SEMRush Review 2023 – Should You Use This SEO Tool?


Since I have been blogging for over a decade, many people repeatedly asked me: “Which is the best tool to boost SEO performance and grow an online business by solving technical errors?

Well! Without any hesitation, I would say – “SEMRush

So, what the heck does it have? Why do I prefer this tool over others?

Let’s see all the qualities of SEMRush in this post so that you can understand its valor and would like to get it and tweak your web visibility.

Through this SEMRush review, I will walk through the fantastic features of SEMRush that I adore the most.

Let’s get into the Topic!

SEMRush Review – A Quick & Brief Intro

SEMRush is an excellent tool for performing keyword research, position tracking, backlinks analysis, site audit, competitor comparison, and much more powerful tests that would take your business site to a new height.

Even though it is quite expensive, you can use it to grab profitable keywords, blog post ideas, and competitors’ rankings. Finding the keyword and backlink gaps and removing all the technical faults through site audits are the primary upsides of this exceptional SEO tool.

Being in the industry for more than 11 years, SEMRush has an international team of 800 professionals worldwide. It is an ideal solution for internet marketers because of offering a vast set of search engine optimization tools.

Amazing Features Of SEMRush That Are Worth Mentioning

Analysis Reports

At the heart of every successful website lies excellent research and reporting, right from the narrowed point, the organic search analysis to the broad analysis, the opportunity exploration in the market.

SEMRush provides a handful of great tools to create reports from different standpoints of digital marketing. Let’s walk through one by one.

1. Organic Research

The organic research tool enables an in-depth analysis of the website to find the relevant keywords according to the niche of the website.

This tool helps you find out the top 100 placements of your website on Google SERP along with competitor analysis and keyword opportunities to improve the search appearance and drive better traffic.

You can find the keywords versus the traffic for the website given. These stats are displayed in a layered color scheme giving it a complete overview for the user. One doesn’t need to be an expert to understand the visualization of the information displayed.


With an organic research tool, you can find the position of the keywords by time. The following screenshot should help you understand the visualization of the position of the website for keyword(s) mentioned in the input filter.


What I most admire with this organic research feature?

I can able to see my

  • Top organic keywords
  • Organic search positions and its changes
  • Competitors and their keywords
  • Featured snippet keywords
  • Top pages with ranking keywords

I love the nature of SEMRush, which always helps me to improve SEO performance. I’m using this tool for implementing the SEO for my dentist client, and the result we are getting is awesome.

2. Backlinks

Inbound links define the authenticity of the website for any search engine algorithm. It equals the real-world mouth branding that any product gets.

The amount of inbound links pointing to the site is the credibility of the works at crawling SERP. SEMRush has the best backlinks analysis tool that lists all the backlinks and their credibility. It shows the weight of each backlink inbounding to the website.

“It’s not always the number of backlinks a website has but the quality of them. “


The backlinks thus found are identified based on their properties ‘follow’ and ‘nofollow.’ It also lists out more dimensions, the type of backlinks, text links, frame links, form links, and image links.

From the Backlink Analysis of SEMRush, you can able to see your

  • Backlinks with anchors
  • Referring domains & IPs
  • Competitors and their backlinks

3. Keyword Research

A great website has the great responsibility of keyword research; no doubt the content rules it all, but the right keyword is the command wand in hand, giving the authority.


The keyword research tool of SEMRush will give digital marketers information like the volume of the traffic potentially available per country versus global, the keyword difficulty, the CPC, the variations, questions, and related keywords.


4. Traffic Analysis

SEMRush provides a fantastic traffic analysis tool without pixels installed on the website, like other analytics reports. You can see the traffic statistics reports for any website using this tool to get a brief about the website’s performance.

The traffic analysis tool displays the number of visits per month, unique visitors, no. of pages visited per visit, average visit duration (session time), and bounce rate.

This data can be seen consolidated per time frame basis, like for six months, one year, or all the time since the website was started.

SEMRush’s Traffic analysis tool is one the best tools any webmaster would like to explore to identify the overlapping traffic with the competitors.


This gives an estimate of the target audience that isn’t reached yet. It also compares traffic from different social media platforms and helps choose the best placement with time and niche selections.

Another excellent feature of the traffic analysis tool is that you can benchmark your website against competitors in terms of direct, referral, search, and social media traffic. You can compare with up to three competitors like as with audience overlap.

Traffic analysis lists out the top-performing pages on the site with unique page views and visitors in the dimension of sources of traffic.

SEMRush traffic analysis also shows the geo-distribution of the traffic origination. A heatmap with traffic by countries is shown, giving it a clear shot in what countries the site is picking up traffic and in what countries it is losing.

If the website is providing country-specific information or targeting an audience from a particular region, it is important to know if the site is performing well in that region.

Keyword rich Tools

SEMRush, another set of features, includes the tools. These are a subset of the above analytical tools discussed but in detail.

SEMRush categorizes all its features according to the marketing workflow, from the project planning and execution to the report creation.

Let’s dig deeper into SEMRush tools and see how they help make marketing decisions intelligently.

1. Keyword difficulty

Keyword difficulty is the competition to the keyword on the search engine results page. As the keyword alone doesn’t decide the position on the SERP, the difficulty score is taken as the opportunity for any random web property to seize the competitors’ positions in the top 100.

Keyword difficulty helps you find the keywords with less competition and the best opportunity to rank in the top 100 positions. The old results will gain the attention of the Google index algorithms, so it is better to go with the affordable ones if you are a new player in the market.

The keyword difficulty is shown in percentages. The higher the percentage, the higher the difficulty is to overrun the competition for targeted keywords. The situation is converse in the case of lower percentages.

2. Domain vs. Domain

Competitor research is time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, it depends on the results coming from trial and error implementations. The optimal way of doing this competitive research is by comparing the domains side-by-side. SEMRush domain vs. domain tool does the same.

SEMRush domain vs domain tool monitors the competitive stats day-to-day. You can compare up to 5 domains at a time. By this cumulative analysis, you can find the common keywords among similar websites.


This defines the gap of the keywords that you can take advantage of. The injection of coverage of the keywords can be researched using the SEMRush keyword research tool that was discussed before.

3. My charts & reports

My charts are the visualization reports that a marketer can create using SEMRush. It involves the strengths and weaknesses of the own projects/websites, competitor analysis, benchmarking with competitors, and checking the current performance of the keywords working on, and more.

My charts display key visibility indicators of multiple domains (up to 5) and conduct competitor analysis in a few clicks. You can also check the scope of the visitors for the top 100 SERP results on Google and Bing. The amounts spent on paid ads on Google and Bing can also be identified and acted upon accordingly.

You can get reports and competitor data in all possible dimensions of a digital marketer. SEMRush updates and refines the charts’ new visualizations from time to time. All these visualization features are needed for a marketer in 2023.

4. Keyword Magic Tool

SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool is a powerful keyword research tool that shows the keywords not just on par with relevancy but also with possible question queries in the search engine.


I love this feature as it lists out the keywords in different dimensions. See below to know what they mean:

  • Broad match – Matching with the possible phrases prepend and postpended.
  • Phrase match – Matches the phrase given.
  • Exact match – Lists out the precise match of the input keyword.
  • Related – Shows all associated keywords.

5. SEO Assistant Writing

Content is for humans, and optimization is for search engine algorithms. This statement is not true. Because the optimization is done for the user as well. The content should have the right density of keywords spread over the entire page, giving it a human-drafted look.

It matters for search engines to deliver well-optimized content. Sometimes, the exploitation of keywords is done unknowingly – the writer is not a digital marketer.

SEMRush SEO assistant writing tool helps you in,

  • Adjusting the readability of the copy.
  • Recommendations of the word count.
  • Optimization opportunities for the title.
  • Suggesting simplifying the content with long sentences, words, and paragraphs.

It also suggests the right keywords at the right place with the radar graph visualization of optimization opportunities.

Create Your Project

You can create your project and track everything with the help of the following tools.

1. Position Tracking

This tool tracks the position of the keywords on the SERPs in the top 100 placements. It features the following:

  • Tracks the positions of the keywords on the websites for national, global, and local search engines.
  • Discovers the local competition likely to dominate the global players no matter what.
  • Labels the keywords with tags and groups the keywords.
  • Monitors the devices on which the keywords are working well.

2. Site Audit

SEO is not all about keywords in 2023. It encompasses several other constraints like the speed of the website, navigation, HTTPS, first-load content, code-to-HTML ratio on the page, and keyword tracking. You should have a website audit checklist to remove the technical issues.

SEMRush site audit checks the site’s health with the help of an SEO analysis tool. It prioritizes the SEO issues and finds the errors, and suggests possible fixes. The optimizations are suggested to boost the search rankings of the website.

Give the site audit tool a try!

Social Media Tracker

SEMRush social media tracker finds the social media accounts based on the domains entered to compare. It analyzes competitors’ campaigns, hashtags, and top-performing posts to build their social media strategy.

1. Social media toolkit

SEMRush social media toolkit helps digital marketers in scheduling social media promotions to be posted on the best time. The features of this tool as discussed as follows:

  • Schedules posts on the best times
  • Create posts on the go
  • Edit images during the post-creation
  • Import posts from CSV files
  • UTM tracking
  • Track competitors
  • Boosting of posts
  • Ads creation

2. Brand Monitoring Tool

SEM brand monitor tool monitors the brand in a public note. It provides the following features:

  • Monitors the brand reputation.
  • Explores new opportunities and threats.
  • Tracks inbounding links
  • Insights from competitors

On-page SEO Checker

SEMRush on-page SEO checker finds the ranking factors of the website and its performance on SERPs. It suggests the fixes and recommendations improve the positions.

1. Backlink Audit Tool

Backlinks are the builders of a reputation for any website. The quality of the backlinks defines the weight of the site to rank on Google SERP.

In my SEMRush review 2023, I would like to have a word about its backlink audit tool that has the following features:

  • Finds backlinks with Search Console Integration
  • Finds and removes dangerous backlinks that are prone to Google penalization
  • Sends the harmful backlinks to the Google Disavow Tool
  • Backlink profile maintenance with regular recrawls

2. Organic Traffic Insights

SEMRush Organic Traffic Insights gives reports of the organic traffic on the website. It has the following features:

  • Lists out all keywords the site is ranking for after Google Analytics integration.
  • Merges Google Console and Analytics data
  • Identifies the potentiality of the keyword to rank the website

3. Content Analyzer

SEMRush content analyzer measures the content’s SEO and social performance. It accesses the website’s content and measures the material that is published externally.

It compares the content against performance and displays the reports with session time, duration, bounce rate, and shares on social media networks.

SEMRush Pricing

SEMRush offers 3 different pricing plans with unique features

  1. Pro Plan – Suitable for dedicated bloggers and freelancers
  2. Guru Plan – Best for small businesses
  3. Business Plan – Ideal for big agencies and eCommerce projects

Getting its free trial is a clever move! Also, I suggest you get the annual plan when you upgrade to the premium plan to get a 16% discount that saves some of your hard-earned bucks.

Wrapping Up My SEMRush Review

SEMRush is not a new name for experienced digital marketers. If you are new to the industry as an internet marketer or a dedicated blogger, it is undoubtedly the best SEO and site audit tool you can buy to leverage your business from scratch.

The amalgamation of all types of tools available with the subscription gives you more value than you expect it to provide. What are you waiting for? After reading my genuine SEMRush review, I hope you would like to grab this tool. Am I right?

by Nirmala
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