5 Best Resources I Use For My Blog (You Must Check)


What are the best blog resources you use for WordPress? How do you make your blog fast and secure? Which quality helps you obtain higher search engine rankings? These are the questions raised by my visitors and co-bloggers. 

In this post, I would like to reveal my sources for this blog. These are my personal choices, recommended by experts, and I got proven results. So, if you need any help with the plugin settings or optimization, please reach me through the comment section.

My Preferred Blog assets For optimal performance 

Let’s get into the topic! Look at the excellent sources I use!

1. Cloudways 

I’m a big fan of this managed cloud hosting. I have been using Cloudways for over five years and haven’t had a bitter experience. It is an ideal resource to make my blog fast and highly secure. Vultr and Linode servers are back here, and yes, it is great news.

Earlier, we were on the DO server and moved to the high-frequency Vultr server to gain a high score in core web vital tests. I don’t need to handle any technicalities here! This reliable hosting gives me peace of mind to focus my business. 


The user interface is simple, with uncomplicated settings. The intuitive settings made the deploying, managing, and scaling process simple. When my blog grows, I can easily upgrade the server resources.

2. Cloudflare

I specifically got the Cloudflare Pro Agro plan to increase the site speed and pass the core web vital assessments. It lowers my TTFB score and solves the network errors. Get some time to read my review, in which I have explained my setting choices and experience. 

Even though this Cloudflare add-on is a bit expensive, it’s worth spending money for your site security and page load speed. It helps improve my SEO rankings by decreasing latency and connection errors. Hence, I have listed it as one of my best blog resources.


In the above screenshot, you can see the simple interface of this vibrant CDN plan. All the settings are simple and self-explanatory. By configuring my preferred products & services, I can monitor the blog’s security and performance.

3. GeneratePress

GeneratePress plays a vital role in the page load speed. It is a lightweight WordPress theme with excellent customization settings to create our dream site for business branding. In simple words, it is a feature-rich framework made for WordPress.

In-built Schema, fully responsive, premium modules, customizer options, unlimited usage, and easy-to-add hooks are some of my favorite features of GeneratePress. I got the total freedom to build the site that I wished for. 


You are looking at the comprehensive toolkit of the GeneratePress theme to customize your WordPress site. From here, you can enable/disable elements, personalize fonts & colors, configure widget areas, design the menu, and many more activities to start a blog.

4. Flyingpages

FlyingPages is the best free WordPress plugin I use for content preloading. As it preloads the sub-pages and finds all the links in the viewport to add them to a queue, the number of requests to the server at a specific time will be prevented.

I admire its ability to avoid preload during slow response and server crashes. FlyingPages is an excellent alternative to Quicklink and Insta.page, since it limits the preloads per second and is configurable through the WordPress plugin. 


You can see its straightforward settings in the above screenshot! Preload on mouse hover, mouse hover delay, and keyword ignoring are useful preferences of this performance plugin. We should thank the developer for creating this great resource for WordPress users.

5. Autoptimize 

Autoptimize can do an amazing job in reducing page load times. It minifies the HTML, JS & CSS files and lowers the data transfer between the servers. When combined with Cloudways and Cloudflare, the site speed score reaches the top when this plugin is combined. 

I wonder how it saves bandwidth and HTTP requests! They are probably done through font file optimization and a quick image process. As this plugin does not offer Caching, it has to be combined with other performance sources. 


It has several setting options, so following a proper guide to get things done based on your site requirements is better. The preferences may be confusing, but you will skyrocket the performance if done correctly.

Wrapping Up

I prefer limited yet best blog sources! No matter how big and famous your website is. If you pick ideal resources, it will be easier to attain your business goals. So, ensure you select the vibrant tools for your business site. 

As I use these sources for my WordPress sites, I can help you with the settings; you may reach me through the comment section. I recommend using Flying Analytics, Classic widgets, Flying scripts, Yoast SEO, and WP Table Builder to tweak your web presence. 

by Sakthi
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