7 Best Plugins To Add Responsive Table In WordPress


Do you want to add a responsive table for your WordPress site? If yes, then this post is for you! I will list some useful plugins to avoid the undesirable user experience on mobile devices and get the SEO benefits.

Let’s get into the topic!

Before getting into the details of WordPress responsive tables plugins, I would like to discuss the benefits of having responsive tables in your site content.

Why Use Responsive Table In WordPress?

In this digital era, the number of smartphone and tablet users is increasing rapidly. A responsive table is nothing but looks fit on mobile gadgets.

It aims to make the design flexible by adjusting it to adapt to screens of different sizes. And yes, this type of tabular column makes it much easier to read than non-responsive tables where some part of the table gets hidden.

Moreover, it has other benefits! Let’s see what are they!

1. SEO Advantage (Featured Snippet)

Google and other search engines love sites with responsive designs built with premium WordPress themes and page builders. Likewise, using the responsive table in your content makes it more likely to grab the featured snippet position in search results.

One of our tables was featured in the Google snippet, and you may have a look at it.


The featured snipped table improves the CTR and brings you a more targeted audience through which you can boost the revenue and increase the subscribers. Don’t forget to add a WordPress responsive table to every blog post you write.

2. Best User Experience

How we display the data table on the mobile screen matters a lot! It has to be done without affecting its readability and intention; only then can you offer a great user experience for your site visitors. Do you agree with me?

When part of the data in the table gets hidden on small-screen devices, the readers will get frustrated and skip your website as they are not getting the required information.

When you are adding the CTAs in the table, then making the table responsive is not an option. You must execute it! Especially if you run an Amazon niche website, responsive table WordPress is essential to list the affiliate products with the referral links.

Hence, you might want to consider including a responsive table in WordPress

7 Best plugins To Add Responsive Tables To WordPress

Below are 6 WordPress plugins that can help you add a responsive table WordPress!

1. RioVizual

RioVizual is the most advanced, feature-rich, and user-friendly table block plugin, providing a seamless experience for customizing and creating a diverse range of responsive tables. Whether you require general tables, pros and cons tables, comparison tables, pricing tables, data tables, or more, RioVizual offers an intuitive solution for all your table-building needs.

The plugin comes with pre-designed table templates, ensuring an efficient and straightforward table creation process. What’s noteworthy is that RioVizual follows a freemium model, making it accessible to a broad user base. It is also SEO-friendly and performance-optimized, making it a valuable addition to any WordPress website without requiring advanced coding expertise.

Key Features of RioVizual:

  • 6 Elements (text, image, button, list, icon, shortcode) for versatile table creation
  • 8 Pre-designed table templates for quick and easy starts
  • Right-click options for actions such as add, delete, copy, cut, paste, duplicate, and move on elements
  • Individual or group cell and element design for tailored customization
  • Scrollable or stackable tables to enhance small-screen viewing
  • Ctrl key for selecting multiple cells, Shift key for selecting ranges

RioVizual Pro adds even more value with:

  • Ability to create a generic product table with the ‘Product Table’ type
  • Extra 5 elements (star rating, icon button, advanced text, styled list, dual button) in addition to all free elements
  • A diverse selection of pre-designed templates
  • User-friendly plugin dashboard for convenient access
  • Premium support system accessibility for enhanced assistance

Whether you choose the free version or opt for RioVizual Pro, this plugin offers a comprehensive solution for building and customizing tables on your WordPress website, ensuring a professional and visually appealing result.

2. Ninja Tables

Now, if you are a noob to the blogging business, then you might find it challenging to edit and manage your blogs. Is there a solution for this? That is where ‘Ninja Tables’ comes in.

This responsive WordPress table plugin lets users build tables without having to perform any coding. What’s more, users can import and export and make them responsive. Users can utilize Ninja Tables with ease and effectiveness.

Features Of Ninja Tables

  • Make tables responsive with ease
  • Choose from more than 100 table styles
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly
  • Secure and Efficient with Advanced functions
  • Unlimited table colors and customization
  • Does not slow down page speed
  • Can be easily managed from the admin panel
  • Quickly renders tables
  • Easily and quickly import and export tables
  • Good customer support
  • Frequent updates

3. WP Table Builder

Are you looking for a simple responsive table plugin? Is something even easier than Ninja Tables? Fear not! That is where WPTableBuilder comes in. WP Table Builder is truly distinguished from the other plugins because this table add-on nudges users to create and manage through drag-and-drop features.

This makes it extremely easy to create tables, particularly Responsive tables, with WP Table Builder. It is the best WordPress plugin for blogging and Amazon niche sites. Even though it is simple to use and it has a lot of smooth functions.

It comes with basic-level features and is not advised for those looking for plugins that can perform advanced functions. It is one of the best WordPress responsive table plugins for creating nice tables.

We are using this responsive table plugin for this blog, WPGlossy, and you may have a look at the table created in just a few minutes!

Desktop Version


Mobile View


Features Of WP Table Builder

  • Simple settings and Basic-level functions
  • Construct responsive tables easily and quickly
  • Drag and Drop plugin
  • Frequently updated
  • Good customer support

4. wpDataTables

wpDataTables is a very popular WordPress responsive table generator. It offers users the ability to generate and manage tables with less strife. It works well with numerous data sources such as PHP, Excel, and CVS. Users can represent data in aesthetic tables using wpDataTables.

What is more? WpDataTables can help users generate graphs and pie charts in coordination with Google Charts. wpDataTables comes in two versions: the regular plugin and the premium plugin. wpDataTables Premium offers users a variety of advanced functions. But for beginners, the wpDataTables regular version will suffice.

Features Of wpDataTables

  • Easy and Quick to use
  • Can create charts and tables
  • Create responsive tables & charts with ease
  • The basic version is suitable For beginners
  • Coding knowledge is not required

Highlights Of wpDataTables Premium

  • Multiple databases support
  • Advanced filter and search functions
  • Can deal with vast amounts of data
  • Access to a premium support system

5. Visualizer

When it comes to responsive WordPress table plugins, Visualizer is as powerful as it gets. Visualizer is easy to use the plugin. It can help users create and manage responsive tables. The plugin works with Google Visualization API, ChartJS, and DataTables.net. It is the best choice if you are looking for a free WordPress responsive table plugin.

This can help users to create not only tables but also charts and graphs as well. Users can easily customize charts and tables. Data can also be easily imported from various data sources such as CSV, Excel, and Google Sheets. Visualizer has two versions: the basic version and the Pro version. The Visualizer Pro allows users to perform advanced features.

Features Of Visualizer

  • Flexible and customizable
  • Compatible with various device sizes
  • Enables users to import from multiple data sources
  • Lets users make responsive charts and tables
  • Nine chart types to choose from

Qualities Of Visualizer Pro

  • Extra 6 chart types to choose from
  • Time-saving features
  • Perform advanced functions

6. Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table

Now, are you looking for a table plugin suitable for beginners and advanced users? Then the plugin that you are looking for is the Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table. With this WordPress Responsive Table extension, users can easily transform non-responsive HTML tables into responsive ones.

This is the ultimate table plugin that you need! With Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table, users can create magnificent tables that can easily adjust to various device screen sizes and the viewer’s convenience.

Features Of Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table

  • Simple to use
  • Advanced features made as accessible functions
  • For both beginners and pros
  • Create responsive tables and charts

7. JTRT Responsive Tables

JTRT Responsive Tables is one of the most advanced table plugins for creating and managing responsive tables without needing HTML or CSS. This responsive table generator is best for advanced users.

It allows users to perform advanced functions with ease. With JTRT Responsive Tables, users can easily convert different types of data formats into tables and charts.

Features Of JTRT Responsive Tables

  • Create responsive tables and charts
  • Convert different kinds of data into responsive tables
  • Hassle-free usage and editing of the table
  • Advanced table sorting and filtering features
  • No need for any coding knowledge

Wrapping Up

Suppose you need to incorporate a tabular column into your WordPress content; all is well, but what happens to the table when you view the same on a device with a smaller screen, let’s say your smartphone?

Partial data may get hidden and would affect the user experience. You will not get search engine visibility as well. In such circumstances, a responsive table can be much more useful than a rigid and non-responsive one. So, with these plugins, you can just as quickly start adding responsive tables to WordPress.

You can add the mobile responsive table without a plugin, and yes, through the CSS ruleset and a bit of Javascript. However, to keep things simple, using any lightweight third-party extension to create the tabular column that looks appealing on small-screen gadgets is better.

Now, you tell! Which WordPress responsive table plugin would you like to install? Are you already using some other extension and want to go with the better one? Share your views and experience in the comment section.

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