21 Best WordPress Video Gallery Plugins


Are you looking for the best video gallery plugin WordPress for your business or entertainment site? If yes, you are in the right place to pick the right one and interactively present the site information.

No doubt, we can quickly deliver your message through the videos, and yes, it is more likely to increase your reach. As your audience will be highly engaging personally, it will help you build a strong relationship with them.

Not only these but adding the video gallery also has other benefits!

Why Video Gallery For WordPress?

  • Increases Subscribers/Conversions
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings
  • Enhances User Experience
  • Gives Authentic Brand Name

Top Free Video Gallery Plugins For WordPress

1. Video Gallery


The Video Gallery is the best and free video gallery plugin that is super compatible will all the latest WordPress. Being highly user-friendly, it gives a premium look to your website. The Video Gallery is ideal for showcasing all types of videos like Vimeo, Youtube, and Wistia. By following a couple of steps, you could create an amazing video gallery on your website.

The clean design of the Video Gallery is super responsive on all screens. The user-friendly editor makes the job super easy and hassles free. The sleek design comes with a 16 free theme version. The entire look is fantastic due to the hover effects.


  • 9 classy gallery layouts
  • Beautiful hover effects with gallery navigation
  • Pagination
  • An Unlimited number of shortcode generators.
  • Supports short code, MP4

2. All-in-One Video Gallery


The All-in-One Video Gallery is a very well-designed plugin, especially for video posting. This plugin lets you add alluring video posts that are searchable and also increases SEO optimization. There is no need to struggle with tough coding to gets started, and you may share single or multiple videos from Youtube and Vimeo on your website.

With this All-in-one video gallery plugin WordPress, just create unlimited catalogs, create posts, and customizes as per your preference. This also gives you the option to mark the videos as features. This video gallery addon is translation-ready and the video can play in the autoplay and loop mode.


  • Video galleries are SEO optimized
  • Can incorporate substiles video
  • Unlimited categories
  • Can embed players include YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Daily motions
  • Free of cost

3. Video Gallery (Smart Grid Gallery)


This video gallery plugin WordPress supports unlimited videos, and the responsive design makes it the best choice to embed the video on the website. This plugin is super compatible with WordPress and can fetch the video from Youtube, Vimeo, and a mix of both.

This Video gallery slider WordPress plugin makes the overall experience seamless, and you can choose from different gallery views, including blog style, thumb ani, lightbox video gallery. Create an easy shortcode for the video gallery, and it can be used on posts, pages, and widgets for quick access.


  • Video gallery popup
  • Supports both YouTube and Vimeo
  • Responsive on all screen size
  • Possible to create shortcodes
  • Commination of color, font, and effects are possible

4. Video Gallery


This free WordPress video gallery plugin encourages the creation of playlists from the channel and user name. You can embed 1 video with each URL. With Video Gallery, and tweak the layouts, create a bigger player and responsive gallery.

Video Gallery is completely compatible with the latest WordPress page builders, layouts, and various styling options. With all the latest video galleries, you will encourage people to stay for more time on your website. Video Gallery is an ideal pick that is super easy to use and is worthy.


  • Supports shortcakes
  • Embed videos from Youtube channels and playlists
  • Mobile responsive plugin
  • Hassle-free to use
  • Multiple layouts

5. Gallery Box


If you are looking for the best free video gallery plugin WordPress, Gallery Box is a credible choice. This plugin allows you to create an alluring image gallery with an image carousel, slider, portfolio, and also with Vimeo video.

The Gallery Box is highly customized, quick to use, supports Youtube, Vimeo, carousel image, Iframe, advice image, etc. The hover effect of Gallery Box is the best part, and all the images will open with a smooth lightbox. Using Gallery Box allows you to get access to 3 different masonry grid styles and creative panels.


  • 3 smart masonry grids
  • Supports YouTube, iFrame, and Videmo.
  • Heavy customization is possible.
  • Can add an image carousel.
  • Alluring hover effects
  • Free plugin

6. YouTube Feed by Tagembed

YouTube feed by Tagembed is an amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to display YouTube videos on websites seamlessly. And as it streams videos from the source, hence does not affect the website speed. Alongside YouTube, it also integrates with 18+ other social media platforms.

It is a coding-free plugin that helps you embed YouTube feeds on WordPress with a few simple steps. Also, it provides various features and affordable pricing plans that make it an ideal YouTube Video WordPress plugin.


  • Customization features
  • Wide range of layouts and themes
  • Responsive widget
  • Moderation feature
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom CTA button

7. YourChannel


YourChannel is the best Youtube plugin WordPress that supports multiple features like caching, autoplay, single video, channel video, and many other costs. The YourChannel can be used to display banner images, username, and also a picture of a profile. This plugin allows you to create layouts and choose font icons.

YourChannel plays the video on Lightbox with 7 video thumb styles. The transition is simple. The YourChannel supports shortcodes for pages, posts, and other fields. This WordPress plugin is RTL supportive and a super-easy visual builder.


  • Easy to use and install.
  • Shortcodes are supportive.
  • lighting fast speed with cache system
  • Translation ready
  • 7 alluring video thumb style

8. Vimeography


The Videography plugin is designed specially to create a video gallery using Vimeo video on the WordPress website. This free WordPress plugin allows you to create an alluring website with videos customized with perfection without any coding.

With Vimeography, it is easy to insert video galleries on a page or a post and even on a template. It gives you the option to customize the themes and change the appearance with the editor. The built-in caching ensures lighting fast page loading speed.


  • Built-in cashing for quick page loading
  • Create an alluring video gallery in no time
  • Supports video from Vimeo and Youtube
  • Tweak and customize the themes
  • Supports all latest version of WordPress

9. YouTube Gallery


The name is enough to give you a clear picture of the plugin. You can embed YouTube videos on your page and post them on a WordPress website. You can create an alluring gallery of Youtube videos, the quality will not get affected, and also tweak the thumbnail dimension. This is an ideal WordPress video gallery plugins with thumbnails.

Using YouTube Gallery is super easy. Once the plugin is installed, the set-up assistance ensures your page is ready to use and embed Youtube videos. This plugin makes the creation of shortcodes for quick access. The design is super simple, easy to use and get started.


  • Option to change thumbnail dimension
  • Easy navigation
  • Simple designing
  • Auto ordering of Youtube video by the posting date
  • Create easy-to-use shortcodes.

10. Video Gallery by Huzzaz


Video Gallery by Huzzaz is a free WordPress plugin to increase video on the website. The Video Gallery by Huzzaz provides a professional-looking video gallery with an incredible visual experience. There is no need to do any hardcore coding to get started, and all this makes it the Best Free WordPress plugin for video galleries.

Video Gallery by Huzzaz plugin turns the simple WordPress website into a gorgeous gallery, and you may embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitch videos, and a lot more. The simple drag and drop feature of Video Gallery by Huzzaz makes the creation fast. It is also the best Facebook video gallery WordPress plugin.


  • Customization of color and design
  • Auto-playing the video
  • Create a beautiful video gallery without touching the code.
  • WordPress YouTube video gallery plugin with pagination
  • Unique pop-out video gallery

11. Video Grid


Planning to create a beautiful and responsive WordPress website with the best video playlist? Check out Video Grid; the video grid is super responsive and gives a classy look to your website. You could manage any number of videos without affecting the website speed.

Video Grid gives you the option to add, edit, and delete the existing video. Before making the final grid visible, preview the video grid and make the needful changes. The Video Grid comes with a free version that supports YouTube and Dailymotion.


  • Supports N number of videos in a grid
  • Suitable to showcase video from Youtube and Dailymotion
  • Option to edit and delete the video
  • Create a catchy grid caption
  • Preview the video before making it on the grid

12. Video carousel slider with lightbox


This Video gallery slider WordPress plugin is highly responsive and supports carousel images in the gallery. The images can be included in the WordPress blogs and sites without affecting the speed. Besides, add, edit, and delete the images and video. The final video title can be set to lightbox.

The free version of the Video gallery slider WordPress plugin supports YouTube and Dailymotion. You can add a huge number of videos to the slider and create a circular slider. You get the option to edit the video and tweak the slider speed.


  • Use the slide image caption to add the link
  • Change the slider speed
  • Create an unlimited video gallery
  • Single click video thumbnail
  • Change the height and width of the video and image gallery

Premium Video Gallery Plugins WordPress

13. WP-Modula


If you are an avid photographer, avid designer, or creative content creator, you need to have an alluring gallery. WP-Modula is one of the best video gallery plugins WordPress. The effortless drag and drop grid system enables you to take quality pictures and set them as a unique layout.

With this amazing video gallery slider WordPress plugin, the best part is to put the best image work in the spotlight. CDN and image optimization ensure the loading speed is super-duper fast. This video plugin enables you to include videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other popular video creation sides. The simple drag and drop builder makes the work hassle-free.

The added features like customization of layout, mobile-friendly galleries, social media quick sharing, filter the galleries, premium extension, and many more. The WP-Modula gives you the option to include vibrant galleries, create an alluring grid in just a few taps.


  • Quick preview of the gallery
  • Integrate and share on social media
  • Customization of layouts
  • Supports photo and video
  • Mobile friendly

14. Envigra Gallery


Envigra Gallery is one of the best and Premium WordPress gallery plugins that supports both alluring photos and video. The beautiful galleries will grab your audience’s quick attention. Envigra Gallery is super easy to use, and even a newbie can get started without any hassle. This simple video gallery plugin WordPress is super responsive.

The wide array of features of Envigra Gallery includes simplicity, user-friendliness, smart pre-build templates, supports for video and images. You can organize your photo albums using Envigra Gallery; the same can be viewed on mobile, tablets, and even laptops. With the pre-built templates, customize the entire appearance of your website.


  • Safeguard your work with a password and watermark.
  • SEO optimized with deep linking
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Alluring slideshow to fit fullscreen
  • Easy drag and drop

15. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin


If you are looking for the most affordable Vimeo video gallery WordPress plugin, Video Gallery WordPress Plugin is ideal. This video WordPress plugin is highly responsible, loaded with powerful features, and super simple to use. You may just get started with WordPress because it is 100% compatible.

With Video Gallery WordPress Plugin, you will get 5 skins to match your site and elevate the look. The best part is, this smart plugin is super compatible with iPhones and iPads. It gives the option to set up a single video, multiple videos, and images.


  • Multiple galleries in one frame
  • Support iOS
  • Access to Auxiliary Shortcodes
  • Connect to Vimeo API
  • Lighting fast speed

16. YouTube Plugin


The YouTube-Plugin supports the brand-new WordPress Gutenberg editor and works as a platform to showcase your high-quality images and video. You can get access to 4 alluring color schemes. The support is available in 16 languages, and customization is at best.

With YouTube-Plugin, create an attractive playlist on your website and include the best creative interface. The best part is the WordPress YouTube video gallery plugin with pagination. You may also link your AdSense and monetize your website. It is the best WordPress YouTube video gallery plugin with pagination.


  • High level of customization
  • Monetization using AdSense
  • Affordable pricing
  • Video Previewing
  • 4 vibrant color schemes

17. Grid FX


Give the best version of your work to your audience with the Grid FX plugin. Showcase high-quality images in a magnificent grid. This Nextgen video gallery plugin WordPress is highly customized and offers you more than 80+ options. The best part is that it lets you showcase the mixed grid with images, videos, and posts. Grid FX is the best all-in-one video gallery plugin for WordPress.

The comprehensive dashboard of Grid FX offers access to themes, vibrant colors, templates, and a lot more. Play video within the grid using Grid FX, social integration allows us to reach out to a huge crowd in just a few clicks.


  • All in one grid
  • 80+ alluring customization choices
  • Unlimited color options
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Easy to edit

18. WordPress Video Gallery


Another premium video gallery plugin is WordPress Video Gallery Explore from 7 good-looking views and showcases your video and images to the audience via the website. This amazing source is a Vimeo video gallery WordPress plugin that adds an unlimited number of videos and shortcodes.

WordPress Video Gallery is fully responsive and supports various screen sizes without affecting the quality. This WordPress responsive video gallery plugin allows more page loading and supports pagination. Include short and crispy titles and descriptions with each video to give an enhanced experience to your users.


  • Customized URL
  • Supports pagination
  • 7 alluring views
  • Fully responsive

19. Instagram Feed


The Instagram Feed is the fanciest choice if you want to showcase your Instagram post and videos to your website visitors. You can build a highly responsive gallery and also get started without any programming. This Best Video gallery WordPress plugin 2021 to build gorgeous galleries.

With Instagram Feed, you get access to 2 popular layouts and control the rows, columns, and customize accordingly. The best part is, each gallery can have an unlimited number of items. The users also get an option to control the content shown on the website using the filters.


  • Impeccable built-in visual builders
  • Responsive designs
  • Choose between 2 alluring layouts
  • Unlimited images to showcase
  • User friendly interface

20. Vimeo Gallery Plugin


The Vimeo Gallery Plugin is another worthy choice if you are looking for a Video gallery slider WordPress plugin. The price of this plugin is affordable, and you can get free updates in the future. This WP video gallery plugin is easy to use and creates alternative playlists in a short period.

Yes, this Video gallery extension also promotes the Vimeo channel; eventually, it will increase your popularity and followers’ count. Create the ideal video widget for your visitors with a flexible interface.


  • Flexible and highly user-friendly.
  • Suitable to showcase Vimeo
  • Quickly add widgets
  • No coding knowledge needed
  • Premium and quality support

21. YouTubeR


YouTubeR is an amazing plugin specially designed to embed youtube videos on your website. It is easy to upload the videos from Youtube to the WordPress website embed and create a playlist. With this easy-to-use and simple video gallery plugin WordPress, you can design alluring video galleries. This extension is completely compatible with WPML, LAYERS, visual composer.

With YouTubeR create 5 gorgeous templates which are also super responsive on all type of screen sizes. This plugin comes with infinite scrolling techniques so that the website visitor can scroll through huge content without reaching the finishing line. The entire experience is seamless. YouTubeR login also supports 3 highly customizable widgets.


  • Well optimized with WordPress caching
  • Create amazing video galleries quickly
  • Infinite scroll option for playlists
  • Super compatible with visual compose
  • Access to online documentation.

Which Is The Best Video Gallery Plugin WordPress?

How do I make a video gallery in WordPress? – It is the commonly asked question because the video gallery has a great potential to take your business site to the next level. However, you need to choose the ideal plugin to get the job done impressively.

Free WordPress video gallery plugins have limited features, and they have been made for beginners. If you are a dedicated business or blogger, I would suggest you go with the premium plugin that offers mobile-friendly features and deep customization options.

From this list of free and paid WordPress video gallery plugins, I would highly recommend Modula since it is a superfast plugin that comes with drag & drop builder, CDN, SEO deep linking, and many more interesting features. Just give it a try and make your site more interactive.

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