7 Best WordPress Accounting Plugins for Dedicated Business Sites

The potential of WordPress is mostly underestimated. Can you believe that you can manage accounts with the WordPress accounting plugin? Bloggers encounter transactions on their sites, and the best way to track finances on the same platform is to take advantage of free accounting WordPress plugins. 

Such financial management plugins work extremely well for e-commerce sites and blogs. Stop hiring an accountant to manage your finances when you can do the task using a relevant user account WordPress plugin in a few clicks. A Pelothra of resources is available to take care of your business account tasks; however, you must pick the best one.

7 Excellent Accounting Plugins For WordPress Business Sites

I want you to arrive at the perfect plugin, and here is a list of tried and tested plugins curated for your WordPress business sites.

1. WP Ever Accounting Plugin


WP Ever Accounting plugin is a highly reliable WordPress user account plugin that lets you tackle business finances with simple clicks. Irrespective of the type of cash flow, you can categorize transactions and obtain accurate financial reports. 

The best part of this plugin is that it lets you manage customers, maintain accounts, handle vendors, and switch between different user roles. This is a free WordPress accounting plugin with an intuitive interface and detailed guide to get the most out of it. 


  • Multi-Currency – Doing business all over the world with multi-currency
  • Cash Flow – You will get a real-time view of the cash flow
  • Expense and Income tracking
  • Easy invoicing
  • Billable expenses

2. WooCommerce Accounting Report 


If you have a WooCommerce store, there is a high probability that your finances and reports are messed up or time-consuming. WooCommerce Accounting Report is a powerful accounting plugin for WordPress with different report options and tax classes. 

Being open-source software, the plugin classifies transactions and processes reports based on statuses. What more? The plugin has minimal features but is sufficient to handle small to medium-sized businesses at no extra cost. 


  • You will get accounting reports easily
  • The report is working with WPML and Polylang
  • Tax Class for refunds
  • Treat all sales as local
  • Base the report on status – that means it is completed or paid

3. WP ERP 


If you ask my favorite user account WordPress plugin, WP ERP stands at the top. WordPress business owners need complete business management solutions like HR, accounts, and CRM. This plugin acts as a one-stop solution. 

The plugin gives you complete freedom to handle all transactions and is beginner-friendly. With options to manage employees, their finances, announcements, holidays, develop client profiles, and dedicated accounting services, there is no reason you can miss this best free WordPress accounting plugin.


  • ERP comes with 3 powerful modules
  • Full control over the operation
  • 44+ Currency support
  • Reports based on employee age and gender, salary, and year of service.
  • Manage holidays and allow employees to request leave

4. CBX Accounting & Bookkeeping 


Do you have a summary of the financial performance of your blog? Every blog owner should necessarily track financial performances, and this is feasible with CBX Accounting & Bookkeeping plugin. From managing income and expenses to creating dedicated logs, it offers reliable summaries of performances. 

When you install this WordPress plugin with a free account, you are offered several modules to manage logs, categories, accounts, vendors, and summaries. Even if your blog is beginner-level, this plugin can simplify your finances in a few clicks. 


  • Overview of dashboard
  • Log manager
  • Vender and clients addon
  • Bank accounts and cash accounts manager
  • Frontend account with all backend features

5. The E-Commerce ERP 


For every e-commerce business owner, e-commerce ERP is the best WordPress accounting plugin with numerous options for purchasing, BOM, sales reports, inventory management, accounting, and manufacturing. 

The free version is great for small business owners as you are equipped with modules for basic CRM, stock management, accounts, report, purchasing, and sales analysis. Translate numbers into meaningful reports from my account WordPress plugin. Don’t miss to get amazed by its offerings. 


  • 16+ Modules like inventory control, purchasing, sales, etc
  • Label printing with bar codes, and QR codes
  • Apply discount automatically based on customer group
  • Shipment management and Multi-currency
  • Download to Excel format

6. Zero BS Accounting


Looking for the most beginner-friendly, smooth, and quick accounting plugin for WordPress? Zero BS Accounting is developed in a way that even your grandma can use without needing external help and managing accounts like a PRO. 

As you install this WordPress plugin with a free account, you can take advantage of features like earnings, expenses, accounting, and decision-making with detailed records. Most of all, this plugin doesn’t compromise your business privacy and is easy to set up.


  • Highest flexible plugin
  • Easy duplicate, copy, and edit
  • Non-accountant can easily manage account management
  • Monthly earnings and expense
  • No accounting knowledge is needed for this plugin

7. Finpose 


Monitoring store finances is not a troublesome task anymore as Finpose comes to your rescue. It is the best free WordPress accounting plugin created exclusively for WooCommerce business owners. Install and handle your finances on the go! 

The free version of Finpose is sufficient to manage orders, expenses, taxes, and accounts with integrated charts and quick access control. If you wish to make a major business decision based on finances, you can rely on data from this plugin. 


  • 8 Modules included accounts, tax, spending, etc
  • Multi-language and multisite support
  • Integrated charts
  • Ajax request
  • Data exports


Nevertheless, every blog owner needs a WordPress accounting plugin to maintain the store and track other departments of business (including HR) in a few clicks. As you decide on the perfect plugin for your site, use the guide to make the most of it. 

This article contains numerous WordPress accounting plugins that can simplify your business finances at no extra cost. When you upgrade the business, you can switch to a PRO version for more features. Meanwhile, let me know which plugin you would like to install.

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