5 Best Fastest Hosting For WordPress (#1 Is Ultra-Fast SSD Cloud)


So, you want to buy the fastest hosting for your WordPress site, right?

I would like to appreciate your interest in getting high-speed hosting for your website because, as you know that the site loading speed is one of the technical SEO strategies that need to be taken care of!

I can predict that you have realized the importance of having a fast-loading site to offer the best user experience for your readers and grab top search engine ranking results in 2024 & beyond. 

To support your understanding, here is the proof from John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst At Google) in a Google group discussion and check one of his Twitter replies for a query as well!


Moreover, recent research has found that the bounce rate is getting worse with the increase in page load time. 

 Image Credit – thinkwithgoogle.com

No doubt, Readers like fast sites!

Do you know, what is the recent SEO trend?

Satisfying the visitors with a fast loading website along with high-quality content is the latest SEO strategy!

Yes, Google ranking is about a good user experience these days.

Therefore, you are on the right track to acquire the fastest hosting for WordPress.

Quick Recommendation

Here is a quick recommendation for the best, fastest WordPress hosting!

Cloudways – The Fast Managed Cloud Hosting

We host this blog with them, and you may have a look at the server speed performance.


Note: The Google Recommended page load time is 200ms, and yes, we are so quick all around the world.

Let’s come to the topic!

If you’re regular to my blog, you would have identified that I used to write a lot more about “WordPress Speed” because it plays a vital role in getting loyal readers and organic traffic.

So, buying the fastest web hosting for WordPress is highly appreciated, which will improve your site load speed.

Before getting into the details of some of the quickest server companies, make sure that you have done the necessary speed optimization for WordPress and double-check your WordPress theme and plugins are not influencing the site speed in any way.

5 High-Speed Hosting Servers To Load Your Site Under 1 Sec

In my ten years of online journey, I tested several types of web servers like Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud. I’m entirely happy with the quality and performance of cloud hosting.

Without further ado, let’s get into the details of some great yet fastest servers for hosting so that you would like to acquire the right one according to your needs and preferences.

Let’s have the in-depth speed details of every fastest hosting for WordPress 2024! 

1. Cloudways

Cloudways has started to play well in the industry by offering a worry-free experience for customers, and yes, it is the fastest-managed WordPress hosting that can drastically decrease your page load time to the minimum.

The company assures high-speed performance through the improved features, and hence, it holds the 1st position in my fast server hosting list. 

Besides, it is one of the best hosting companies optimized for speed and fully managed type; you don’t need to handle any technicalities; sign up, launch your server, and start using it.

What the heck speedy qualities does it have? Let’s Check!

Cloudways Speed Features

  • 3X faster SSD drives to provide the breathtaking performance
  • Optimized stack with ready to use in-built caches to deliver an accelerated response
  • Redis support to improve the database performance
  • PHP-FPM pre-configuration to enhance the PHP loading times
  • Auto-Healing cloud servers to avoid website crashing
  • PHP 7 ready servers for the additional rapidness
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers to increase the communication speed between the server and client
  • Breeze – Pre-installed free WordPress cache plugin for better speed functioning
  • Easy-to-integrate CloudwaysCDN to skyrocket the global response time of the server

A handful of speed qualities.

2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a well-known player in the server industry who has been surviving since 2001. Undoubtedly, blazing-fast web hosting delivers the “Swiftserver” features for ultra-fast page load speed.

It is one of the best green web hosting companies with different hosting plans and pricing. To reap the speed qualities of this fastest SSD hosting, I suggest you get the “Turbo” hosting plan ($9.31/mo) and enjoy the performance of the swiftness tools.

A2 Hosting Speed Performance Tools

  • CloudLinux – To isolate your site in the lightweight virtual environment
  • Websocket – To create a two-way interaction between the browser and the website
  • SPDY – it is a Google-developed protocol to deliver the site content faster and more secure
  • Anycast DNS – To offer quicker response time by lowering the latency
  • MemCache & XCache – To speed up the database access

And many more speed resources like APC, Railgun, ESI, HHVM, etc.

Still, are there any speed skills of A2 hosting that should be mentioned?

Yes, there are a few more!

  • 20X faster Turbo server
  • Cloudflare Plus integration for faster mobile speed
  • PHP 7 and HTTP/2 enabled server
  • Lightspeed WordPress Cache to deliver the superior page load performance

3. Servebolt

Are you hearing it for the first time? Servebolt is the new player in the hosting field, but it will rock soon with its dedicated speed features.

Yes, the company claims it is an amazingly fast hosting with extreme performance, minimizing delays at all levels. The managed servers are highly reliable and supervised around the clock to ensure site security.

Every aspect of the server configuration of this very fast WordPress hosting has been optimized. Hence, you can expect double the performance compared to other hosting providers and cut down the site response time by half.

Speed Characteristics Of Servebolt

  • The processors use Hyperthreading so that they can work faster and handle multiple tasks at one time
  • They also use Infiniband, a standard computer network to offer high speed and low latency
  • Its OS is optimized for maximum speed at all levels, and maximum utilization of the machines to certify the sites hosting with them is fast
  • Tailored speed software of Servebolt includes MariaDB, HTTP/2, PHP 7.x, Mod_PageSpeed, and SSH
  • Fully optimized for WordPress with a fast database, optimizer plugin, SSH & WP-CLI

Other Notable Servebolt Swiftness Qualities Are

  • The speed improvement research process is ongoing to get the performance enhancements that are being deployed for their customers
  • Servebolt declared that it uses less complex technology than its competitors to speed up the websites and could deliver better results when compared to them

4. Kinsta

Kinsta was founded in 2013 by veteran WordPress developers who have built servers on cutting-edge technologies with a focus on speed, security, and stability.

As they take speed very seriously within their infrastructure and response times, I recommend this server service through this Fastest WordPress Hosting Services 2024 list.

Even though Kinsta is a little bit expensive, it is worth spending money on the speed of obsessive architecture. You could adore the features of a premium tier network powered by the Google Cloud platform that has been designed in such a way as to minimize distance and hops to ensure fast data transfer.

State-Of-The-Art Speed shreds of evidence Of Kinsta

  • Server-level Cache to deliver the content instantaneously
  • Multi-regional deployment mode of the Google Cloud platform to choose the nearest data center and reduce the latency
  • Amazon Route 53 premium DNS is included for all the users to have quick DNS lookup times
  • Partnered with KeyCDN for the impulsive assets’ delivery
  • Optimized WordPress stack through PHP 7, Nginx, HTTP/2, and MariaDB to offer the lightning-fast solution to tackle the heavy load at traffic hikes.

5. InMotion

Last but not least! InMotion is my list’s final quickest WordPress hosting that uses high-performance servers with a single operating system. It is a top-rated CNET web hosting company built to make your site steadfast and secure.

We used this high-speed hosting service a few years back and had no bitter experience. I’m sure InMotion will never let your site down regarding speed and performance.

Best Speed Qualities of InMotion are

  • Collaborated with World’s largest ISPs and peering exchanges for direct data connections
  • Max Speed Zone to run your site 6X faster by making the server to respond quick
  • Ultra-fast SSD storage to cut down the loading speed
  • Low latency network for fast pings from IXPs
  • NGINX, PHP 7 & Free CDN included for WordPress speed optimization

Final Words – Which Fastest WordPress Hosting To Choose?

The Blazing Fast WordPress hosting will make your readers feel great when they access your webpage and let them come back for sure. Besides, it also satisfies search engines so your overall SEO will improve.

So, the fastest website can make higher conversions to tweak your financial status and get high SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions) to stay authoritative in the eyes of Google & other search engines.

Now, let me answer the most asked question: Who offers WordPress the fastest hosting speed?

All five lightning-fast hosts for WordPress offer quick page load times, amazing performance, and world-class tech support. You may select one of the server companies and check their data centers and pricing plans.

  • For WordPress beginners – A2Hosting Or InMotion
  • For intermediate webpreneurs – Cloudways
  • For Experts & High budgeters – Kinsta or Servebolt

Cloudways is my top hosting recommendation, as they are doing a lot for speed at the server level. If you are still hesitant about going with Cloudways or any other fastest hosting for WordPress that I have listed above, discuss it with me in the comment section.

by Nirmala
Nirmala Santhakumar is a professional blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She always loves to write useful WP tips, tricks and tutorials on this active blog. Sharing her SEO knowledge is her keen interest.

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  1. Of these, I’ve only heard if A2. Currently on Namecheap, previously on Siteground. I presume these companies are smaller? Why would you recommend them over say Siteground or bluehost? Thank you!

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      • Thanks for your support. I am learning about cloudways. I came across the feature block storage. I don’t have an idea about it.
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        • Hi Jenna,

          Glad you would like to get the Cloudways, no doubt it is gonna be the fastest WordPress hosting 2019. Yes, they have recently launched the block storage feature for the Digital Ocean users. When your business grows, you can easily extend the storage space. And this feature is very much affordable (0.1$/GB) As of now, you don’t need to focus much on this quality. Get the service and enjoy the fastest hosting experience.

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