What Is MrBeast’s Net Worth In 2023? [You’ll Be Shocked]


Hey, Mr. Beast fan! Do you want to know about the net worth of MrBeast in 2023? How much does he earn from YouTube? What are his main income sources? Also, What are his overall earnings? I’ve got you covered everything in this blog post.

Like you, these questions always came to mind whenever I watched Jimmy Donaldson. After all, he’s one of the biggest YouTubers worldwide. Almost all his videos have crossed 100 million views which is a huge number for any content creator.

So I decided to resolve this mystery and uncover the story of MrBeast’s net worth. I’ll also shed light on the financial aspects of his career, revealing the scale of his achievements and their impact on his net worth.

Quick Overview – MrBeast Net Worth 2023

Full NameJimmy Donaldson 
YouTube ChannelsBeasts React (24.9 million subscribers)MrBeast (155 million subscribers)MrBeast 2 (24.7 million subscribers)MrBeast Gaming (32.5 million subscribers) Beast Philanthropy (13.4 million subscribers)
YouTube Income $3 million monthly (Estimated to be $36 million yearly)
Sponsorship Income$1 million for his YouTube channel. 
Other Successful VentureClothing line (ShopMrBeast), Burger restaurant (MrBeast Burger), and Chocolate bar company (Feastables).
Total Net Worth 2023$106 million 

Mr Beast & His Rise To Fame

Let’s start this journey from the beginning, which means 2012 when a 13 years kid named Jimmy Donaldson created a YouTube channel, “beast5ty.” This channel didn’t work well, and there were many reasons behind it.

The main cause was he was a 13-year-old kid; the videos were neither great nor getting views. Due to all of these reasons, Jimmy deleted his first channel in December 2012. But this wasn’t the end, instead the turning point of his journey.

In 2013, Jimmy Donaldson again created a channel named “That-Guy.” This is the channel that’s now known as “MrBeast.” He changed the name “That-Guy” to “MrBeast6000” because it was quite ordinary, then later on, it became the official “MrBeast” channel.

From 2015 to 2016, his channel was small, with 30,000 subscribers. Things changed rapidly when he changed his YouTube niche from gaming to random interesting videos, like counting up to 100,000 or making the world’s largest bowl of cereal.

Fortunately, the idea of working in a no-specific niche worked out; the audience loved those videos and started getting millions of views. Thanks to these videos, within a few years, Jimmy Donaldson became the famous “MrBeast.”

When & How Did MrBeast Get Rich? Income Sources

Jimmy Donaldson wasn’t born rich; whatever he has today ( net worth of $106 million), all because of his online career. Although he now has several income sources, including restaurants, food companies, etc., the main one that changed his lifestyle was “YouTube.”

He gained widespread recognition for his attention-grabbing and often extravagant challenge videos. As his channel grew in popularity, so did his subscriber count, views, and income. In 2022, he was earning up to 5 million dollars per video.

He earned, then invested around 300,000 or more again on a new video to provide the best viral content. This was his strategy till a few years back. However, now he has successfully tried a lot of ventures like investing in a food business, clothing line, game, etc.

These businesses are considered successful as they helped increase the net worth of MrBeast to $106 million in 2023, which was around $70 million last year. Below, I’ll explain all the income sources of MrBeast, so you’ll understand the answer better.

Factors Behind MrBeast’s Net Worth Growth

The main income sources of MrBeast apart from YouTube are Mr. Beast Burger, his Clothing line, the Feastables Company, the sponsorship, and deals from the brands. He has also invested in gaming apps like “Finger on the App” and some tech startups.

1. YouTube Channels


It is well-known that YouTube is the most prominent factor behind the success of Jimmy Donaldson, but how? Millions of channels are on YouTube; why don’t they earn money or get recognition like MrBeast’s channel?

You need to understand the business model of the MrBeast channel. Jimmy Donaldson doesn’t make videos to earn money; he creates videos to get viral. Once they go viral, they get views, which means dollars from YouTube and recognition, eventually leading to big brand deals.

He has five channels – Beasts Reacts (24.9 million subscribers), MrBeast (155 million subscribers), MrBeast 2 (24.7 million subscribers), MrBeast Gaming (32.5 million subscribers), and Beast Philanthropy (13.4 million subscribers).

2. MrBeast Burger Business


Two years ago, in 2020, Jimmy Donaldson started a virtual restaurant called MrBeast Burger. The menu features a range of burger options, including classic cheeseburgers, crispy chicken sandwiches, cookies, fries, and beverages.

This burger business has only one restaurant physically. For the promotion of this restaurant, Jimmy announced free food, cash, iPad, etc., on the opening day. It was a successful venture, and within 3 months, he successfully sold up to 1 million burgers.

3. Clothing Line


Besides all other businesses, Mr Beast has also started his clothing line for the fans. It features a variety of apparel items designed with its unique style and branding. This typically includes T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and accessories adorned with MrBeast’s logo and creative designs.

The merchandise often reflects his energetic and playful personality, catering to his dedicated fan base and those who want to support him. According to the report, the clothing line is among the biggest income sources after YouTube.

4. Sponsorships From Brand

The benefit for content creators is they get sponsorship from the brands. The bigger your channel, the stronger your audience, and the better deal you’ll get with brands. In short, everything depends on you and your channel audience.

Since MrBeast’s channel is strong and the audience is loyal, he charges $1 million for his YouTube channel. The price can be low and high depending upon the deal and time, as $1 million is an estimated amount.

Revealing The Net Worth Of MrBeast In 2023

Jimmy Donaldson net worth is estimated to be around $106 million in 2023. 2022 it was up to $70 million; before that, in 2021, the net worth was $65 million. YouTube is the biggest income source that contributes most to the net worth.

He earns $3 million monthly only from his YouTube channel, which will be around $36 million yearly. Not to forget, it’s an estimated income and can be more. Also, sponsorship deals are important to YouTube’s income, which Jimmy Donaldson charges in millions.

In addition, there are multiple other income sources, like a clothing brand, MrBeast’s burger business, and he has recently started a chocolate bar company. The company’s name is Feastables which offers original chocolates, chocolate bars, cookies, etc.

Jimmy Donaldson Net Worth 2023 – FAQs

What’s MrBeast’s income per month?

It isn’t easy to know the amount MrBeast earns monthly, but it’s estimated that $3 million from Adsense means YouTube. Apart from that, he also gets brand deals for each of the videos in which he promotes their product. He usually signs sponsorship deals of $1 million.

How did Mr. Beast first make his money?

MrBeast started making money through his YouTube channel. He started his YouTube journey in 2012 when he was 13 years old. His first channel wasn’t successful. After that, he started a new channel named “MrBeast6000.” This is the channel that helped him make his first money.

How did MrBeast become a successful YouTuber?

MrBeast became a successful YouTuber because of his ability to create attention-grabbing content, such as unique and extravagant challenges. He maintained a consistent uploading schedule that helped him connect with the audience and make them loyal fans.

What Is The Net Worth Of MrBeast In Indian Rupees?

In Indian Rupees, it is around 8.7 Billion INR. Impressive!


After delving into the world of MrBeast’s net worth in 2023 revealed that the estimated net worth is $106 million. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that 2023 will be a turning point for Mr. Beast. Till last year, the net worth of MrBeast was only about $70 million.

However, in the make money online era of 2023, it has increased to $35 million; in the upcoming years, it’s estimated to increase more. This is because of diversifying investment in multiple projects like a clothing brand, burger restaurants, etc.

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