Why & When Should You Buy Premium Products For WordPress?


Why should I buy premium WordPress tools and when is the right time to buy the paid resources?

It is a frequently asked question by the site owners who have a tight budget!

Do you too have this question in your mind?

If yes, then this blog post explains the benefits of getting advanced WordPress tools and would help you to get the best deals at the right time to save your money!

First of all, I would like to appreciate your keen interest in buying the paid products for your WP site.

It is really good that you don’t prefer the WordPress freebies to carry out your online career.

If you have low funds to spend on your site, then you don’t need to get worried. I’ll tell you some good ideas to keep your hard-earned cash with you!

Before discussing the money saving tips for WordPress, I want to talk about the benefits of getting an improved outfit for your WordPress site.

4 Valid Reasons For Buying WordPress Resources (WordPress Premium Vs. Free)

I DO NOT recommend the users to install or use the free WordPress tools!

Yes, you should go with the Premium hosting server, themes, plugins, keyword research & email marketing tool!

I admit there exist a plethora of free products for WordPress but trust my words; they will not help you in any way and never let you take your site to the next level.

You may read the valid reasons to go with the paid stuff.

1. Establish Your Brand Name

A memorable brand name for your business could be created by using a reliable hosting server as it never let your site down at any cost.

100% site availability is the key to develop brand awareness! Here is the recent server uptime of my blog, WPGlossy (I Use Cloudways Hosting)


If you use the free hosting server, then I’m sure you will face serious downtime issue which is a bad SEO and dislike by your audience as well.

Likewise, the rich features of the premium templates would help you get a unique design for your business site with which you could create significant HYPE and get the sales & leads.

2. Work Like A PRO

Through the improved features of the superior products, you will learn and practice to work as a professional which is indeed needed for your site’s growth.

For example, when you buy the best premium WordPress theme, you will get a lot of customization options to make a unique design like the experts do.

Similarly, the advanced keyword research tool nudges you to learn & perform the competitor analysis and grab the profitable keywords to rank higher in SERPs.

Moreover, they keep on adding future updates to improve their product. Have a look at the recent mail that I have received from Long Tail Pro


In simple words, I would say that every feature of the first-rate products will help you nurture as a specialized person in your niche.

3. Say NO To Security Vulnerabilities

Security is always a concern for the WordPress users!

There is no doubt that the safety of your site will be lost with the complimentary stuff as they might contain the hidden malware that could break your server.

Of course, the infected themes and nulled or cracked tools will ruin your data files. Finally, you will be beaten by the hackers and lose your site that has the ability to earn $$$ in the near future.

This is not the case with premium stuff because of 24 X 7 security and backup features availability to keep the scams at bay.


4. Excellent Customer Support

In general, the premium WordPress products have excellent tech support to solve your difficulties and help you get the personalized stuff.

Let’s assume that you’re buying a steadfast web hosting service and when your site will have increased traffic, you can use the scalable feature to expand the limits without the need of switching to higher pricing plans.


This flexible assistance is always missing in the free hosting, and yes, their customer support is not obliged to your support queries.

In the same way, when you unable to customize the paid WordPress theme of your choice, you can get help from the technical support to get the job done as per your requirements. Don’t expect such kind of lending hands from the free WordPress themes.

So, you have come to know the advantages of purchasing the high-class WordPress products and now, let me tell you the best premium resources that I use for my blogs.

</p> <h2>Premium WordPress Tools That I Use</h2> <p>

Cloudways – Leading Managed Cloud Hosting Provider For WordPress (Read My Cloudways Review)

Digital Ocean – Top Cloud Hosting Provider For WordPress Developers (My Niche Blog)

KnownHost – Fully Managed VPS Hosting (ThemeForest theme demos)

Long Tail Pro – Excellent Long Tail Keyword Research Tool (Read My Long Tail Pro Review)

Ahrefs – Best Tool To Spy The Competitors And Analysis Their Backlinks

Grammarly – Awesome Proof-Reading Tool To Create Error-Free Blog Posts

GetResponse – First-Rate Email Marketing Software To Send The Newsletter

Genesis StudioPress Themes – Secured SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes (Read My StudioPress Themes Review)

MyThemeShop – Fast Loading WordPress Themes With Inbuilt SEO Features (Read My MythemeShop Themes Review)

WPRichsnippet – Best Review Plugin for WordPress With Star Rating To Increase The CTR In Google Results

Now, you might think, how to purchase the paid WordPress Tools at MASSIVE discounts to cut down expenses?

I will walk you through the money saving WordPress tips now!

How To Save Money On WordPress Tools?

I should admit that every site owner would not be getting the opportunity to invest money in the paid resources.

If you are also on a tight budget or want to reduce the outflow for your website, then you have to get the exciting offers available during the year-end seasons and all-time discount coupons.

1. Black Friday & New Year Sale

Black Friday sales and the Cyber Monday deals during the Thanksgiving Day season are the best shopping time for the webmasters like you to save HUGE money.

Almost, the entire internet marketing companies give their best discount during this biggest sale of the year.

This year 2018, Black Friday falls on November 23th and the special discount offers from the internet marketing companies will be getting over on the Cyber Monday 26th.

Some exciting offers will get extend up to the end of November, and few retailers tend to grant Christmas and New Year sale with unbelievable discounts.

Have a look at the amazing Black Friday deals for WordPress users!

</p> <h3>Pro Tip To Save Money Every Year</h3> <p>

During the stimulating Black Friday Season Sale, you have to buy the “Annual Pricing Plan” so that it will expire at the same time next year and hence you will get the discounts on your every renewal.

It is the main benefit of taking the Black Friday offers & Christmas deals. 

Just have it in mind, this year-end discount sale happens only once in a year.

Instead of regretting later, you should go with the end-of-the-year discount and obtain the suitable wares for your website.

2. Get Coupon Codes

If you miss the carnival deals mentioned above, then you may search for the discount coupon codes for the premium WordPress resources that would like to buy.

Most of the WordPress product companies activate the special coupons for the affiliate marketers to boost their sales and hence, you may make use of those exclusive vouchers to reduce your payments.

For Example, the leading cloud hosting provider, Cloudways has activated a special coupon code for my readers like you. So, you may use the Cloudways promo codeWPGLOSSY and get 1-month hosting for FREE

Also, there is a special discount offer for my blog readers created by the fastest hosting company, InMotion

Who doesn’t want to buy the best yet cheap things?

Just prioritize which ones to obtain and check if they are really the best treaty.

Wrapping Up

The success of the website depends on the appropriate tools you are using!

Even though the WordPress is the flexible content publishing software, it would get the security vulnerability when its functionalities get extended.

Specifically, choosing the FREE products will voluntarily invite the intruders and be ready to give your site control to them.

You should keep in mind that the paid tools are the investment for your WordPress site which would help in boosting the traffic and take it to the next level.

Yes! Premium WordPress Sources have been created by the professionals to tweak your online presence. They always come with quality, functionality, and security along with great customer support.

Do you still want to get the freebies to WordPress?

I hope that I have well-explained the valid reasons to buy premium WordPress tools and yes, they would let you rock on the web and skyrocket your site’s performance.

If you’re a prolific webpreneur with a meager budget who can’t afford the Pro products for WordPress, then grabbing the Black Friday sales 2018 and special coupon codes is the wisest choice to lessen your expenditure.

I hope that the savvy WordPress users always go with the premium stuff and save some serious cash for this Holiday season! Do you have anything to say?

by Nirmala
Nirmala is an avid blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She loves to write useful WP tips & tricks on this active blog.

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