4 Best Managed Vultr Hosting Services To Buy In 2024

Are you looking for the best managed Vultr hosting for excellent site performance and to surpass your competitors? Here I have a helpful list for you to pick the ideal one for your business website.

Of course, you may host with Vultr directly if you have the skills to manage the Vultr servers all yourself. However, suppose you don’t have the skills to work on the servers through command lines, then your choice should be Managed hosting type where you don’t need to handle any technicalities.

Anyhow, you have decided to proceed with the right choice, and here are some advantages of getting managed Vultr hosting for your business website.

Benefits of Managed Vultr Hosting Services

  • Hosting with Vultr gives you the fastest hosting; thus, your website audience will get the fastest page loading time. 
  • Managed Vultr hosting gives you peace of mind as the security of the server hardware, software, and network connectivity has been taken care of by the managed services team. 
  • It is possible to choose the server resources like RAM, storage, CPU cycle, and Bandwidth as per your resources. 
  • Choose the data center near the audience—the lesser the distance b/w the server and your audience, the faster the page loading speed. 
  • Just scale up the server resources whenever you need them. This scaling option is the best advantage of having managed Vultr hosting services. 

Factors to Choose the Best Managed Vultr Hosting services

  1. Uptime guarantee – A Vultr managed server that provides not less than 99.9% uptime. The uptime lower than 99.9% is of no use for us despite having all other advantages. 
  1. Easy-of-Use: The server admin dashboard should help do most of the jobs instead of submitting support tickets and waiting forever. 
  1. Instant Scaling – I prefer a Vultr managed service that offers easy ways to scale up the resources. Autoscaling, instant scaling are the ultimate options.  
  1. Data center options – I prefer a server closest to your target audience to reduce ping time so that visitors get the fast loading page.
  1. Billing – I would not suggest a host that promises cheap prices but charges a nominal fee for the best quality service. 

4 High-Perfoamnce Managed Vultr Hosting Services

I am suggesting the below four best managed Vultr hosting services. I list out the features of each of these hosting services and check with your requirements whether they match them. 

1. Cloudways


Cloudways is the best managed hosting provider for Amazon cloud hosting, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr. Cloudways admin dashboard is very user-friendly; you can navigate quickly to manage your server. Cloudways Vultr hosting offers a standard plan & High-frequency plan, while the HF plan provides more convenient tenancy for your websites. 

The plans start from $10 and scale up the plan through the admin dashboard anytime. You may also switch from Vultr to any other infrastructure provider like Google Cloud, Amazon web services, and Digital Ocean. In addition, it is more likely to choose the nearest data center to your audience from the available data centers all over the world.

Cloudways managed servers are optimized for maximum speed and uptime performance with the latest caching technologies, latest PHP versions, and much more. The servers are highly secure, reliable, and high-speed. It has been the pioneer in the cloud hosting industry. Cloudways has industry-best scores in the Trustpilot regarding customer support and ease of use. 


  1. Transparent & Cheap pricing 
  2. Built-in excellent server resources like RAM, Bandwidth, and pricing. 
  3. Scalable resources – Admin dashboard have the option to add resources when you need them.it is one of the best scalable hosting services.
  4. You may choose the server location and deploy WordPress, Joomla, Magenta etc., in just a few clicks without all those technical know-how. 
  5. Cloudways $30 discount is available

2. WpHostingSpot


WpHostingSpot provides managed hosting on Vultr VPS to host your server. Managed hosting plans start from just $20. This plan lets you get a 2 vCPU server. You also have the freedom to choose your data center from the available 14 options. The servers of this best managed Vultr hosting are checked every minute for uptime keeping.

For safety, you could set up automatic remote backups. There is 24/7 support offered through phone, email, chat, and ticket system. You will get free site transfers from other hosts, and the expert team will take care of the migration for free. On the other hand, WpHostingSpot is not for you within seven days of signup, and you will get your money back. 

You pay your hosting plan at fixed prices; nothing sort of unprecedented billing or overages. If your websites require more than your current hosting plan offers, you are advised to upgrade to a higher plan. This scaling is possible instantly and that too without migrating to a new server. That means more resources are added to your current server immediately. 


  1. 14 server locations to choose
  2. VPS resources are dedicated for you, not shared with anyone. 
  3. Free site migration 
  4. Free Malware + Virus scans
  5. Turbocharged servers mean the latest technologies for high speed. 



IOZOOM provides managed hosting on Vultr, Digital Ocean, and Linode. Vultr hosting plans start from $10 with 1GB ram, 25 GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth, and one vCPU. IOZOOM $110 goal with 6GB ram is very much good enough for having a website with more than a hundred concurrent visits. If you are unsure which, plan to go, start with the first plan for $10, and get it scaled up later. 

It provides 17 data center options worldwide. One decisive advantage of having Iozoom is that it offers “Vultr Add-ons.” What are the Vultr Add-ons? The worth mentioning one is that “Load balancer.” This load balancer can copy your website and keep your site up and running even the main one goes down. Another add-on to mention is – LiteSpeed add-on which helps you to have fast web hosting. 

Here, you will get a free dedicated IP. IoZoom offers two plans, one is Compute plan, and another one is a High-Frequency Compute. You can choose between hourly or monthly billing in any plan. Having DDOS protection as an add-on keeps me a little reluctant to go with IoZoom as an inbuilt one in other managed Vultr hosting providers. CloudLinux, Softaculous, Plesk, and WHMCS are available as software add-ons. 


  1. 17 data centers
  2. 1 free ipV4 dedicated IP and 1 free ipV6 dedicated IP
  3. Load balancer add-on for having more instances. 
  4. DirectAdmin & KernetCare add-ons
  5. Imunify360 & ImunifyAV add-ons available for linux security

4. HostPro


HostPro is a good competitor for IoZoom and WpHostingSpot in managed Vultr hosting services. This hosting company offers managed Vultr servers for just $10. Its servers are NVMe SSD drives. The particular one thing to mention about HostPro is that their vast technical supportability. In addition, HostPro provides you with all the 17 Vultr datacenters worldwide. 

With this top-managed Vultr hosting, security is the never-worry thing for you. They take care of every minute detail. Their DDOS prevention system saves your servers from malicious attacks; also, they have custom firewalls & free SSL servers for all customers. In addition, HostPro gives you 1-click server cloning. Finally, if you are hosting some other hosts, Hostpro can handle migrating your server for free. 


  1. HostPro have 17 datacenters worldwide for Vultr
  2. Free SSL servers and Free Server migrations
  3. DDOS secure system included for tackling malicious attacks
  4. If you are a fan of NVMe SSD servers, HostPro has that. 
  5. HostPro pricing plans are cheap, from $10. 

Managed Vultr Hosting – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vultr hosting Good?

Vultr hosting is good, like the Digital Ocean and Linode. Vultr hosting is also the best alternative for the Amazon Web services & Google Cloud.

Is Vultr better than Digital Ocean / Linode?

If we compare the raw (unmanaged) servers, there can be some advantages between server resources, usage, security, and support. But we use Vultr, Digital Ocean, or Linode with a managed hosting provider like Cloudways/ IoZoom/ WpHostingSpot/ HostPro. Comparing the managed Vultr hosting & managed DO/Linode hosting, I don’t see much difference. So my opinion is to go with Vultr is as good as the Digital Ocean. 

Is Vultr better than Google Cloud/ Amazon Web services?

GCP and AWS are both costlier options than Vultr. The basic plan in Vultr gives you 1 TB bandwidth for the fixed cost, while GCP/AWS basic plan gives you just 2 GB bandwidth, and the additional Bandwidth is charged at a nominal cost per GB basis. Thus with Vultr, you can get a fixed pricing hosting, unlike the unprecedented varying billing each month with GCP/AWS. 

Who Uses Vultr and How is Vultr Hosting?

Vultr has been here in the business since 2004; Vultr has been used by freelancers, small & medium-sized enterprises, and big corporate companies. Vultr can handle any website size as it is scalable, secure, and optimized to perform fast. 

Conclusion – Which Is The Best Managed Vultr Hosting?

Undoubtedly all the four above-mentioned managed Vultr hosting services are outstanding; Cloudways is the clear topper of the best managed Vultr hosting list. It has the experience of working with five infrastructure providers Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud Host, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr.

The best thing about Cloudways is that you can switch to the other four infrastructures from Vultr without any downtime and ease. Cloudways team will migrate you for free. It is the best cheap cloud hosting with its control panel called “admin dashboard,” while WpHostingSpot, HostPro, and IoZoom hosts have traditional cPanel, which may sometimes annoy you. 

If you are a fan of cPanel/Softaculous and want to skip learning the admin dashboard of Cloudways, look out IoZoom. The zoom has add-ons for cPanel, Softacuous, Plesk, and WHMCS. In addition, the IoZoom has a Load balancer add-on which you can’t get with the other three best Vultr managed hosts.

It can help you have multiple instances of the same website in different severs and split the traffic to handle heavy traffic. The DDOS, Immunify security features are paid add-ons in the IoZoom, which is not good. These are inbuilt in the HostPro. 

Get HostPro Vultr managed hosting when you do not need IoZoom’s load balancers. While comparing Cloudways with HostPro or IoZoom, there are not many advantages in the latter ones. Cloudways offers more benefits but at an identical cost. Finally, I conclude that Cloudways is the best managed Vultr hosting company that is well suitable for any business.

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