13 Best Services To Clean Malware In WordPress Sites

How do I remove Malware from WordPress – It is a million-dollar question from the site owners.

As you are here, I can understand that you are looking for the best WordPress malware removal services to reach the right one and clean your infected site.

No worries!

Through this piece of content, you will come to know some of the excellent companies that offer the ideal solutions to solve the site hacked problem.

In my earlier blog post, I was discussing the site Backdoors through which the intruders can take full control of your business website.

Yes, hackers are playing smart in this digital era, and they can easily get access to your dashboard.

Do you know about WordPress malware?

  • Spywares are used to collect your private data, and Adware can put the advertisements on your site without your knowledge.
  • Some viruses can steal your site content to demand money, and other types can completely break your WordPress website.

The third-party extensions make WordPress more vulnerable and enable hackers to infect with malware.

Why WordPress Malware Cleaning Service?

You might think why I should get a service to remove malicious code by spending some bucks?

How about manual malware cleaning methods for WordPress? Can’t you do it on your own?

Let me explain you the concerns of the manual cleaning process!

Check the steps involved.

  • First, you have to backup the site files, including the database.
  • Download all the files (like .htaccess file, wp-config.php, wp-content, and other WordPress core files) and look for the suspicious codes.
  • Analyze logs and recent changes in the theme/plugin installation.
  • Change the admin password and reinstall the plugins.
  • Format the WordPress folder by deleting the files in the public_html.
  • Restrict the file permissions.
  • Reset the passwords.
  • Find and remove the backdoor with the help of a security plugin.
  • Reinstall WordPress and Theme.
  • Restore the backup.

And much more tasks involved to wash out the suspicious files!

If you have some WordPress technical knowledge, then you could do the above procedures on your own.

However, if you are a non-tech savvy, then?

When it comes to a professional malware cleaning service, you will get help from the experts who use the premium tools to scan your site and find out the culprit.

Besides, they are fast and flexible to fix your infected business site so that you stay relaxed and focus on your business growth.

Now, let’s see the best services to clean your malware infected WP site.

5 Best Services To Fix WordPress Malware


1. Sucuri

If you are looking for the best professional service to fix hacks and prevent future attacks, then you should choose Sucuri. They provide excellent security solutions and suggest the best practices after removing the website malware.

The experienced security analysts are available 24 x 7 to assist you with reliable support.

Best Features

  • One-time priority cleanup service.
  • Immediate baseline scanning with Quarantine report.
  • Repair SEO spam by clearing spam keywords to make your site look right in search engines.
  • Removes blacklist status and filters malicious traffic.
  • Complex virus removal with unlimited cleanups.

2. Wordfence

I would say that Wordfence is the WordPress security leader. You can easily recognize their expertise through their creation – Wordfence plugin and thus it is getting listed under the best WordPress malware removal services of 2019.

They understood that the cleaning up the infected website could be a hectic task if you didn’t do it before and hence they are doing it with care and restore your site as quickly as possible.

Best Features

  • 1-year Wordfence premium subscription included.
  • Extensive investigation to find out the loop-hole.
  • Get rid of any sophisticated malware codes and links.
  • Detailed report and checklist to protect your site from further attacks.
  • 90-day guarantee.

3. SiteGuarding

As the name implies, the SiteGuarding is the professional web security service that offers a complete solution for the virus attacked sites.

It has two different options to clean the infected files with 14-days guarantee, or you may go with any of their four packages to analyze the codes and fix the bugs.

Best Features

  • Malware can be removed in 1-3 hours in an emergency plan.
  • Prevents future attacks through monitoring scripts and firewall.
  • 24 x 7 staff availability.
  • Great score on Trustpilot.
  • 14-days free trial.

4. Malcare

When your WordPress website got suspended by the web host for the hackers play or blacklisted by Google for the virus infection, then you should get the emergency manual malware removal service to get rid of the mischievous files as soon as possible.

When it comes to emergency and premium service with exceptional customer support, no one services can surpass Malcare and hence I have listed it under the best WordPress malware removal services.

Best Features

  • Team of the dedicated security analyst to handle the complicated attacks.
  • Website cleaned within 12 hours with no page limits.
  • Guaranteed cleanup or 300% money back.
  • Provides comprehensive reports, site hardening measures, and login page protection.

5. WP Security Lock

When you get malware warning on your site and need a WordPress tweak, then you may talk to the professional security specials at WP Security Lock. They are an acclaimed service who are excellent in doing WordPress repairs and customizations.

Dealing your site with a personalized touch and detailed attention is a notable feature of this best WordPress malware removal service.

Best Features

  • Emergency WordPress service is available.
  • Process explanation for your peace of mind.
  • Team of experts with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Positive reviews from the customers.
  • Get help through call, chat, or email.

Few More Services To Clean Your Infected Website

6. WPFixIt 

WPFixit offers several WordPress maintenance services, and infection removal is one among them. They are providing an in-depth service to clean your WordPress site and prevent future infections.

Thousands of sites getting cleaned since 2009, and if you visit their site, you will get amazed by the positive customer feedback.

Best Features

  • Infections get cleaned out on the same day.
  • One-time affordable fee.
  • The detailed cleanup report along with the infection-free proof.
  • Security enhancements and Blacklist removal.
  • Other supported services like infection insurance and security monitoring.

7. FixMyWP

FixMyWP is a WordPress support service that gives a perfect solution for the hacked sites. They scan both manually and automatically your site for any infected codes & files and take off them with care.

The team has skilled persons to deal with virus infections, spam links, MYSQL injections, phishing, content injections, spammy redirects, and much more. Hence you don’t need to worry about search engine ban and site unavailability that affects your reader base.

Best Features

  • Priority service to restore your hacked site as early as possible
  • Effective cleaning with core file updates
  • Robust security scan to make sure that your site is malware-free
  • Sends a free quote before starting the malware removal process
  • 60 days guarantee period

8. WPFixs

WPFixs is yet another great WordPress malware removal service that can give you peace of mind from the data threatening issues. They carry out several steps like scan, clean, fortify & consult to make your hacked site run smoothly.

Moreover, these security specialists can dig a deeper level and find out the problems that free tools can’t do.

Best Features

  • The site will be cleaned within 24 hours.
  • Free consultation for the clients who are unsure if they use WordPress.
  • Excellent communication with detailed reports.
  • Affordable service that matches your budget.

9. FixRunner

FixRunner is the all-in-one WordPress support service that has been serving in the industry since 2013. They have dedicated professionals who can remove any WordPress malware and harden your site security to prevent future attacks.

Depends on the complexity of the infection, the issues will be fixed within 4 – 6 hours or maximum up to 24 hours.

Best Features

  • If malware is back with one year from the date you contact them, they will clean it for free.
  • You can check the scan results and stay relaxed that your site got cleaned.
  • If you are not sure your site is hacked, then they will scan and analyze your website for free.
  • Customer support is easily reachable through Phone and Live chat.

10. Web Malware Removal

When you require instant site cleaning help with guaranteed satisfaction and 1-year free website monitoring, then you may utilize this web malware removal service.

They have free online Malware scanner to check your site for the hidden code crooks and give protection against future attacks.

Best Features

  • Quick and reliable service.
  • More responsible for closing vulnerabilities and protection against hackers.
  • Remove all possible backdoors and Google malware warning.
  • Call them for immediate help through Phone.

11. Fixmysite

Fixmysite can do their best when it comes to website hack repair. They scan the core files, remove the malicious content, and harden the site security. They could repair your site within a day at an affordable price.

If Google blacklisted your site and your visitors are warned not to proceed to open your site, then Fixmysite will take the essential measures to remove the warnings.

Best Features

  • Detailed malware cleaned reports with screenshots.
  • Thirty days refund policy with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Earned positive reviews from satisfied customers and featured on top blogs.
  • Cost-effective malware removal service for WordPress.

12. Smart WP Fix

If you have a low budget for your site malware fix, then you should reach Smart WP Fix. Yes, they are offering reliable yet cheap assistance for the WordPress infected sites.

Having experts in the support team, Smart WP Fix has been providing the virus removal services for more than ten years and became an industry leader for WordPress security.

Best Features

  • Contains several pricing plans to clean up your hacked site.
  • Swift response team with enterprise-level scanning.
  • After cleaning the malicious codes, backdoors and Google blacklist will be removed.
  • Gives detailed reports about cleaned virus and security recommendations for site protection.

13. SiteGuard

SiteGuard is ideal for sites infected with malware, and they are super fast as well. Millions of customers around the world have trusted this service because of its instant help for the cyber-attack.

They will protect your reputation and business through the cutting-end service with no excuses.

Best Features

  • Complete malware clean-up within 6 hours (Maximum 24 hours).
  • Simple pricing plans for the sophisticated service.
  • Issues will be fixed or 100% cashback.
  • Free website security risk scanner.

Wrapping Up

WordPress site needs premium security since it is highly open to the bad codes from the cyberpunks.

It’s not an easy job to find out the malware codes even for the experts!

After you detect and clean those infections, the attackers may capture your site again through the backdoor that they have created.

So, what’s the best solution to clean the Malware affected WordPress site?

Approaching the professional virus cleaning service is a smart move because they will take immediate action to deal with the nasty intrusions and save your website from getting the Google blacklisting.

I hope you came to know about the best WordPress malware removal services and How to fix malware infected WordPress website!

So, which site cleaning service would you like to get for the site protection? Share your views and bad experiences with the virus codes in the comment section.

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