8 Best WordPress Donation Plugins To Collect Your Funds Conveniently


There is a growing number of users using WordPress to build their sites. However, integrating a payment gateway to the site is a hectic process. What if we tell you that there are several donation WordPress plugins to simplify the process?

Be it a fundraising site or simply a donation site for a research work you’re into, you need a quicker method to collect payments. Introducing WordPress donation plugins that are easy to use, reliable, and quick.

Irrespective of the donations you receive and the site’s traffic, you can still integrate the plugin into your site quickly. If you have a site collecting donations, this article is for you. I will cover a list of recurring donation plugins and WooCommerce donation plugins. Let’s begin!

Top 8 Donation Plugins For WordPress To Install In 2023

There are umpteen options available concerning WordPress donation plugins. However, using the best is important. In my experience using such donation plugins for various sites, I have formulated a list of the best in the market. 

1. Givewp


Talk about the best WordPress donation plugins, and GiveWP easily tops the list. Used by renowned non-profitable organizations worldwide, GiveWP is a reliable plugin that is easy on your pocket. 

If you’re like me and would like to test a feature for free and then take it forward, GiveWP includes an option to download for free, integrate to your site, and then use the PRO version if you are completely satisfied.

GiveWP uses the Stripe platform to collect donations from any source, including debit cards, master cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 

Exceptional features:

  • It lets you collect recurring donations. 
  • Customize donation forms on the go.
  • For each donation campaign, set goals and use the plugin to deliver insightful reports on performances. 

2. Wpforms 


If you would like a multipurpose form plugin that isn’t just restricted to donations, WPForms is your solution. Called one of the best donation plugins for WordPress, you can create various forms, edit them whenever required, and market them easily. 

In general, asking for donations involves reaching out to your fans or subscribers to donate any amount. In the case of WPForms, it is possible to integrate the donation and subscription forms directly into your email marketing campaign.

You don’t need a professional to embed a donation form on your site. With more money saved, you consciously choose the best WordPress donation plugin. 

Favorite features:

  • High-performance form options are available. 
  • WP Forms is easy to embed and lets you use drag-and-drop builders to give a new look to the form. 
  • There are multiple add-ons meant to control spam, grow email lists, PayPal commerce integrations, surveys, polls, and form lockers. 

3. Fluentforms 


A common misconception is that a WordPress site ideally needs form only to gather contacts. However, various WooCommerce donation plugins and authorized net WordPress donation plugins have made it evident that forms are needed for various requirements. 

Fluent Forms is ideally a template letting you collect donations instantly by linking the form to your site and using drag-and-drop builders to fit it to a page. Fluent Forms are highly recommended because they are beginner-friendly but don’t compromise other features.

Of course, you get access to real-time data, and it integrates with multiple payment partners quickly. 

Great Features:

  • It comprises multiple form styles and templates serving varied purposes. 
  • The interface is extremely simple to use and has all the necessary fields. 
  • Fluent Forms collects donor data and generates reports for you to review anytime. 

4. Formidable forms 


Formidable Forms is one of the best out of the various donation WordPress plugins. While it has conventional donation form templates to collect basic data, it also enables site owners to customize, alter entries, enable notifications, and change form views. 

When you purchase this plugin, the installation needs only one click, and you can style it as per your preference. Perhaps, your site’s donation form won’t look like others in the market. 

Excellent Features

  • 0% coding skill required from your end. Everything is drag-and-drop or automated. 
  • Use it on multiple sites by purchasing an appropriate license. 
  • Formidable Forms allows you create any form and integrate it with other phases of your business, including CRM, email marketing, and sales. 

5. Donation via Paypal 


While collecting international payments, chances are you are landing at PayPal donation plugins. Whether your requirement is a recurring donation plugin or simply the best free donation plugin WordPress, donations via PayPal are your solution. 

Integrating a PayPal widget into your site takes time and needs moderate technical skills to do it right. Hence, I would recommend donation via PayPal, which lets you integrate as a widget or a shortcode. All you need is to fill in your PayPal ID. Start collecting instantly. Still not convinced?

Notable features: 

  • This donation WordPress plugin offers multilanguage support. 
  • Even if you don’t have technical knowledge, set up and start collecting donations with the help of clear documentation and a dedicated support forum. 

6. Donorbox


Do you want to know my favorite free WordPress donation plugin? It’s Donorbox. It is a dedicated donation plugin and a fundraising platform used by thousands of WordPress site owners. Stop thinking that only non-governmental organizations can collect donations! When you research or are an independent social worker, you can still create a professional donation form, increasing donor conversions. 

What I like more about this plugin is that there is no false promise. Integrating into your site and activating it takes at least 15 minutes. It is more likely to brand it well, and there is no limit on how much you can receive in the name of a donation. A confusion-free, customizable, effective donation WordPress plugin is waiting for you to use! 

Top features:

  • This best WordPress donation plugin includes an intuitive interface and allows you activate the form quickly. 
  • Instead of creating the form as a page, turn it into a popup and customize every campaign page regarding looks. 
  • It doesn’t impose specific donation amounts. Donors can donate as they wish. 

7. Fund Engine


Requesting a fundraising platform to help you with donations is a long process. Due to the overload of requests, some fundraisers rather skip the request. Have a WordPress site? You may now create a crowdfunding website with this wonderful donation WordPress plugin. 

Fund Engine has numerous features, enabling site users to monitor payments using the admin panel. Alternatively, you may create fundraising campaigns for other sites as well. Bid goodbye to expensive plugins and themes meant for donations. 

Amazing features:

  • Fund Engine is a high-end, easy-to-use plugin giving a complete look to your crowdfunding campaigns.
  • For each campaign, it has placeholders for status, featured image, funding goal, backer table, and quick-to-deploy donation forms. 
  • Use the same plugin on multiple sites and deploy it almost instantly. 

8. WP Crowd Funding 


Are you looking for a classic, multi-purpose crowdfunding plugin that can be used for your WordPress site? WP Crowd Funding is a state-of-the-art, well-designed WooCommerce donation plugin. While you can only have a live preview of the look, this donation plugin is reliable and customizable. Some NGOs sell merchandise instead of donations.

The best part of this plugin lies in its support from the team. This plugin lets you use your creativity to build the dream site and start collecting donations. Class + Authenticity + Customizability = Perfect WordPress donation plugin = WP Crowd Funding.

Remarkable features:

  • This plugin works wonders in letting you create native wallets and manage donations effortlessly.
  • Link to your Stripe account and enable various payment options to let donors donate conveniently. 
  • WP Crowd Funding is also loaded with add-ons to donation forms. Just in case you need more features, you should explore the add-ons.  

Wrapping Up The Best WordPress Donation Plugin

Managing money needs extra attention and care, as you can’t trust a random plugin to complete your work. If you have ever used WordPress to share your idea with the world, it’s time to incorporate a WordPress donation plugin to start collecting funds. 

Various plugins mentioned in this article are compatible with multiple platforms and can be used for other purposes. Above all, you don’t need human resources or a hefty bank balance to set up a donation form for your site.  So, grab hold of a plugin and witness the power of finesse! 

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