11 Best AI Tools for WordPress to Increase its Efficiency 


Whether you aim to uplift your website’s SEO, generate engaging content, increase productivity, add advanced features, or improve user experience, it is essential to incorporate AI in WordPress.

AI tools are trending! So, we have to make use of them! I have already explained how ChatGPT can help WordPress sites to grow and get better online visillbity.

In this article, let’s see the best AI tools for WordPress to enhance your website in various ways. So, if you’re eager to dive into this informative post, let’s get started.

Before getting into the list, let me tell you how the AI resources support WordPress; hence, you will know the necessity of utilizing them.

Why Use AI Tools For WordPress?

As you know, AI has become the leading part of technology, potentially reducing workload and increasing our productivity. It can empower the site owners to streamline their working strategies, tweak user experience, and help them stay competitive in the digital world.

I’m sure AI sources can significantly contribute to the growth of WordPress sites through Content optimization, SEO optimization, Image and video creation, User behavior analysis, Malware detection, and performance monitoring.

So, how do AI plugins help WordPress users?

The answer is simple. When you own a website containing many things, managing everything is tough. It leads to many problems:

  • Missing post descriptions and image alt text
  • Not checking every on-page SEO element
  • Bad customer and support user experience
  • Grammar and spelling errors
  • Not implementing the website audit.

And much more! So, how do AI plugins solve these issues?

AI plugins can help in every aspect of your WordPress website. 

  • Check your content for grammar and spelling mistakes (and repair them in one click).
  • Provide a user chatbot to enhance the support system.
  • Scan all on-page SEO checklists and highlight missing points.
  • Generate images just by writing text and converting text to speech.
  • Automatic site audition at regular intervals for performance improvements.

You may utilize the AI tools for WordPress to scale up your work and performance! Now, let’s get into the listicle! Check at the end; you might not be aware of some AI tools for WordPress listed here!

11 Useful AI WordPress Tools To Boost Your Web Presence

Following AI plugins can benefit your WordPress site!

Divi AI


Divi AI is a powerful assistant that helps build our website using its features. It offers mainly two types of services: an image generator and a content writing tool. Both products provide lots of features.

The content writer of Divi AI helps the site in various ways. You can easily create meta descriptions, catchy introductions, and attractive headings for your content. Divi AI is integrated with its plugin, Divi, and Divi themes.


  • AI-powered writing and assistance for creating engaging content
  • Grammer fixes and translation to refine and optimize content
  • Generate diverse images using prompts
  • Seamless integration with Divi theme and plugins

Rank Math AI


It is an SEO plugin that provides on-page SEO suggestions for WordPress site owners, helping them perform better in SEO. But now, it’s more than just that. The Content AI features enhance the power of the Rank Math plugin, making you feel like a pro.

Content AI offers numerous options for SEO. By utilizing these features, your site can easily outperform others. It has a content-generating opportunity to create blog ideas, introductions, conclusions, attractive headings, and even blog post outlines.


  • Offers more than 40 suits of AI features for SEO optimization.
  • Scan the content to suggest keywords, subheadings, external links
  • Flawless integration with WordPress block editor for easy editing
  • On-page SEO suggestions designed especially for WordPress websites

AI Engine


AI Engine comes with many AI features, including common ones such as content improvement and content generation. It has a free version with innovative features to train your AI models. Its tutorials and FAQs are really helpful for better understanding.

It allows you to add a chatbot to your website, akin to ChatGPT. This addition can enhance productivity and aid in maintaining the site. Powered by OpenAI, this tool requires access to an OpenAI account.


  • Focusing on content improvement and diverse content generation like blog posts
  • Easy to integrate chatbot on your website similar to ChatGPT
  • Generate images using AI tailored to your page content
  • Offers tools like grammar check, language translation, and discussions

Elementor AI

Elementor plugin stands out as one of the best and most popular page builders, providing a variety of widgets and modules. Now, it includes Elementor AI, which allows you to generate images and text-based content and even create code.

The Elementor AI option seamlessly integrates with its plugin, making it easier to manage directly from the WordPress dashboard. By leveraging AI, you can create custom CSS and HTML codes for your site, enabling the creation of unique effects and designs.


  • Offers wide varieties of widgets and modules for versatile page-building
  • Suggests CSS based on prompts by the user, facilitating easy customization
  • Provides tasks like language translation and AI assistance
  • Leverages AI to create custom CSS and HTML codes for your designs

Whether you’re already using Elementor or considering a page builder, Elementor with AI is recommended.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera is a unique plugin in the WordPress list of best AI tools. The Quttera malware scanner plugin offers a security solution by scanning your site and providing a report on cyber threats. Don’t worry; it does not make any changes to your blog.

Security is a top priority for website owners as essential data is stored on servers, necessitating protection from various cyber-attacks. Here’s where Quttera comes in. It utilizes an advanced AI engine to scan the website and identify malware, Trojans, etc.


  • Utilises advanced AI and machine learning to identify and alert the user
  • Three-layer scanning to monitor external threats; checks all files and internal data.
  • Offers one-click scanning and beginner-friendly user interface


Voicer is the ideal choice if you want to add text-to-speech features to your WordPress website. It employs machine learning and AI systems to convert text into speech, resembling a human voice. With a Google Cloud basis, this AI WordPress tool ensures speed and reliability.

Voicer is also compatible with 30+ languages, eliminating country and language variations concerns. This feature is beneficial when targeting a local audience, enhancing local SEO. It seamlessly integrates with various themes and page builders.


  • With over 275 human-like voices, users can choose from
  • Multilingual Support that supports 30+ languages that enhance local SEO
  • Backed by the Google Cloud Platform, it smoothly integrates with various themes and page builders
  • Enhanced User Engagement by incorporating human-like voices

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms stands out as a powerful form plugin, offering various forms such as contact forms, calculators, and registration forms. Forms AI utilizes OpenAI’s ChatGPT to enhance the value of the forms, offering an option to add ChatGPT replies.

Recently, this plugin added AI features, making Formidable even more powerful. It uses AI to comprehend the core points of the forms and provide services accordingly. AI Forms are available for Product name generator, BMI calculator, Writing, and Travel Assitant.


  • Offer various forms, including contact forms, registration forms, etc.
  • AI-powered auto customer support machine
  • Drag and drop features to create and customize forms.
  • Allows extensive styling of WordPress forms, including customizable form color and layouts.

Bertha AI

Bertha AI is a content assistant, covering many tasks to streamline our workload. Utilizing advanced AI and machine learning systems, Bertha is trained to provide more accurate data to users. This game-changing AI WordPress tool creates engaging content for your web presence.

Creating content is a standout feature of Bertha AI, allowing you to generate product descriptions and website copy without spending countless hours. Moreover, you can even compose entire blog posts using Bertha AI.

Essential Features of Bertha AI:

  • Creates the product description, website copy, and even entire blog
  • Proficient in image generation based on details provided
  • Integrated SEO chatbot to help
  • Well suited for WooCommerce compatibility


Tidio is the perfect option for adding live chat or a chatbot to their WordPress website. Many other plugins are available in the market, but Tidio is the best among them, and that’s why we included it in our list of best AI tools for WordPress.

It provides live chat and chatbot functionalities backed by natural language processes to understand human responses. Tidio is particularly helpful for product-selling websites, demonstrating the potential to convert visitors into buyers.

Some other key features include:

  • Live chat for quick issue resolution
  • Pre-made chatbot strategies to boost sales
  • Automated AI responses for up to 70% of customer queries
  • WooCommerce product cards for an enhanced shopping experience

Get Genie

GetGenie is an AI assistant designed to assist in creating entirely SEO-friendly content, focusing on offering an SEO assistant powered by AI and natural language processes. It enables the generating of SEO content across various types, including blog posts.

From an SEO perspective, it provides numerous options to aid users, such as keyword analysis, head-to-head competitor analysis, social copies, and more. This AI tool is recommended if you’re searching for a plugin to enhance your SEO efforts.

Key features of GetGenie include:

  • 37+ writing templates for creating SEO content
  • Support for 33+ languages
  • SERP analysis for SEO purposes
  • Copilot and chatbot for personalized assistance
  • On-page SEO score for better optimization

Google Language Translator

Google language translator offers language translation to broaden your reach. The free version utilizes traditional machine translation, while the paid version provides a more human-like translation.

Beyond translation, this plugin contributes to SEO. It hosts different language-translated pages on various subdomains, ensuring indexation in Google search engines. This approach expands your site’s reach to people using regional languages, increasing traffic and revenue.

Let’s discuss some of its best features:

  • Separate URL for each language
  • Instant translation of your website
  • Editable translated content manually
  • Option to use a separate domain for each language
  • Translated URLs for enhanced SEO

Wrapping Up

Glad I have consolidated some of the best AI tools for WordPress. AI stands out as a significant part of today’s technology. Combined with WordPress plugins, it becomes a super tool that helps in various ways, significantly reducing your efforts.

Which WordPress AI tool do you like the most? Is it Rank Math AI with many options to enhance on-page SEO? Or Divi AI, which comes with fully engaging content generation features? Tell me in the comment section.

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