How To Protect WordPress Site With Best Security? Meet Defender Pro Plugin


The worst part is installing certain plugins can make no difference to the site. At one point, my search for the best WordPress security plugin ended at Defender Pro. Let’s look at how and why to protect WordPress site with the best security plugin. 

The security of a WordPress site is undeniably the most crucial element that every site owner should pay attention to. While it is an underestimated element, site owners might have to prioritize security mechanisms and spend towards an effective and trustworthy plugin that can tighten security. 

A decade ago when site owners started their WordPress sites, all that they had to worry about where encryption and decryption mechanisms since sites remained vulnerable to third-party attacks. As new technologies evolved, I find the heat to consider other potential sources of attacks and types that can increase vulnerability and repair the site significantly. 

Why WordPress security is important?

Most of you reading this might think that installing a plugin is the easiest way to strengthen the security of your WordPress site. Well, that’s where you increase the vulnerability of your site.

What if you have a well-built site with high-quality articles and great search rankings? You remain the target for hackers and one fine day, your site gets hacked. 

In managing an array of sites, here are my top 4 reasons to insist on the importance of WordPress security. 

  • A site that remains vulnerable to third-party attacks gets blacklisted by Google. This blacklisting can affect your business significantly. 
  • Your reputation is at stake as you lose access to your asset suddenly and had to pay a huge sum to hackers to regain access to the same. Isn’t that an unwanted event?
  • An insecure WordPress site has no backups and also enables unauthenticated users to easily gain access and alter existing information. This gives them the leverage to steal critical and confidential user information. You get legally charged because of this attitude. 
  • Last but not the least, WordPress platform is highly vulnerable to security attacks and it has always been unpredictable. 

I began prioritizing WordPress security when I found that these reasons can damage my assets. Perhaps, to every site owner, the site is the biggest asset. Negligence on one form to the asset can result in major negative consequences that can ruin the asset on the whole. 

So, what is the solution to protect WordPress site with the best security algorithm and plugin? The next section answers this question. 

Defender Security – The Most Reliable WordPress Security Plugin


Unlike several other plugins that limit their jobs to backup or regular update of plugins or avoidance of spammy users, Defender Security remains as a complete plugin that offers a multitude of features to block the hackers at the entry level.

The free features include restore and repair, two-factor authentication, plugins, and themes scanning, audit logging, login protection, regular security scans, blocklist monitoring, suspicious code scanning, and vulnerability report. 

Besides, you can disable the file editor, trackbacks, and pingbacks to tighten the site security. It also prevents PHP execution and information disclosure. Out of all, I admire the following free features of Defender Security

  • Limit login attempts with permanant IP ban.
  • Password reset reminder at times.
  • Security Headers to stop code injection and cross site scripting.
  • Stops the scan when bots keep visiting your 404 pages.
  • Advanced firewall to block & unblock certain locations.

Defender Pro – Premium Version Of Defender Security

Defender Pro has an intuitive dashboard with adequate options for malware scans, firewall, 2FA, tools, settings, recommendations, WA, and tutorials. 


If you are a newbie to security plugins, you may have to start with tutorials and then proceed to utilize features. 

As you upgrade to the PRO version of Defender, the dashboard gives a layout of the security status of your WordPress site. Beneath this section, you also get an overview of how your site has performed under each section and you can click on each of them to gain a detailed review.


Every time the site encounters a security issue, the plugin delivers a recommendation based on which you can initiate the solution. Isn’t that easy to follow?

Most importantly, site owners can rebrand the dashboard plugin area with its own name and this white label feature is not found anywhere else.

It’s time to take a closer look at what Defender Pro has to offer to its users. 

Exciting Features Of Defender Pro

1. Detailed, actionable recommendations

Gone were the days when security plugins simply asked you to update your password to enhance security. 

Defender Pro goes several steps ahead to give detailed, actionable recommendations that are specific to the site and address existing and potential future vulnerabilities. 


What stood unique in these recommendations is that you can further adjust the action taken. If you have mistakenly enabled “update old security keys”, you still have the option to disable or set the reminder frequency. This keeps the site updated in terms of security. 

2. Accurate malware scans 

Files that look suspicious to Defender Pro are picked up and displayed to you. This is a better way to be prepared for what could happen to your site. 


Defender Pro allows users to perform manual and automated security scans. These scans address file specifications, suspicious codes, and known vulnerabilities. Defender Pro also takes the effort to combine similar elements related to malware under one roof so that it simplifies the job of a security upgrade.

3. Close track of activities

If you have ever wanted to find out what a user has done after logging in to the WordPress site, you may have to install a dedicated plugin or software for the same. Defender Pro provides the option to present an event log in its audit report. 


The advantage of this log is that it tracks all sorts of activities making it easier to find out deviations and inappropriate mechanisms followed by users. For instance, malpractices of a user can be tracked at ease. 

4. High-end, uncompromising firewall system 

The most important aspect of any security plugin is its firewall infrastructure. Defender Pro has innumerable features listed under the firewall that can amuse you. 

The reason Defender Pro is worth every penny is because of its exhaustive features including login protection, 404 detection, user agent ban, IP ban, and logs. If you feel that a specific range of IP addresses is affecting your site or trying to alter your site, you can simply add them to the blocklist. 

The firewall is updated with IPv4 and IPv6 protocols thereby strengthening the potential to provide security to the site.

Firewall issues a report to you every month with logs and blocklist. This will leave you cautious about your site. 


The best part about the site is that it is easy to use and even a novice site owner can simply get state-of-the-art security protocols implemented in one click.

Note You also have the option to activate a new web application firewall (WAF) exclusively for your site to prevent bots and hackers to reach the site.

5. Free tools 

If you are wondering if these features are just sufficient to protect WordPress site, Defender Pro presents to you a list of tools that are unexpected and come at no additional cost.

There are dedicated tools for masking login areas, security headers, pwned passwords, generating Google reCAPTCHA, and password reset. 


What if your default login area is changed to a different location? Perhaps, neither the bot nor the hacker might be able to guess it. This tricky process can be done with just a click.

To ensure that a human has entered the site, there is a Google reCAPTCHA feature activated. Likewise, I personally liked the tool to protect the site from password leak attacks.

How many times have we taken an attempt to avoid password leaks or database breaches? How many times have we asked other users of the site to constantly change their passwords?

Eliminating the manual intervention, Defender Pro does everything and asks for absolutely no engagement from your end. Did you know that Defender Pro also helps restore and clean up a hacked site for free? 


Defender Pro is a highly promising security plugin that is a must for every WordPress site owner. The pricing slab is highly flexible. Users get a 7-day free trial to gain access to the features of the plugin.

However, the downside is that you may have to enter credit card information to activate the trial. Perhaps, you can cancel anytime or take the help of the customer support team to cancel the subscription if it gets activated without your knowledge. 

If you are taking up the yearly plan, you also get 2 months of access to extraordinary features free of cost. 

Number of sitesMonthly planYearly plan
Up to 10$14/month$11.67/month

The pricing is extremely handy considering the vast list of features offered by Defender Pro. Also, you can use other security plugins along with Defender Pro. However, we bet nothing can match this outstanding plugin. 

Wrapping Up

It is high time WordPress site owners like you and me start prioritizing security for sites. With new plugins, themes, and technologies influencing our sites, our site’s data are always prone to different forms of attacks. 

A plugin like Defender Pro relieves us from stress and enhances the overall user experience without having to worry about the background of users. Most importantly, it comes at a nominal price with all the necessary features including authentication, firewall, and tools at a competitive price.

I hope you adore the features and settings option of this fantastic WordPress security plugin, Defender Pro. Install this helpful plugin as part of a WPMU DEV membership, available to WPGlossy readers at a special 20% discount. Grab the offer and start protecting your business site.

by Nirmala
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