How To Edit Content In WordPress Offline? 

WordPress is ideal for a blogging platform as it allows anyone to set up and run a blog within minutes.

To edit and publish your articles, you can just use the WordPress visual editor or scribble your piece on a notepad or other text app and paste it into the editor.

If there is no internet connectivity, then? 

How about using WordPress offline? Surprised?

I was too when I heard about it for the first time.

Well, you can also use an offline app or editor to edit content in WordPress.

Before we get to these apps, let’s find out the benefits of a WordPress offline editor.

Why Do You Need A WordPress Offline Editor?

Editing is the most critical task while running a successful blog. Everything you write and publish must be accurate. Besides the grammatical errors, you must also be on the mark with the accuracy of the data you are posting.

If you’re reporting a live event or running a travel blog, you must scribble all the data at every point, as it is the time when the data is fresh on your mind.

Whether you have an internet connection or not, you need to ensure that the post is ready to publish instantly. Here’s where an offline WordPress editor comes to play.

Benefits Of An Offline WordPress Editor


Earlier, I used to edit directly from the blog’s editor dashboard, but later, when I realized that I was risking the content as the whole idea of writing online relies on a live internet connection. 

Then I began to use offline editors such as Notepad and MS Word applications.

However, I felt that it would be better to utilize a dedicated WordPress editor. I was searching for a useful application and started using a suitable one.

Here are some of the few benefits of using a dedicated WordPress editor to edit content offline!

1. It’s A Desktop Application

Unlike the WordPress default editor, offline editing tools don’t rely on a hosting server. An offline WordPress editor is a desktop application, and editing on it wouldn’t put any extra load on the server.

No need for any unwanted HTTP requests while saving or drafting your articles. Just write the posts, add them to the editor, and upload them whenever you need to blog.

2. Backup Is Always Ready

The best advantage of using an offline WordPress editor is the fact that it’s backed up your articles. As the content is written and saved on your local machine, there’s a backup always ready for all your content.

Due to an unforeseen event, if your blog gets corrupted and you lose all the data, the backup would let you stay relax.

3. Dedicated WordPress Settings

You can always use a Notepad or MS Office Word application to write articles. However, they don’t feature any WordPress specific settings or formats.

With an offline WordPress editor, you get WordPress architecture, and there’s no need to change or format the article repeatedly while it gets uploaded to the blog. You get all the necessary WordPress settings in an offline editor.

4. No Internet Connection Is Required All The Time

There’s no guarantee of internet connectivity for a travel blogger or someone who is always on the go. Offline WordPress editor is a boon in disguise for these bloggers.

They can merely pen down their articles on the editor and hit the upload button when there’s an active internet connection.

5. No Extra Codes Get Generated

When you use the regular offline text editor like Microsoft Word, unessential extra codes will large when you copy and paste the content to the WordPress editor.

It is not the case with the offline blog editor. You can copy the written text without any additional codes. 

4 Best WordPress Offline Editor Tools

I have compiled a list of the best offline blogging tools to ease your WordPress posting load and improve your productivity. Let’s check them out.

1. BlogDesk

BlogDesk is all you need as a WordPress offline editor. This fantastic desktop application comes with many features besides simple editing tools.

You can easily edit your article on BlogDesk editing wizard and let it publish it for you.

Features Of BlogDesk

  • A simple user interface to draft the posts and get published late
  • Update the schedule dates and time for the next release
  • Photos, MP3 or PDF files are automatically uploaded when you hit the upload button.
  • Dictionaries in 14 languages have been integrated to avoid typos or spelling errors.
  • The published posts can be edited or deleted from the server.
  • Distraction-free workspace with the reduced view

2. MarsEdit 

MarsEdit is a perfect desktop blog editor for Mac users. It allows you to Archive, Write, Preview, and Publish the content from your Mac machine.

The latest version of MarsEdit has some improved qualities and needs macOS 10.12 or higher to work. You can download this WordPress offline app for free to test the features and buy the premium version later.

Features of MarsEdit

  • Clean interface with a new set of Toolbar icons
  • Rich text editor with typewriter mode and live image size editing 
  • Preview filters for Markdown and lightning-fast speed
  • Automatic preview template generation
  • Availability of Safari app extension to make the new posts when you read on the web
  • Able to download the history of published posts and pages
  • Settings for the featured image, post format, and editing of the authors are available

3. BlogJet

You are getting the ability to write the posts offline with the help of the dynamic blog editor and manager of BlogJet 3. It is a standard editing platform with good speed.

You can draft your blog posts without opening the browser when you are on the road. This WordPress offline editor is also available in free and paid versions.

Features of BlogJet

  • Excellent post management and super fast access
  • Insert images to resize or create thumbnails
  • Live word counter and blog posts stats 
  • Allows to create and edit the pages
  • Modern interface with spell checker and right typography
  • Group posting on different blogs in any languages
  • The ribbon interface, Flickr upload, Post statuses, Auto drafts and much more fresh features

Here comes the last offline WordPress application, Blogo, for Mac and iOS users. It is available for free and earned good star ratings till now (3.1 – 37 ratings)

This powerful blog editor can offer a pleasurable blogging experience for the users, and hence it has been featured on big tech websites like Engadget, Softpedia, and MacWorld. 

Features of Blogo

  • Distraction-free interface with full-screen mode and shortcuts
  • A complete-featured editor that supports luxurious text mode, inline HTML, and elegant formatting
  • Built-in image editor with featured image settings
  • Live preview in offline mode
  • Works well with social media accounts

Over To You!

An offline WordPress editor will ensure that your blogging doesn’t stop, whether you have a steady internet connection or not.

Especially when you need to publish the posts on multiple blogs, then it can be done with a single click by switching one blog to another. 

Writing articles is all about the right mood, and there’s no set time for that. If you travel a lot or there’s no reliable internet connection at your residence, you may use WordPress offline app on your PC or Mac. 

So, you came to know some of the best offline WordPress applications for non-stop blogging. I want to listen to your thoughts and share them in the comment section. 

by Nirmala
Nirmala Santhakumar is a professional blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She always loves to write useful WP tips, tricks and tutorials on this active blog. Sharing her SEO knowledge is her keen interest.

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  5. I found that Blogo has an enormous glitch in Mavericks that doesn’t allow the app to make itself visible and instead of that it shows a “transparent” window with no content. I was happy with the App Desktop until I found that there is no Offline Mode within the app, which is a huge disgrace for me –I have an old 2009 MBP which goes kinda slower while internet connection is enabled, but I still using it because I’m one of those who thinks that there is nothing more delightful than writing on a Macbook No-butterfly Keyboard.

    I tried installing QTM but It crashes a lot, and MarsEdit, BlogJet and some other similar apps are very expensive, at least for an user like me who’s not constantly posting. I consider it a waste of money. I used to use Windows Live Writer (now Open Live Writer) which is powerfull and free but is not compatible with Mac. Because of my small 40Gb HDD (the original 1Tb Hdd that came with my mbp got a severe damage during a road trip), can’t install Bootcamp because I have a small amount of free space, and my budget right now is quite tight so I can’t afford myself a new drive. Plus, I hate Mac keyboard on Windows.

    So, besides of using LibreOffice or MS Word for offline writing (of course is not the same… but I have no remedy), does some of you know about a free desktop app that can allow me to work like the “WP Desktop App” app in offline mode?

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  7. I’ve been looking for an answer to a question and maybe you can help. I’ve been using BlogTouch Pro for WordPress app for a couple of years and it was working for me. Lately it’s been acting up and when I went in to see if there was an update, I can’t even find the app. Has it been discontinued? I can’t even find any recent posts about it on line. When I started using it, it was highly ranked. Do you know what happened, and what would you recommend as an alternative. I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

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