14 Best WordPress Plugins For Fashion Blogs Of 2021


If you would like to install some best WordPress plugins for fashion blogs, then you are in the perfect place as you will come to know some amazing extensions that would tweak your site performance.

Many fashion bloggers run their site on WordPress! The reason why WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) is because of its simplicity and flexibility. It is open-source, hence allows you to add tons of customizability to your websites as per your needs and wishes.

Nevertheless, the most critical aspect is its versatility. You don’t have to write any code as there are a plethora of plugins already developed that can add any feature you want on your website. Plugins are pieces of code that can make your website provide certain functionality.

The best part is most free fashion plugins for WordPress blog can be installed with a single click. No issues, no errors, no hassles. Few of the add-ons may slow down your website, however, you don’t need to bother about it because I always suggest the trusted yet faster ones for your improved online visibility.

14 Best WordPress Plugins For Fashion Bloggers

Here are some top WordPress plugins for fashion bloggers with which you could surpass your business competitors.

1. WP Retina 2X

As the owner of a fashion blog, you wouldn’t want to disappoint your audience with dull, low-quality images, right? Well, in the list of best WordPress plugins for fashion bloggers, this extension comes to your rescue here.

  • It automatically creates and displays the image files required by high DPI (density-independent pixels) devices, making your website look crisp and beautiful on all devices. The plugin does not create anything additional in your database; hence this tool is fast and optimized.
  • As it supports several methods to serve the images for your site audience, you may use the Responsive images method or PictureFill method with their specific options.
  • This fastest fashion blog extension has a premium version where you can replace the inline CSS background image by their retina equivalent.

2. Instashow

For a fashion blog, WordPress and Instagram must go hand in hand and it is one of the excellent fashion plugins for WordPress that allows you to do exactly that. Developed by Elf show, this Instagram feed plugin will enable you to customize your WordPress Instagram gallery widget as per your needs to draw the maximum attention of your audience. I really love its set of features that gives an amazing look for your images.

  • Instashow lets you display Instagram images filtered by username or hashtags or both. It is responsive, includes navigating elements, offers plenty of style options, can generate a popup, and is available in 16 different languages.
  • You have the filter options and limit the number of photos to amaze your audience. Hence it occupies a position in my best WordPress plugins for a fashion blog list.
  • Here, 24 adjustable colors and 10 color schemes are available to customize your gallery. Moreover, you can pick the layouts & templates and adore the high-resolution retina ready display.

3. VaultPress

Taking the backup your fashion blog is an important task. WordPress is vulnerable through the 3rd party plugins and hence you need to be very careful about the intrusions and cyberpunks. Once you lost the site control, you will get into the frustration for sure. Why wanna get into that horrible situation? Use VaultPress, the best-automated backup service for fashion bloggers.

  • Get ready to enjoy the unlimited data storage of VaultPress and yes, your backup will remain in the cloud for 30 days. This is the primary reason for listing this tool as one of the best WordPress plugins for fashion blogs.
  • Who doesn’t like a 1-click backup restore feature? Yeah, it is an amazing feature of this excellent backup plugin for fashion blogs.
  • It has real-time security scanning tools as well. Just stay relaxed without worrying about hackers, malware, and accidental damage.

4. Rank Math SEO

As a passionate fashion blogger, you should know how important a good search engine ranking is for the growth of the blog. Well, the Rank Math SEO plugin makes search engine optimization extremely easy and fast. This tool is the best alternative to the traditional SEO plugin, Yoast because you can do better with this extension.

  • It offers all information from the Google Search Console on the admin panel and helps you to see ranking keywords, indexing issues, and sitemap issues of your business site. It offers keyword comparison service, and crawls and 404 errors on your site.
  • You could optimize your fashion articles for unlimited focus keywords. Moreover, it has pre-selected optimal settings to avoid confusion and gives you LSI keywords to boost the traffic from search engines.
  • Performing the detailed SEO tests and site audit is the highlight of this WordPress SEO plugin for fashion blogs.

5. WP Super Cache

A caching mechanism reduces the overall load time of a website. WP Super Cache is one of the best WordPress plugins for fashion blogs that generates a static HTML file of your site. Your webserver will serve this generated file to the visitors instead of more expensive processing scripts.

  • The loading speed of a site increases considerably when the server has to process a lesser number of PHP requests. Over 99% of your visitors who are not logged in, or have not logged in, and otherwise do not require a tailored experience, will be served this static HTML file.
  • You can install this like any other plugins through the WordPress panel. Then go to the plugin settings page and activate it.
  • This WordPress fashion blog plugin often gets the update and compatible with other plugins.

6. Contact Form

We all know how essential contact forms are for a website to gather user suggestions, comments, and complaints. However, writing code for it would be a daunting task. The Contact Forms WordPress plugin comes to your rescue here. This is the oldest and the most downloaded contact form plugin on WordPress.

  • It permits you to add contact forms on any post, page, or widget easily so that you are offering a better way for your site visitors to reach you for any reason like product promotion, advertising proposal, expert-roundup, etc.
  • Besides, you will be allowed to customize the contact form design as you like and hence you could make a personalized one for your business brand.

7. Smush

High-resolution images can increase the load time of your fashion website to a large extent, resulting in poor customer experience. Smush WordPress plugin optimizes the images on your site without any visible drop in their quality.

  • Optimized images result in a reduced website load time. Smush offers lossless image compression, meaning there are no noticeable changes in image quality.
  • It is an award-winning WordPress image compression plugin that has Lazy load and image resize quality without any memory limits. For this reason, it holds a place in my fashion plugin list.
  • When you want to preserve the quality of your fashion images, this add-on will come handy and yes, compatible with all the themes and builders.

8. Thrive Leads

This WordPress plugin is a lead generation service and helps build a mailing list swiftly for your online business. A mailing is key to repeat visitors and relationship building. If you want to build an email list for your fashion blog, then Thrive Leads is a must-have WordPress plugin to get the job done crisply.

  • It uses the best conversion and list building strategy in a single plugin. You may use this plugin to create popup boxes, forms sliding from the edge of the screen, or insert forms anywhere inside your post.
  • It also offers A/B testing to check what kind of design works best and various types of popup triggers, time-based, scroll depth, or exit intent triggers as well.
  • When you will become a successful affiliate marketer for the well-known fashion products, then you will get the conversion boost for sure with this list builder. Therefore, it comes under the list of essential plugins that every fashion blogger needs for maximum sales.

9. Link Whisper

Adding internal links on your blog posts is essential for excellent user experience as well as search engine ranking. Linkwhisper offers the smartest and fastest way to add internal links to your fashion website, which doing manually can be a daunting task, especially when there is a ton of content or several old posts.

  • Powered by AI, this plugin suggests you relevant links when you write on your WordPress editor. It provides a detailed report of the internal links in your article and the option to add links easily.
  • Its installation is as easy as any other WordPress plugin. You can download the zip file of this plugin after you purchase its license and upload it to your WordPress panel to install and activate it using the license key.
  • If you get the LinkWhisper premium version, then you will get automatic link suggestions, internal links reporting, and pages with low or no internal links to add some relevant pages for better performance.

10. Novashare

Novashare is a fast and lightweight social sharing plugin for your fashion blog so that your audience can share your exciting content on social media. Being a new player, this social networking plugin attracts user attention through its sleekness.

  • Its scripts do not run where it is not required, thus reduces the bloat and increases the front-end load by just 5KB. It has an easy user interface and displays a single and total share count of your site’s content. Besides, Novashare is very responsive and works well on all devices.
  • After you purchase the plugin, you can download its zipped file. Upload it to your WordPress panel to install and activate it using your license key.
  • If you want to increase the social signals for your fashion blog and build your authority, then it is a must-use social share plugin for the fashion bloggers.

11. Autoptimize

The faster you can make your website, the better the keyword ranking and user experience. There is no limit to it. Site loading takes a lot of time, especially in case of a fashion blog with several high-resolution images, resulting in poor user experience. Autoptimize is one among the best WordPress plugins for fashion blogs that optimizes your website for faster loading.

  • With this plugin, you can async non-aggregated JavaScript, optimize and lazy-load images, optimize Google fonts, remove WordPress core emoji, and more, improving the site performance even on HTTP/2 network.
  • This speed plugin for fashion blogs has 1 Million active installations until now because of its fantastic performance in making the pages lightweight.
  • Autoptimize is compatible with other plugins, specifically with all popular Cache and CDN plugins.

12. Table Of Contents (TOC)

Built from scratch, this plugin was created, keeping in mind the design of Wikipedia. This simple yet powerful plugin is excellent for sites rich with content so that readers can understand the flow in a much better way.

  • The plugin creates a specific index or table of contents for long posts on your web pages along with “jump to” links that are great for indexing as well as user experience. You can customize the design and position of the table as per your needs.
  • Do you know, Table of contents is one of the best SEO WordPress plugins for fashion blogs as it helps you to get more search engine traffic through the “Jump” links.
  • Out of all, this TOC plugin works well with all the WordPress editors and page builders. Besides, I’m sure that you will love its detailed settings.

13. Pin It

Pinterest is a popular social network that empowers you to share visual content. As such, it becomes an essential traffic source for your fashion blog that has a lot of use of images. This plugin adds a Pinterest “pin” button on the website’s images, visible when users hover on it.

  • The single-click pin button lets them pin your post on Pinterest, increasing your blog’s visibility ad driving in more traffic. It also offers the feature to customize these buttons as per your needs.
  • Customization preferences for button color and size for hover is an exciting quality of this extension.
  • It offers a premium version with which you can display your Pinterest profile and share all the Pinterest pins on your website. Several other pro features are also available.

14. Jetpack

This plugin by Automattic helps improve your site’s security, performance, and site-management. Yes, Jetpack is an all-in-one extension for WordPress that has 5+ Million active installations until now.

  • The plugin acts as your website’s security detail, guarding it against brute-force attacks and unauthorized logins. Premium features include expanded backups and automated fixes. Its site accelerator tool decreases the load time of your page by optimizing images and reducing bandwidth usage.
  • It allows you to customize your fashion blog by providing analysis and statistics on your audience. It also allows you to add payment features to your web asset.
  • Its paid features are worth trying. Also, you would like to use its marketing tools for WordPress.

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Wrapping Up The Essential WordPress Fashion Blog Plugins

There are more than thousands of WordPress plugins to choose from, but the mentioned ones are the best plugins for fashion blog. However, the plugin usage should be limited because too many extensions would slow down your website. Also, avoid using outdated plugins.

Some of these essential plugins provide basics functionality such as contact forms, table of content, caching, and social media sharing for better user experience. Other add-ons offer the functionality required by a fashion blog specifically, such as image optimization, increasing image resolution, and Pinterest saving since images are an essential part of fashion blogs.

The rest of the best WordPress plugins for fashion blogs such as Jetpack, Rank Math SEO, Thrive Leads, and Link Whisper will help you increase your site visibility and optimize it for search engine indexing. So, which of these tools would you like to install for your fashion site and take it to the next level?

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