Must Implement Email Marketing Basics For Bloggers And Small Businesses

In this article, I would like to insist on the importance of implementing email marketing basics by bloggers, digital marketers, and small businesses.

Email Marketing is the most chanted word in Digital Marketing, and you might have already heard of it.

Yes, I agree this is one of the traditional forms of marketing, but still useful and stands like a pillar.

I know, you might be assuming and heard of some myths that email marketing is dead, or probably no one cares about it at all.

Okay, let me show you the breakdown by Smart Insights, how email marketing still remained one of the most popular forms of marketing strategy.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Still at the top. And this data has collided based on a famous marketer’s viewpoint around the globe.

This is certainly could be an eye-opener and could raise a lot of questions, like despite having so many new forms of technology-driven marketing strategies, why email marketing still remarkably effective.

In this article, I will walk you through the Email Marketing process. And How to make your email campaign successful going further.

Why Do Webpreneurs Need To Bother About Email Marketing?

Well, small businesses and bloggers must stay connected with their subscribers by sending some periodical emails for brand awareness.

When we say sending emails, that doesn’t mean sending all the time and spamming their inbox. People love to consume content that contains excellent information.

Hence they should have a perfect email marketing strategy in place by sending informational articles. And this action will bring the returned visitors all the time to the website or blog.

Let see what all the additional benefits of email marketing are and why one should make this part of their promotional strategy.

Benefits Of Email Marketing


The foremost benefit, an email allows you to send a personalized message to your already engaged visitor and send targeted messages. Other benefits are:

  • Very Cost-Effective
  • It could be a real-time saver with a more significant impact.
  • Easy to get started and track
  • Reach Targeted and Global Audience swiftly
  • Immediate impact and drive traffic to your website
  • Increase brand Reach
  • Drive conversions and build credibility
  • It allows doing a personal touch of marketing
  • Automate your sales cycle

Now, it’s pretty much evident that why marketers rely upon email marketing. There are several benefits and seen above hence the most chosen promotional strategy.

Whereas, it’s essential to do email marketing the right way for better results.

How To Build An Email Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to bloggers or affiliate marketers, there are several segments one could deploy. And probably using them all periodically would make the difference, as you cannot serve with the same kind of email again and again.

1. Start Building An Email List

It doesn’t matter if you are new to blogging or business; you should start building an email list from day one.

This is one of the most powerful and underused strategies by most of the folks. You can start offering something like e-books, case studies from your blog in return to collect emails from your readers.

Building your email list can make your accidental reader into a regular reader.

2. Utilize Your Email List Wisely

Your email subscribers are the people who love your content. So, you might think about what you can do with the email list. Well, you can utilize it in several ways to make your readers and customers active with your brand and website.

  • Welcome Emails – It’s a clever technique to send a welcome email to all the subscribers who have newly joined your email list. It ensures that someone is monitoring and can provide excellent support when needed. Send the email with a personalized touch by using their first name.
  • Newsletters – You can send the newsletter to keep them engaged with your brand. Be transparent and drop a word telling what’s getting cooked behind.
  • New Posts Email – In this era, not just bloggers, even company websites are having a blog section, and they maintain it regularly by updating new blog posts. Hence it is always a good idea to send the latest blog posts to alert directly to their inbox, as they might be interested, and your blog post would also get some initial boost and traffic.
  • Trigger Emails – Trigger emails are an automated reaction, which needs to be sent on your subscribers’ behavioral pattern.
  • Promotional Emails – Well, when it comes to promotional emails, you need to be very strategic. It shouldn’t look like a sales pitch. Promotional emails are aimed at making conversions, or in other others you want your subscriber to purchase the product or services your offer.

How To Increase Email Open Rates And Readability?

One of the more significant challenges in email marketing you could face on is Email Open rates. Yeah, certainly it would be.

It’s obvious, just like you, your visitor’s inbox might also be bombarded with several emails.

Hence, it would ultimately make sense, and they might not open all of them. That states, a poor email copy might not have a chance to get clicks.

Depressing right? After building your email list and send them personalized emails, there is not CTR at all.

Here is the deal.

Your email needs to stand out from the rest to be clickable. So, how do we increase the open email rates?

Several strategies could be considered to make a perfect email copy and let it convert as you want to be.

1. Eye Grabbing Headlines (Short & Precise)

Your subject, aka headline of an email is everything, and you can’t go wrong there.

OptinMonster’s study says 47% of the people read the email by its headline itself and decide whether to open it or not.

Hence, your subject should prompt to get clicked. To get it done, it’s advisable to use power words in it, according to the intent of the email.

Most of the time, words or sentences which create an urgency or curiosity headlines work the best.

Keep it Short and precise to make it readable. No one wants to read out the longer headlines, and it’s evident 65 characters or less performs the best and advisable too.

2. Attractive Introduction

Generally, when it comes to introduction, we all keep on telling everything in detail. But, never try the same approach with an email marketing campaign.

Before going forward, check this email example by Hubspot.

Your introduction should be short and very attractive. Make sure you convey everything in just two lines of the email or less.

Take your time crafting this as it will let the reader decide to read further or to hit the back button right away.

Once you tell about you and your company, get to the point directly, the reason why you have reached. No one has the whole day to read emails.

3. Ask Them To Do, What You Want Them To Do (Call To Actions)

Basically, after clicking on a link or a button in your emails will redirect to another webpage, which is called Call-to-action. Your email, call to actions, aka CTA, is very crucial in your email marketing campaigns.

One needs to perform a lot of A/B testing, considering what’s working and what’s not.

Most of the time, people use CTA as buttons and, at times, in the form of hyperlinks as well. If you are clueless about it, here are some great Call to action examples to go through.

Using a compelling call to action will ease the work on the reader to click and also drive traffic and conversions for you.

4. Know Your Audience And Schedule them Accordingly

Finally, time to ask, are you sending the emails at the wrong time?

Trust me, your all effort is going into vain if you are doing so. You might be thinking what is the wrong time here.

Well, it’s important to understand your audience’s active time.

If you are sending emails while they sleep, then the chances of getting opened are 60% less. As the inboxes are bombarded like anything and your well-designed email might be getting hidden somewhere without getting a glance as the time they check those.

Hence, it’s crucial to send emails on their active time only. Now, you might think this could be tedious as your audience could be people who don’t live in your country.

Thankfully, tools are there to make this job easier; through email marketing tools, you can schedule your emails. That means you can craft your emails on your preferred time and get it delivered to your audience’s active time.

Makes sense, right?

Final Words On Email Marketing Basics

I hope this article pushed you closer to the email marketing basics and acquiring the promotional strategy right away. And why not, when a marketing strategy is the most converting and the cheapest one. There is no reason one should not opt for it.

Moreover, in this busy world, time is everything, and email marketing can save a hell lot of time by automating the process. Return of Investment (ROI) is higher than any other promotional strategy, as it goes to the targeted audience.

So, what do you think about it? Share your viewpoint!

by Nirmala
Nirmala is an avid blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She loves to write useful WP tips & tricks on this active blog.

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