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Are you searching for the best high availability WordPress hosting? Cloudways Autonomous? What is it about? For Whom is it? Who can benefit from this Cloudways hosting plan? What’s so special about this server plan?

How does it give peace of mind to individuals with a blog or business site where traffic goes up and down frequently? Let me answer these questions! As a proud user of Cloudways, I would like to explain the newly introduced highly available WordPress hosting – Cloudways Autonomous.

If you own an e-commerce store, LMS site, or high-traffic WordPress site that drives visitors from News media or Reddit, you don’t have to think about the traffic going down or high because Autonomous hosting solves this issue with auto scalability plans.

You must know more about the amazing features of this fully managed WordPress hosting and its attractive pricing plans. Below, I’ll explain how Cloudways Autonomous is the best solution for business, how it solves traffic problems, and its best features.

So, let’s find out all the info to make the best decision for your online business!

What Is Cloudways Autonomous?


Cloudways Autonomous is Cloudways’ recently launched hosting solution operated on the Kubernetes cluster for automatic autoscale deployment. Its pricing plans support autoscaling, ensuring availability for growing business websites and apps.

This solves the issue of the website going down due to numerous simultaneous requests. All other Cloudways or other hosting providers set a limit to data transfer. If your website gets huge traffic due to a viral article or marketing campaign, it may go down because of the limit.

If this has happened to you or you think it can happen because your business is evolving, switching to this autoscale hosting is the best option. It’s the best eCommerce hosting, as normal hosting plans can’t ensure the accessibility of your store during peak periods.

This WordPress high availability hosting promises 24/7 uptime! Along with the uptime, you’ll get

  • Optimal Security From Cloudflare Enterprise
  • Cutting Edge Kubernetes Infrastructure For Autoscaling
  • High-Speed WordPress Admin Through Object Cache Pro
  • 1-Click Staging And Automated Backups
  • 24 x 7 Professional Technical Support
  • Free Website Migration (Self Migration Plugin Is Also Available)
  • Advanced Load Balancing & More Features

So, how does it differ from other hosting services? Let me tell you!

Cloudways Autonomous Vs Other Managed WordPress Hostings

Cloudways Autonomous shines in managed WordPress hosting. Unlike other hosting services, it ensures that high-traffic sites run smoothly by providing autoscaling and high availability. These features strengthen reliability and scalability, setting industry performance standards.

When your website has traffic spikes, you need auto-scaling and high disk storage to avoid site downtime. The Autonomous hosting plan of Cloudways offers WordPress high availability setup, which are unseen in other managed hosting services. Let’s see the differences!


Cloudways Autonomous

Other Managed Hosting Services

Auto Scaling



Php Workers



Disk Storage






Response Time



Excellent Features of This WordPress Hosting High Availability

Here are the best features of Cloudways Autonomous hosting plans. By reading these features of this high availability WordPress Kubernetes hosting, you’ll find whether it’s a good solution for your online business!

1. PHP Workers

PHP workers are an important part of hosting, yet they’re often overlooked. These workers help to manage or execute the code in the background when we go on a website. All of this happens in the backend.

If your hosting provider has only allocated a limited number of PHP workers to your site and the server becomes overwhelmed with requests, these few PHP workers may struggle to cope with the workload. This can lead to slower page loading times, timeouts, or server errors.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem: Cloudways Autonomous. With Cloudways Autonomous, you’ll benefit from unlimited PHP workers. These PHP workers ensure smooth operation without any slowdowns, even if your site experiences a sudden surge in traffic.

2. Website Availability

Thanks to the auto-scale hosting features! Yes, the availability and accessibility of the business website or app have become easy. You don’t have to worry about what might happen during traffic spikes.

The hosting server of Cloudways Autonomous will automatically upgrade the hosting plan according to the traffic requirements of your website. Once the traffic goes normal, your plan returns to its usual state, just like you’ve chosen.

3. Sleek User Interface

The user interface is simple, with minimal options. No confused settings! Look at the image attached below. It is easy to create and manage your WordPress or eCommerce applications. Disk usage, Visits, and Bandwidth details are displayed for your understanding.


4. Fast Page Loading

The loading speed of your business website depends on the hosting server. Cloudways Autonomous has a solution for slow-loading pages. It is powered by Cloudflare CDN and is also integrated with Object Cache Pro to ensure quick content delivery for your visitors.

Check the Load Testing Performance compared with the top competitors. I have taken this reference from the Cloudways blog post. I’ll do the speed performance tests and tell you the results soon!


Image Credit – Cloudways

5. CDN Network Support

Another noticeable feature of this Kubernetes WordPress high availability hosting is the support for CDN (Content Delivery Network). Geographically, servers are everywhere in the world; the place where the data centers are located is called PoP (Point of Presence).

The benefit of having the support of CDN is if a user in Australia accesses your website, instead of fetching data from the main server, the CDN delivers content from a server (PoP) closer to the user’s location. This reduces latency and improves loading times.

6. Security & Backups

Cloudways Autonomous offers high security for your online business. This hosting has a WAF (Web Application Firewall) that blocks malicious traffic worldwide and provides DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection.

Moreover, the data of your business website will be backed up automatically by the hosting provider. On-demand backups are also available for the website owner, making it a secure solution for a growing online business.

7. Customer Support

Cloudways’ overall security features are top-notch in all hosting plans, and the same goes for Cloudways Autonomous. Irrespective of your problem, customer service will always be with you throughout the journey to fix things without hassle. 

Cloudways Autonomous offers 24/7 expert support to solve technical errors or if you cannot use the features with the hosting panel. You get all the customer support options as in the other hosting plans, like Support Tickets, Monitoring, etc. 

Cloudways Autonomous Pricing Plans

Although Autonomous is a managed WordPress hosting with autoscale, the pricing varies. There are seven distinct plans to choose from, catering to various business needs. The first plan starts at just $35 per month, while the seventh plan costs approximately $1640 monthly.


Each plan is tailored to accommodate different levels of website traffic. For instance, the first plan suits a WordPress website with up to 30,000 visitors. As you progress through the plans, the traffic limits increase, with the seventh plan supporting up to 1,500k visitors.

It’s important to consider the scale of your business while selecting a hosting plan. The first to fourth packages offer ample resources for small to medium-scale enterprises. On the other hand, the fifth to seventh hosting plans are designed for larger applications and websites.

Is This High Availability WordPress Hosting Worth It? My Personal Experience

Cloudways Autonomous Hosting is unquestionably worth the investment. Recently, my client opted for it for their event booking website. My client had encountered significant issues with their previous hosting provider, as he used to get traffic increases during the festival seasons.

Upon my recommendation, they deployed high availability WordPress hosting, and the results were remarkable. The website operated smoothly without downtime, even during high-traffic periods. The only issue was the price is a bit high, but it’s worth it.

The business stayed online and functional. The best part was that the hosting was completely safe, the customer support was great, and the plan returned to the one chosen after traffic went normal during the festival-off seasons.

How To Subscribe To Cloudways Autonomous Plan?

Subscribing to a Cloudways Autonomous plan is a breeze. Visit the official website and choose the hosting plan that best fits your business needs. Make sure to carefully review the bandwidth, disk limit, and other specifications before making your selection.

Proceed to the payment page once you’ve settled on a hosting plan. You’ll notice that prices are listed for additional bandwidth, 1000 visitors, and similar features. These charges apply if your website experiences high traffic.


Click on “Confirm Plan” and complete the subscription payment. Your plan includes a 3-day free trial, during which you won’t be charged for the services. You may also opt for a live demo if you’re still unsure about Cloudways Autonomous.


Visit the Demo page and choose a date for a meeting. Schedule a session with the product manager from Cloudways Autonomous, who will walk you through the hosting features and explain how they can benefit your business.

Cloudways Autonomous For WordPress Hosting High Availability?

Cloudways Autonomous outshines other Cloudways hosting plans due to its exceptional scalability. This high availability WordPress hosting plan seamlessly adjusts to meet the demands of site traffic, ensuring that your website remains online and error-free even during high traffic.

Instead of experiencing downtime, the hosting server prioritizes delivering content quickly to every user, making it the ideal choice for online businesses. While the price of Cloudways Autonomous may be slightly higher, considering the features, it’s undoubtedly worth it.

This autoscale hosting offers flexibility when selecting a hosting plan based on your site requirements. So, if you are searching for the best hosting with WordPress high availability architecture, you should get Cloudways Autonomous hosting plan now!

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