Hostinger Coupon Code 2024: Supercharge Your Savings on Hosting

Hostinger is one of the best hosting platforms that perfectly fulfils users’ needs. If you are looking for a fast and affordable hosting plan from Hostinger, you have landed on the right page.

In this article, I have already revealed the best Hostinger coupon code (2024), which will reduce the cost of your hosting plan.

Hostinger is a 15-year-old company that provides the best hosting services at an affordable starting price of only $2.99/mo.

So, if you want a coupon code to reduce the plan’s price, you’ve come to the right place, and there’s no need to go anywhere else.

How to Claim Your Hostinger Coupon Code?

In this section, I’ll outline four easy steps to guide you on using our WPGLOSSY25 code to grab the Hostinger hosting deal.

Step 1: Choose the Code

The first step is to select the coupon code, which means copying the promo code.

Sometimes, Hostinger provides many offers to its users for different needs, but this deal applies to any plan.

Step 2: Choose the Hosting Plan

As mentioned, Hostinger comes with different plans suitable for anyone, whether a beginner or a professional. Hostinger offers shared and VPS hosting; Pick according to your site requirements.

If you are a beginner with few visitors, choose the shared plan. But if your site has been running for a long time, it is best to select the VPS plan.

On the Hostinger homepage, you can easily select your plan with just one click through “Add to Cart.”


Create Account


Step 3: Fill in the Payment Details

After clicking on your chosen plan, you will be redirected to the payment page. If you still need to create a Hostinger account, you can do so here, and if you already have one, log in.


Note: It will be easier to create/log in to your Hostinger account. The user-friendly interface will guide you through the process, but feel free to refer to this for guidance.

Firstly, choose the period for how long you want to go with that specific plan. Hostinger provides four time periods: monthly, yearly, two years, and four years. Opting for a more extended time allows you to save a significant amount of money.

After selecting the period, you will see the available payment methods. Hostinger accepts various payment systems. If you do not have an international card like MasterCard or Visa, don’t worry. You can pay using a rupee card, and another great option is UPI.

This makes the process of purchasing Hostinger hosting quick and easy. Click on the payment system you prefer.

Step 4: Add the Coupon Code


Now, it’s time to add the coupon code. After selecting the payment method, a submenu will open where you can see the total price of your hosting plan.

Below the full value, you’ll find the words “Have a coupon code.” Click on that and add the code WPGLOSSY25. This will reduce the price by 5%.


Now proceed with the payment! That’s it!

Why Choose Hostinger Hosting?

Many hosting providers are available in the market and offer quality services. The question is, why choose Hostinger over others?

The answer lies in Hostinger’s impressive features. Hostinger has many features and services that reduce our efforts towards digital work. Let me explain some of the features that help you understand why Hostinger is the best.

Fast Loading Time

The problem with many hosting providers is that they often need to load websites faster. Visitors will leave if our site loads a few seconds, harming your ranking and business.

This issue arises because many providers use traditional Apache servers. Hostinger, on the other hand, employs lightweight web servers that are faster than other options.

Hostinger’s servers are distributed globally, including in the US, UK, Singapore, and India. This means that if you are from India, your site’s data will be stored locally, ensuring fast loading times for users.

Affordable Plans

Many hosting services offer excellent quality but are often expensive, making them unaffordable for new bloggers. However, Hostinger’s single-site plan is more budget-friendly, priced at $2.99/month if you choose the yearly period. This cost is further reduced to $1.99/month if you opt for a four-year commitment.

The affordability of this plan is attributed to shared hosting, where you share servers with other users, effectively splitting the server costs. For those with heavier websites, Hostinger also provides VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting as an option.

Money-Back Guarantee

Do you want to be happier with Hostinger’s service? They have a refund policy. You often buy a product, and if it works correctly, you retain your money.

However, in the case of Hostinger, you don’t need to worry about that because it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you decide not to continue the service within 30 days of purchasing the plan, you will get a refund.

It’s the best way to test any hosting service, and you can be sure about your purchase because you have no fear of losing money on a subpar hosting service.

Free Domain

Limited money and technical knowledge can challenge many beginners aspiring to start blogging. Buying a domain and hosting from a single platform is easy to set up and even better when you get a free domain.

Hostinger’s plans often include a free domain. So, when you purchase hosting from Hostinger, take a moment to explore the additional offerings. Hostinger also provides an option to transfer domain names.

Backup and Security

Checking a hosting platform’s security features is crucial because security is paramount in the digital world. The unpredictability of site hacks or errors emphasizes the need for robust security measures.

Here, Hostinger offers features to safeguard your site from hacking and other cyber attacks. Many plans include daily and weekly backups of your site. This ensures that you can quickly recover your site’s most recent data if you lose your site for any reason.

Another essential security feature is the SSL certificate, which is free for all plans. This certificate encrypts all the data on your site, preventing unauthorized access. The added benefit is that SSL is also a Google ranking factor.

FAQs About Hostinger Coupon Code

Q1. How do I get the maximum discount on Hostinger?

Typically, Hostinger provides various offers to give discounts to its users. But now, you can use the coupon code WPGLOSSY25 to secure a maximum deal on Hostinger.

Q.2 How do I use a coupon code on Hostinger?

To use the coupon code on Hostinger, copy WPGLOSSY25, select your plan, and click “Have a coupon code” when redirected to the payment page. Finally, paste the code in the box.

Q.3 Which has the highest discount, Cloudways or Hostinger?

As you know, Cloudways is the top competitor of Hostinger, with the highest discount.


In summary, Hostinger stands out as one of the best hosting platforms, offering affordable hosting and high-quality servers with minimal downtime. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Hostinger is an excellent choice.

Check my Cloudways Vs Hostinger comparison, where I have consolidated some reasons to go with the Hostinger. Choose your desired plan, and use the Hostinger coupon code for a discounted price.

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