7 Best High Availability WordPress Hosting Providers With Enhanced Security


Are you an eCommerce business, blog, or corporate website owner and tired of server crashes all the time? Do you want to upgrade to a better, high-availability WordPress hosting? If so, I will review the seven best high-availability WordPress hosting providers. 

What does High Availability (HA) mean in WordPress hosting? Well, HA hosting solutions provide operational performance and automatic failover. They minimize the chances of your website being unavailable due to server issues, traffic surges, or maintenance. 

It’s crucial to keep your website accessible all the time. HA WordPress hosting relies on robust infrastructure such as cloud technology, load balancers, and redundant systems to keep your website up. Let’s discuss a few more reasons why High Availability hosting is important.

Why Should You Get High Availability Hosting?

Your website’s uptime is non-negotiable. Downtime can cost you a lot: customers, revenue, and credibility. High-availability hosting gives you peace of mind, knowing your site is always up. So, HA hosting is indeed a wise investment; why? Here are the reasons:

Uptime Guarantee 

An uptime guarantee means your WordPress site remains operational consistently, reducing the chances of losing traffic or sales due to downtime. The best high-availability hosting providers offer robust uptime guarantees (almost 100%). 

Improved Performance 

High-availability hosting also ensures improved performance for your WordPress site. Why? This is because it utilizes advanced features and caching to optimize website speed. So, your site will be able to handle high traffic volumes without slowing down or crashing.

Scalability Features

HA hosting is often built with scalability in mind. Whether your site is experiencing a routine day or a sudden traffic spike, high-availability hosting can adapt swiftly. This means that your site can handle sudden increases in traffic without any service disruptions.

Best WordPress Hosting With High Availability To Buy

Now that you have learned the importance of high-availability hosting. Look at some of the best providers offering this hosting for WordPress websites. After spending hours, I’ve found these providers and listed them based on their features. Let’s dive in:

1. Cloudways


Cloudways is my favorite WordPress hosting; I use it for big websites. The recent addition to their hosting line-up, the Cloudways Autonomous, is a game changer. We shifted one of our websites to it, and the results within two weeks were exceptional. 

Cloudways offers high-availability, fully-managed WordPress hosting that you can scale to meet your needs. With advanced load balancing, your website remains accessible without worrying about traffic spikes. They have a guaranteed 99.9% uptime to keep your business live.

Best Features

  • Automates server management & scaling effortlessly
  • Utilizes Kubernetes for seamless autoscaling
  • Implements advanced load balancing for reliability
  • Adapts to varying traffic demands dynamically
  • Ensures smooth performance under heavy loads
  • Offers scalability with transparent pricing models
  • Integrates with Cloudflare for enhanced security

2. SiteGround


SiteGround is another great, high-availability, business-friendly WordPress hosting provider and is highly recommended. Our two clients use this hosting, and I’ve never seen any downtime in the last two years. If you don’t compromise on quality, SiteGround is the one for you. 

This hosting provider uses the most advanced technology, Google Cloud, and that’s the reason behind its 99.9% uptime. The data centers SiteGround uses offer high availability and reliability. I love their route optimization for fast connectivity, enhancing overall efficiency.

Best Features

  • Managed cloud plans for growing businesses
  • Guaranteed resources for top performance
  • Fully managed service by experienced DevOps
  • Automatic scaling to handle traffic spikes
  • Easy management of client accounts and packages
  • Host WordPress sites with managed updates
  • Powerful tools, including staging, Git, and WP-CLI

3. Convesio


Convesio, launched in 2019, is a budget-friendly hosting provider. But in a very short time, it has become one of the leading high-availability solutions. We have not tried this hosting for our websites, but the reviews are pretty satisfying, and you can try it. 

If you run a WooCommerce store, Convesio could be your go-to choice. Convesio offers scalable WordPress hosting using the latest in Docker Container technology. It distributes your traffic across multiple instances, ensuring high availability and true horizontal scaling.

Best Features

  • Utilizes Docker for scalable WordPress hosting
  • Auto-scales resources based on traffic demands
  • Resilient architecture for performance and security
  • Fast site speeds with efficient Docker containers
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for non-technical users
  • Provides the pay-for-what-you-use pricing model

4. Nexcess


Nexcess stands out as a premier high-availability WordPress hosting provider. For reliable and top-notch performance, Nexcess delivers what it promises. You can use their managed cloud plans, guaranteed resources, automatic scaling, and user-friendly management tools. 

This hosting provider is based on enterprise cloud infrastructure solutions. So, it’s capable of high availability, load balancing, and fault tolerance and guarantees 100% network uptime. It keeps your site online despite traffic spikes, server failures, or other disruptions. 

Best Features

  • Reliable cloud hosting for WordPress websites
  • Expert assistance with managed cloud hosting
  • Seamless scalability for handling traffic fluctuations
  • Offers monitoring tools for optimal performance
  • Free auto-scaling to accommodate traffic spikes
  • Efficient caching features for reduced server load
  • Integrated (CDN) for faster content delivery

5. Pagely


Pagely is another high-availability WordPress hosting platform that offers outstanding reliability to businesses. Its architecture is designed to ensure scalability, security, and dependability. They guarantee exceptional throughput and provide an impressive 99.99% uptime.

With exceptional performance and high availability plans, Pagely is the top choice of many big agencies and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Their HA hosting plans start at $1249 monthly, offering a pair of load-balanced and synchronized nodes in separate availability zones.

Best Features

  • Supports configurations of flexible & scalable clusters
  • Gives you control over your file storage and replication
  • Maximized efficiency with automatic load balancing
  • Separate availability zones for enhanced redundancy
  • Offers up to 5 database nodes for fault tolerance
  • Maximum Firewall protection for enhanced security

6. Kinsta


According to Kinsta’s official website, they do not currently provide a high availability or failover option. However, they offer a 99.9% uptime SLA from 35 data centers. These centers have physical access controls to limit access to Google Cloud Platform hardware. 

I recommend their Enterprise WordPress hosting, which guarantees a fast, reliable, and secure space for online presence. You can run your website on an isolated container fueled by Google Cloud Platform’s most reliable C3D and C2 Machines, my favorites.

Best Features

  • Fast, reliable, high-availability WordPress hosting
  • Provides expert support and migration assistance
  • On migration, enjoy up to 200% faster response time
  • Offers isolated containers on the Google Cloud Platform
  • SOC 2 compliant with advanced security features
  • Proactive site monitoring with 99.9% availability
  • Multiple staging options for testing and deployment

7. Pressidium


Lastly, Pressidium is the pioneer in providing high-availability hosting solutions. Their Enterprise hosting comes in place when it’s about speed, uptime, and security. For me, it’s a real HA hosting with systems designed to handle huge traffic to your website.

The top 3 features I like about Pressidium are web-scale N-Tier architecture, global Enterprise CDN, and dynamic load balancing. However, it’s not limited. And they offer everything to keep every business website, small to large, online without any downtime.

Best Features

  • High-availability with dedicated 5-node infrastructure
  • Exceptional uptime levels and automated backups
  • Real-time website monitoring for proactive support
  • Global reach with four main data center regions
  • Optimized website delivery with SSL acceleration
  • Zero escalation policy and 5-minute response times
  • End-to-end managed security for peace of mind

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes a hosting provider “high availability?”

High-availability WordPress hosting providers utilize multiple redundant systems and fail-safes. They ensure continuous service even in server failure or maintenance and bear high traffic. If any hosting has these features, it’s a high-availability hosting. 

Do I need a high-availability host for my small website?

Smaller websites might not require the robust features of HA hosting. But as your audience grows and traffic increases, you must consider an upgrade. It’ll keep you on the safe side, ensuring your website stays live without downtime.

How do I switch to a high-availability WordPress host?

Most high-availability hosts offer migration services to transfer your website to their platform with minimal disruption. You only need to purchase your desired plan and contact their technical team to help you with the transfer. 

Which High Availablity WordPress Hosting Should You Get?

Choosing the right high-availability WordPress hosting provider depends on many factors. These include your budget, traffic volume, technical requirements, and support level needed. Each hosting provider listed here offers a unique blend of these features and services.

When making your decision, consider the complexity of your website and your business growth expectations. Always opt for a hosting that never compromises uptime. Your hosting should be backed with customer testimonials and clear SLA guarantees. 

Out of these seven hosting providers, I strongly recommend Cloudways and Convesio services since they offer autoscaling setups through load balancing and scaling capabilities to handle traffic spikes at times.

by Nirmala
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