Top 12 Most Interesting Gutenberg Block Plugins For WordPress

Are you looking to create your website using the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress? Here is my list of top blocks to get the perfect website for your business.

When Gutenberg Editor showed up this month, it significantly shifted how WordPress users create content on their websites.

This made one team incredibly happy, as they expected it for a while, and on the other hand, it made the cons team depressed.

What is right, though, and there is no drama around it, is that this editor helps create content more visually when compared to the previous one.

The pre-installed library of pre-built elements, commonly known as “blocks,” enables anyone to pick up using WordPress with much more ease than the previous version.

With the Gutenberg editor, changes users make are presented in a way that is much closer to how the result will look in the front end. This makes it simpler for non-experts to get the desired results.

These “blocks” consist of pre-built elements for your website, from basic ones like the block for texts and images to more complex features such as buttons and tables.

These are also “drag and drop” based, so organizing the website outline is way simpler than with the previous editor.

As a WordPress user, you should know the features and benefits of Gutenberg editor and start using it to create exceptional blog posts for a better user experience. 

Best Block Plugins To Install For Gutenberg Editor 

Since Gutenberg Blocks come pre-installed with a new 5.0 version of WordPress, we tackled the task of finding the top 10 plugins compatible with it to help you create a new WordPress website using this new editor.


1. RioVizual

Creating tables in WordPress has never been more effortless, thanks to RioVizual, a Gutenberg block plugin poised to leave its mark. Don’t be deterred by its modest installation numbers; this plugin is a hidden gem.

What sets RioVizual apart? Its user-friendly interface and feature-rich design. This plugin offers ready-made tables for import and seamless customization, allowing you to modify individual cell elements or the entire table with ease.

The possibilities are endless – you can add, delete, move, copy, and more. With 11 versatile elements, such as dual buttons and star ratings, RioVizual ensures that your tables are functional and visually appealing.

But that’s not all! RioVizual takes the user experience a step further by guaranteeing mobile responsiveness. You can fine-tune breakpoints to ensure your tables look great on any device.

Additionally, the plugin provides dedicated blocks for specific table types, including comparison tables, pricing tables, product tables, pros and cons tables, data tables, and more.

The best part? RioVizual is available for free, making it accessible to all users. However, for those looking for enhanced features and premium support, there is an option for a premium upgrade. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your table-building experience with RioVizual.

2. Google Maps Gutenberg Block

If you want to add Google Maps to your website, you should go with Google Maps Gutenberg Block. This easy-to-use plugin gets you a map on your site without having you go grey figuring out how to do it.

This is how simple it is – all you have to do is install, activate the plugin, and then add the map to where you would like your map to be.

You can zoom in on the map or add addresses. You can add one or many, and still, it will not mess up the performance of your website for a second.

It does exactly what it says it will do, so it is no wonder that over 800 people are actively using this block to add the map to their website. Get the map on your website as simple as possible, and let your customers find you!

3. Newsletter Form Gutenberg Block Mailchimp

The new kid on the block, Newsletter Form Gutenberg Block Mailchimp, is there to help you get those much-needed emails.

This simple-to-use plugin is perfect for those just starting or figuring out Gutenberg, as you can get all those addresses without breaking a sweat.

Just like the previous plugin, this plugin does exactly what is needed of it. It has the email, name, and submit button labels at your disposal and several status messages to present to your users while they leave their email for you to use.

Since it appeared on the plugin market recently, you should not judge this plugin by the number of downloads. It is for sure that that number is about to skyrocket anytime soon because there is no simpler way to collect those emails.

4. Atomic Blocks

If you are looking for collections of blocks that will take care of your website, you should head out and install Atomic Blocks. These blocks will help you get the basics for your website in no time.

This collection will give you all the basics needed to set up your website and jump-start its progress. You can find blocks for testimonials, container blocks, customizable buttons you can put anywhere, call-to-action buttons, and more.

It has over 6,000 installations, which is amazing for such a short timeframe. Get them installed and get the basics done without stressing out whatsoever.

5. CoBlocks

For those websites that require a lot of content and rely on content marketers, CoBlocks is the solution to make everyone’s life easier. It provides the users with content blocks that will make contributors happy to do what they do best.

With this plugin, you can effortlessly add author blocks, enable the click to tweet, or add GIFs if you are looking to stay on top of the newest content trends.

Sharing an aspect of the content is made easy by adding Social Sharing, and you can easily add a pricing table if needed.

It already has a thousand active installations, and it is no wonder that so many authors rely on this plugin. Truly, as simple as possible, you can create content that enables users to interact with it. Learn more about CoBlocks.

6. FooGallery

Unlike those relying heavily on text, some believe a picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, This is true for websites, especially considering people’s short attention spans nowadays.

If you are looking to replace your text with pictures, the best plugin out there, at the moment, is FooGallery.

This plugin ensures that your pictures speak a lot by providing you with the tools and options to present those pictures in the most flattering way possible. You can use your creative skills to do it yourself using the live preview.

It enables you to see all the changes you are making as you are making them with its super simple drag and drop builder.

Choose one of many beautiful Gallery templates, or use a Gallery widget to ensure you are presenting the best of the best. FooGallery already has over 100.000 users, who use it to present their content more engagingly.

7. WooCommerce Blocks

For all those selling products through their website, the new Gutenberg editor might have fallen short of their expectations or made them as confused as they thought they would ever be.

You need WooCommerce Blocks, which will help present and display your products in your posts or pages. It provides additional functionalities to make those products organized and presented in a way that makes sense.

You can use the original “Product Block” to display products, and then, with the help of this plugin, you can filter them by category or sale status. Additionally, and most importantly, you can create a custom list of selected products to display to your customers.

Over 100.000 users are already relying on this plugin to improve their users’ website experience and sell more of their products!

8. YouTube

Videos are becoming one of the most popular content on the Internet. It is no wonder that a video conveys the message much easier than regular text, especially if something requires a demonstration.

This is why you need this YouTube plugin. You can effortlessly manage and embed YouTube videos, galleries, or live streams with it.

It offers the basic and advanced options of the YouTube player and has some useful default options that you can use to present the videos. It takes a bit to install it, and you can post videos in seconds after doing so.

At the time, it has over 200.000 active installations, and there is a PRO version available if you need more functionalities from your YouTube videos.

9. Forminator Contact Form, Poll & Quiz Builder

Forminator Contact Form, Poll & Quiz Builder is the right plugin to use if you want to start a conversation with your clients, or to keep them engaged and find out their opinion on something. You can add the contact form block to your website.

Contact forms are one of the most critical aspects of your website. It enables your customer to talk to you about their concerns, which are waiting for them to purchase on your website.

Within this plugin, creating a contact form with their pre-made form fields is simple, which you can drag and drop to create the Contact Us form.

The same goes for polls, which you can use to ask for your customers’ opinions on a specific subject. It has a lot of dynamic options and settings, which you can twist to create the most engaging poll ever.

If you want your customers to spread the word about you and have fun, create Facebook-like quizzes they can easily share.

This plugin is integrated with over a thousand other apps, such as Campaign Monitor, Trello, or Mailchimp, and is helping over 8.000 content managers get the most out of the website.

10. Google Fonts For WordPress

When the pre-installed fonts do not cut it, you need more options. It would be amazing if you could choose from a wider variety of fonts, wouldn’t it?

You must install Google Fonts for the WordPress plugin to make this happen. This plugin has its blocks, which include 877 unique fonts at your disposal.

You can use any of these, but you are not limited to one throughout the website. You can choose different fonts for your headlines, calls to action, or any other aspect of your copy that you need to highlight.

This plugin has about 30.000 active users who are more than happy with the choice of fonts presented to them.

11. Editor Blocks For Gutenberg

Like Atomic Blocks, the Editor Blocks for Gutenberg contains additional blocks you could use to set up your website. It adds ten blocks designed to improve the outline of your website.

With this editor, you can effortlessly add team members to your website to show off the most amazing team ever or add the brand block to display logos of your partners or important customers. You can add their testimonials with these blocks as well.

Some of the other blocks this editor brings into the game include blocks for the wrapper, which allows adding background color or image to any other block and goes perfectly together with the hero block to create an eye-catching hero section.

It has only over 1000 users so far, but with this array of functionalities, it will surely get much more.

Bonus – Ultimate Blocks (For Bloggers)

Ultimate Blocks is the right plugin if you are a blogger or a marketer. This plugin will help you write engaging content with Gutenberg Editor. All of the blocks are designed for bloggers and marketers.

Currently, it has more than 15 blocks. Some interesting blocks are Table Of Contents, Content Toggle, Tabbed Content, Review Box (Schema Enabled), Notification Box, Click To Tweet, etc.

The great thing about the plugin is you can enable or disable individual blocks to keep your site smoother. And it’s a free plugin. You can download it from the WordPress repository.

Final Words

The new Gutenberg editor has revolutionized the way we edit content in WordPress. Moreover, the third-party developers show a keen interest in developing the Blocks to extend the functionalities of WordPress. 

I have done my best to consolidate the best Block Plugins for the Gutenberg editor, and all these add-ons are available for free in the WordPress plugin repository. 

I hope this post has introduced some great plugins for the block-based editor. Let me know which Gutenberg extension you like the most and want to install. Share your thoughts in the comment section! 

by Nirmala
Nirmala is an avid blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She loves to write useful WP tips & tricks on this active blog.

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