How To Find The Publisher of A Website? 8 Quick Ways


The website publisher or publishing team comprises individuals responsible for content creation and management. While this information may not be a priority for most readers (general audience), it proves valuable for several reasons. 

The reasons include contacting the publishing team for paid guest posting opportunities, discussing copyright concerns, citing the website, etc. If you’re also looking for a website publisher for any of these reasons, this article is for you.

Here, I’ll discuss in detail how to find the publisher of a website through 8 different ways. These methods are efficient and require minimal time and effort. But before moving to the methods, let’s discuss why you need to know about the publisher.

Why Do You Need To Find The Publisher of A Website?

There’s no set reason why someone might want to know who the publisher of a website is. But it’s usually because they have a problem with the content or want to do business. What can be the content issue or business depends on person to person.

For example, some want to reach out to the publisher if they encounter unauthorized use of images or content or encounter issues with the website’s content. I often receive requests regarding guest post opportunities and collaborations from company brands.

So it’s all about your website; the chances of getting business collaboration offers are pretty normal if you own a big website. However, initially, it might not be easy, as building a reputation for business collaboration takes time.

8 Easy Ways to Find The Publisher of A Website

Let’s learn the eight simple ways to find the publisher of a website. I suggest you start with the first method and proceed down the list. Check the top seven methods and then use the eighth option to write an email. Let’s jump in now!

1. Footer of The Website

The best place to look for the publisher name of the website is in the footer section. Most people don’t know that website owners add essential links to pages, the publisher’s name, the copyright notice, and the year in the footer.


You need to go to the bottom and see whether there’s any name mentioned besides the © symbol. If there’s a name, it means it’s the website’s publisher. But remember, this method only shows the publisher’s name, not contact info.

2. Check Domain Registrar Name

If you want to contact the website publisher, use the domain registrar name-checking method. This method is simple; you only need access to the ICANN website. Navigate to the ICANN Domain Lookup tool and add the website’s URL.


The ICANN website will display the contact owner information for the individual or organization listed as the domain registrant and their contact details. If the information is private, it indicates that the domain registrar has used a privacy protection feature.

3. Use The Ahrefs SEO Tool

Another simple method to find a news article or blog publisher is using the Ahrefs backlinks checker tool. It’s completely free and offers details such as the publisher’s name and the date of the post, which are beneficial for citation purposes.

  • Go to Ahrefs Backlink Checker.
  • Enter the website link.
  • Click “check backlinks.” 
  • Now, access the information.

4. Social Media Pages

Social media pages are another resource for finding information about the publisher of a specific website. Most websites typically include social media icons at the top (near the title), at the bottom (in the footer), or at the sidebar of the content page.

Locate these social icons and click on them to be redirected to the social media pages. Once you’re on the official social media accounts, check the “About Us” section or click the link in the Bio section, as they often contain contact information.

5. Use Search Operators

The next option I’ve found useful is using Google Search Operators. These search operators are used for multiple purposes and are an efficient method for finding online information. You need to remember a handful of search operators, and you’re good to go.


For instance, to find publisher information, paste the domain name of the website followed by the keyword “publisher” ( publisher). This approach not only provides the name of the publisher but also basic information about them.

6. Check Website Pages

Due to Google’s strict guidelines, all websites create “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages. You can find information about the team behind the website on the “About Us” page. And for communication purposes, you can use the “Contact Us” page.

What you’ve to do for communication is write your offer and send it using the “Contact Us” form on the website. The website team on the backend will contact you within a few days and guide you through the process if they find the offer attractive. 

7. Author Bio Section

Content pages include an author bio section on blog pages. It contains information about the writer’s education and background. You might have seen “learn more” or “connect” links in the boxes. Clicking on these links provides more information about the publishing team.

If you’re on a specific blog, find the author box at the end of the article. Along with the author’s details, you’ll see the publisher’s details. Nowadays, this is important due to the E-E-A-T factor. So, you can know about the publisher from the author box.

8. Contact Via Email 

I’m sure the seven options above are more than enough to find the publisher of a website. But, finding a website email address is best if none of the options work. You’ll find it on the “Contact Us” page. Email the website team to ask for the publisher’s info.

This method has some limitations. Sometimes, you don’t get a reply from the website owner or the team who receives your email. This is similar to asking for a backlink from a blogger. Your outreach campaign ends with three replies out of 50 emails you’ve sent.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the publisher the author of a website?

No, the author refers to the person who wrote the content, while the publisher refers to the organization or individual responsible for publishing the work. You must find the publisher’s name and other important information if you’re citing a website.

2. What if I cannot find the publisher of a website?

If you cannot find the publisher’s name on the website even after trying all the methods, I suggest contacting the website team directly. This can be easily done by emailing the website team using the official email address.

3. How do you find the author and publisher of a website?

Scroll down the content page to the bottom and check the author box for writer information. Scroll a bit further to the footer to find the publisher’s name. If you need publisher contact info, write the publisher’s name and keyword contact info on Google.


Final Words

I’ve answered the main question of how to find the publisher of a website above in 8 different ways. All of them work efficiently, but the easiest way is by checking the footer for the publisher’s name and then using the search operator for the contact info.

Once you’ve got the publisher name, type it in the Google search bar along with the keyword “contact information,” Google will provide all the necessary data. This can include data about the phone number, official email, publisher name, etc.

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