021?

We are in the 21th year of the 3rd Millennium, and at this time, two leading hosting companies are rocking with the enterprise infrastructure, high-level security, and top-notch customer support.

No doubt that the Cloudways and Kinsta offer exceptional managed WordPress hosting service, and therefore, it would be difficult for the site owners to choose between these two cloud server providers.

As we are running our successful online business for the past five years, we got an excellent opportunity to use both managed Cloud hosting services for our niche blogs and WordPress theme demos, and hence, we can recommend the best service with our knowledge and experiences.


We are going to share our personal views and experiences, and they may conflict with others’ observations.

And, if you can’t invest much time in reading the in-depth blog post, you may have a look at the quick comparison with which you could conclude on which hosting service should you get for your business site.




Monthly Price

$10/Mo (Monthly)


Host Multiple Domains


Not Allowed in Starter Plan

Free Trial

Period 3 Days (Without Credit Card)

No Free Trial Period

Data Centers



Money Back Guarantee


Within 30 Days you can get.

Promo Code: WPGLOSSY

By comparing the essential features in the above table, it is crystal clear that the Cloudways is superior in all the compared qualities.

I believe it could help you make the right decision! If you still want to dig the evaluation further, then please continue reading the blog post.

Cloudways Vs Kinsta – Managed Hosting Comparison

Let’s begin the detailed war – Cloudways Vs Kinsta managed hosting!

1. Speed

The primary purpose of getting the industry-leading hosting service is for its swiftness. As you know, Google has announced the loading speed of the website as one of the search engine ranking factors, and therefore we should pick the server that could make our site load super fast.


When it comes to speed, the Cloudways has implemented a handful of helpful strategies to offer an ultra-speed performance.

The server contains

  • SSD drives for reduced page load times
  • In-built advanced caches like Nginx, Varnish, and Redis
  • Auto-healing quality to restart
  • HTTP/2 for fastest communication between the server and clients
  • Pre-configured PHP-FPM to boost the load time
  • PHP 7 ready to perform better than the predecessor
  • Besides, they offer a cache plugin called Breeze for the WordPress users and CloudwaysCDN to improve the response time.
  • Since they have done a lot of optimization techniques for Speed, you don’t have to bother about the site loading time.

Here is our site speed performance with Cloudways



Kinsta contains speed obsessive architecture that contains Nginx, PHP 7.3, Google Cloud server, LXD containers, and MariaDB database. LoadImpact and StatusCake are the two best speed features of Kinsta that ensure your site load in the blink of an eye.

You don’t need to use any cache plugin here because it has a Kinsta MU plugin designed for caching and CDN integration purposes. They have been partnered with KeyCDN, IPv6 powered content delivery network to offer CDN service for free so that you can offer the fastest delivery of your assets.

Now, Kinsta and WPRocket 3.0 are fully compatible to make your WordPress fast forever. Out of all, the company offers Amazon premium DNS for Free to ensure that your site is always available and get fast DNS lookup times.

Here is our niche site loading time speed with Kinsta hosting service!


Winner – Cloudways

Reason: We are fulfilled with the speed performance and server response time of our blog, WPGlossy, that let us play well in the search engine results and get a lower bounce rate in the Analytics report.

Get Cloudways Now with $30 promo code – WPGLOSSY

Speed Testing




98 A-Grade

97 A-Grade

Loading Time

1.6 Sec

2 Sec

Promo Code: WPGLOSSY

2. Performance (Uptime)

Site availability is most important as it could decide the success of the business website. If your site often goes down, then you will lose credibility among the readers and search engines for sure.


The company understands the critical importance of all-time site availability and therefore implemented a cluster of nodes in the server which is powered by the Google cloud platform to ensure the healthiness of the components.

If there will be an issue, another cluster node will automatically be turned up to avoid the downtime. We are tracking the uptime performance of our blogs, and here you can see that our blog hosted with Cloudways is available 24 X 7 with no downtime.



Because of using container-based infrastructure, Kinsta offers an SLA-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee. The database runs within the container and they do not run multiple load balance instances of each site. Even though it has robust architecture, the company doesn’t guarantee the 100% Uptime and I’m wondering about it.

Every 2 minutes, they check the status of every hosted website and it helps them react to the potential problems before reaching your audience. As you can see in the below image, the downtime period is very less (just a minute) and it is not happening for us every month.


Up&Down Time



Up Time



Promo Code: WPGLOSSY

Winner – Cloudways

Reason – Every minute counts and it would impact our reputation and loyalty. For rapid growing business sites, it is considered as productivity and revenue loss as well.

3. WordPress Optimized Features

WordPress is not only an essential blogging tool! Powering more than 33% of the web, it is the fastest growing online publishing software that has been endorsed by popular brands and celebrities.

Even a high-functional website for small businesses can beautifully be made with WordPress. And this is the reason for most of the hosting companies make their optimized WordPress pricing plans.

Let’s have a looks at the WordPress hosting features of Cloudways Vs Kinsta, and hence, you could pick the one that has high-class potentials.


With Cloudways, it is easy to deploy, build, and scale an optimized website. Moreover, it is more likely to get complex WordPress hosting solutions that fit your requirements.

  • Thunderstack – unique optimization technology to guarantee better speed for WordPress
  • Breeze – Free cache plugin for WordPress
  • CloudwaysBot – Smart assistant to give instant notifications
  • Stack with the latest web servers and databases
  • high scalable servers best suited for e-commerce websites.


The high-end servers are Kinsta are fine-tuned to work with WordPress, and as a result, your site will be delivered in the most optimal way to your audience. Here are the few notable qualities for WordPress

  • Server level caching for instant site delivery
  • 720 daily uptime checks
  • WordPress-specific security rules
  • Staging environments and restore backups to staging
  • High flexibility in configuring the installs and supports custom setups like Bedrock.

Winner – Both

4. CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers a speed boost to your site by reducing the latency time of the content delivery to your visitors who stay far away from the hosting origin. Here I have explained how CDN works and why it is for WordPress sites.


How do you feel when you could integrate the CDN service to your site by yourself? Yes, you would feel proud like a technical expert. The CloudwaysCDN is easy to implement, and it will give your site a speed boost.

The price of CloudwaysCDN is highly affordable ($1 per 25GB) which never empties your pocket. You can complement this excellent quality for your business site to reach a global audience and offer quick page load time for them.


Kinsta has been partnered with KeyCDN, the CDN giant, to turbocharge your site around the globe. Enabling the Kinsta CDN is simple; however, you have to install Kinsta MU Plugin to get the job done.

Its starter plan includes 50 GB free CDN, and when you cross the limit, they charge you $0.10 for every GB of CDN bandwidth.

Winner – Kinsta

Reason – Kinsta is offering free premium CDN from KeyCDN, even for its starter plan.




Partnered With



Price & Data

25GB for $1

50GB for Free

Promo Code: WPGLOSSY

5. Customer Support

The taproot of the web hosting company is its customer support team. The reliable tech team should assist the customers well with the ideal solutions so that they can keep their clients with us.

Before choosing any web hosting service, check whether the support team is proficient and able to help you at critical times. Also, evaluate the modes of reaching them and look at how fast they respond to your queries.

In this comparison post, Cloudways Vs Kinsta, I should have a word about their customer support team.


I can describe the Cloudways support team in a single word – Amazing!

As we use 3 different accounts with Cloudways, and we have contacted the expert team on many occasions. Every time, they have assisted us well with the right solutions. We didn’t wait in queues for a long time as they are available all the time 24 x 7.

The team is proving their excellence when it comes to managed site migration, troubleshooting the bugs, on-demand backups and application updates. The company offers priority support add-on through the senior engineers for your peace of mind.


Like Cloudways, Kinsta has a team of experts in their support team who could offer the perfect fixes for any technical glitches. As their priority is customer care, they act super fast and responsive in solving your troubles.

Yeah, they are always ready to fix the complex issues of their customers by sharing their knowledge. Till now, they never left any of our issues unsolved. We used to contact them rarely and yes, they are always responding well as early as possible.

Support Type






Ticket System









Promo Code: WPGLOSSY

Winner – Both

6. Cloudways Vs Kinsta Pricing

How much does a reliable web hosting cost? – It is a mostly-asked question by the business owners!

You should understand that the industry-level, first-class hosting cannot afford for free or at a low-cost price. It is worth paying the dime for the features that help our site load lightning-fast and keep it safe from the intruders.

According to the storage, bandwidth, SSH access, backups, and other sophisticated qualities, the Cloudways and Kinsta pricing details are as follows.


The pricing plans of Cloudways is flexible and transparent. As they are pay-as-you-go type, you will have to pay only for the resources that you consume for your site. Here, there is no Lock-in charge, and you get the freedom to host countless applications on any plans.

There are four different pricing plans available for each cloud server, and you may pick the suitable one according to your budget. When you exceed your bandwidth limit on the Digital Ocean server, you will be charged $0.02 per GB.



Kinsta has expensive pricing plans! Even with the starter plan, you can install only one WordPress, and they are not recommending this plan for e-commerce and membership sites. However, you will get SSL, Backup, and CDN support for Free.

If you make the annual payment, you will get two months Free hosting service which is an excellent opportunity to save your hard-earned bucks. Paid add-ons like Cloudflare railgun, Ningx reverse proxy, Redis, and extra disk space & backups are available.


Winner – Cloudways

Reason – The starter plan of Kinsta is 3 times costlier than the basic plan of Cloudways. Even if you would like to get CDN, and premium backup, then Cloudways plans are still cheap when compared to Kinsta. Moreover, Cloudways $30 Promo code – WPGLOSSY is available to grab the maximum free credits through which you can use the free hosting for 3 months.

Cloudways Vs Kinsta – Comparing Other Essential Qualities

Apart from the key features, let’s compare the other beneficial qualities of the two giants and see which one is offering extraordinary service for its customers!

7. Free Trial

Cloudways – Use the server service free for three days without entering your credit card details.

Kinsta – No free trial available. Kinsta offers only the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Winner – Cloudways

8. Dashboard Management

Cloudways – Good relief from the traditional control panel. You could easily manage all the features in one place without any difficulty.


Kinsta – You will adore the custom hosting dashboard, MyKinsta where you can manage everything from scratch. As the dashboard is responsive, you can take the backup, check for plugin updates, talk with the support, and all other activities from your phone.


Winner – Both

9. Site Migration

Cloudways – 1st Migration for Free and Self-Migration through BlogVault plugin. We have migrated the blogs from old hosting to Cloudways on our own in just an hour by installing the Cloudways WP migrator Plugin.


Kinsta – One or more site free premium migrations available for all the plans. Therefore, you have to rely on the support to get the migration task done.

Winner – Cloudways

10. Plugins Support

Cloudways – No restrictions! You can install and use any 3rd party plugins.

Kinsta – You cannot install all the third-party extensions, and yes, it has a list of banned and incompatible plugins.

Winner – Cloudways

11. Security

Cloudways – You will get a secured managed cloud server from Cloudways since they perform regular security patching, implemented an OS-level firewall to eliminate malicious traffic. Also, they provide two-factor authentication, 1-click free SSL, and IP whitelisting to keep your server safe at any cost.

Kinsta – Kinsta is highly secured WordPress hosting that detects DDoS attacks through the hardware firewalls, and proactively stops malicious codes entering into the network. Having the “Hack-Fix” guarantee is an exceptional security feature of Kinsta, and hence, you can stay relaxed with a peace of mind.

Winner – Both


Cloudways – In Cloudways, you can set up automatic backups and take on-demand backups as well. You can fix the frequency and schedule for automatic backups. Automated hourly backups and time-specific restore points are available, and they are FREE. They are charging $0.50 per GB every month for keeping your backups on an offsite location as disaster recovery.


Kinsta – Kinsta provides automatic WordPress backups (stored for 14 days) as well as system-generated types for all your accounts. Along with the manual backups (Available for 14 days), these automatic backups are available in the MyKinsta dashboard through the downloadable file. Besides, they offer two different paid backup plans (Hourly and 6-hour backups) for the one who needs additional restore points.


Winner – Kinsta

Why Cloudways? (Kinsta Cons)

Your choice should be the Cloudways hosting because of the following upsides!

  • 3 Days Free Trial to test the features without entering the credit card details
  • Hosting unlimited websites are allowed
  • Not like Kinsta, you have the choice to pick from several cloud providers
  • You will get dedicated server resources
  • No restrictions in the plugin usage like Kinsta. Kinsta has a list of banned plugins
  • It has 50 + data centres so that you can get the nearest one to your target audience
  • Both page speed loading time and server response time are excellent
  • You can go with either Free Migration or Self Migration through Blogvault plugin
  • Easy-to-use dashboard where you can control all settings under one roof
  • Add-ons are reasonably priced, and they are worth buying
  • It supports Pay-as-you-go pricing system which is more comfortable for resource scaling
  • It is the best hosting for the beginners as they could spend $10 per month

Why Kinsta? (Cloudways Cons)

You may go with Kinsta for the below benefits!

  • Cloud-based fastest WordPress hosting
  • Automatic security patches through daily malware scanning
  • Well-optimized for e-commerce sites
  • You can take the manual backup at anytime
  • Free CDN available (it depends on the plan you choose)
  • Simple staging environments for developers
  • Detailed Resource and visitor analysis

Cloudways Vs Kinsta, Which is the Best Managed Cloud Hosting?

It is challenging to choose between the two good hosting server companies. Both are high-performance hosting that would tweak your site performance to the next level. However, if we look deeper into the features, affordability, and contentment, then Cloudways is the direct winner.

The primary superior feature of Cloudways managed hosting is Pricing, and it is highly affordable than Kinsta. Even if you get the CDN, Paid Backup, and Premium DNS services in Cloudways, it is still cheaper than the Kinsta hosting.

Besides, it is an exceptional server service to host multiple domains around the world with the choice of 50+ data centres. Moreover, you will feel comfortable with the self-migration feature, easy-to-handle dashboard, scalable resources, and speed optimization qualities.

When it comes to server performance such as Uptime, speed, and server response time, we are delighted with the results of Cloudways than Kinsta. Nothing big differences, however, Cloudways gave us a performance boost.

From the above discussions for Cloudways Vs Kinsta, you can easily judge that my top recommendation is Cloudways! Yes, it is! We are suggesting you give Cloudways a try before going with Kinsta, and I’m sure that it is the best investment for your business site.

Not only Kinsta, but Cloudways can also perform better than its competitors. If you trust my words and want to go with Cloudways, then you may use our Cloudways Coupon Code for $30 and grab the premium hosting free for 3 months.

After using the service for a month, I would request you to come back with your results and server experience with Cloudways so that it would help the readers to make the right move.

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