7 Best WordPress Virtual Tour Plugins To Make Your Site Interactive


As bloggers and site owners, it’s essential to understand what our readers want and give better user experiences. When you are dealing with products on your site, you are expected to provide a complete tour to increase conversions.

Before you worry about those thousand lines of code to make that happen, I want to inform you about 360 virtual tour WordPress plugins. Plugins are meant to enhance the site’s convenience and layout; they are also functionality expanders.

excellent Virtual Tour Plugins For Your WordPress Site

Imagine giving a first-hand product tour encouraging users to make quick decisions! Wouldn’t you like the same? In this article, we shall look at WordPress 360 virtual tour plugins that can uplift your business and add ease to users with better visual layouts. 

1. WP VR – 360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Builder For WordPress 


Let’s say you run a showroom and use the site to promote your business to digital users. You can now show what it is like to own a product or the look of the showroom with the best free 360 virtual tour plugin for WordPress – WP VR. 

With virtual reality at its peak, the WPVR plugin is multifunctional and requires only 360 panoramic images to convert it into a virtual tour. With no prior coding experience, you can create a virtual tour in a few clicks and take advantage of the interactive hotspot feature to attract viewers. Download and try it out for your site! 


  • 360 Degree Video Support Tool
  • Unlimited Number of Virtual Tours
  • Tour Autoload Feature
  • Auto Rotation with Speed Control

2. iPanorama 360 WordPress Virtual Tour Builder 


If you belong to the real estate domain, iPanorama 360 WordPress virtual tour builder is one plugin that will increase your conversions and user interaction patterns. This perfect WordPress real estate virtual tour plugin contains powerful builders, tooltips, scene transitions, scene layouts, and support. 

Even if you are new to using these plugins, this advanced virtual tour plugin lets you use predefined layouts and customize them according to your properties. What more? You can animate the look and allow a smooth transition between scenes with no coding experience.


  • Create A Realistic Tour From one Scene to another Scene
  • Shortcode & Gutenberg Block Support
  • iframe Embed Feature available
  • Google Street View Scene

3. 360 Panorama Virtual Tour Widget For Elementor 


Whether you are a travel blogger or a brick-and-mortar store owner, the 360 panorama virtual tour widget for Elementor will positively change your business. It has a simple, beginner-friendly backend to create virtual tours with 360 panoramic images. 

You can also explore other features like auto-rotate, autoload, preview, compass, hotspot, and field of view. Is this WordPress virtual tour plugin for you? It is ideal for showrooms, restaurants, travel sites, art galleries, hotels, and real estate agents. 


  • Create Virtual Tours Easily
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Custom Preview Image
  • Option for Enable/Disable Autoload

4. WordPress Virtual Tour 360 Panorama Plugin


Do you wish to upgrade conversions of your physical store with a website? It is high time to explore WordPress virtual tour 360 panorama plugin, which gives a smooth shopping experience to users and a better market share. Wondering how?

This WordPress plugin for virtual tours can integrate with your WooCommerce interface and lets you create unlimited hotspots, panorama minimaps, and gallery popups. The best part is that it is lightweight and doesn’t affect your site’s speed anytime. 


  • Woocommerce Integration
  • Panorama Mini Map
  • Compatible with Elementor & WPBakery Builder
  • User-Friendly Backend Editor

5. WP Ultimate Tours Builder 


Using WP Ultimate tours builder will be a game-changer for every business owner. Here is why! It is a fabulous virtual tour plugin WordPress that lets you create visually appealing virtual tours with conditions. 

Order the plugin to do a task for every user behavior. The virtual tour customizes accordingly. While it costs a bit, it is worth owing to its host of features like interactive dialog popups and an inbuilt conditioning system for virtual tours. 


  • Visual and Live Step Builder
  • Powerful Conditional System
  • Fully Responsive
  • Fully Translatable

6. 360° Panoramic Image Viewer – WordPress Plugin 


Out of all WordPress virtual tour 360 panorama plugins, I would call 360-degree panoramic image viewer the easiest. Simply capture panorama pictures of the spot on your phone and upload them to this plugin. The plugin makes it 360 degrees. What more?

It also offers hotspots with map tags. I call it the easiest because you can activate all the functions of this WordPress plugin virtual tour with one shortcode. There is minimal effort involved, and the user experience is outstanding. 


  • Supports flat rectilinear or equirectangular panoramic images
  • Responsive Design
  • Works with Custom-Coded Blocks
  • Zoom Function Available

7. Panorama 360 Addon for WPBakery Page Builder 


Do you prefer a top-notch panorama look to photos on your site? Panorama 360 add-ons for WPBakery Page Builder is the destination. It fits with all themes and plugins. The best part is you can create a responsive panorama (using existing templates) in a second. 

As a store owner, efficiently choosing a WordPress plugin virtual tour is important as it is linked to your investment. This plugin lets you take advantage of predefined templates to create new panoramas that instantly impress visitors. 


  • Responsive 360 Panorama
  • Predefined Templated Included
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins
  • Free Support

Wrapping Up

Creating virtual tours with panoramas is no more a hectic task with various WordPress virtual tour plugins listed in this article. In most cases, you need a panorama image, and the plugin creates a virtual tour without your intervention. 

You could begin with one based on your budget and requirement and then optimize the site to look better. These plugins are certainly going to improve user interaction patterns as well as returns. Begin your journey today! 

by Nirmala
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