How To Integrate CloudwaysCDN To WordPress? (CloudwaysCDN Review)


If you are in a dilemma to integrate the CloudwaysCDN to your WordPress site, this blog post will help you make the right decision. 

Cloudways – It is the most amazing CDN-ready cloud hosting that I’m using for my blogs! 

The primary reason for using this managed cloud hosting service is its industry-leading best loading times.

Yes, they are doing a lot for the site speed boost, and the CDN is one among them.

I assume that you are a severe business or dedicated blogger, and hence you are here 🙂

I hope you know how CDN helps decrease the page loading speed, and yes, it has other benefits for your website performance.

Since the website’s loading speed has become the Google ranking factor, Cloudways has decided to provide the fastest hosting service for their customers so that they could offer a quick responsive site for the end-users. 

A couple of months ago, I had integrated the CloudwaysCDN for my WordPress blogs and improved their loading times.

Hence, I would like to write the CloudwaysCDN review and explain how to set up the CDN to WordPress in just a few clicks.

I believe this piece of content will help you recognize the performance of CloudwaysCDN and activate the CDN for your WordPress site easily.

Along with CDN incorporation, I suggest you implement the WordPress site speed optimization to dominate your competitors in SERPs and win your readers’ hearts.

Let’s get into the topic! 

Why CloudwaysCDN?

In 2017, Cloudways launched the CDN in partnership with StackPath (The leading CDN provider, formerly called MaxCDN). This association is to avoid the separate payment by the site owners for the CDN.

Now, you should have a look at the exceptional features of CloudwaysCDN

1. Fastest CDN

The StackPath CDN is meant for powerful full-scale performance. Its advanced network architecture can provide lightning-fast speed and incredible end-user experiences. Your website’s static content will be cached by the CloudwaysCDN and serve to your readers from the closest server.

2. Easy To Install

The CloudwaysCDN WordPress installation procedure is direct & straightforward, and hence you can get the job done by yourself within a few minutes. Still, if you need any help, you may reach the tech support team to get the ideal solutions for your difficulties.

3. Worldwide coverage

You can serve your site content from the nearest server for your visitors. Your business website will never be limited to geographical boundaries, no matter where they are located.

4. Free SSL

Cloudways CDN supports one-click FREE SSL deployment for every web application, and therefore you don’t need to worry about security concerns.

5. On-demand features

You will get the on-demand features in the CloudwaysCDN like Set default cache time, Remove Cookies from CDN, Enable WebP, customized robots.txt and activate SSL for the custom domain. Just reach customer support and activate the required features.

How To Setup Cloudways CDN To WordPress?

The CloudwaysCDN WordPress Activation is a simple process and can be done within a few minutes.

Note: If  you are already using the Cloudways hosting service, then skip “Step 1” and directly go to “Step 2” 

Step 1: Get 3 Months of Free Signup with the Cloudways Promo code “WPGLOSSY.”

After registering with Cloudways managed hosting, you can add the server to your account.

For that, you have to enter the specifications like

Web Application: WordPress or PHP Stack Environment

Name of Managed App: Ex: WPGLOSSY (Your brand name)

Name of Managed Server: Ex: Blog (Your Business)

Cloud Hosting Provider: Digital Ocean or Amazon AWS or Google Cloud or Vultr

Server-Size: You may begin with 1GB and scale whenever required

Server Location: Cloud deployment around the world (Or any other targeted country)

Click “Launch Now” and deploy your cloud hosting account in just a few minutes.

After setting up the server, you may migrate your WordPress site by requesting a managed application migration to Cloudways or move your website by yourself with the help of the Cloudways WordPress Migrator plugin

Step 2: On the account Menu bar, you will be able to locate “Applications” and select the target server application. (If you have just one server, click on it)

Step 3: Now, on your left side under the Application management, you can see the option “CloudwaysCDN”; Click it!

Step 4: Enter your site URL and click the “CREATE” button


Step 5: Now, you will get the CDN URL to add it to your WordPress website so that you can include your site’s static content to the CDN. Click “Apply.” 


Step 6: Copy the CDN URL and go to the WordPress Dashboard > Breeze or any other Cache plugin like W3 Total Cache.

Step 7: In the Cache plugin settings, you will see the “CDN” option, and there you have to paste the copied CDN URL. Make sure that the URL begins with https:// (not HTTP://)


Step 8: Add the URL and Save Changes.

Step 9: You have to verify whether the CloudwaysCDN has been successfully implemented or not.

To check this, you have to see the source codes of your site through the right-click and see the reports. You will also get a notification in your Cloudways dashboard like this!



1. In case if you get a broken site, you have to “PURGE” the cache (Option available in your hosting dashboard as shown in the above image) and reload your WordPress site.

2. Also, if you are using the “Autoptimize” plugin to optimize the WordPress, you have to add the CDN URL in the CDN options of the plugin to enable the CDN for Autoptimized files.

Video Tutorial To Activate CloudwaysCDN To WordPress

If you are unclear with the step-by-step instructions to activate the CloudwaysCDN for your WordPress site, then you may have a look at the following video that I have captured during the CDN integration process for one of my blogs. 

I have used the Breeze WordPress Cache plugin to enable the CloudwaysCDN. However, you may use any other Cache plugins like WPRocket or W3 Total Cache plugins to get the job done! 

CloudwaysCDN Pricing

The CloudwaysCDN pricing is highly affordable!

You have to pay $1 per 25GB of Bandwidth for a single site as a monthly subscription. You will be charged $0.04 per GB for the additional bandwidth consumption.

It is worth paying this lowest fee for your site speed enhancement. Also, you may use the Cloudways $30 coupon code – WPGLOSSY to get three months of free hosting.

CloudwaysCDN Vs. Cloudflare

I hope you know that the CloudFlare CDN has free and paid plans. It is one of the most widely used Free CDN by the site founders!

Now, let’s see which one is the best, CloudwaysCDN or Cloudflare!

  • CloudwaysCDN is the best alternative to Cloudflare for the dynamic sites that want to cache the static assets only. And, if you have a static website, then CloudFlare is the right choice.
  • When you drive millions of daily visitors, then your option should be CloudwaysCDN. Otherwise, try to get a premium plan from Cloudflare because its free version has limited features and couldn’t withstand huge traffic.
  • Due to the strict security policies, Cloudflare may block your genuine visitors and also frustrate your readers with CAPTCHA verification. You will not get these limitations in CloudwaysCDN.
  • CloudwaysCDN can do a fantastic job in downloading the images than CloudFlare CDN. In the below image, you can see that the CloudFlare had huge spikes when downloading the medium size image whereas the CloudwaysCDN maintained its high position.


  • Setting up the Cloudflare account may be a tricky task for the beginners as it needs the domain name server (DNS) to be changed. It is not necessary in CloudwaysCDN. As I have explained above, the CDN WordPress integration is simple.
  • Origin Push, Video on demand, RTMP streaming, Money back guarantee and Excellent Phone & Chat support are some of the exciting qualities of CloudwaysCDN which are unseen in Cloudflare. 

In the war between the two giants, the better CDN provider is “CloudwaysCDN.” 

My Conclusion about Integrating CloudwaysCDN To WordPress

Integrating the CDN to WordPress is a wiser choice as it is an excellent way to boost the performance and security of your website.

Offering the fastest website for the readers is a part of SEO, and you can also increase the conversions with lightning-fast web pages.  

Both Google and your site audience expect ultra-fast loading sites, and hence the CDN is the perfect approach to accelerate your content.

After enabling the CloudwaysCDN for my blogs, I have seen a significant reduction in the server load, and hence, I’m recommending the same for you.

I hope you found this CloudwaysCDN review helpful and understood the easy integration of the CDN to WordPress.

So, if you are looking for an excellent yet affordable CDN with high flexibility, then go with the CloudwaysCDN, which is easy to get started. 

Are you still unsatisfied with the features of cloudwaysCDN? 

If yes, you may look at the excellent CDN providers to improve your site loading speed

Whenever you need any further help in implementing the content delivery network from Cloudways managed hosting service, let me know, I’ll try my best to assist you!

by Nirmala
Nirmala is an avid blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She loves to write useful WP tips & tricks on this active blog.

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