Is AmaLinks Pro the Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin?


There are a handful of plugins available for Amazon Affiliates, all with varying features, prices, and settings.

Today we’re going to take a look at AmaLinks Pro, which has been around since 2018.

Let’s take a deep dive into AmaLinks Pro review and teach you everything you need to know about what it is, who it is for, and why you would or wouldn’t want it.

Many bloggers and affiliate marketers already love AmaLinks Pro and consider it to be the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. Let’s carefully review what it has to offer and you can decide for yourself.

What is AmaLinks Pro?


AmaLinks Pro is a WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates. You can use it to insert Amazon affiliate text links, image links, call-to-action-buttons, product showcase boxes, and product comparison tables. AmaLinks Pro is also so much more than that.

AmaLinks Pro makes writing product reviews quick and easy. Not only that but it can actually help you increase your earnings with its interactive product showcase boxes, CTA buttons, and Interactive Product Comparison Tables.

Who is AmaLinks Pro for?

AmaLinks Pro is for any WordPress blogger, publisher, content creator, or influencer who wants to grow their affiliate earnings using the Amazon Associate’s Program.

It is for those who want to increase and maximize their Amazon affiliate earnings almost instantly by upgrading your plain text and image links into things people click a lot more often.

It is for hobby bloggers, product reviewers, influencers, content-creators, professional affiliate marketers, and anybody else who wants to earn more money online than they currently are.

AmaLinks Pro Features Overview

AmaLinks Pro has just the right amount of features to give you flexibility and options when linking to Amazon, without being technically overcomplicated.

The features and settings are powerful enough for a professional, yet simple enough for a beginner. Let’s take a closer look at the best features of AmaLinks Pro.

Using the Amazon API, you can search Amazon right within your dashboard and choose a product to add affiliate links to. Here is where you can access the table builder interface as well instead of searching for a single product.


After searching, you are presented with a list of available products on Amazon to choose from. You can choose a product or load a new page of results.


After you choose a product, you will choose a link type. There are 4 link types available: a text link, image link, call-to-action button, and product showcase box.


Let’s take a look at each link type in more detail now. I’ll show you what your website visitor will see, then we will look at some admin controls used to create the links.

Product Showcase Boxes

First up are the product showcase boxes. This is one of the most important link types AmaLinks Pro offers so we’ll cover it first. Choose from a variety of clean modern looking product showcase boxes that draw your website visitor’s attention to the product, give them some valuable information about it, and entices them to click on the CTA button. 

Adding product showcase boxes is a great way to increase any web page’s affiliate commissions. The product showcase boxes stand out, they draw attention and they entice the viewer to click through to Amazon.

Here are some of the product showcase boxes AmaLinks Pro has to offer. 


All text and images are editable or can be hidden. Only the price cannot be edited as per the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement. Prices MUST be pulled from the API only.

Here is a look at the edit screen for one of the showcases. You can toggle elements on and off, edit images, and edit any text except the price.


Comparison Tables

AmaLinks Pro also helps you create lightning-fast product comparison tables to engage your website visitors with. It has been proven in many affiliate marketing case studies across the web that comparison tables can increase your click-through rate ultimately earning you more commissions.

Here is an AmaLinks Pro Comparison Table Example:


Here is a view of the AmaLinks Pro Comparison Table Editor


Setting up a comparison table is fast and easy with or without the API. There is a lot you can edit within a product comparison table

You can hide columns on mobile and tablet to make sure your tables display optimally on all screen sizes and link any cell that you want to with that row’s product affiliate link.

Custom Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons

Every blog post that refers to visitors through an Amazon affiliate link can use a call-to-action button to increase the CTR on that page and earn more money in commissions. 


A CTA button really draws the visitor’s eye towards the isolated CTA button, and especially if you have presold the product can result in a lot of website users clicking on that button and getting your Amazon affiliate cookie set on their browser.

Remember you make a commission on almost anything that person buys on Amazon within the next 24 hours.

Here is a look at the AmaLinks Pro CTA button Editor


Text and image links

Inserting text and image links has never been easier with AmaLinks Pro. When using the Amazon API for inserting text links, it automatically uses the product’s name but the text is editable.


When it comes to using Amazon’s product images to promote the product on your own website, you must use the API to pull the images to stay 100% compliant with the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement.

AmaLinks Pro pulls all available images from the API for the product you have chosen. You can choose from small, medium, or large sizes.


AmaLinks Pro No-API features

AmaLinks Pro is the only Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin that can switch between No-API mode and API mode seamlessly, in full compliance with Amazon’s policies.

Why would AmaLinks Pro offer a No-API option? 

Because Amazon does not grant new affiliates access to the Product Advertising API until after they make 3 successful referrals manually.

This means that new affiliates need to generate a few sales first, then get API access. With AmaLinks Pro, you can use our awesome link types manually to get your first 3 referrals as fast as possible. 

Once you gain API access all you have to do is connect your API keys to AmaLinks Pro and you can now display product prices, look up product images, and search Amazon right within your dashboard. 

Here is a comparison of which features require the API and which do not.

* Please note that all features come with every license.


AmaLinks Pro Global Settings & Customizable Styles

AmaLinks Pro has some basic settings, style settings for the buttons, showcases, and tables, Amazon API settings, and global defaults such as button text.

Here are some screenshots of the controls you have at your fingertips


Often it’s a good idea to open affiliate links in a new window so the visitor also stays on your affiliate site in the original tab. This setting assures all your AmaLinks Pro links open in a new tab when creating new links. This sets the default for your link creator.


Many affiliates like to add a nofollow meta tag to their links to tell Google not to follow the link because it is an affiliate link. This sets the default for your link creator.


Amazon offers an “add to cart” cookie you can use instead of the traditional 24-hour cookie. If you like to use this feature, it is available for you.


Here are some showcase global settings. These settings affect all of your product showcases.


How much does AmaLinks Pro cost?

Here is the pricing chart at the time of this writing. Please visit the website for the latest price and discounts.


Did you know that AmaLinks Pro can pay for itself?

We have run numerous case studies with real AmaLinks Pro customers and have increased their affiliate clicks by up to 386%. It’s not hard to deduct that this should equate to a 386% increase in Amazon earnings! 

All by simply using AmaLinks Pro on your page.

At the regular price of $67 per year for the Blogger Plan for one website, that equals out to only $5.58 per month. Do you think AmaLinks Pro features could help you earn at least that much if not much much more?

We have many customers that renew their licenses year after year, and there is one simple reason for that. Forget about all the features and ease of use that AmaLinks Pro provides. 

The real reason is that AmaLinks Pro earns these customers more money in affiliate commissions than it costs. 

AmaLinks Pro F.A.Q.

What link types does AmaLinks Pro Offer?

  • Text Links
  • Image Links
  • Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Product Showcase Boxes
  • Responsive Product Comparison Tables

What is required to use AmaLinks Pro?

  • You must be using a self-hosted version of WordPress (not
  • Your site must be running on PHP 7.0 or higher (check with your host)
  • You must have an approved Amazon Associates account
  • To use the full version of AmaLinks Pro – you must be signed up for the Amazon Product Advertising API and you must have current API keys that work with Amazon’s new API 5
  • API access is no longer required! We now have No-API mode which allows you to use AmaLinks Pro even without API access.

Does AmaLinks Pro have a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial – but at the same time, we are not trying to hide anything. You can see everything that AmaLinks Pro is capable of on our Demo page (video and example post).

We also have a  diamond-plated, rock-solid – no questions asked – 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days. So there is absolutely no risk to you to try it out.

Do I need the Amazon API to use AmaLinks Pro?

  • No! AmaLinks Pro is perfect for new Amazon affiliates who do not have access to the API yet. You can still use most of the features and all link types.
  • Once you make a few Amazon referrals and earn API access, you can activate the API within the plugin and take full advantage of the API.

Does AmaLinks Pro work with the Block Editor and Classic Editor?

  • Yes, it does! AmaLinks Pro offers its full functionality with a single block.
  • Or use the “Classic” experience with the classic editor.
  • AmaLinks Pro is constantly developing and improving their plugin.

Does AmaLinks Pro Offer Support?

AmaLinks Pro offers email support to all customers with a valid up-to-date license. If your license is expired, you can still reactivate it to receive support and updates.

Is AmaLinks Pro Actively Updated and Maintained?

Yes. We are very actively developing and updating AmaLinks Pro. We strive to make it the best Amazon Affiliate plugin and provide all of our users with a modern user experience and set of features.

So, should you buy the AmaLinks Pro plugin or not?

The answer really depends on if you want an easy way to increase your Amazon Affiliate earnings on your WordPress blog. AmaLinks Pro is an investment that is quite capable of paying for itself and even more.

AmaLinks Pro is great for brand new Affiliates without Amazon API Access yet, and for professional affiliate marketers alike. It’s easy to use and can increase the CTR on most WordPress posts and pages as proven by the real-life customer case studies.

In this AmaLinks Pro review, I would like to say that it is actively maintained and improved by a small team of dedicated affiliates who all actually use the plugin they created.

In the end, AmaLinks Pro offers a full 30-Day money-back guarantee – no questions asked. If it’s not right for you for any reason you can request a refund and will promptly receive one.

With that, you have nothing to lose. If you already have traffic to your WordPress website, maybe AmaLinks Pro can pay for itself – for YOU.

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  1. I am also thinking to use amalinks after reading your review. I want to use it for my amazon India website. I am new in this field and do not have API access.

  2. Having read your review, I’m also considering using amalinks. For my Amazon India website, I want to use it. My API access isn’t enabled because I’m new to this field.

  3. Amalinks Pro helps you monetize your pages by helping you add all kinds of affiliate links. You can add text, images, buttons, showcase boxes (these are awesome), and tables. The entire plugin is very easy to use and has almost no learning curve.
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