How To Make A Custom Popup For WordPress Easily?


I assume that you are looking for the best and simple way to create the popup opt-in form in WordPress.

Well, you have arrived at the right place to learn the process of making the custom popups for your WordPress business site through our video tutorial.

To get this job done, I’m going to suggest and use the best popup plugin for WordPress, the Elementor Pro and I’ll tell you the valid reasons for using the premium page builder plugin.

Before getting into the popup form making tutorial, let me tell you some essential matters so that it would help you get some clarity about the topic.

Benefits Of Adding Popup In Business Site

You might ask what are the real benefits of adding a popup to my business site and here are my answers that I experience in my 10 years of online career!

#1 Increase Your Sales/Subscribers

If the readers are not satisfied with the content or information that they look for, then they would feel disappointed and want to skip your site. The timed popup with a specific call-to-action may act as a mood changer and let them react to your CTA. Hence the pleasurable popup is considered as the user engagement tool that could increase your sales or subscribers.

#2 Improves Brand visibility

Branding is essential for the business website. When you highlight your potentials through the stunning popups and gently grasp their mind, then it is more likely to win their heart. Once you start converting the first readers into loyal visitors, then no one could depreciate your brand awareness which is indeed needed for the business success.

#3 Grab Your Readers’ attention

When the readers enter your website, they are seeing a lot of things like the content you have written, sidebar, menu, header and footer elements. Popups are effective in grabbing the readers’ attention when compared to the static banners.

If you have some special offers or discount, then it is a great tool to get an instant response from them. Based on their behaviour, try to show more deals and envoke their curiosity to check those offers. You may add some interesting information and ask them to have a look at your viral blog post.

Why Elementor Popup Builder?

Now, here comes a million-dollar question – There are varieties of popup builder plugins available and why should I get “Elementor Pro”. Just check its features, you would like to grab it immediately without any hesitation.

The Elementor Pro offers the best popup builder for WordPress. Building any type of Popup like Fly-In, Full Screen, Hello Bar, Bottom Bar, Slide In, Classic and much more varieties is possible with this premium popup maker plugin.

You can make the different popup forms like an Email subscription, Promotion & Sale banner, Announcement, Lead Capture and Content Lock & Upgrades using this premium tool.

As it is a design-oriented Popup builder, no coding knowledge or setup is required to get the job done. Just have a glance at the best features of Elementor Popup builder, you will get excited to buy it now!

  • 100+ stylish pre-built templates
  • Add Widgets, Templates, Woocommerce products, and dynamic content
  • Smooth entrance and exit animations
  • Excellent condition determining where to display the popups
  • Trigger setting actions to set off them
  • Advanced rules to meet certain requirements
  • Favourite marketing tool integration

Out of all, it let us create the custom popups that are always on-brand!

How To Create A Popup In Elementor? (Video Tutorial)

I have created the Elementor Popup tutorial by showing its in-depth setting preferences. So, you can learn things from scratch and make a stunning popup for your WordPress business website.

I hope that I have explained the settings in a clear manner. If you have any doubt, please leave it in the comment section, I’ll explain.

Step-By-Step Guidelines to Make Custom Popup Using Elementor

If you don’t want to watch our popup video tutorial, then follow the step-by-step guidelines to easily create a popup using Elementor Pro for your WordPress site.

Step 1: After installing and activating the Elementor Pro page builder plugin with the license code, visit your WordPress Dashboard > Elementor > Templates > Popups


Step 2: A new window will open up, there you have to choose “Popup” and give a name for the optin and click “Create Template”


Step 3: The Elementor Pro will display the pre-built popups and you have to close them as we are creating the custom popup optin form.

Step 4: Now you will get the default setting in your right side; Click “+” button (As shown in the below image)


Step 5: I’m choosing the single-column structure for the title and you may change the background colour through the “Style” settings options on the left side.

Note: The detailed settings are shown in the video tutorial.


Step 6: Pick the “Heading Element” (Here I’m taking Animated Headline to grab the readers’ attention) and drag & drop to the right side design section. Enter the Title text and do other customizations as per your preferences.

To add the 2nd section of the Popup form, Click the “+” button, move it below the 1st section. Now, I’m choosing the two-column structure for text and image. Adding text in the bullet point format is a good idea for high readability and hence, drag & drop the “Icons List” element to the right section. You can add the text with an icon for the list text and image for the other section.

Likewise, click the “+” section to include the next section and bring down below the 2nd section. I’m picking the single-column structure to add the “Email Form” to the Popup. Drag & drop the “Form” element and do the essential task like integrating your Email marketing software to the optin form.


Step 7: After finish designing the Popup form, Click the “Publish” button. Now, you will get the below publish settings options to decide when do you want to display the popup for your readers.

Conditions – Entire Site, Archives or Singular (Choose anyone) and hit “Next” button


Triggers – It has 6 different comprehensive options to fix the popup appearance for your readers.


Advanced Rules – Giving you more control to play with the settings is the exceptional thing of Elementor Pro. Look at the 7 different advanced rules of Elementor popup; you will like them for sure. Fix everything as per your requirements and click “Save & Close


And this is the custom optin form that I have created using Elementor pro, you can make better than this form based on your business brand.


FAQs About Elementor Popup Builder

1. Is it possible to display the popups on the pages that are not built using the Elementor?

Ans: Yes! you can show the popup on any page of your site. Just make sure that you have a license installed and activated.

2. Is the popup builder available in the free version of the Elementor?

Ans: No! It is a premium feature and hence you have to purchase a plan and get access to build the popups of your choice.

3. Can you display 2 or more popups on the same page?

Ans: Yes, you can do it! However, I would suggest you show one optin form with a specif CTA so that you would get a good response.

4. Is the Elementor Popup builder easy to use?

Ans: Yes, it is simple to use; no coding knowledge required. You can make amazing WordPress popups without any restrictions.

5. Does popup slow down my website?

Ans: Yes definitely! Its depend upon the time option you select. If you choose the popup to open immediately, then it would slow down your website. So, it’s better to set the popup display after 5 – 10 secs. If you want to include an image in the opt-in, then make sure that you are using a smaller size.

6. Can I disable the popup in Mobile via Elementor?

Ans: Yes, you have the option to disable the popup in mobile or tablet.

7. Is it possible to show different popup optin form for mobile, tablet and page in Elementor?

Ans: Yes, you may do the same in Elementor!

Wrapping Up the Popup Creation For WordPress

The Popup opt-in form is a better way to maximize the conversions and the Elementor Pro can help you get the attractive one!

I should admit that the pre-designed popup templates are available, however, if you want to be unique to stand out from the crowd to tweak your brand awareness and make a custom form from scratch, then Elementor pro plugin is the ideal option to go.

It let us create amazing popup forms of all types with great flexibility and full control. The targeting can be page-based, time-based, device-based, visitor-based or behaviour-based and hence you can improve the user interaction.

I hope that you have learned how to use Elementor popup feature through this tutorial. Just make the beautiful pixel-perfect popups with cross-design consistency!

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