Best Travel Affiliate Programs To Make Passive Income In 2024


Are you planning to start an affiliate blog in the travel niche this year? If so, there are many travel affiliate programs available you can join and make money. Starting a travel blog is the best option for people who are fond of traveling and have experience in this niche. 

In 2024, most people are now aware of affiliate marketing and work in this field. If you don’t know about the affiliate program, I’ll tell you about the best. In this program, you have to promote products and different types of services through your blog.

After this, you will get a commission for promoting products and services. Suppose you want to earn extra money; the affiliate program is excellent. In this program, making while sleeping looks like a big dream, right?

This post will teach you about travel affiliate programs, so if you’re starting online marketing or looking for a new way to monetize your blog, keep reading! I have already consolidated the best fashion affiliate programs, and now it’s affiliate marketing for the travel niche.

What Is A Travel Affiliate Program?

Do you know what affiliate marketing is for travel bloggers? This program allows you to promote a company’s services and travel products. It can be done with the help of your travel website. For this, you have to paste the affiliate link on your website.

After this, you’ll get a commission if anyone buys the service through your affiliate link. But, all the travel affiliate programs come in different categories. Don’t worry if you have a single-category blog; still, you may use this affiliate program and make money.

The categories include outdoor gear, hotel affiliates, tour programs, premium travel affiliates, rental car programs, flight and train tickets, and insurance programs. What do you think about this information? Is this mouth-watering? Yes, it is; we know this.

How Do Travel Affiliate Programs Work?

As mentioned, travel affiliate programs are a fantastic way to earn money. Also, it is perfect for big companies and business to promote their travel services and products. This strategy is”called “Pay Per” Action.”

This program works when you select a company product or service and add the affiliate link to your travel blog. After adding the link, when any person purchases the travel product or service of the company through your affiliate link, you will get a commission.

Also, this link helps the company get the customer’s location and earn a commission. Remember that anyone in this world can join this program. If you have loyal visitors on your blog, start making extra money.

22 Top Travel Affiliate Programs To Earn Money

When you start your travel blog and get decent traffic, you must select and join an affiliate program. There are too many affiliate programs for travel sites to join, but some are perfect. So, the top 20 highest-paying travel affiliate programs are

1. Expedia

Expedia is the leading global online travel agency, and as such, it offers a comprehensive travel affiliate program. This program allows partners to earn commissions on hotel, flight, and package bookings made through Expedia.


Expedia travel affiliate partners may also access marketing materials like banners, text links, and product data feeds to earn booking commissions. They can use Expedia’s extensive global reach, serving over 200 countries and territories.

Why Expedia?

There are several reasons why partners might want to join the Expedia travel affiliate program. These reasons include:


Commission rates in the Expedia travel affiliate program vary depending on the booked product. However, the average commission is from 3% to 11%.

  • Commission rates for premium rate hotel bookings are 10%.
  • For the agency, hotel booking is 5%
  • To promote vacation packages, get a 3% commission
  • Commission rates for flight bookings start at 5%.
  • A 4% commission is available for booking travel packages.

Marketing Materials

The Expedia travel affiliate program partners can access marketing materials, including banners, text links, and product data feeds. These materials are Expedia’s products and services on partner websites.

Global Reach

Expedia has a global reach, with over 200 countries and territories served. This allows partners to tap into a large and growing online travel market. You could earn too much commission by joining this Expedia travel affiliate program.

Offer Multiple Products

Expedia offers many travel products and services, including hotels, flights, and package deals. This allows partners to provide their visitors with comprehensive travel options.

When Will You Receive Commission?

Commission payments from Expedia are made monthly. When you complete the $50, you are ready to get your commission on the 15th of each month.

2. is another leading online travel agency. They offer a travel affiliate program that is similar to Expedia’s. This program allows partners to earn commissions on hotel bookings, flight bookings, and car rentals made through


In addition to earning commissions on bookings, partners can get different marketing materials, such as links, banners, and product data feeds. However, if we talk about the global reach of, then they serve forty territories and countries.


Similar to the Expedia affiliate program, it contains different reasons to join. Reasons that insist you join this affiliate program include:


  • The minimum commission you earn from this agency is 25% on every booking. But here, the main reason is that the longer the stay of the guest, the higher the commission.
  • If the guest who comes through your referral link stays long, get up to 40% commission. Commission depends on this program’s booking and stay time.

Marketing Materials’s best travel agency provides you with many marketing tools. With the help of these materials, earn a high amount from your blog. These tools include the search box, different plugins, links, banner ads, deals finder, etc.

Global Reach has a global reach, with over 40 countries and territories served. This allows partners to tap into a large and growing online travel market.

Offers Several Services is a travel agency with many travel services and products. You may select any service or product according to your blog articles. However, you will get lodge reservations, flight booking, hotels, and travel services from

When Will You Get Commission?

Receive your commission after a month, but remember that you will get it when the guest completes their stay.

3. International Drivers Association

Are you going to drive a vehicle in other countries? If yes, you have to get an international driving license. This trusted website helps you get this necessary document at an affordable cost. You can get 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year permits and receive the digital IDP in 8 minutes or less when you apply.


This service provider offers an affiliate program for travel bloggers with attractive commissions for every sale you make. Let’s get into the details.

Why the International Drivers Association?

International Drivers Association offers personalized, high-converting landing pages to attract more customers.


  • You can get a 20% commission on every sale as an affiliate.
  • This means that every time someone signs up for an international driving license from the International Drivers Association through your referral, you will earn 20% of the total purchase price.

Marketing Tools

IDA offers attractive banners, discount coupons, and landing pages for effective promotions. It is possible to track your sales through the Sub IDs. They are also in the CJ Affiliate Network. Simply search the Advertiser list “International Drivers Association” and apply to their program.

Cookie Policy

It has a 30-day Cookie policy to get credited for all the sales you make. It is a good cookie duration that will increase your affiliate commission.


This travel affiliate program has dedicated affiliate support to help you boost sales commissions.

When Will You Receive The Commission?

The default payout period set by the International Drivers Association is monthly. However, you can opt for weekly payouts if you generate at least $500 in commission per week for a minimum of 4 weeks consecutively. This allows you to access your earnings more frequently.

4. HotelsCombined

HotelsCombined is a search engine for finding hotels. They offer a travel affiliate program that allows partners to earn commissions on hotel bookings made through HotelsCombined. It comes with different marketing tools that help you to earn more money.


Why HotelsCombined?

Generally, its global reach is extensive; it serves more than 200 territories and countries. So, it is the best option if you are looking for affiliate marketing for the travel industry.


  • When anyone uses the services of HotelsCombined through an affiliate link, they’ll give you a commission of $0.50 to $2. An advantage of this affiliate program is that it comes with more than a one-year cookie to earn an entire year with a single link with this feature.

Best Hotels Site

We all know that tourism is increasing nowadays, so the demand for excellent hotels is also increasing. So, HotelsCombined is the best premium hotel comparison website. Your travel blog lets you find and promote many hotels on this website.

One-year Cookie

Only a few programs provide the one-year cookie, the affiliate program. With this feature, earn a commission after the entire year when anyone purchases any product or service.

When Will You Receive Commission?

Every month, you will get your commission from the HotelsCombined. But remember one thing: the entire commission is processed during month-end. Collect it at the end of July if you earned a commission in June and confirmed on July 1.

5. TripAdvisor

The TripAdvisor affiliate program is free to join and easy to get started. You add a few lines of code to your website, and you’re ready to begin promoting hotels, flights, and other travel deals.


Why TripAdvisor?

As mentioned, it is one of the best travel affiliate programs. When a visitor comes to your website, clicks on one of your affiliate links, and purchases TripAdvisor, you’ll earn a commission on the sale. Like the other affiliate programs, it also contains different reasons.


  • Commission rates vary depending on the product but can be as high as 50%.
  • In addition, you’ll earn a commission on all subsequent purchases the customer makes within 365 days of purchase.

Work As an International Affiliate

The exciting part of this affiliate program is that it is not limited to only one country. TripAdvisor covers all countries, and customers use their services to book hotels to grab incredible deals worldwide. 

So, if you are running your blog from outside the US, you can still use their Affiliate program to earn a commission.

Text Generator

The following unique feature of TripAdvisor is the link text generator. Through this, find high-commission products. To earn more commission than the average percentage, use this feature of TripAdvisor.

The other marketing tools are banner and textual ads to promote their products, services, and best deals. Use direct affiliate links or display ads to promote their services and products.

When Will You Get Commission?

You don’t need to worry about the commission because you will get it monthly. Suppose you generate the best sales in June; they will provide the commission in July. Use PayPal to take the commission from this fantastic website.

6. Discovercars is a global leader in online car rental reservations that has been honored with multiple international awards by travel and media organizations. They offer a car rental affiliate program with a percent-based revenue share scheme and a year-long cookies lifetime. The program allows affiliate partners to earn commissions from products: car rental and Full Coverage. 

Affiliate partners access different marketing materials, including deep links, widgets, and banners. A dedicated account manager provides full support and profit-generating tips based on an analysis of your website.  



There are several reasons mentioned in the reviews on the affiliate page. Here are some of them:


Two commissionable products: car rental plus additional commission from Full Coverage:

  • 70% of their car rental profit  +
  • 30% of their Full Coverage revenue

The average commission earned by an affiliate partner is $20 (USD) per booking. Bookings and commissions appear immediately in the affiliate’s account.

Cookies Lifetime

A long cookie lifetime allows affiliate partners to get a commission from bookings made within one year (365 days) of visiting their website through your site. 

Dedicated Account Manager 

They’ll give a deep preliminary and on-the-go analysis of your website and regular suggestions and tips based on internal data about the car rental market. 


Several ways of embedding affiliate links and our widgets are available. For deep links, a landing page generator is provided. 

Variety of partners 

The affiliate program is available to various websites and businesses: travel blogs, online travel agencies, accommodation websites, airports, mobile apps, travel companies, etc. 


You can see reviews that’s current affiliate partners have left on their affiliate program page.

7. Plum Guide

The Plum Guide Affiliate Program is a hotel booking program allowing partners to earn commissions on hotel bookings through its website. You can earn commissions through hotel bookings, affiliate links, and banner ads used by travel bloggers.


Other than this, the Plum Guide serves more than 190 territories and countries. It is considered one of the best travel affiliate programs to earn extra money. The commission rates of this affiliate program are very competitive.

Why Plum Guides?

It is the most recommended platform to earn extra money. Why should you join the Plum Guide affiliate program? The reasons include:


  • They offer a commission of 50% on hotel booking through the unique referral link.
  • The commission for becoming the VIP partner will be 80% for every hotel booking. This means that you’ll earn a commission when someone uses your link and makes a purchase.

Marketing Tools

We have a variety of creative assets available to help you promote our services, including text links, banner ads, and social media posts.

Offer Best Places

You will find too many options online, and finding the right place to stay is tedious. So, the Plum Guide did their hard work and reviewed every location to provide a fantastic place to stay. It is the most trusted platform for earning a lot of commission.

When Will You Receive Commission?

The commission is paid out monthly, and you will receive an email notification each time a commission is generated and paid out. But remember that the minimum payment threshold is not present, so you can get a commission next month.

8. Kayak

If you’re looking for the best travel affiliate programs, look no further than Kayak. With a wide variety of options and an easy-to-use interface, Kayak makes it easy to find and book travel. And as an affiliate, earn commissions on all the bookings you refer to.


Why Kayak?

There are many reasons to choose Kayak as your travel affiliate partner. Here are just a few:

Commission Rates

  • Kayak offers competitive commission rates to earn a good income from your referrals. If we discuss the commission rates, we get a 50% commission on every sale. Kayak is the most famous and leading search engine for travel.

Offers Multiple Travel Options

The Kayak has too many travel options like flights, hotels, car rentals, etc. It means that with the help of the Kayak affiliate program, you have a high chance of earning money. 

It doesn’t matter what your blog visitors seek; you will find it on Kayak. Promote every service and product of Kayak to earn money.

When Will You Be Paid?

The kayak affiliate program will pay you monthly, but the new process starts every 45 days. Remember that you’ll get your commission through PayPal and bank. If you meet the payment threshold of $100 for PayPal and $500 for Bank transfer, get your money.

9. GetYourGuide

To monetize your travel blog, look no further than the GetYourGuide travel affiliate program. With this program, earn a commission on every booking your site makes. GetYourGuide is the world’s leading online marketplace for booking tours and attractions.


With over 28,000 products available, there’s something for everyone. And, as GetYourGuide is a global company, you may offer your readers tours and activities worldwide.

Why GetYourGuide?

There are many reasons to partner with GetYourGuide, but here are just a few:


  • The average commission you get from GetYourGuide is between 20% and 30%. However, this commission depends on the location and the product you promote. If you promote the high-cost service of GetYourGuide, you will get a high commission percentage.

Trusted Company

GetYourGuide is a trusted brand with a strong reputation. Promoting the products and services of GetYourGuide means your readers are more likely to book tours and activities through your site.

Offers Multiple Products

If we discuss selecting products for promotion, more than 28,000 products are available. It means there’s something for everyone. Whether your readers are interested in city tours, museum tickets, or activities like skiing or surfing, GetYourGuide has them covered.

When Will You Obtain Commission?

This process to add the payment details will take 4 to 5 business days. When the payment info is approved, get a commission every 5th day of the month. But remember that if you want to change the payment info, do it before that.

10. CruiseDirect

CruiseDirect is one of the best affiliate programs for travel sites; it is a cruise booking program that allows partners to earn commissions on cruise bookings made through the CruiseDirect website. It is the fastest-growing cruise affiliate program in the world for cruise vacations.


Remember that they will reply to you when you apply for this affiliate program after 24 hours. When your affiliate program joining request is approved, start earning a commission by promoting their services.

Why CruiseDirect?

There are too many reasons to join the CruiseDirect affiliate program. These reasons include:


  • If we talk about the commission of this fantastic platform, then you will earn 3% on every sale. You must put an affiliate link on your blog to promote their services and products. The cookie window duration is 45 days, which means you earn from a single link within these days.

Amazing Deals

CruiseDirect comes with too many deals and discounts. Make massive commissions by using their amazing deals and discounts. But remember that you have to subscribe to their newsletter as they send it weekly. Their discounts and deals are impressive for earning more money.

Tools For Promotion

You will get different tools to promote their products and services. These marketing tools include search boxes, text ads, banner ads, and affiliate links. Just promote their services on your blog. If you have a high fan following on social media platforms, promote through them.

When Will You Receive Commission?

The exciting part of this affiliate program is getting your commission every month. The minimum threshold of payment is $25. Get paid for your July commission in September.

11. G Adventures

G Adventures is an adventure travel company offering small group tours to destinations around the globe. The company has operated for over 25 years, and its headquarters is in Toronto, Canada.


G Adventures offers several affiliate programs that allow travel bloggers and other website owners to earn commission on bookings made through their sites. They provide travel tours, expeditions, and safaris for small groups.

Why G Adventures?

There are many reasons why G Adventures is an excellent choice for travel affiliates.


  • Earn a 6% commission for every confirmed sale from the G Adventure affiliate program, which is enormous. If you have a high fan following or visitors to your travel blog or website, you will earn too much money by promoting their products and services.

Tours Destinations

The company offers a wide range of tours to destinations worldwide. This means there is something for everyone, irrespective of their interests or travel style. However, the average value of a single order is $2600; it’s a good chance to earn a high amount from a single sale.

Reputable Company

G Adventures is a reputable company with over 25 years of experience in the travel industry. This means that affiliates can feel confident promoting their tours and know they offer their clients great deals.

When Will You Obtain Commission?

Get a commission from the G Adventure affiliate program every month. So, you don’t have to worry about the payment through the promotion.

12. Agoda

The Agoda name is always present when discussing the list of trusted travel communities. It has an extensive selection of hotels and accommodations; Agoda is a great partner for your travel-related website.


Plus, they offer some of the highest commissions in the industry to earn a healthy profit from your referrals.

Why Agoda?

Do you want to know the reasons for joining this affiliate program? All the reasons that you should know include:


  • The Agoda affiliate program offers commissions as high as 5%. If anyone books a hotel for $400 through your affiliate link, get the $20 commission. Be sure you’re earning a good profit from your referrals.

Access To Every Hotel Data

Agoda provides detailed information on all of their hotels, so you can be sure you’re offering the possible option to your visitors. Using this information about every hotel, it is easy to convince your visitors to book a hotel, and when they book, you will earn a commission.

When Will You Get Commission?

Use the Agoda affiliate program and get your commission on the first day of every month. But remember that for this, you must complete the minimum threshold of $200. After completing the minimum amount, withdraw your commission.

13. CityPASS

The CityPASS affiliate program is a great way to earn commission through travel bookings. The company provides discounted admission to popular tourist attractions in major cities around the United States.


It is a great option for travelers looking to save money on attractions while still seeing all the city has best. As an affiliate, promote CityPASS to your audience and earn a commission on every sale.

Why CityPass?

CityPASS is a well-known and trusted brand in the travel industry. All reasons to join this affiliate program include:


  • CityPass provides nine days to experience unique activities and enjoy the beautiful things of the city. However, the commission you earn from the CityPass affiliate program is 6% for every sale.

Offers Multiple Programs

The CityPass affiliate program contains too many programs. So, you may promote different programs to different types of audiences. It means every visitor will get something from the CityPass and earn it through your affiliate links.

However, you can promote boat trips, amusement parks, museum trips, bus tours, and many more.

When Will You Grab Commission?

CityPass will pay you the commission every month. When you meet the minimum payment threshold, your payment will be processed and received monthly.

14. Viator

Viator is the perfect partner for anyone looking to explore the world. And if you are searching for travel company affiliate programs for your blog or website, we recommend Viator. It comes with 10,000 tours and activities worldwide.

With the help of one of the top travel affiliate programs, you could earn a high commission. The Viator affiliate program is the most lucrative in the industry. So why wait? Sign up today and earn commissions on some of the most incredible travel experiences!

Why Viator?

There are many reasons to join the Viator affiliate program; here are just a few that you should know:


  • They are providing a 20% commission for every sale. When anyone books the product through your affiliate link, grab the commission.

With Viator, you can access the best tours and activities available anywhere, offering over 10,000 tours and activities worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a city tour or an adventure in the great outdoors, Viator has you covered.

Trusted Company 

Viator is a well-known and trusted company with millions of happy customers worldwide. When you partner with Viator, be sure you’re partnering with a company prioritizing customer satisfaction. And also you are going to get paid very well.

When Will You Get Commission?

Commissions will be calculated and paid out monthly based on the sales generated in the previous month. For example, if you generate $1000 in sales in July, receive your payment in August. You will get a commission through your Bank Account and PayPal.

15. World Nomads

As a travel affiliate, join World Nomads and offer your audience the opportunity to purchase some travel insurance. Not only is the product high-quality, but World Nomads also offers great commission rates and marketing support.

The process of signing up and getting started is quick and easy; start earning commission right away.

Why World Nomads?

Check the reasons for joining this top travel affiliate program!


  • Earn up to 10% commission on sales to make good money from the program. If we talk about the cookie duration of this affiliate program, then it is 60 days.

Premium Insurance

World Nomads offers the best and highest-rated travel insurance products on the market. Ensure that your audience is getting a great product. Just join the World Nomads affiliate program. There is an opportunity to make high sales.

Marketing Support

World Nomads provides you with marketing materials and support to help you promote its products effectively. With the help of these marketing materials, you can easily promote their products and earn commissions.

Travel Industry Council Member

Additionally, World Nomads is a member of the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO), which means your audience can be confident that they’re buying a quality product.

Reputed Company

World Nomads is a well-recognized and reputable brand in the travel industry, and a team of experts backs its products. They offer a wide range of travel insurance products, making it easy for your audience to find the right coverage for their needs.

When Will You Receive Commission?

They pay your commission every month. Your commission will automatically transfer to your PayPal or Bank account after completing the minimum payment requirement ($250).

16. Take Walks

We’ve all been there before; you’re trying to book a trip, and the prices are too high. But what if you could save on your travel expenses without compromising quality or location?

There is a way to get great deals on your next vacation with Take Walks. This program offers exclusive discounts on travel and accommodation, so you can finally take that trip you’ve been dreaming of.

Why Take Walks?

All the reasons to join the Take Walks affiliate program are given below.


  • As an affiliate of the Take Walks Affiliate Program, earn a commission on every sale you generate. For every booking made through your unique affiliate link, earn a commission of up to 15%.

Wide Choice of Destinations

The Take Walks Affiliate Program offers a wide range of destinations so people can find the perfect place for their vacation. From popular tourist destinations like Paris and Rome to lesser-known gems like Slovenia and Croatia, they have places for everyone.

Marketing Tools

The affiliate program of Take Walks comes with many marketing tools to help you promote its services. This includes a variety of banners and text links to use on your website or blog and email marketing templates that you can send to your list.

When Will You Obtain Commission?

Grab the commission for a sale generated by your affiliate link. It’s paid monthly, and you will receive payment for sales generated in the previous month.

17. Klook

Klook is one of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers, which offers booking travel services and activities. They have great travel experiences and services to book online through their site or app. It has excellent customer service and offers a travel affiliate program.

Commissions start at 2% and increase based on your total sales volume. You’ll also earn a percentage on any bookings made by people who click on your affiliate link and complete a purchase within 30 days.

Why Klook?

The following are the valid reasons that made Klook one of the best travel blog affiliate programs.


  • Join the Klook affiliate program and earn a commission on activities and services booked through your website or blog. Commissions start at 2% and increase based on your total sales volume.

Cookie Duration

Klook offers a 60-day cookie duration. So, you’ll still earn commission on bookings made up to two months after a customer clicks your affiliate link.

When Will You Get Commission?

Payments are made monthly; earn up to 2% to 5% commission on sales. Plus, Klook offers generous referral bonuses for referring new affiliates.

18. TravelPayouts

Travelpayouts is considered one of the best travel affiliate networks. Their innovative technology and customer-centric approach provide an unparalleled affiliate experience for partners and customers alike.

They offer various travel-related products and services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, insurance, etc. Our program comprises features and tools that make it easy for partners to find and promote exclusive deals online.

Why Travelpayouts

All the reasons to join these affiliate programs are included:


  • Travelpayouts offers a competitive commission structure based on the travel products and services that you promote.
  • For example, their flight commissions start at $7 per ticket, and hotel commissions start at 3%. They also offer a generous 2-tier commission structure to earn even more money by referring other partners to our program.

Years of Experience

Travelpayouts is a global company with a deep understanding of the travel industry. Their team has more than 15 years of experience in online travel and is constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

Multiple Services

They offer their partners a wide range of travel products and services, all backed by their industry-leading technology. And their dedicated account managers are always available to offer support and advice.

When Will You Receive Commission?

When you earn the minimum amount, receive the commission from this affiliate program between the 11th and 20th of every month.

19. Wego

Are you a travel enthusiast? Do you love to write about your experiences and share your photos with the world? If you answered yes to both, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Wego is a leading online travel affiliate program that connects travel bloggers and enthusiasts with top travel brands. As an affiliate, start making commissions on hotel bookings, flight tickets, and other travel-related products and services.

Why Wego?

Different reasons can insist you join the Wego affiliate program. Some essential reasons include:


  • Earn a commission for every sale you generate through your affiliate links. The rate varies depending on the product or service sold. It’s a CPC-type affiliate program, and the commission per click is between $0.05 to $0.80. 

Exclusive Deals and Promotions

If you join the Wego affiliate program, you get exclusive access to deals and promotions from top travel brands, including Expedia, Hilton, Marriott, and more. With this feature, you could earn a lot from their affiliate program.

When Will You Get Commission?

The minimum payment threshold for the Bank account is P0; for the PayPal account, it is $100. So, when you complete this threshold, have your commission after the 15th of every month.

20. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is a travel media company that produces guidebooks, eBooks, phrasebooks, and other reference materials for travelers. It was founded by Tony Wheeler and Maureen Wheeler in 1972, and its headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia.

The Lonely Planet affiliate program allows you to earn commissions on sales of Lonely Planet products that you generate. You can join the program for free here, and there are no monthly fees or minimum sales requirements to participate.

Why Lonely Planet?

Some important reasons to join this affiliate program include:


  • The commission rates for the Lonely Planet travel site affiliate programs vary depending on the sold product. For example, the rate for guidebooks is 12%, and the rate for digital products is 15%. Promote the digital products of Lonely Planet and start making more money.

30-day Cookie Duration

The Lonely Planet affiliate program offers a 30-day cookie duration. This means you will make commissions on sales generated within 30 days of the customer clicking on your affiliate link.

Most Trusted Company

Lonely Planet is the leading brand in travel, and its products are a must-have for any traveler. The company has been in business for over 40 years, and its products are used by travelers worldwide.

Banner Ads

Lonely Planet provides a variety of banner ads that you can use on your website. Select the size and style that best suits your website, and the banner ads will automatically be updated with the latest offers from Lonely Planet.

When Will You Receive Commission?

The impressive thing about this affiliate program is getting your commission every month. But for this, you must have a PayPal account. They only send commissions to PayPal accounts.

21. Omio

Omio is a global travel company that aims to make travel easy for everyone. They have a team of passionate travelers and engineers who believe that making travel easy should not be a luxury.

They are building the products and services that we need to make our own travel more accessible, and in doing so, making travel easy for everyone. Omio provides the best travel affiliate program that allows you to make a commission by promoting their products and services.

Why Omio?

All these reasons that you should know before joining this affiliate program include:


  • Omio offers 2% to 8% commissions on airfare, hotels, and train bookings. This is a reasonable rate that can earn you some healthy profits. However, the commission of these affiliate programs depends on the buyer’s location.

Offers Multiple Services 

Omio offers promotion services, including airfare, hotels, and trains. This makes finding something good to promote on a travel blog easy. You may find products and services according to your user base.

Trusted Company

Omio is a trusted brand with a good reputation. This makes it easier to promote their products and helps you feel confident that you are promoting a quality product.

When Will You Get Commission?

You will receive a commission for every booking you make through your affiliate link. You get paid monthly through the PayPal account or Bank account.

22. Interrail Pass

The Interrail Pass is a ticket that allows you to travel on the railways of 33 European countries. The pass is valid for a certain number of days, ranging from 3 to 8 days within one month. The number of days and the countries included in the pass is up to you.

The Interrail Pass affiliate program is perfect if you want to earn money. Their program offers a range of great benefits, including high commission rates, global reach, and dedicated support from their team.

Why Interrail Pass?

There are different reasons to join this program. Some of them include:


  • The commission rate of this affiliate program is 3%, but it might be increased because it depends on the number of sales you make. So, your commission will be high when you make high sales of their products or services.

Offer Several Products

The Interrail Pass is the perfect way to see Europe by rail. With 33 countries to choose from, there’s something for everyone. And with our great affiliate program, promoting the Interrail Pass and earning a commission is easy. So why not join today?

Global Reach

The Interrail Pass affiliate program is available to affiliates worldwide. So, you can get their affiliation within different countries. Also, promote the Interrail Pass in your local market.

Dedicated Support

Their team is always present to support you every step of the way. They will provide all the training and support you need for your campaign. You’ll have access to their dedicated affiliate support team, who can answer any questions.

When Will You Get Commission?

You will receive a commission for every sale of an Interrail Pass that you make. The commission is paid monthly; ready to obtain your commission payment within 45 days after the sale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the affiliate program for travel blogs?

A travel affiliate program is a program that allows partners to earn commissions on bookings made through their website. Partners in a travel affiliate program typically offer a wide range of travel products and services, including hotels, flights, and package deals.

Why should I join a travel affiliate program?

There are several reasons why partners might want to join a travel affiliate program. Some reasons include commission rates, global reach, product variety, and marketing tools to promote the products and services.

How do I join a travel affiliate program?

To join a travel affiliate program, you must find a program that gives you a massive commission. However, the top travel affiliate marketing programs are present in this article to select one of them.

Conclusion – Ready To Apply For Travel Affiliate Programs

Well! That’s all about the best travel affiliate programs so far. Affiliate marketing for travel bloggers is an ideal way to earn money. We hope you might have an idea of what travel affiliate blogs are and how they work. 

Now, it’s time to select one of these travel blog affiliate programs from the above-given list and join it. If you have a high fan following and all are of different types, join more than one. Still confused about making your decision? Ask me in the comment section.

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