Originality.AI Review – Is It Worth It? Shocking Truth!


Originality.ai is one of the most renowned AI content detector tools in blogging, but is it worth it? That’s a debatable topic. Some experts say yes, it’s 99% accurate, and according to others, it’s not, so who’s telling us the truth?

Don’t worry; I’ll tell you the reality of the Originality.ai. I have checked AI content for about a year using various AI detectors, including Originality. Thanks to my hands-on experience, I can tell the reality.

Below, I have crafted the Originality.ai review in detail, along with the pros, cons, and best features. I hope it lets you easily decide – should buy Originality AI credits or if a free AI detector is enough for this task. Let’s dive in!

Originality.ai – A Quick Overview

Originalityi was launched in November 2022 by the founder, Jon Gillham. It’s the same year and month when ChatGPT came into the market, and everyone was confused about whether the content was written by AI (ChatGPT) or a human.

Look at the screenshot attached, first email I have received after purchase. They claim it is the world’s most accurate tool for AI detection. From the introduction email, I learned that they released a huge update for improved accuracy.

Originality.ai became immensely popular within the first few months due to its accurate results. It’s a paid tool; you must buy credits to run the AI detector scans for a specific word count. The longer your article, the more you have to pay.

Besides AI content detection, the tool offers a readability scan and plagiarism checker. You can access a 30-day scan history, upload files in docs, PDF, docx, or even scan the content by adding the URL, making it a perfect tool for bloggers.

Originality AI Pros

  • Offers readability and plagiarism checks
  • 30-day scan history for quick tracking
  • Supports various file formats and URLs
  • Identifies AI-generated content accurately
  • Helps maintain content quality standards

Originality.ai Cons

  • A credit card is required for the signup. No free trial.
  • It costs more for longer articles.

How Does It Work?

Now that you know what Originality AI is, it’s time to shed light on another point, which is a mystery to many individuals: how this AI content detector works. According to the information available, this AI content detector operates using a modified BERT model.

The term BERT means Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. BERT is an AI model developed by Google. The founder modified this model and trained it using a mix of content written by people and generated by AI.

This helps the AI learn the unique patterns and styles of both types of writing. Thanks to this, the Originality AI can easily detect whether a human writer writes the content. Besides that, it can detect the content of tools like ChatGPT or Jasper.

Is Originality AI Actually Accurate?

Even though the founder claims that the tool is 99%, the accuracy is still doubtful; here’s why. Achieving 100% accuracy in detecting AI-generated content is challenging, and this applies to all AI detection tools, including Originality AI. Why is that?

These AI detection tools are trained using millions of documents authored by AI and humans. They learn to recognize patterns in humans and AI-generated content. However, they can’t achieve perfect accuracy even with this extensive training.

The reason is that AI detection tools make educated “GUESSES.” The tools use their learned patterns to decide if a human or AI likely writes the content. But it’s important to remember that they are still making educated guesses, which can be wrong.

To check the accuracy, I ran about ten old articles in Originality.ai, and about three times, the report showed AI content. Remember, I wrote these articles in 2020 and 2021 without using any AI tool.

While the other articles weren’t AI-generated, this small test helped me conclude that even the most reliable AI detection tool can’t be 100% accurate. But, yes, it’s better than other AI detector tools available.

Best Features of Originality AI

These features make this AI detection tool stand out. The only issue is that it’s expensive if you think you can afford it; it’s the best AI detector tool available online. 

  • Accurate Results: Originality AI is good at telling if content is AI-generated. 
  • Readability Check: It helps ensure your writing is easy to understand.
  • Plagiarism Checker: It detects whether the work is original or copied.
  • Scan History: Keep a record of your scans over the past month.
  • Shareable Reports: Share the AI detection reports with others.
  • File Upload: Check files in docs, docx, and PDF format.
  • Full Site Scans: It can check an entire website for AI-generated content.
  • Scan From URL: Analyze content directly from a web address.

What’s The Price of Originality AI?

The price depends on the plan you want to select. Currently, the tool comes with two plans: pay-as-you-go and subscription-based. The main difference is the subscription base plan offers all features, and pay-as-you-go has limited features. 

You have two different pricing plans!

Pay-As-You-Go Plan: $30 One-time

  • 3000 credits included
  • 2-year expiry
  • 30-days scan history
  • Plagiarism and readability scan

Subscription-Based Plan: $14.95 Per Month

  • 2000 credits included
  • Renews monthly
  • Features include AI scan, plagiarism, readability scan, unlimited scan history, shareable reports, file upload, full site scans, scan from URL, and team management.

How Originality.ai Looks? How To Use It?

Are you interested in seeing its Dashboard through this originality.ai review? Let me show you!


From the above screenshot, it is clear that this best AI detection tool for WordPress has a simple and user-friendly interface to detect machine-written content.

Let me explain the features!

Content Scanner

It is the primary feature of this tool. Paste the content here and click the “Scan Now” button to identify the AI written lines. See the crystal clear interface, which is very convenient to use.


After scanning your text, look at the result score at the right side.


My Content Scans

In this section, you will have all your content scans. You may utilize it whenever need or lookback! Check the image for your reference.


My Team

This best AI detector for WordPress offers efficient team management through “Role Permissions” optios – Editor, Manager and Admin. Here are the features for different roles!



The billing, recent payments and credit details are listed here. With this setting section, you can also top up your credits for larger content scan.


I hope you’re clear with the working features of this AI detection tool and now, let me consolidate its recently introduced features.

Recent Updates

This AI content detection tool has the following feature updates!

  1. Supports multi-languages (more than 15 languages) with more than 90% accuracy.
  2. Introduced World-class Chrome extension for GPT-4
  3. Real-time fact-checking is available to cross-check the information.
  4. Incorporated the session tracking and Role assignments for team management.

Is Originality AI As Good As Turnitin?

As per my experience, Originality AI isn’t only as good as Turnitin but also better at detecting AI content. Turnitin is affordable compared to this AI content ; you can share its subscription with friends or team members. However, it’s not accurate like Originality AI.

I conducted tests using both tools, and here’s what I found:

When I submitted AI-generated + human edit content to Turnitin, it easily passed with only 2% of the AI content score, which surprised me. The same content was detected by Originality, with about 55% of AI content. Hence, the Originality AI detector is better.

Are There Free Alternatives To Originality AI?

No doubt Originality AI is an excellent AI detection tool and plagiarism checker, but it’s expensive. Not everyone can buy a monthly subscription and pay extra when they run out of credits to check AI content.

This is why you need some good free alternatives to Originality.ai. Remember, these tools may not be as accurate as Originality but can easily detect if most of the content, about 60% to 80%, is written by AI.

3 Best Free Alternatives

  • ZeroGPT Detector
  • ContentDetector.ai
  • Copyleaks

How To Identify AI Content Without Tool?

If you’re using free AI detectors instead of Originality, I suggest you not rely solely on the tool. Sometimes, these free tools flag human-written content as AI, so it’s better to read the content yourself and identify the use of AI. Do this by following these tips:

Check Sentences Pattern: AI content has a similar sentence pattern; for example, in the intro, you’ll see words like “in this guide.” Most of the conclusion paragraphs start with the words “in conclusion.”

Similar words: Apart from the sentence pattern checking the words, AI uses difficult words many times. When you see similar words in many paragraphs, there’s a high chance that the content is written with AI.

Research: The last and most important part is the research; where AI fails. AI software relies on existing data and may not provide accurate or up-to-date information. AI might write if the content lacks recent facts or in-depth research.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a free version of Originality AI?

No, there’s no free version of Originality AI. However, when you want, get a free trial with 50 credits by installing this extension.

How effective is Originality AI?

According to the tool, it’s about 99% accurate. 99% is a bit too much, but it’s effective about 60% to 70% easily.

Can someone bypass the Originality AI detector?

AI detectors, including Originality AI, determine AI-generated content by analyzing content patterns. If you edit AI-generated content and give it a human touch, it can easily bypass Originality AI or any other AI detector.

Wrapping Up My Originality.ai Review

To sum up, Originality.ai is a fantastic tool to detect AI-generated content. However, it’s not 99% or 100% as it’s advertised.No one can bypass this AI finder, it’s entirely a misconception, and even minimum changes can make the content original. 

Nonetheless, the fact about accuracy doesn’t diminish the tool’s value. It’s still among the top AI detectors, especially compared to various free and paid alternatives. And lastly, you’ll also get plagiarism and readability checkers. 

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