DiviFlash Review – The Best Divi Plugin For Website Building


If you’re a die-hard fan of Divi Builder, you need the DiviFlash plugin. It’s the best plugin for Divi website designing I’ve used till now due to its features, performance, and no negative effects that can make the site slower. 

This amazing Divi resource has solved my problems with the Divi Supreme plugin. Yes, its module packs combine Woocommerce, Mega Menu, and Popup. You can add carousels, image galleries, mega menus, popups, sliders, product grids, CPTs, Timelines, or anything else.

The best part is the installation is straightforward. Below, I’ll discuss the best features of the DiviFlash plugin and the pros and cons. You’ll also get the answer about whether it’s a free plugin or a paid one. And if it’s the paid one, is it worth the price? So, let’s find out the truth! 

DiviFlash – A Quick Overview 

DiviFlash is a powerful third-party plugin designed for website building, offering an extensive all-in-one solution for website building. Although Divi Builders did not officially develop it, it seamlessly integrates with the Divi resources. 

It has over 30,000 installations and an impressive average rating of 5 stars. This speaks to its reliability and user satisfaction within the Divi community. What I like about the plugin is the extensive set of features. 

DiviFlash offers 50+ modules that enable users to customize their websites with ease. In addition to modules, DiviFlash offers 500 layouts, providing a diverse range of options to suit various design needs.

The plugin also comes with 30 full website layout packs. These pre-designed packs simplify the website creation process, making it accessible for users of all levels of expertise. All-in-all, it’s a great plugin! 

DiviFlash Pros 

  • 50+ modules for creative freedom
  • 5+ Feature rich extensions
  • 500+ Section layouts for versatility
  • Super easy to use 
  • Support WooCommerce store 
  • Google customer support 

DiviFlash Cons 

  • No free version of the plugin 

Best Features of DiviFlash Plugin 

In the DiviFlash review, let me consolidate its excellent features to get an interactive site design for high user engagement. Read them until the end to find out how worthy this plugin is. This will help you decide whether you should spend money on it. 

Easy Installation & Use 

The feature I like most about DiviFlash is it’s super easy to install. 

  • Just go to the official DiviFlash website and purchase the plan. 
  • Download the plugin in the zip file. 
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard and upload the plugin. 
  • Activate the plugin and add the license key; that’s it. 

After activating the plugin, you can use it to design a website. Using it is so easy that you don’t need to watch many tutorials. Enable the visual builder to access DiviFlash modules and layouts easily. 

50+ Modules For Website Design


DiviFlash features 50+ modules for website design. Some are general, like button, image masking, and business hours, while others are for animation, gallery, carousel, dynamic, WooCommerce, and 3rd party modules.

Here’s the list of 20 important modules. 

  1. Animated Heading – lets you use 9 unique animations for titles.
  2. Advanced Blurb – Creates promotional material professionally.
  3. Advanced Tabs – Displays customized content
  4. Table – Showcases your data crisply.
  5. Advanced Person – Presents your team member profiles creatively.
  6. Content Toggle – Shows content in a compact manner
  7. Advanced List – Designs an interactive list with Icons, images, etc.
  8. FAQ – Easily create and customize FAQs
  9. Image Hotspot – Lets you make self-explanatory images
  10. Lottie – Includes animated Lottie icon
  11. Timeline – Displays content in a timeline layout
  12. Advanced Gallery – Illustrate your photos with filtering options.
  13. Advanced Carousel – Creates engaging content with slider and overflow.
  14. Post Grid – Attractively displays your blog posts.
  15. Filterable CPT – Lets visitors view and filter custom post types.
  16. Breadcrumbs – Add breadcrumbs for easy navigation on your Divi site.
  17. Advanced Menu – Builds Mega menu with limitless customizations.
  18. Product Grid – Create shop layouts with WooCommerce elements
  19. Product Carousel – Showcases WooCommerce products attractively.
  20. Gravity Form Styler – Permits you to improve gravity forms with advanced styling.

Templates Layouts 

When writing the DiviFlash review, it incorporates 30+ free template layouts. The layouts of pages are in different categories, like agency page layouts, logistic page layouts, podcast pack layouts, SEO agency pack layouts, etc. 


Besides the templates, DiviFlash also offers around 500 Divi Modules layouts. All of this makes the process of website creation easy for beginners. You can check the demo of the templates and module layouts on the official website. 

Divi Extensions & Popup


DiviFlash comes with useful extensions. For example, SVG and JSON file upload, library shortcode, ACF support, menu bottom line, hide menu bottom border, and most importantly, the menu item space between (px).

I also like its popup builder. With DiviFlash, you can create responsive popups using any of the modules. Besides, it also allows you to select when or whom to show the pop-ups based on conditions like device name, specific pages, etc. 

Excellent Customer Support 

Last but not least, DiviFlash customer service is excellent. You’ll get premium support, regular updates, and a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the service or features of the plugin, they’ll refund you the amount, but you’ve to contact them within 14 days of purchase. 

Divi Supreme Vs. DiviFlash – Is DiviFlash Worth Your Money? 

Yes, DiviFlash is worth the money. It’s a bit expensive, considering the other Divi plugins like Divi Supreme, but it’s a better option, too. I had the Divi Supreme premium plugin before DiviFlash. 

No doubt, Divi Supreme was a good Divi website builder plugin. It has many features like about 39 modules, extra options for custom header templates, etc. Don’t forget that Divi Supreme is cheaper as well. 


The price plan for the Divi Supreme unlimited website will cost you around $79 yearly only, and the lifetime package is $219. At the same time, the DiviFlash unlimited website plan is $89 per year, and the lifetime will cost you $299. Still, I chose DiviFlash! 

It’s because I don’t only design personal or professional blogs but also WooCommerce stores. That’s the point that Divi Supreme lacks; it doesn’t have sufficient features to design WooCommerce store website pages. 

Wrapping Up

To sum up, I like the performance of the DiviFlash plugin. It’s an all-in-one plugin; you can design a WooCommerce store or a simple blog. You’ll get access to a decent library of website template layouts and module layouts. 

The only issue is the price, which is a bit high. But you also have an option for the “Lifetime Agency Pack” that costs $299. This package allows you to design unlimited websites with premium DiviFlash layouts and modules. 

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  1. Impressive review! The detailed breakdown of DiviFlash’s features, easy installation process, and comparison with Divi Supreme provide valuable insights. The emphasis on its versatility for designing WooCommerce stores adds a practical touch. The pricing analysis and personal preference make the recommendation authentic. A well-rounded review for anyone considering Divi plugins.

  2. I found this review of DiviFlash incredibly insightful. As someone who’s always looking to enhance my website’s functionality, your detailed breakdown of DiviFlash’s features and usability was really helpful. The drag-and-drop feature and the array of modules you mentioned seem particularly useful for creative website design.


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