7 Best InMotion Hosting Alternatives Of 2024 To Build superfast Websites

Are you searching for the best InMotion hosting alternatives because of its unremarkable performance? I understand that your articles are not ranking top on Google search results for the targeted keywords?

If so, possible reasons for this could be poor server response time and not passing the core web vitals assessments. Yes! the hosting server is the heart of a website as it can provide the best user experience for your readers.

Besides, if you are a newbie in the internet marketing field, you should try several InMotion alternatives to check which hosting suits you the best. InMotion hosting is also among the good hosts that offer great services. However, they lack some features and are also a bit costly. 

Before reviewing the best alternatives, let’s look at some of the downsides of InMotion hosting. You might find the reason why your website is not performing well. After that, you can decide on whether to change your server service or not.

InMotion Hosting Downsides

Before buying anything, we try to figure out its negative points to get ready for any issues that arise in the future. Similarly, knowing the drawbacks of your web host is essential.

InMotion tends to provide great hosting services, but some of its flaws and drawbacks might be headaches to some users. Here are the drawbacks of buying the InMotion Hosting service!

Slow Checkout Process

The checkout process is nerve-racking. It is very slow and also a bit messy. You don’t know where to click or what to do next to complete the checkout process. Though this is not a big issue that may affect your website’s performance, some people might find it annoying.

Only US Located Data Centers

InMotion has servers located in the US, due to which the overseas sites’ loading speed decreases considerably. Though its Max Speed Zone™ is optimized for global reach, the performance in Asia and Europe is not much better.

We received the response time of InMotion Hosting in the US is 2 ms, while in Canada, it’s 67 ms. Similarly, when we moved to Japan, the response time increased to 109 ms. Hence it is best only for US users.


Most server companies use NGINX, which increases the website’s performance and stability and reduces the load time. Unfortunately, InMotion is not using NGINX for its shared hosting plans.

However, the latest news is that they are testing it with their shared servers, and it will be available to users very soon. InMotion plans to switch from Apache to NGINX, greatly benefiting small to medium business owners.

Expensive Short-Term Pricing

You have to look for an InMotion Hosting alternative if you need a short-term hosting plan. InMotion does offer short-term plans, but they are comparatively more expensive. If you are a growing or unestablished business, you should look for alternatives to InMotion hosting. 

The only efficient and best method to spend money with InMotion Hosting is to go for a two-year plan as it is more reasonable. However, long-term plans are only suitable and work for established businesses.

Allow Limited Websites In Some Plans

InMotion hosting allows only limited websites on its lite and launch packages. You can only create one or two websites. 

Are you an online marketer or entrepreneur and need to create multiple websites? If yes, then this hosting cannot be the right option. You should look for InMotion hosting alternatives to create unlimited sites.

List of 7 Best Alternatives To InMotion Hosting

Now we know why we should consider some substitutes for InMotion hosting. Here is the list of the best InMotion Hosting Alternatives to try if you need a better host.

1. Cloudways


Do you need high-performance hosting at a reasonable price, Cloudways will never disappoint you. The main goal of this managed cloud hosting is to deliver maximum performance while maintaining simplicity.

The easy-to-use interface of Cloudways makes it a top choice for beginner entrepreneurs. Moreover, the foolproof security system builds a trusting relationship between the host and the users.


  • SSD drives offer a 3x faster performance
  • Has PHP 7.3 servers
  • 24/7 support available
  • 8GB RAM Available
  • Cloudflare Add-on is available now

Pros Of Cloudways Hosting

Cons Of Cloudways Hosting

  • Email Hosting is not included

Why Cloudways Than InMotion?

Cloudways is a better hosting than InMotion because it can meet users’ requirements. It offers an easy-to-use interface, which makes the business easier. Moreover, Cloudways offers a pay-as-you-go feature that allows you to optimize the package to meet your requirements.

2. A2 Hosting


Among the best InMotion Hosting Alternatives, A2 Hosting secures the second rank. A2 Hosting offers a turbo server facility that boosts the website loading speed up to 20 times faster.

Moreover, it offers a guarantee of 99.9 percent uptime. The tireless team of A2 hostings tries their best to keep your website secure and live every time. Though it’s a bit expensive, it’s worth its cost.


  • 99.9 percent uptime guarantee
  • Plans that offer unlimited bandwidth and SSD Storage
  • Free backups that work automatically
  • A simple interface to make it easy for beginners
  • Flexible plans from one month to three years duration

Pros Of A2Hosting

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fast speed on different devices
  • 24/7 customer support

Cons Of A2Hosting

  • A bit expensive

How A2 Hosting Is Superior To InMotion?

A2 Hosting offers turbo servers that increase the website’s loading speed by up to 20 times, while InMotion servers offer slow speeds. Moreover, the 24/7 customer support and 99/9% uptime guarantee are features that can’t be ignored.

3. Kinsta


Kinsta is a cloud-based web host that delivers awesome services up to its strength. The strength of Kinsta is its speed and scaling options which attract most small to medium business owners.

Kinsta is an expert in WordPress website hosting, and it provides a lot of WordPress management tools. The company has been delivering its services in Europe and America since 2013 and has earned a respectable reputation.


  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Offers free migrations
  • Up to 250 GB of disk space is available
  • Free CDN is available for 1000 GB
  • WordPress installs for 150 premium packages

Pros Of Kinsta Hosting

  • Its cloud-based infrastructure offers a high speed.
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • E-commerce optimized

Cons Of Kinsta Hosting

  • No email hosting

Why Kinsta Instead of InMotion?

Compared to InMotion, Kinsta offers a high website loading speed due to its cloud-based infrastructure. Moreover, the 24/7 support of expert WordPress developers keeps your website live.

4. GreenGeeks


GreenGeeks is a US-based hosting with its headquarters in Los Angeles that aims for 100 percent environment-friendly hosting. It is powering over 600,000 websites through different technologies to reduce their carbon footprint.

GreenGeeks is a famous web host for its blazing-fast website performance, 24/7 support of expert developers, and eco-friendly services. Moreover, it offers a free domain name with a free SSL certificate.


  • Solid-state RAID-10 storage arrays offer a fast speed
  • Uses technologies such as LiteSpeed, LSCache, MariaDB, HTTP/2, and PHP7
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee
  • unlimited websites and disk space
  • 300% green energy match

Pros Of GreenGeeks Hosting

  • Highly affordable
  • Environment friendly
  • Bundles of useful features with every plan

Cons Of GreenGeeks Hosting

  • Phone support is not 24/7

Why Prefer GreenGeeks Than InMotion?

To stop the increasing pollution every day while still using technology, GreenGeeks is offering its great services. It offers bundles of features with fast website loading speeds and excellent performance. Check GreenGeeks Vs InMotion!

5. Hostinger


In 2007, Hostinger offered free hosting services with the 000webhost name. In 2011, the name was changed to Hostinger, and by 2017, the company had 29 million users.

Nowadays, Hostinger is offering paid hosting services. However, it still offers some free web hosting tools and features. The amazing point of Hostinger hosting is its affordable pricing for all plans.


  • Up to 200 GB SSD storage
  • Six million inodes limit in the premium package
  • Dual CPU cores for large websites
  • 1536 MBs of physical memory in the business plan
  • unlimited bandwidth usage

Pros Of Hostinger Hosting

  • Excellent uptime
  • Affordable
  • Fast load time

Cons Of Hostinger Hosting

  • Lacks dedicated hosting

Why Buy Hostinger Rather Than InMotion?

Hostinger offers hosting services at a much more affordable price than InMotion. The company holds a record for average uptime of 99.97 percent. Moreover, the excellent customer support makes it a better choice than InMotion.

6. Templ


The Templ is a highly secured hosting that aims to provide foolproof web hosting. It uses Secure Linux powerhouse systems, which are well known for their robust security. This hosting is ideal for bloggers who want to host their blogs.

It is one of the fantastic InMotion Hosting Alternatives for small and medium businesses as it offers specific features on all the packages. If you have a large website, 50 GB of disk space and 50 GB of monthly bandwidth might not be enough. 


  • 50 GB of disk space is allowed only for premium packages
  • Unlimited email accounts are allowed with the premium package
  • SSL certificates available
  • Also offers website maintenance and SEO support
  • The expert marketers are available to boost your business online

Pros Of Templ Hosting

  • Highly secured with military-grade security
  • Highly affordable
  • 24/7 customer support is available

Cons Of Templ Hosting

  • You don’t get unlimited disk storage and bandwidth

Why Should You Pick Templ In Place Of InMotion?

The Templ Host is a multi-featured web host that aims to provide secure hosting at the most affordable prices. It is a better alternative to InMotion Hosting as the packages are more affordable, and the prices are reasonable for short-term packages.

7. SiteGround


SiteGround is also one among the ideal InMotion hosting alternatives. Though the monthly packages of this hosting are a bit pricey, you can manage the cost by subscribing to yearly packages.

SiteGround is an authentic and premium host company recommended by WordPress.org with over 2,800,000 domains. The ultra-fast server setup allows your website to work 500% faster.


  • Up to 16 CPU cores
  • The automatic scaling allows you to create a package of your choice.
  • Several collaboration tools
  • Dedicated IP
  • A free encrypted SSL certificate

Pros Of SiteGround Hosting

  • Several free services
  • Great Uptime average
  • Excellent customer support

Cons Of SiteGround Hosting

  • Slightly expensive

Why Your Choice Should Be SiteGround Alternatively To InMotion?

If you have a high budget and are looking for the perfect alternative to InMotion, Siteground should be your choice. Though the packages are a bit pricey, the performance and quality of services are exceptional compared to InMotion.

Which Is The Top InMotion Hosting Alternative?

Selecting a reliable server is the dream of every website owner to get the desired results. However, only a few get the right hosting after trying a few. Glad I got a great opportunity to list the best InMotion hosting alternatives for you to choose the ideal one for launching your business site.

My top pick is Cloudways, which offers more secure and fast web hosting. Moreover, its packages are reasonable, with an additional “Pay-as-you-go” feature. I’m very satisfied with its superfast cloud server performance and high-frequency Vultr, which helps this blog pass CWV tests.

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