How To Create Attractive Coming Soon Or Maintenance Mode For WordPress?

Are you building a new WordPress website or reconstructing the existing one? What would have happened if the visitors see the broken site on which you are doing the changes and making it better?

Instead of creating such a frustrating moment for your audience, why don’t you display a pleasing coming soon & maintenance mode page to notify the visitors that your site is under construction and will go live soon?

So, how to activate the coming soon or maintenance mode for WordPress?

Well, a plethora of plugins available but I always prefer the tools created by the WebFactory ltd. They are highly professional in making the WordPress plugins and provides custom solutions for the users.

Security Ninja, Google Maps Widget, Under Construction Page – their plugin list is continuing for the coming soon and maintenance mode page as well.

Yes, they have developed “Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode” plugin with fantastic flexible features with which you can create the specific landing page to convey to your audience that you are working on your site.

In this blog post, let have complete detail of this Coming Soon WordPress plugin, so that you would like to install it and communicate with your readers in a pleasant way when you have to modify the design or work on the content part or do the technical maintenance of your WordPress site.

Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin – Introduction


The Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin lets you set up the individual page for your WordPress website when you are operating the backend tasks. It is a clean and straightforward extension that offers several preferences to set up everything as you need.

As this Coming soon WP plugin has often been updated with the fresh features and bugs fixed, it has crossed 60,000 active installations till now.

More than hundreds of users left their 5-star reviews for its exceptional quality & flexibility, and yes, you could not find any unessential settings over here.

If you go for the free version, you can get help from the Forum, and the detailed document & premium support are available for the paid users.

Let’s move to its excellent features! 

Features Of Free Version

The free version of the plugin has limited features, but they are worth using!

  • Basic SEO settings to add Title, Meta description, and GA tracking ID.
  • 2 Themes (Default and Minimal) and 400,000+ high-quality free images.
  • Design settings to add logo, Favicon, and content with preferred font & size.
  • In-depth customization options for subscription forms.
  • Place to add custom HTML & CSS.

So, with the free plugin version, you can add Logo, Header, Content, Subscription Form, and Custom HTML like as shown below.


If you require more features and to attractively design the coming soon page, then you should buy the premium version of the plugin.

Exciting Qualities Of The Pro Version

Let’s have a look at the paid assets of the Coming Soon WP extension!

1. Stunning Themes

You will get more than 60 professional themes that are easily customizable and fit to your business brand. You can test these ready-to-use themes and pick the suitable one for your website.

2. Striking Design Elements

Apart from adding the logo and Favicon, you can add the Background image filter in the Pro version. Moreover, you can make the content animated to grab the eyeballs of your visitors.

3. IP Whitelisting

If you have regular visitors and want to hide the “Coming Soon” page for them, then you can Whitelist their IPs, so that they will see the regular website instead of loading the page that you have created for site maintenance.

4. Email Service Integration

With the free plugin, you can only add the MailChimp service for the email newsletter. However, the paid version allows you to integrate the autoresponders, webinars, and CRMs through 1000+ services.

5. No Cache Headers

If you want to restrict caching the preview of the Coming soon page by Facebook and other major social networks, then you have the option in the form of ON/OFF button. Once switching to the usual site, the social media preview will get refreshed.

6. Stop Search Engines Temporarily

If your is old site and taking it down for a while, then you would need this pro feature to discourage the search engines for crawling the site temporarily and send a 503-service unavailable response which is the recommended method by Google.

7. Add 3 Party Analytics Code

In the free version, you can only add the GA tracking code to know about visitors, but the Pro plugin lets you include the tracking pixel or any other 3rd party analytics code along with the <script> tags.

8. Upload Preview Image For Social Networks

You can add the preview image for the social networks in the paid account. But make sure that you are uploading the picture with the size 1200 x 630px or not less than 600 x 315px which is the suggested Facebook image size.

9. Include Extra Modules 

You can integrate the additional information like the Video, Countdown timer, Progress bar, Social follows, and Maps to the coming soon page. Just you have to drag and drop the desired elements at the appropriate place to win the visitors’ heart and make them land again on your website. 


10. Secret Access

You can get the secret access link and share it with the people or client who want to see the normal site behind the coming soon page. 

What Makes ComingSoonWP Plugin Stand Out From The Crowd?

You might ask why I should opt ComingSoonWP plugin? What’s so unique in it?

Now, let’s compare this WordPress Add-on with its competitors like SeedProd Coming Soon, WP Maintenance Mode, and Maintenance Pro.

The Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pro Plugin is superior to its opponents because it contains the following features which are unseen in them.

  1. Simple Drag & Drop Builder
  2. 26+ Instagram Image Filters
  3. SEO Snippet Preview
  4. Advanced SEO Analysis
  5. Google Maps Module
  6. Webinar & CRM platforms integration
  7. Universal autoresponder support
  8. Disable double opt-in
  9. Lifetime premium support through email
  10. Optimized for agencies and webmasters

Not only these high-class features, but the plugin also has the following advantages which are indeed needed for the webmasters.

Pros Of ComingSoonWP Plugin

  • You can preview the page before activation.
  • It is completely customizable including the background color, logo, etc.
  • You can track the visitors of the page through Google Analytics.
  • It supports more than 800 Google Fonts to fit with any theme page design.
  • It works well with the custom login plugins.
  • You can rearrange the elements through the drag & drop feature.
  • It has been built with the best coding and never slows down your site.
  • You don’t need any coding skill to set-up the page.
  • It offers excellent and quick support to solve your difficulties.

How To Use The Coming Soon WordPress Plugin?

Once you have installed the plugin, you can find it under Settings > Maintenance Mode

Now, you will get the detailed setting options as shown in the below image!


You can go to each setting (Marked Red) and fix everything according to your requirements!

Here is a helpful video that explains the Pro settings of the plugin!

Wrapping Up

When you get the domain & hosting and installed WordPress, it may take time for you to work on the design and content part. On the other hand, you may want to alter the site look or put technical maintenance for your current site.

In such cases, I would suggest you not to present the half-baked website that shows blank screen or error message to your site readers as it would discourage them when they want to get the information they look for. After experiencing the annoying moment, they would not come back to your site at any cost.

To avoid these fruitless happening, it would be better design a beautiful landing page with the “Coming Soon or Under Construction” message for your readers and request them to visit back on a particular date or time. You can quickly do it with the minimal coming soon and maintenance mode WordPress plugin.

Options to add your social handles and email subscription form is a notable feature of this WordPress add-on. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the SEO, speed, and GDPR compliance as it can do a lot for your search engine rankings.

I hope you have identified the features of this WordPress Coming Soon &maintenance mode plugin and inform the readers about the site unavailability in a unique, creative way when you are undertaking the site background tasks. 

Before buying the premium version, you may try the free features of the plugin to test the primary qualities. So, what do you think about this Coming Soon Page creator for WordPress? Do you use or recommend any other better plugin? Share your priceless thoughts in the comment section.

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