14 Best Page Builder Plugins For WordPress To Make Marvellous Sites In 2024

Are you looking to buy the best page builder to make your WordPress site attractive for high user experience and search engine friendly?

You are in the right place to get the right one of your choice!

Without further ado, Let’s begin this piece of content! Today I’m going to serve you the 14 best page builder plugins for WordPress 2024.

Ever since WordPress has been created, the Web design industry has evolved a lot.

Now with the WordPress page builders, the WordPress design industry has taken to the next level.

WordPress users mostly are of the DIY (Do It Yourself) category. Even WordPress developers need tools that make the design process more straightforward and offer beautiful finishes.

For them, the WordPress page builders are a great relief!

If you are in a hurry, look at the best page builders for WordPress to buy without any second thought!

Page Builder Plugins

Primary Benefits

Download Now

Elementor Pro

  • SEO-Friendly

  • More Leads & Conversions

  • Simple, Powerful & Flexible


  • Advanced Visual Builder 

  • 40+ Website Elements

  • Complete Design Control

    Thrive Architect

    • Create High-Converting Pages

    • Advanced Hover Effects

    • Ultra-Flexible Colum Layouts


    • New Design Options

    • Advanced Grid Builder

    • Lifetime Update

    Beaver Builder

    • Gorgeous Page Templates

    • Complete Content Control

    • Developer Friendly

    Now, let me tell you the benefit of using this design controller!

    Advantages Of WordPress Page Builders

    WordPress themes have some design limitations. You need to accept what the theme has as it is. You don’t have enough power on turning the design as you like.

    WordPress Frameworks eliminates the limitations of themes to some extent. They can accept child themes. The immense availability of child themes grants us more design choices.

    However, After you choose one child theme, you have less likelihood of making changes in the design.

    For example, You can’t replace a testimonial section easily with the pricing table.

    One more example; you can’t decrease the email opt-in form quickly to half-space and move it to the right corner so that on the left side it is possible to add some bullet points indicating the benefits of subscribing to your opt-in list.

    That is where the page builders come in handy.

    What To Look For When You Buy The Page Builder?

    How to choose the best page builder for WordPress? – It’s a million-dollar question!

    Before buying any plugin, you should have a look at the following factors so that you will end up grabbing an ideal one of your choice.


    A clean and to-the-point interface is what makes a plugin the best WordPress page builder for developers. Where to go if I want to edit a page? Where to look if I want to edit a particular section on that page?

    You must have answers in the first look of the interface after your installation, that too within 30 seconds. The front end UI is better than backend editing.

    Ease Of Use

    To set a pricing list under a paragraph of text, you should need only two or three steps. Not a dozen steps, tweaks, and endless tests. The page builder must be efficient to deliver the errorless outputs in a few settings. Only then, I would call it the best page builder plugin for WordPress.


    Top page builders for WordPress are more efficient in fulfilling various needs and eliminating the use of a dozen other plugins. I love a WordPress page builder when it can build a popup form for my blog. Thus I am saving money and time required for using a popup list building plugin.


    Page Speed and Mobile responsiveness both are now unavoidable SEO factors. An excellent WordPress page builder for SEO must have in-built fast loading codes and responsiveness across various mobile devices.


    Most of the best page builders come within a similar price set. So which page builder is the best for WordPress depends upon the “value for money”. The one with the most features, set to rank high in the list of top page builders for WordPress.

    User Reviews

    I mean just not the reviews across review websites. I mean the professional people and businesses vouch for your preferred page builder. I also value the Word of mouth acclaim from retail bloggers & small business site owners.


    I recommend you choose a page builder which has guiding documentation and customer support ticket systems. A live page builder for WordPress can make a mess sometimes due to compatibility with any other plugins or themes. In these times, fast support is all that we need.

    Now, let’s move on the list that you are eagerly looking for!

    Top 14 Page Builders For WordPress

    First, you need to decide what your requirements are. You must have an idea about how your website should look and then select one of the best page builders for your WordPress website depending on that.


    1. Elementor Pro

    You can customize your site without a bit of code from the header to the footer. Elementor Pro is the best drag and drop theme builder for WordPress. It can build forms in any part of a site. Forms integrate with your favorite marketing tools.

    You may showcase your best posts and portfolios through advanced post-filtering & beautiful portfolio skins. You may also incorporate powerful parallax, horizontal & vertical scrolling, 3D tilt, Blur & sale animations.

    Elementor Pro can build Woocommerce product pages with any of the available 18 dynamic Woocommerce widgets. You no longer need a popup plugin because Elementor Pro can design the custom popup forms and include 100+ widgets within the popup forms.

    By giving a clean coding structure, it ensures your site loads super fast. when comparing Elementor Pro and Free, it’s crystal clear that the premium version is dynamic and flexible which lets you make stunning pages. You may make beautiful landing pages with the premium version of Elementor as well.

    Best Features

    • No coding required
    • 50 plus top-notch widgets
    • Visual form builder
    • Beautiful portfolio & card skins
    • Woocommerce builder
    • Popup form builder
    • Powerful animations
    Why Buy?

    Extensive feature set & powerful widgets. It is more likely to design the website from scratch with the widgets and in-depth setting preferences available. Leads and conversions will be on your way; trust me!

    2. Divi Visual Builder ($50 Discount)

    Divi is an industry-leading WordPress theme. It is an amazing drag and drop theme builder for WordPress. The live visual editing process is fantastic and adorable. I would say Divi is the best live page builder for WordPress.

    At present, there are over 800 pre-made designs available and you may choose the one which fits your expectation and customize further in the live editor.

    40 plus Website elements (Modules) can transform your website into anything. Do you want a testimonial? There is the testimonial module. Do you want sliders? There is a Sliders module. So there are modules for all needs.

    With Divi builder, it is more likely to build visually appealing and converting websites. Divi builder by default is the mobile responsive one, but it offers further control to customize how your website should look in different mobile devices.

    Best Features

    • Live visual editing
    • Drag and drop designing is awesome
    • 40+ elements
    • Responsive editing options
    • Shape dividers
    • Transform effects
    • Animations
    Why Buy?

    Divi builder builds visually appealing websites. You can get done with image effects but without photoshop. Moreover, Divi discount is available to save your money

    3. Thrive Architect

    Thrive themes are known for conversion-optimized themes. Thrive architect is the best invention from the Thrive team.

    Though you can build any kind of website with the Thrive Architect, Thrive team highlight the Thrive architect again for the same conversion-focused business websites. You will get the freedom to create landing pages, sales pages, and include conversion elements on these pages.

    If you are looking for an exciting page builder for product sales websites or lead-generating websites, Thrive architect is the wiser choice. It also has features similar to Divi and Elementor Pro. You will get hover animation effects, sliders, text transitions, and many more.

    The animated countdown timers, content reveal after a specific time, guarantee boxes, and progress bars are all making the Thrive architect an amazing page builder for sales pages and landing pages.

    Best Features

    • Build conversion-focused websites
    • Exact fit for sales and landing pages
    • Live front end editing
    • conversion elements
    • Include Star Ratings in your pages
    • Mobile responsive and fully visible elements
    • Responsive video embeds
    Why Buy?

    Builds conversion-focused websites, sales pages, landing pages and best for lead generations

    4. WPBakery

    Just by looking at the name, don’t conclude that this is the builder for Bakery websites. While it can build bakery websites, also it can make a million other sites. Don’t take anything just from the name here.

    I am not lying when I said million. WPBakery page builder runs a million websites. This page builder is a blessing for developers to build any kind of site without touching many of the codes. Check the plugin at CodeCanyon market place where it has been sold 380K times so far.

    WPBakery page builder lags in nothing when compared to the mentioned previous page builders. It has 50+ elements, 100+ predefined layouts, 200+ exclusive 3rd party addons, 40+ grid design templates, responsive design, and works with any theme.

    WPBakery is the best WordPress page builder for SEO-friendly websites. It offers API for developers so that they may extend the functionality to any extent.

    Best Features

    • Powerful 40+ Grid builder
    • 50+ premium content elements
    • 100+ predefined layouts
    • Extend functionality via 200+ addons
    • API for developers to extend the functionality
    • Extensive knowledgebase & Video tutorials
    • Woocommerce compatible
    • Multisite Support
    • Multi-language support
    Why Buy?

    See CodeCanyon marketplace where WPBakery page builder received 10000+ rating above 4.5/5-star rating with total 388000 sales. Just evaluate its credibility!

    5. Beaver Builder

    In my personal experience, Beaver builder is not that creative & innovative while compared with the above-listed top page builders for WordPress.

    But still, if you look for picking a template that closely matches with how your website should look like and editing so fast the necessary adjustments to publish quickly, then Beaver builder is the best bet because of holding an extensive templates library. You select any and set it.

    Beaver builder focuses one more thing unique. That is multisite compatibility. Yes, you may build multisite WordPress websites with the Beaver builder.

    They offer an “Agency” package that lets you run your hosted web publishing agency or WordPress network websites. White label features & Network-wide settings give you more control over multisite network sites.

    Best Features

    • Ready to use templates to fast setup
    • WordPress multisite network support
    • Possible to run a web publishing platform
    • White labelling functionality
    • Drag and drop products to build your web store
    • Live front editing
    • Mobile responsive
    Why Buy?

    Beaver Builder is compatible to build WordPress multisite network and offers white labelling.

    6. Visual Composer

    Visual composer integrates with Unsplash image library straight inside from the admin dashboard. If your website is an image-rich one, you can build it through visual composer. The premium (paid) version of the Visual composer allows Unsplash integration.

    The free version of the visual composer has a drag and drop theme editor, design options, background shapes, parallax & Background effects, and API.

    But the free version doesn’t have global templates, page layouts, header, footer, sidebar editor, grid elements, woocommerce elements, and more. Premium plan has all these options.

    Best Features

    • Unsplash integration
    • API integration
    • Global templates
    • Template export
    • Visual Composer Hub
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Unlimited license for agencies
    Why Buy?

    Best drag and drop theme editor with Unsplash integration & API functionality

    7. Oxygen Builder

    The Oxygen Builder focuses on improving developer experience in three key components.

    The first one is Visual site-building; the second one is Woocommerce building and third, SEO & performance. You will get an option to create Gutenberg blocks in Oxygen builder and display the once-created blocks anywhere on the site.

    Dynamic data is an innovative feature in Oxygen that I don’t see in most other WordPress page builders. Dynamic data is nothing but integrating your design elements with the data available in your WordPress database.

    Oxygen builder eliminates bloats whenever not used in a page that improves page loading speed even for slow internet connection users. The fast loading and clean codes help your site SEO health.

    Best Features

    • Visually create Gutenberg blocks
    • Dynamic data integration
    • Edit PHP, Javascript, CSS in live builder
    • SEO friendly
    • Developer friendly
    • woo-commerce builder is more efficient
    • Design library with lots of elements
    • Fully mobile responsive
    Why Buy?

    Oxygen is an ideal page builder plugin for developers. Performance & SEO are rock-solid features. Pay once, get lifetime updates & support, and unlimited license for usage on your sites and client sites.

    8. WP Page Builder

    Themium has been offering premium WordPress themes for a long time. But the individual themes are not future. Future is Page Builders! Hence they built WP Page Builder.

    You can do real-time front end website building with WP Page builder. Use predesigned layouts for fast production and build a block, save it in the library to use it in future anywhere.

    Nested rows, resizable columns, predesigned blocks, and plenty of add-ons are all making the design experience pleasant. Video popup, progress, pie progress, SoundCloud, animated numbers are few of the addons I like using in building visitor-engaging websites.

    Best Features

    • Front end live editing
    • 60+ blocks, 30+ add-ons, 27+ layout packs
    • Library to save your block designs
    • Unlimited undo & redo options
    • Extensive icon support
    • Translation ready
    • Documentation and video tutorials
    Why Buy?

    WP page builder allows front end live editing and it has predesigned blocks, addons, and layouts.

    9. Themify Builder

    Like Themium, Themify also sells WordPress themes. Themify builder plugin comes from them, and it works with any WordPress theme/ framework. Currently, Themify builder has 40 plus predesigned layouts to choose from.

    Themify Builder has both front-end editing and backend editing. Builder is free and Builder Pro version costs. You can copy/paste modules and rows from one page to another without any mess.

    If you don’t like the modifications, undo it. Undo & Redo options are available. Moreover, import & export modules and rows from one computer to another.

    This is handy for developers who work as a team and share designs. Themify builder is fully mobile responsive and loads fast. Multisite support and Translation-ready are great additional perks.

    Best Features

    • 40+ pre-designed layouts
    • 60+ Animation effects
    • Front end and Back end live editing
    • Inbuilt cache system
    • Any layout grid design is possible
    • Rows and columns inside sub-rows & sub-columns possible
    • Mobile responsive
    • Addons to extend functionalities
    Why Buy?

    Complete drag and drop design experience is possible. Any layout is possible with mobile device responsiveness.

    10. Blox Builder

    Blox builder simplifies the web design process by creating two things in a massive quantity. One is 100+ predesigned templates to choose from and start editing immediately. Another one is 700+ predesigned addons. This saves your time to create blocks/elements forever.

    Blox Builder is an excellent open-source WordPress page builder. Developers can create amazing addons by writing basic HTML. The addon creator is reducing limitations and fastens your addon creation process.

    24/7 support amuses me. Blox builder site claims their average response time is less than 1 hour that is awesome. Blox builder also claims they daily update their addon library which is already having 700+ add-ons.

    Your job is to find the addon that fits your purpose and then activates it. Blox builder’s extensive icon set is up to date and matches current social media & web trends.

    Best Features

    • 100+ templates to get started fast
    • 700+ addons library
    • Addon creator
    • Mobile responsiveness
    • Icons set
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Less than a 1-hour response
    Why Buy?

    Blox builder’s extensive templates, icons set and add-ons library.

    11. King Composer

    King composer is a free plugin that works with any theme. It lags only one thing. There is no front-end editing. Only backend editing is possible. But the Kc Pro is a paid version that has front-end editing too.

    What other quality does it offer for us? Online templates library, online presets library, copy/paste elements across pages or even browser tabs are all speeding up our design process.

    Fonts manager and 1500+ icons set are a great plus for creating visually appealing websites. Flip boxes, progress bars, pie charts, and animated counters all exist in King Composer.

    The King composer pro pricing is not cheap and only one year of support and updates. But the good thing is, King Composer offers a 7-day free trial.

    Best Features

    • The free version is available
    • The paid version offers front end editing
    • 1500+ icons set
    • Commerce license allows you to sell your theme
    • Mobile responsiveness
    • Fonts manager
    • 7-day free trial
    Why Buy?

    King Composer Pro version offers front-end editing. If you are Ok with only backend editing, then use a free version.

    12. Brizy Builder Pro

    Brizy builder has all the features that are present in other page builders. The unique is, Brizy built on ‘React’, developed by Facebook, an open-source javascript library that is the go-to technology for UI.

    Brizy builder pro offers popup builder. You can use popups not just for list building but for anything like announcements, timers, contact forms, and more. Besides, it offers a cloud-hosted solution in its pro version.

    This excellent WordPress page builder gives you access to 4000+ vector icons set and 700+ layouts. Brizy builder pro has 500+ blocks that cover every section of your website like header, feature box, contact forms, testimonial section, portfolios, gallery, team, and pricing, etc.

    Best Features

    • Mobile Responsive
    • Popup builder
    • Role manager
    • Front end editing
    • Predesigned Elements, layouts, blocks
    • Free cloud hosting
    • Videos as background
    • Dynamic templates for archive, 404, category pages.
    Why Buy?

    Page builder + Popup builder + Layouts/blocks library + cloud hosting

    13. Site Origin

    Site origin sells individual themes and plugins. From that experience, the team behind Site origin built this page builder to use with Site origin themes and also any other theme.

    This design tool is still not offering the front-end editor. It has only a backend editor. Site origin premium page builder offers widgets bundle that you can use to build most of the sections of the website.

    SiteOrigin CSS is another feature that helps to change the look and feel of any WordPress theme. SiteOrigin is known for its contributions to GitHub and free themes since 2011. Page builder lack front-end editing and I guess must be in development.

    Best Features

    • Forum and Email support
    • Widgets bundle
    • Premium addons
    • SiteOrigin CSS
    • forum support & email support.
    • Open source welcomes contributions
    • Developer friendly
    • Ions, sliders, maps are all included in Widgets bundle
    Why Buy?

    It is a good company who contributes a lot of free themes in WordPress & Github.

    14. LiveCanvas

    LiveCanvas is an HTML and CSS-based page builder for WordPress. If you know HTML & CSS, LiveCanvas could be a heavenly tool for you. Web designers & developers love Live Canvas page builder very much as it helps WordPress developers to copy & paste any website codes from the internet & test them.

    This exceptional page builder for WordPress has lots of ready-made block elements to get started fast. It has extensive icons set and Unsplash free integration. You can build colorful websites with the images found through the Unsplash image library.

    LiveCanvas also outputs very clean code. Bootstrap 4 technology is in the LiveCanvas codes. The technology delivers pure codes and fast loading. Because of the Bootstrap 4 codes, LiveCanvas can be best compatible with only the Bootstrap 4 themes.

    There are several Bootstrap 4 themes available in the market, or else you may use CustomStrap Bootstrap theme from Live canvas. Live Canvas is fully open source, and so coders are welcome to develop, and hence it is considered as one of the best open-source WordPress page builders.

    Best Features

    • HTML & CSS builder awesome for developers.
    • Bootstrap 4 Compliant clean HTML5 code + WordPress rocks.
    • Readymade blocks
    • 100% Front end based. No backend editor.
    • Live canvas plugin adds no extra Js or CSS.
    • CustomStrap Bootstrap theme free
    • Build custom websites without an additional license
    Why Buy?

    If you love Bootstrap 4 Html5 coding, LiveCanvas is the only best bet for you. It leaves no bloating, js, and CSS codes.

    FAQs For Page Builders

    1. Do I need a page builder for WordPress?

    Ans. You need a page builder to have full control over designing your website. The themes, frameworks, child themes don’t give you the flexibility to edit your website to your likes.

    For example, you want to move a text/image, and while trying to do that, you only get tired of. That is when you want a page builder plugin that can work with your theme, makes your editing smoother, bug-less, and with mobile responsiveness.

    2. Can I use two ‘page builders’ together?

    Ans. Yes, you may install & keep the two ‘page builders’ active in your WordPress site. You can use it on the site level, not on the specific URL level. For example, in a particular post/page, you can use only one of the page builder. And, use another one of the page builders in any other post/page.

    For example, you can use Divi & Elementor both in the same WordPress site. Both go hand-in-hand. Use Divi in your Post No.1 and Elementor in Post No.2. You can’t use Divi & Elementor both in Post No.1.

    3. What is a live page builder?

    Ans. It is all about the User Interface (UI) of a page builder. When someone uses the page builder, he wants to see the changes in his page in real-time.

    When you do the changes at the backend, you need to visit separate tabs to look at how the changes reflect. Besides, when you do the changes in the front end (sometimes referred to as inline editing), see the changes immediately. The page builder with the front-end visual editing is what we call as live page builder from a user perspective.

    4. Which is the best free page builder for WordPress?

    Ans. There are a lot of page builders that offer both free & paid versions. The free version has limitations like restrictions on using it on “headers & footers”. If you want to edit the full site sections, paid versions are the only way.

    But if your requirements are limited, go happy with free versions of Elementor, King Composer, or Brizy builder. King Composer is one of the exceptional free page builder plugins because Elementor & Brizy limits header & footer customizations while King Composer lets full page edit.

    5. Which is the best – Elementor Pro or Divi Builder?

    Ans. Elementor and Divi, both could deliver the same beautiful websites for us. The difference is in the process of how to do that. Elementor Pro or Divi, which one accomplishes the same result so much easier? The Divi needs a little bit more learning curve than Elementor. So Elementor Pro is the best Page builder plugin for WordPress 2024.

    6. Which is the right page builder for GeneratePress theme?

    Ans. In one of the GeneratePress forum threads, the GeneratePress developer itself recommends the two best page builders for the GeneratePress theme. Beaver Builder & Elementor are the two. I recommend the Elementor. Elementor is an excellent fit for GeneratePress. I am often using the combo.

    7. Is Elementor Good For SEO?

    Ans. Elementor outputs the clean code. The clean code makes sure the fastest page speed, which is good for SEO. Mobile responsiveness is one of the crucial SEO factors. Elementor is fully responsive on all mobile devices.

    Elementor is compatible with All in One SEO, Yoast SEO, and other popular SEO plugins. But the issue is users get confused with the settings about whether there are any inbuilt Elementor settings or need to use settings of the SEO plugin.

    I recommend using Rank Math SEO plugin that puts SEO settings in the Elementor settings option itself. See the below screenshot


    Which Is The Top Page Builder For WordPress 2024?

    The User Interface (UI), ease of accomplishing tasks, beautiful finishes, all-in-one features eliminating the need for other plugins/tools, mobile responsiveness, clean codes, fastest page speed, pricing, customer support, and continuous updates are the requirements I have used here to find out the best page builder plugins for WordPress 2024.

    Though over a dozen WordPress page builders exist, only the four stand out. The top page builders for WordPress are Elementor Pro, Divi Builder, Thrive Architect, and WPBakery Page builder. You may also check the best Elementor Alternatives and pick the ideal one for your design requirements.

    Among them, the final competition happens between Elementor Pro Vs Divi. Finally, the winner is Elementor Pro. The hair-thin winning gap between Elementor Pro vs Divi builder is the steep learning curve you need with the Divi builder which is not the case with Elementor Pro.

    But if you are a WordPress developer, you can also learn fast Divi builder. But for bloggers, non-coders, DIY enthusiasts, and the vast majority of users, Elementor Pro is my top pick out of the best page builder plugins for WordPress 2024.

    You Tell! Which page builder do you use for the site designing flexibility? Share your customization experience with me. If you don’t use any tool, I suggest you get the best one from this list of page builder plugins and take your site look to a different level.

    by Sakthi
    Sakthi is a thoughtful guy who specializes in WordPress Setup & Design. He is interested in designing the functional & attractive WordPress themes for the Digital marketers & Bloggers and helping them attain their goals with a tailored site. Being an Elite author of ThemeForest.net, he is interested in sharing his knowledge through the helpful tutorials.

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