How To Design a Simple Landing Page For EBook Download?

So, you are looking for a simple way to design an eBook landing page that could generate more leads for your blog or business, right? You have reached the right place to make a pleasing special page for your eBook download.

No doubt, the eBook can attract your target audience and establish your authority. You might have invested some quality time and money to make a successful eBook with valuable content.

Therefore, you should build a useful landing page for your eBook download. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain.

Yes! If your design is disorganized, then how could you make your visitors act on your CTA? It would be challenging as they may get irritated by the amateurish look with unessential elements and skip your landing page permanently.

The potential leads will not be getting converted, and it would be a frustrating moment for dedicated professionals.

So, how an eBook landing page should be?

Let’s discuss this in detail!

What Should Be On The eBook Landing Page?

A useful landing page for an eBook should contain the following things so that you can drive prospects to download your eBook!


1. Write A Compelling Heading

A killer heading can impulse your visitors to look at the further details you have mentioned and encourage them to take action. So, make an eye-catching headline for a great start.

2. A Quick Summary Of The eBook

After creating a dazzling headline, you may craft a quick summary of your eBook through the bullet points to support your headline.

3. Eye-Catching eBook Cover Image

A visual display is remarkable and influential than text. Try to get a stunning eBook cover image with more relevancy. You may add some animation effect to make your eBook memorable.

4. Clear And Visible CTA button

Even though the CTA button is a simple one, you have to make it clear and bright as it is primary attention grabber of the landing page of your eBook download.

5. Subscription Form

The intention of writing the eBook is to sell it or collect the email address of your target audience. A simple subscription form will help you gather the leads. The less you ask for, the more likely they will respond to your lead form.

6. Add White Space

Including the white space would help you get improved presentation and makes the offer noticeable

7. FAQ Section

Frequently Asked Questions can crack the doubts and hesitation of your readers and let them act immediately.

8. Social Media Icons To Boost Your Brand Awareness

Social proof is mandatory to convince readers. When you add your social profiles, it would give you credibility and gently push them to reach for your CTA.

Don’t Miss SEO!

Once you have added the essential elements, make sure that you to optimize the landing page for SEO.

SEO? Yes, it’s better to optimize the content for search engines so that you can easily reach the targeted audience.

Ensure that the exclusive template is loading fast and 100% responsive. Choose a focus keyword relevant to your eBook topic and optimize your content with it.

Designing An eBook Landing Page Using Elementor Pro – Video Tutorial

To design an impressive eBook landing page, we have used the best page builder for WordPress, Elementor pro.

We have captured a video to show the settings of the Elementor Pro and how you can create a modest landing template for the visitors to download your eBook!

Step-By-Step Guidelines With Screenshots

If you don’t want to watch the video tutorial, you may follow the step-by-step guidelines to create the eBook landing page like this,


Step 1 : First, Go to WordPress Dashboard > Elementor Templates > Add New


Step 2 : You will get a popup to create a new template. Select the type of the template and name it; Click “Create Template.

Step 3 : Now, you need to go to the basic settings to pick the page layout. You can see the below image, where you need to click and proceed further.


Step 4 : You can choose three different layouts – Default, Full Width and Elementor Canvas.

If you select the full-width layout, you will be getting your site header and footer section in your landing page and in the Elementor Canvas layout, you will not be getting any header and footer section. It will contain only the Elementor design section to build the template from scratch.


Step 5 : Now, I’m going to design an eBook landing page with five different sections by choosing the “Elementor Canvas” layout.

  1. Heading
  2. Text & Image
  3. Email Optin form
  4. FAQ
  5. Footer

Let’s start creating the first section – Heading for the exclusive page for ebook download. For that, Click the “+” button in the design section and choose the structure (no. of columns).

Here, I’m choosing 1 column to add the Title of the eBook


Step 6 : To write the Title, you have to drag & Drop the text element from the left side settings. Have a look at the below image, and you can easily understand the designing process.


Step 7 : After you drag and drop any element from the left side settings to the right side, you will get the detailed setting options to customize that particular section.

In the below screenshot, you can see three settings tab – Content, Style and Advanced.


You have to use the “Style” setting preferences to make the design as per your wish. The setting options are detailed, and you can play well with the colour, font, typography, line height, letter spacing, alignment and much more design choices.

After completing customizing the needful settings, click Publish button at the bottom of the settings.

Step 8 : Now, I have finished making the title of the eBook landing page. To make the look of the design appealing, you may add a space between two sections. And yes, you can find the “space” element on the left side settings, and just you need to drag and drop below the Heading section.

Moving to the next section – Text and Image, I’m using two-column structure to add the text to the one side and image on the other side.

For that, as I have done before, you have to drag and drop the Title Element and start making the customizations. You may set the Title as Heading tag H2 or H3 and change the background colour.

To add the text, go the element section and drag & drop the “Text Editor” and place it below the title of the 2nd section. You may add a summary or benefit of purchasing the eBook to convince the readers to download.

Likewise, you can add the image on the right side of the 2nd section. Just drag & drop the “Image” element and add an eye-catching picture from the WordPress media library and choose the suitable size that matches with the left side text.

After done with the settings, click “Update” to save your design work.

Step 9 : As a 3rd section of the landing template, I’m going to add an “Email Optin” to capture the email address of your audience. A 2-column structure is a right fit for this section to add the text on one side and optin form on the other side.

Drag and drop the essential elements and do the customization like the way I have done for the previous sections. In the form settings, you will be getting an option to integrate your email marketing service through the API key. Don’t forget to click “Update” after you have finished playing with the setting options.

Step 10 : You may follow the same procedure to design the FAQ and the Footer section of the eBook landing page. The FAQ section needs the Title and Text Editor elements, and the Footer section requires Social Icons and Text Editor. You will get all the required elements and setting choices on the left side Elementor settings.

Click the “Update” button and save your settings. And now, the landing page for your eBook is ready!

Wrapping Up

How do I make a landing page to sell my eBook? I made an eBook, how do I sell it? These are the questions that I most often get asked by the bloggers and the small business owners!

The purpose of creating an eBook landing page is to convert the leads and grow your email list. Therefore, it should be built in an organized way so that it will drive the conversions.

Adding too much information can distract and upset the readers and therefore, I would suggest you keep the landing template precise and guide them to move down the funnel.

Also, I’m recommending the top page builder plugin, Elementor pro to get the job done easily in minutes as it offers better features than its competitor.

We are pretty much happy about the video tutorial that we made to design the eBook landing page with the background vocals and hope it is understandable and not bad 🙂

If you still feel awkward to create a beautiful eBook download page, you may leave your doubts and struggles in the comment section; we will help you make a good one of your choice.

by Sakthi
Sakthi is a thoughtful guy who specializes in WordPress Setup & Design. He is interested in designing the functional & attractive WordPress themes for the Digital marketers & Bloggers and helping them attain their goals with a tailored site. Being an Elite author of, he is interested in sharing his knowledge through the helpful tutorials.

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