7 Best Load Balancing Hosting Providers For High-Traffic Websites


Are you searching for the best load balancer hosting to handle your site’s traffic spike? I assume you are a busy business or eCommerce site, so you decided to get dedicated server hosting to manage the traffic fluctuations.

Load balancing is, no doubt, one of the best ways to ensure the good performance of a website. Unfortunately, not many people know about it. Usually, it’s set up for web applications and e-commerce stores, but it can help a blog, too, if it’s getting millions of traffic.

Load balancing hosting ensures incoming website traffic is efficiently distributed across multiple servers rather than relying solely on one. This helps ease the strain on each server, reducing the chances of your site crashing.

For your help, I’ll review the seven best WordPress load balanced web hosting providers in this article. So you can make an informed decision about your website and provide a good user experience to your audience.

Why Do You Need A Load Balancer Hosting?

You need load-balancing hosting if your e-commerce store, blog, or web application has a substantial audience. This is because the more traffic your site will have, the more load will be on the server, sometimes resulting in downtime.

However, load-balanced hosting spreads traffic across multiple servers, ensuring optimal performance. No single server bears the full traffic, as load-balancing setups can adjust the number of servers as needed.

The main issue is that the load-balancing setup is costly. It’s usually set up in an organization with its own server, hardware load balancer, or software. The hardware costs more than the software load balancer, but both are expensive.

Thankfully, hosting providers like Cloudways and Convesio now offer load-balancing services and hosting together, reducing costs. They set up a load-balancing system for their servers and provide hosting services on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.

Top 7 Load Balancer Hosting Providers For Heavy Traffic Sites

Here are the top load balance web hosting providers. Remember that the top five hosting providers don’t charge extra fees for load balancers. It’s free of cost if you opt for their hosting services.

1. Cloudways


Cloudways is one of the most renowned hosting companies. I’ve personally used their hosting service, and the performance is great. You can rely on their servers, security backup, and 24/7 customer service.

They’ve recently launched Cloudways Autonomous hosting, which auto scales according to traffic demand. If the traffic is high, it will automatically upgrade the plan and return to the previous package once it is down.

Best Features

  • Your applications will be accessible regardless of the demand.
  • The checkout and cart pages will load super fast
  • Includes CDN and object cache pro
  • Automated backups for peace of mind
  • Secure hosting (easily blocks malicious traffic)
  • 24/7 customer support in case of issues
  • Offer free site migration

2. Convesio


The second hosting service I like is Convesio WordPress. It also offers a load-balancing feature, but it’s quite expensive. However, considering the service and the excellent performance, it’s worth your money.

This load balanced web hosting has many features that others don’t, such as Redis, patchman malware scanning, Object Cache Pro, Cloudflare Enterprise, etc. You’ll also be able to use free load-testing tools, which makes it an all-in-one package.

Best Features

  • It comes with additional add-ons and saves you money
  • Includes object cache pro, CDN, and built-in caching
  • Free SSL certificate and malware cleanup
  • High-security and 24/7 customer support
  • Support free migration of the website
  • Hosting comes with an auto-scaling feature

3. SiteGround


SiteGround is another famous name in the hosting world. Its Scalable Cloud Hosting solution is the perfect option for a website that has a big audience. The plans are affordable compared to Convesio, and you may even set up a custom plan according to your needs.

If you are looking for dedicated server hosting with load balancing, go with SiteGround. It offers SSL, CDN, and collaboration tools that allow you to add developers and use white-label features, which will protect your hosting info.

Best Features

  • Offers complimentary SSL certificate and CDN
  • Responsive customer support, available 24/7
  • Reliable uptime, up to 99.9% for a big website
  • Plans are priced more affordably than competitors
  • It lets you create custom plans as per your needs

4. Nexcess


If you want hosting that promises fast performance and high security, Nexcess is for you. They’ve launched an enterprise cloud hosting solution for large businesses, which promises 100% network uptime.

With this hosting package, paying a monthly or yearly subscription will cover your load balancing and server scalability needs. For precise pricing details, request a quote by providing your information, and the team will promptly contact you.

Best Features

  • Easy-to-use, beginner-friendly dashboard
  • Good customer service 24/7 for 365 days
  • Provides 100% guaranteed uptime
  • Fast performance and can take traffic load
  • Nexcess plans include free SSL and backups

5. Pagely


Pagely, as a hosting provider, is trusted by many famous names like Disney, NYU, and Warner Bros. It offers high-availability WordPress plans that include load-balancing and auto-scaling of the server as per the traffic requirements.

I agree that the hosting plans are way too expensive, but they’re worth it and affordable compared to the cost of a separate setup. It offers malware scanning, daily backups, Redis object cache, global caching, and premium support.

Best Features

  • Guarantee 99.99% uptime for the best services
  • Maximum firewall protection for safety
  • Global caching for faster loading times
  • Malware scanning and daily backups
  • Premium support for immediate assistance

6. OVHcloud


The OVHcloud package differs slightly from the plans I’ve discussed above. OVHcloud load balancer service is separate from the hosting plans. The plan starts at $22.99 per month, and the price jumps to $223.99 per month in the second plan.

However, considering the features and services, I don’t think you would say no. With OVHcloud load-balancing plans, choose the data center’s location, ten free SSLs for the basic plan, 100 in the second, and the dedicated plan includes 10,000.

Best Features

  • Simple control panel for easy management
  • Free SSL encryption ensures secure connections
  • Global load balancing for optimal performance
  • Monitoring tools for system optimization
  • Anti-DDoS infrastructure for enhanced security
  • IPv6 support for future-proofing your service

7. Hostwinds


If you want a budget-friendly load-balancer service, Hostwinds is the best choice. Starting with just $10 monthly, with the promise of offering server availability all the time. It allows you to add or remove the server from the configuration simultaneously.

Most importantly, it’s not difficult to use. The user interface is simple; Launching a load balancer quickly is easy. It supports HTTP/2 and offers different types of hosting that you can select for your website as per your budget.

Best Features

  • Pretty simple user interface for quick setup
  • Affordable pricing starts at $10 monthly
  • Continuous server availability ensures uptime
  • Easy configuration with add/remove server options
  • Offers several hosting plans as per your needs

What Load-Balancing Hosting Providers Do I Recommend?

It’s up to you which load-balancing hosting you want to use, but if you asked for my recommendation, it would be Cloudways and Convesio. Both are my favorite load-balancing hosting providers that offer 99% uptime.

Yes, the Convesio hosting, which also includes load balancing, is expensive, but it’s the best solution for big blogs and web applications. They offer everything you might need, hosting services like Cloudflare Enterprise, Object Cache Pro, etc.

Cloudways is also a good and affordable option. This is because the starter plans for autonomous autoscaling hosting begin at just $35 monthly, which I think is perfect for a new service blog or web application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of load balanced hosting?

The biggest benefit of load balancer hosting is that it improves your website performance, allows users to get the data faster, and allows the server no downtime. The load balancer will distribute traffic across different servers so that all requests won’t load one server.

Why do I need hosting with load balancing?

You need hosting with load balancing to provide millions of audiences with a good user experience and excellent service. Without a load balancer, the server won’t be able to process all requests simultaneously, resulting in downtime and a bad user experience.

How does load balancer hosting work?

Load balanced hosting means a system of load balancers that evenly distribute incoming traffic across multiple servers. As a result, each server shares the workload, preventing any single server from becoming overwhelmed.

Wrapping Up The Best Load Balancer Hosting Services

The seven best WordPress load balancer hosting providers for high traffic are Cloudways, Convesio, Siteground, Nexcess, Pagely, OVHcloud, and Hostwinds. The first five hosting providers offer free load balancing services along with hosting packages.

On the other hand, OVHcloud and Hostwinds offer separate load-balancing services. The OVHcloud is an expensive option besides the starter plan, but Hostwinds is affordable, starting at only about $10 per month.

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