Cloudways Promo Code – Highest Coupon Code (WPGLOSSY) To Get $30 Discount

So, you want to get the highest Cloudways Promo Code (December) to buy the best-managed cloud hosting at a discounted price. 

You have landed in the right place to know the profitable Cloudways Coupon Code for $30, saving your hard-earned bucks. 

I appreciate your decision to get Cloud WordPress hosting. It is an ideal solution to take your height to a new height. 

As you are looking for the Cloudways discount code, check the offer you are looking for! 

Cloudways Promo Code 2024

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You will get 3 Months Free Basic Plan Hosting

It is an excellent opportunity to try the managed WordPress cloud web hosting to tweak your online presence.

Add the Code “WPGLOSSY” while signing up, and the $30 discount will be applied to your account.

Promo Code – WPGLOSSY ($30 Promo Code)

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Cloudways Discount $30 (Video Tutorial)

How to grab the Cloudways Promo Code – WPGLOSSY and get the $30 highest discount to use the server for three months for free and test its features? For a better understanding, watch the video tutorial for easy understanding! 

We have bought three different servers at Cloudways (For WPGlossy, MyMagicFundas, and Ariva WordPress theme, ThemeForest demo). Hence, they have activated this special promo offer for our beloved readers like you.

We have been using this excellent managed cloud WordPress hosting service for the past four years, and yes, we are 100% satisfied with their server performance. We haven’t faced any difficulties or downtime till now.

Please have a look at our recent 30-day uptime status! 


Moreover, with their fastest SSD servers optimized for speed, we also play well in search engine results. No doubt that Cloudways is better than its competitors

So, what are you waiting for?

Take advantage of this exclusive coupon and get a maximum $30 discount on your billing payment. 

How to redeem this offer? Let’s check it out! 

How To Apply Cloudways Promo Code For Highest Discount?

Getting this special hosting offer is simple; it will take just a minute!

To Redeem your $30 highest Cloudways discount 2024,

Step 1: Visit This Link to activate the $30 price-cut deal.

Step 2: Now, you will land on the Cloudways site and click “Get Started Free.”

Step 3: Register for the Cloudways account with your email and other details. And there, see the option “Got A Promo Code?

Step 4: Click the “Got A Promo Code” button and enter the Coupon code, WPGLOSSY, to claim the highest discount of $30 and Click “Start Free.”


Step 5: Now, provide your mobile number and click “Send the Activation code. “


Step 6: Get and enter the verification code and click “Activate My Account.

Step 7: Click the link in the activation email “Activate Account” to start using the Cloudways,

Step 8: Congrats! You have created the account to launch the server. Now, Go to Account > Credit Card > Authorize Credit card to add your credit card details and redeem the Cloudways Coupon code 2024.

Note: After adding your card details, $30 – 3 Months Free Hosting will automatically get redeemed in your account. Check under the “Funds” section.  

Why Cloudways Hosting? (A Brief Review)

Even though you got the Cloudways coupon code to use the three-month basic plan without any cost, you might hesitate to get the server!

My short Cloudways review will help you make the right decision. Check out its amazing features; they are helpful as you are buying the server here!

1. High-Speed Performance

The first reason for recommending Cloudways is its fastest SSD servers that would make your site load lightning quickly.

Cloudways servers are PHP-8 ready and preconfigured with the PHP-FPM to improve the loading time. Just change or update the PHP version on the Cloudways server.

The robust servers are HTTP/2 supported to boost the communication speed between the server and browsers.

Not only these technical features, but Cloudways also has the following elements for Speed optimization:

  • Built-in Advanced Caches – Ready to use Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis. Learn the simple process to enable Object Cache Pro to minimize the database queries.
  • Breeze – Free WordPress cache plugin.
  • CloudwaysCDN – Superior content delivery network for great server response time.

We have recently integrated the CloudwaysCDN into this blog, WPGlossy. Now, the site loading speed has greatly improved. We have done this task through the W3 Total Cache and Autoptimize plugins. While making changes to your website, clear Cloudways cache so your audience will load your recent files.

2. Managed Cloud Platform

As Cloudways is the managed hosting type, you will not face any technical complexities, and yes, the company will handle the site optimization tasks for you. You have to focus on your business growth with a piece of mind.

3. Easy To Start

Getting started with Cloudways is something other than rocket science. You must sign up with the Promo code, verify your identity through your phone, select the cloud provider, and choose the applications and specifications to launch the server. It is quick, simple, and more convenient as well.

4. Great Performance

As I said earlier, we are entirely happy with the performance of Cloudways and haven’t had any bitter experiences till now. Our blogs could load fast and also get better search engine ranking results. Their support and affiliate team are so kind and responsive. 

Our recent organic traffic results from Google Analytics! 


5. Top-Notch Security

The Cloudways can filter out malicious traffic and intruders at bay through the dedicated OS-level firewalls. Moreover, they do security patches regularly and firmware upgrades to avoid vulnerabilities. Also, take the easy-to-install SSL certificate at ZERO cost. 

You don’t need to worry about data loss; taking the Cloudways backup and restoring files is easy. The team recently launched the SafeUpdates feature to update all your WordPress applications automatically without breaking your site.

6. Dedicated Support Team

The Cloudways support team is highly knowledgeable and can solve troubleshooting problems better. As they are readily available through the live chat and ticket system, get your problems solved quickly.

7. Highly Scalable & Pay As You Go

Cloudways managed servers are highly scalable to quickly increase the resources in just a click to handle the traffic spikes. Also, you only have to pay for the resources you consume.

8. No Fee For Site Migration

The support team will migrate your first site for FREE and with no time. Also, they offer a WordPress migration plugin with which you can do the site migration on your own. Yes! We have migrated all our blogs to Cloudways, which is simple.

9. Affordable Pricing Plans

Cloudways has inexpensive cloud plans with unlimited App installation, easy DNS management, 1-click server cloning, smart assistant, auto-healing cloud servers, and many more impressive qualities. You also have a 3-day Free trial without your credit card.

You should know about the latest Cloudways pricing, which has increased slightly. Look at the updated pricing plans!


Earlier, the standard basic plan of Digital Ocean was $10, and now it costs $11. The premium DO basic plan was $12, and the current pricing is $14.

10. Premium Add-ons

Cost-effective add-ons like CloudwaysCDN, Application services, Email, and Backup are worth using in Cloudways.

11. Create SFTP Login & Subdomain

Here, you may create SFTP server login for secure file transfer. It will be an added advantage in this managed hosting. Besides, easily add the subdomain for your leading site here.

12. Increase Media Upload Size

When you need to expand your WordPress media size to add massive files for your business, it’s just a piece of cake here. Cloudways offers a simple setting to increase the maximum file upload capacity.

13. Staging Site Management

Are you a developer who needs to test the new functionalities before taking them to your live site? You can easily create the staging site in Cloudways hosting through the uncomplicated setting.

Moreover, if you want to edit the .htaccess file for additional server configurations, it’s just a cakewalk here. I hope this brief Cloudways Review helps you understand my fantastic experience with this cloud server hosting! 

Cloudways Hosting Feature Updates

As a proud Cloudways managed cloud hosting user, I wish to consolidate their new features in this priceless content. It would help you proceed with your Cloudways account without any second thought.

1. Cloudways has introduced a starter bundle for eCommerce through which you will obtain the best plugin to build a functional WooCommerce store. The bundle contains a checkout field editor, Custom blocks, Blocksy theme, an Email designer, Coupon shortcodes, GA integration, and many more valuable extensions.

2. Cloudways hosting always cares for the users’ site performance; hence, they have partnered with Object Pro and Cache plugin to ease the load on the database and server, which speeds up the

3. Do you know about G2, a trusted review site? Cloudways is ranking #1 in the managed hosting category. Now, the final rating is 4.8/5. Amazing, right?

4. Here is exciting news about starting your new Cloudways account! This secure managed hosting has partnered with the Codeable platform to hire the world’s best WordPress experts to fix your troubles. What else do you want?

5. A few weeks back, it announced the partnership with the lightest WordPress theme, Astra Pro, for existing and new users. The offer is free for one year! Use the premium version of Astra on unlimited sites by paying $4/mo.

6. SafeUpdates, a new feature introduced by Cloudways to improve your site performance and security. It has an auto-detection quality to check the updates for your tools. After the latest upgrades, this feature will also improve your Core Web Vitals speed performance. It is the best feature for your WordPress maintenance business.

7. Powerful DigitalOcean servers are now available in the Sydney region. Yes, Cloudways has integrated this new data center into its platform.

8. For WordPress users, Cloudways is introducing the “Autoscale” feature to scale the resource automatically in real time for handling traffic spikes. If you have an online store, agency, or high-traffic website, you request early access for this speed & performance feature. Pricing starts from $35/month.

9. Cloudways has partnered with SnapShooter to eliminate the backup limitations for offsite backups. Cloudways users have an exclusive concession for the first three months.

10. A great speed update was made in Cloudways CDN. In the Cloudflare addon, Edge Page Cache improves your site load time, TTFB, and LCP scores.

After checking the updates, I hope you would like to grab the exclusive Cloudways coupon and launch your dream website to make a successful digital life.

Which Cloud Server Should You Choose In Cloudways?

Cloudways has managed plans that work for every webpreneur. It has partnered with three cloud server providers: Digital Ocean, Amazon, and Google Cloud Platform.

Look at the detailed comparison of Cloudways DigitalOcean Vs Vultr and get the suitable server according to the site requirements. 

Note: Vultr Servers are available for existing customers, not for new ones!

Cloudways Server Name

Basic Plan

Most Popular Plan

  Digital Ocean












  Google Cloud



You may go with the DigitalOcean server through our Promo details. Don’t forget to check the difference between Cloudways Premium and Standard Plans when buying this cloud server.

We use both DigitalOcean and Vultr servers for our blogs. Both offer mind-blowing performances. When you buy the DigitalOcean server, use it for over two months free using the Promo Code – WPGLOSSY ($30 Coupon).

Cloudways Server Plan And Pricing Updates

Recently, Cloudways stopped providing Vultr and Linode cloud server services. However, existing user can continue their subscriptions without any trouble. So, the new users can only buy DigitalOcean, GoogleCloud, and AWS servers. 

After being acquired by DigitalOcean, the pricing for each plan has increased, and it applies to both new and existing customers. It happened after seven years! You should look at their new pricing plans. 

Plan Type

Server Name

Old Price/Mo

Updated Price/Mo

































Not only these, the price for 16GB, 32GB, 48GB, 64GB, 96GB, 128GB, and 198GB DigitalOcean plans has also been increased. As you see, it is not a prominent price change. So, I would say Cloudways is affordable for dedicated business sites. While buying the server, don’t forget to use our unique Cloudways promo code for a $30 price cut. 

Cloudways Pros

  • Fully managed service gives a fantastic experience
  • Excellent speed performance through advanced caching and PHP – servers
  • Managed security with dedicated firewalls and free SSL
  • Gives you full control to manage like a pro
  • Easy self-migration. Tech support can also move your website from the current host to Cloudways.
  • Affordable CDN and it can be integrated with no pain. 

Cloudways Cons

  • No domain registration
  • No Email service 

Cloudways Latest Promo Codes Discount 2024

Discount Code


Expiry Date


$30 Free Hosting Credits


Promo Code 

$25 Free Hosting Credits


Start Free 

3 Days Free Trial


New Promo Code

30% OFF For 3 Months


Wrapping Up The Cloudways Coupon Code ($30 Credit)

Getting the premium cloud server at the concession price is a great thing! Try the managed WordPress cloud hosting through the Cloudways Promo Code; otherwise, you will regret it later.

Purchasing a high-class server is the perfect decision if you want to perform better on search engines and offer the best user experience. No one can stop you from reaching business success if you have done it.

Cloudways hosting is ideal for small business websites, dedicated bloggers, and digital entrepreneurs. This managed cloud hosting provider is better than its competitor, Kinsta

Not only Kinsta but Cloudways also has some exceptional features when compared to SiteGround, Gridpane, WPEngine, WPXHosting, Flywheel, BlueHost, Runcloud, UpCloud, Hostinger, and GoDaddy!

Utilize the working code, WPGLOSSY, and grab the maximum discount – $30 on any plan to save some bucks. What do you think about this exciting Promo offer? Share your priceless viewpoint in the comment section. 

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