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In this article, I will show some creative fashion blog name generators that you can use to quickly generate blog name ideas for your blog. So, without much further ado, let’s dive in.

One of the first things you must do before launching your fashion blog is choose a name. You might be puzzling; what should I name my fashion blog?

It might seem easy, but it’s one of the most challenging tasks. Because coming up with a dull and common blog name is easy, brainstorming a trendy and unique domain name can break your head.

But luckily, there are some excellent fashion blog name generator tools available on the web that can generate hundreds and thousands of catchy and unique fashion blog names for you in just a blink of your eyes.

Why Choosing The Right Blog Name Crucial For Branding?

People recognize any brand, blog, product, or anything based on their name. And if you want people to recognize and remember your blog, you must pay close attention to this part.

If you fail to select a good name, then it might harm your blog’s branding in the long run. Your blog name is the foundation of your blog, and if you don’t make this foundation strong, it will cost you heavily.

I’ve personally seen many people regret not choosing a brandable blog name, and I don’t want that to happen to you.

Here’s why you must spend at least a day or more choosing your blog name. Don’t try to fast-forward this process. Take some time and choose the best name for your blog.

Creative Fashion Blog Name Generators In 2024

1. NameBoy


Nameboy is one of the most popular domain name generators on the internet. They are operating since 1999, and it’s probably the oldest one on the market. It is super easy to use, and with just a few clicks, you can instantly generate hundreds of domain name ideas.

To generate fashion domain name ideas, you must enter a keyword (That you want to include in your domain name) and click on “Submit.” Now it will take a few seconds and give you many unique domain name ideas you’ve never heard before.

For example, I want to start a blog around “Health.” So what I’ll do is I’ll enter the keyword as “Healthy” and click on “Submit.” You can see that It has given me a lot of blog name ideas for the health niche.


2. Domain Wheel


Domain Wheel is an amazing and reliable blog name generator created by themeisle. The best thing I liked about this tool is its interface. It’s spotless, easy to use, and fastens the entire process. 

The process of using this tool is almost similar to most blog name generators. Put your keyword, select the domain extension, and click the “search domain” button. And it will give you various domain name ideas that you can use.

For example, to find a name for a fashion blog, I’ve decided to go with the generic keyword “Fashion.” And as you can see in the screenshot below, it has given me a lot of creative and amazing blog name ideas in just a few seconds.


If you scroll down the page, then you see that they also provide different keyword suggestions that you can use to find out some more creative fashion blog name ideas.

3. BrandBucket


BrandBucket is a premium marketplace offering unique, brandable domain names, ideal for fashion entrepreneurs seeking memorable and impactful business names. Since its inception, BrandBucket has become a go-to resource for finding high-quality, marketable domain names.

Combining AI technology with human expertise, BrandBucket’s Business Name Generator offers customizable options based on specific keywords and preferences, delivering immediate results with available matching domains and logos. 

To generate domain name ideas, start by simply entering a keyword or two related to your brand in the search bar and click “Generate.” BrandBucket will quickly generate hundreds of unique and creative domain name suggestions tailored to your specifications.

4. Namechk


Namechk is my favorite and one of the fantastic fashion blog name generators. I really love this tool because of the creative, short, and amazing name suggestions they provide.

They also have various cool filtering options that will make the entire work a lot easier for you. You can hide the already registered names using these filters, select a maximum character length, and choose your preferred domain extension.

Overall, it’s a powerful tool for finding good catchy names for a fashion blog. Though I wouldn’t say, I liked their interface that much, it could be better.

5. Shopify Business Name Generator


Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms on the internet right now. But do you know that it also has a cool business name generator? Yes, using this tool, you find many name ideas for your business and your blog.

I often use this tool, which always gives me some cool and catchy blog name ideas. Use this tool, enter a keyword or phrase that you want in your blog name, and click on “Generate names.”

For example, I’ve added my ” Beauty ” keyword and clicked “Generate Names.” And boom, you can see that it has given me many blog name ideas around the keyword “beauty.” 


Besides the name suggestions, they also have a beautiful and clean user interface.


Instant domain search is a viral blog name generator on the market. It has a clean interface, generates amazing blog name ideas, and has many advanced features.

Beau Hartshorne created this tool in 2005; since then, it has received impressive feedback. For this tool, type your keyword and click “Search.” Then, it will automatically generate some cool names for a fashion blog in a second.


You can also find out tons of expired domains using this tool. Overall, it’s straightforward to use a tool packed with lots of out of the box features like expired domain filter and more.

7. Panabee


Panabee is another amazing tool for finding blog name ideas, app name ideas, and social media username ideas. It’s also effortless to use. 

You must enter any word or keyword you want to include in your blog name and click “Search.” Then, it will find lots of cute names for a fashion blog.

Though I wouldn’t say I liked the name suggests that much compared to the other tools on this list, one thing that I liked about this tool is all the name suggestions they generate are short and easily rememberable, which is good for branding.

If you scroll down the page a little bit, then you’ll also get a section called “Related terms” that will help you dig deep and find some really cool and undiscovered blog name ideas.


Lean domain search is a simple yet powerful fashion blog name generator. Automattic, the company behind many popular products like wordpress.com, jetpack, and WooCommerce, creates this tool.

For fiding blog name ideas using this tool, enter a term or keyword, and click on the search icon. Now it will generate tons of name suggestions for you in just a second.

For example, if you want to generate blog name ideas in the food niche, put “Recipe” on the search bar and click on search. As you can see in the picture below, it has generated 4978 blog name ideas related to that term.


That’s massive. After that, click on any name that you like, and you’ll be able to see if that domain name and Twitter user name are available or not. You’ll also get an option to register that domain name from Bluehost or wordpress.com.

9. Name Station


Name station is yet another great tool for finding blog name ideas. You must enter a word or keyword and click “Get name suggestions.” This will automatically generate thousands of random blog name ideas for you.

But one thing I found very interesting and unique about this creative fashion blog name generator is that you can run or participate in a naming contest.

For example, you can run a naming contest on their platform, and people will start giving you random name ideas from their community. Similarly, you can also participate in other people’s contests, and if they like your name suggestion, you’ll earn cash rewards.

10. IsItWP Domain Name Generator


Isitwp is a smart name-generator tool. You can find out thousands of great and catchy blog name ideas using this tool in just a matter of a second. To use this tool, enter a keyword and click on “Generate names.”

It will instantly generate thousands of brand-new yet best fashion blog names for you. For example, To generate blog name ideas for fashion blogs, enter the keyword as “Top fashion” and click on “Generate names.”


And it will generate plenty of fashion blog name ideas for you quickly.

11. Business Name Generator


The last tool to get creative fashion blog names on this list is NameSmiith. It’s a fantastic tool for quickly generating some cool blog name ideas. This tool doesn’t have a great design but generates some great names. 

To use this tool, enter your keyword and click “Search.” And boom, you’ll get tons of name suggestions that you never thought of.

If you like any name suggestion, click ‘Register,” and you can register that domain directly on Bluehost. This tool doesn’t have much functionality, but it’s a pretty good tool for a random fashion blog name search.

Wrapping Up

How to name a fashion blog – It is one of the most frequently asked questions by newbie bloggers in the fashion niche. I know brainstorming brandable and catchy blog name ideas for a fashion blog is difficult. That’s why using a blog name generator is the best option.

Using these tools, you’ll not only save valuable time but also be able to discover some of the untapped and unique blog name ideas. I hope you liked this list of best fashion blog name generators and will choose a trendy name for your business site.

After finalizing the domain name, you must get the right hosting for your fashion blog. I suggest you get GreenGeeks hosting as it is more affordable and best-suited for newbies and business startups.

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