Top 7 Cloudflare Competitors To Optimize Your Site Speed


Do you want to know some of the top Cloudflare competitors and Alternatives? You are in the ideal place to get the answer. Cloudflare is a great solution for site founders, especially when it comes to CDN and site speed optimization. But can you rely on one solution forever?

Sometimes, we find hidden gems during the research, and this article is all about them. I’ll review the top seven competitors and alternatives to Cloudflare, explaining what makes each unique and why you might want to consider giving them a shot.

Among these alternatives, BunnyCDN is the one that we used for our client (by his choice), and the results were awesome. However, the competitors I have listed here deliver the best output for their clients. Get ready to dive in and find some of the amazing solutions.

7 Best Cloudflare Alternatives For Fast Content Delivery

Here is the list of the best Cloudflare alternates you should know. Read the reviews below and decide whether to invest in these alternatives. Let’s get started without any further delay:

1. Google Cloud CDN

The biggest competitor to Cloudflare is Google Cloud CDN. In the beginning, you will even get a $300 free credit for using Google Cloud solutions. With these credits, you may also use Cloud storage, BigQuery, and more services.

One of the biggest advantages of this top-notch CDN is its massive global network of data centers. That kind of coverage means your content can be delivered lightning-fast to users, no matter where they’re accessing it from.

Best Features 

  • It holds more than 100 data centers all around the world
  • Accelerate content delivery through its 100+ products
  • Smart caching and reduced latency deliver content quickly
  • Real-time monitoring, analytics, and performance insights

2. Akamai

Akamai also offers CDN services and numerous security and cloud computing solutions. Its smart caching and routing algorithms dynamically optimize performance, minimizing latency and maximizing uptime. 

Akamai has security features like DDoS mitigation, bot management, and web application protection to safeguard your online presence. However, the pricing isn’t as affordable as Cloudflare, and not every product has a free trial.

Amazing Properties

  • Easy to use and very simple to access crucial reports 
  • Massive global server network for excellent services
  • Smart caching and routing for optimized performance
  • Dedicated solutions for security and cloud computing
  • Provides analytics dashboard to monitor user’s data
  • Offers 24/7 customer and technical support for users 

3. Azure

If you want an excellent CDN service like Cloudflare at an affordable price, Azure is an ideal choice. It’s a Microsoft platform featuring 100 solutions besides the CDN, which includes cloud migration, data transformation, AI, app development, etc.

The best part about Microsoft Azure is the possibility of creating a pay-as-you-go account. It also provides 55+ other services free after creating the account. The security features are also great; your content will be safe with custom domain HTTPS, DDoS, and WAF.

Great Upsides

  • Reliable content delivery network (CDN) with global reach
  • Enables seamless integration with all Azure services
  • Advanced security features like DDoS protection and WAF
  • Azure is a global network of Microsoft data centers
  • Supports automatic scaling based on traffic demands
  • Provides 24/7 technical support and documentation

4. Amazon CloudFront

Besides Google and Microsoft, Amazon offers cloud computing solutions, including the highly capable Amazon CloudFront CDN service. It features AWS Shield Standard to protect all your web applications without extra charges.

Since Amazon CloudFront is integrated with Amazon CloudWatch, it is possible to check real-time metrics in just a few clicks. The pricing depends on the per-month data transfer, but they’re generally quite affordable. 

Exceptional Characteristics

  • Provides AWS Shield Standard for DDoS protection
  • Integrated with Amazon CloudWatch for metrics
  • Affordable pricing based on monthly data transfer
  • Feature an extensive global network of edge locations
  • Advanced security options and custom SSL support
  • Supports automatic scaling for fluctuating traffic

5. KeyCDN

KeyCDN doesn’t have a range of solutions like Google Cloudflare or Microsoft Azure, but it’s excellent for CDN. This content delivery network offers powerful features such as HTTP/2, Brotli, TLS 1.3, and many more.

The overall performance is impressive, ensuring your content is delivered faster to end-users globally. The network is optimized for speed and reliability, making it a strong contender for websites and applications with snappy load times.

Notable Points

  • HTTP/2 and Brotli compression for faster delivery
  • Offers DDoS protection and web application firewall
  • Simple and developer-friendly API and integrations
  • Provides free custom SSL based on Let’s Encrypt
  • Offers free plugins: CDN Enabler & Cache Enabler

6. Bunny CDN

One CDN that I personally suggest is I’ve used it for one of my sites, and the results have been great. The pricing is extremely affordable for everyone. After creating a suitable pricing account, you may set a bandwidth limit.

It’s completely secure and has analytics features to get real-time user data to manage things on the go. As for performance, everything is up to the mark. They also have other solutions like Bunny Storage, DNS, Bunny Optimizer, Bunny Stream, etc.

Excellent Qualities

  • Easy-to-use interface for users—beginner-friendly
  • Affordable pricing with bandwidth limits
  • Allows seamless integration with popular platforms
  • A dedicated support team for technical assistance
  • Provide a 14-day free trial to check their service

7. Fastly

Fastly is the last pick on my list of Cloudflare competitors. They provide extensive network, security, and computing solutions, focusing on delivering excellent performance possible for quick content delivery.

Its CDN network is top-notch, caching content efficiently and offering advanced-level security qualities. Thanks to their intelligent caching capabilities, Fastly can significantly reduce content delivery costs by minimizing the load on your origin servers.

Top Features

  • Built-in security options, DDoS protection, and next-gen WAF
  • Reduced delivery costs through an efficient caching feature 
  • Hyper-connected, high-capacity POPs for improved performance
  • Serve content when there is a problem with your origin server
  • Real-time observability for instant traffic and important insights

Who Is The Top Cloudflare Competitor?

All the names mentioned above are Cloudflare competitors and alternatives, especially for CDN. However, I suggest Google Cloud CDN, Microsoft Azure, and All of these three are exceptional in performance.

Google Cloud CDN is an absolute powerhouse with its massive global network of data centers and edge locations. Plus, with a $300 free credit to start, it’s a fantastic option to try out with a low budget.

Microsoft Azure is another stellar choice. Beyond just CDN, Azure offers many solutions, including cloud migration and AI. The pricing model is highly flexible, making free services more appealing. is perfect if you’re on a budget but still want top-notch performance. I’ve personally used it, and the results have been great. It’s incredibly affordable, with a user-friendly interface and excellent security characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the European Cloudflare Competitors?

These are several European competitors to Cloudflare. I recommend OVHcloud, BunnyCDN, KeyCDN, and Myra, which provide robust cloud and CDN services with high performance, reliability, and security. Pick the one that fits your needs and budget.

Which is the cheapest Cloudflare alternative?

Bunny CDN is one of the cheapest alternatives to Cloudflare. They offer competitive pay-as-you-go pricing, making it a popular choice for those seeking cost-effective CDN solutions.

Is Cloudflare Better Than Akamai?

Both are good in terms of performance, but the issue is Akamai is expensive. Cloudflare has many plans on its website, which can come at a relatively lower price. Also, if you’re only interested in using CDN or basic security, Cloudflare offers them free.

Compare Fastly And Cloudflare!

Cloudflare and Fastly are both great options, but Cloudflare is a clear winner due to their range of solutions and free plan. Start with a free plan and use CDN and other basic security features.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a major enterprise with deep pockets, choose the more expensive plans and enjoy top-tier features and performance. But if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, there are fantastic options that won’t compromise on quality.

From this list of Cloudflare competitors, you may go with BunnyCDN, as it offers maximum uptime and reduces origin errors. I wonder about its robust security and simplified pricing plans. Just give it a try, I’m sure, you will be amazed by its performance.

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