5 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Services To Get In 2024


So, you want to know the best WordPress Speed Optimization Service to improve the loading speed of your site. You’re in the correct place to fix your slow WordPress site! 

Many companies offer the Website Speed Service that helps you load your site pages faster and enhances the user experience, which is good for SEO. 

Their work is to take care of your website and continuously improve its performance which means they are the experts working to make and showcase your site better.

I have found some excellent WordPress speed services to make your website load lightning fast, so they will not disappoint you at any cost! 

Before getting into the services, I have exciting news for you! If you don’t have time to discuss this with a professional service, you may install a fantastic WordPress plugin, and here are its details!

10Web Booster Plugin


The 10Web Booster is a WordPress speed optimization plugin that performs automated speed optimization for WordPress sites hosted on any hosting service, whether shared or VPS hosting. The major USP of 10Web Booster is Core Web Vitals optimization.
Its list of features is as follows:

10Web booster uses page caching to cache everything from pages to feeds to 301 redirects on subdomains, decreasing load time.

Image Optimization
10Web Booster employs lossy compression to reduce image file size and ensures that images fit their containers through its container-specific image resizing. All images are also converted to WebP, reducing image size, while the original format is backed up to safeguard smooth operation within browsers that don’t support WebP.

Images, Videos and iFrames Lazy Loading
Lazy-loading means loading images, videos, and iFrames in real-time. Images, videos, and iFrames are loaded only when about to be in the view of website visitors, helping websites obtain a better LCP value.

Defer JS and CSS Execution
This Nitropack alternative also postpones the loading of non-critical resources and activates them once it detects user interaction. Above-the-fold content is made visible immediately through file load optimization via prioritization of important styles and scripts in a non-blocking way.

CSS and HTML Minification and Compression
The minification and merger of CSS and HTML, executed by the Booster, means reducing file size, saving valuable resources, and boosting load time.

Critical CSS Generation
10Web Booster uses Critical CSS generation for every page and layout to improve the actual and perceived performance of the website. It separates CSS into critical and uncritical, loading those critical first, saving priceless seconds while avoiding unacceptable Cumulative Layout Shifts.

Other Web Efficiency Features
Lastly, a font swap is used, which reduces and optimizes how web fonts load, giving websites an extra speed boost.

Backend Optimization

10Web Booster Pro provides backend optimization to improve overall website speed and performance. Backend optimization begins with a one-click automated migration to 10Web hosting on Google Cloud. 10Web Booster Pro uses Google Cloud Premium Tier Network to deliver GCP traffic over Google’s well-provisioned, low latency, highly reliable global network. It also includes the newest MySQL version for a faster database and provides database optimization to maximize the speed and efficiency with which data returns.

The newest version of MySQL also secures fast website speed and strong security and performance. The backend optimization also uses the TTFB metric to measure the time from a web page’s initial request to the first byte of data returned. It ensures a TTFB faster than 200ms, ​​improving overall server response time, user experience, and SEO. Its latest PHP Version improves code execution performance and speed, while 10Web hosting and subsequent features speed up WP Admin and dynamic pages, minimizing wait time and improving the overall experience.

The sites can achieve a 90+ PageSpeed score with their speed optimization modes, eventually improving the Core Web Vitals score. You can get started with the free version of 10Web Booster and then upgrade to the pro plan based on requirements. The 10Web Booster Pro has even better features, like different speed optimization modes.

Okay! So, you have come to know a great WordPress plugin for quick-loading sites! Now, let’s look at the best WordPress speed optimization services in 2024.

Best WordPress Speed Optimization Service List

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Best Features

Basic Plan

Get Special Offer

WP Buffs

Essential Speed Optimization Methods + FREE Premium Plugins


WP Speed Fix

Follows a 3 STAGE Speed Fix Process



Custom-made, real-world, Result-Oriented Performance Architecture


WP Speed Guru

Clear Pricing Plans With Detailed Description


WPLook Themes 

Guaranteed Speed Performance Otherwise Money Back


After the rapid-fire view of the services and their exceptional features, it’s time to check a few things to consider while getting an outstanding page speed optimization service. 

How To Choose The Best WordPress Speed-Up Service?

You may consider the following features as the CHECKLIST while buying the service to optimize your WordPress site for more speed

They should provide

  • A set of WP speed optimization strategies they are going to implement 
  • Daily/Weekly Reports
  • Complete Site Backup
  • Clear Pricing plans and working coupons
  • Easy & Secure payment methods

You may also have a look at the 

  • Feedback/Reviews From Clients on their website
  • ways to get in touch (Live Chat, Phone or Contact form)
  • “About Us” page to know their history and mission

Top 5 Services To Make WordPress Site Optimized For Speed

Based on the above checklist, I have compiled a list of the 5 Best companies that offer WordPress Speed Optimization Services. You can go through each of them carefully and decide which one to choose.

Without wasting any further time, let’s hop on to the list.

Just wait for a second! 

You must check this before getting into the WP Speed Up Services list! 

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Service

We are working with the WordPress CMS for more five years, and yes, we have adequate knowledge in dealing with the essential optimization techniques and common issues. 

We have done the WordPress optimization for our blogs by ourselves. You may check the speed score of this blog WPGlossy, and hence you could understand that we are doing well in making the site super fast.

The experienced WordPress user should do coding tweaks like combining the stylesheets & images and the .htaccess file optimization. You may leave this job to us! 

Just send your site speed requirements to our email – [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are sure that we could do the WordPress Speed Optimization service at the cost you could afford. 

You may now get on the list! 

1. WP Buffs

WP Buffs is one of the most reliable companies managing and maintaining WordPress websites.

They are professionally submerged in handling unlimited edits and performance enhancements, daily website maintenance, and regular security troubleshooting.

The Buffs Team has the Bufftastic spirit worldwide, which means 24×7 support for your website grievances and changes in the website decisions.

They also organize timely WordCamps where you can interact and engage with the Team and learn many techniques for yourself.

The features of WP Buffs include:

  • Free access to Premium Plug-ins like WP Rocket and WP Smush Pro.
  • Usage of lossless compression to optimize images.
  • Minify JavaScript and Inline Critical CSS and make the necessary changes to optimize speed.
  • Move render blocking resources to codes which won’t affect the site loading time.
  • Maintain and Make a Leverage Browser Caching.
  • Enable Gzip compression.
  • Reduces Server Response Time.
  • Optimize Mobile Experience.
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring of the website.
  • Transparent reports and timely notifications on the changes made on your website.

Pricing Plans

WP Buffs caters to its customers via two main WordPress speed Optimization service plans on a yearly subscription basis. They include:

  • Perform Plan Pro ($ 120/month. Billed yearly) – It focuses on websites dealing with eCommerce, Membership, Multilingual, Staging, and Advanced functionality. From this plan, you will get a weekly page speed optimization service. 
  • Perform Plan ($ 80/month. Billed yearly) – This plan focuses more on your website’s speed and security. Yes, you will get DAILY speed optimization service for your website. You also get $1000 worth of premium plugins free of cost as a part of the service.

They also have a few monthly plans that include:

  • Custom Plan at $300/month for websites with custom code.
  • Custom Plan Pro at $400/month for custom sites with advanced functionality.
  • Retainer Development Plan at $999/month for larger projects.

2. WP Speed Fix


WP Speed Fix mainly focuses on optimizing the site loading time for your website. They also run a WP speed optimization course and WordPress Speed Optimizing Consultation for your website.

You can also have a free website speed audit on their official website. They also specialize in WordPress hosting services.

The features of WP Speed Fix include:

  • Speed Fix services to help you fix the site loading problems.
  • Assistance offered and problems are solved in 48 hours in most of the cases.
  • WordPress Optimization course offers the same techniques used by WP Speed Fix techies which your company members can learn and incorporate further in the future.
  • Page and Browser are caching and tuning.
  • Database optimization and necessary clean up.
  • Image Optimization and compression as per needs.
  • 404 and Bad Request Review and Repair.
  • Guaranteed Money Return if they are unable to fix the website.
  • Deep root analysis and quick problem-solving.

Pricing Plans

They have two customer plans that they are offering currently:

  • Standard ($179) includes the fixes offered to standard websites. They usually target speed optimization to less than 3 seconds and under 1-1.5 seconds for high-quality hosting sites.
  • Business ($249) – This section focuses on businesses and fixes the speed optimization to less than 1 second. It also includes migration to Vultr VPS Host.



WpFASTER not only focuses on website speed performance optimization of your website but an aesthetically pleasing website with great speed.

Keeping in mind the algorithms to rank higher and appear in the top search results of Google, they strive to increase the site speed loading time and help you achieve your goals.

They mainly pay attention to the user-centric performance metrics, which Google approves to rank higher on the search engine result page.

The SERPs aren’t a concern anymore. They use more than 37 techniques to improve your WordPress Speed Optimization.

The features of WpFASTER include:

  • Fixing of landing page redirection.
  • Optimize or Upgrade PHP as per requirement.
  • Implement full page, image, memory, object, OpCode, and fragment caching.
  • Minify and Optimize CSS.
  • Reduce the server response time to the minimum.
  • Minify HTML and JavaScript.
  • Maintain a consistent URL and source.
  • Take care of website safety.
  • Assistance in moving your website to a better hosting provider.
  • Specify cache validator and character sets.
  • Timely reports and transparent services.

Pricing Plans

They offer two WordPress speed-up service plans, which customers can opt for as per their needs and budget. They include:

  • Complete Optimization Service is the leading and flagship service they offer clients and prospects. They incorporate self-performing and self-maintaining robust techniques that improve your website in a timely and work smoothly on any device.
  • Economy – If you have a tight budget and can’t compromise the site loading speed to increase your output, this plan is best suited for you. They will fix the primary issues on your website, resulting in a big boost.

4. WP Speed Guru


Speed Guru caters to clients from around the globe and has just the right basics to optimize your WordPress site speed which will prevent Google from scowling at you.

The company is specialized in offering website speed optimization services specifically for WordPress website owners. You can even optimize on your own under the guidance provided by WP Speed Guru over Skype.

The features of WP Speed Guru include:

  • Experienced advice over the website speed performance optimization.
  • Free secret videos on the website that will help you improve your skills in speed optimization.
  • Fast and secure service.
  • Focuses on self-optimization so that you learn while you earn.
  • Methods used are based on research and experience.

Pricing Plans

WP Speed Guru offers three kinds of plans: Skype-based, where you can learn from Speed Guru himself. The plans include:

  • The Speedworks ($199) – You get a free website audit report and the Speed Guru himself working on your site to fix the errors and optimize your site. It mainly focuses on smaller to medium-sized sites.
  • The DIY Speedworks($299) – If you’re eager to learn the techniques, Speed Guru will teach and guide you on optimizing your site over Skype.
  • Speed Works Consult ($149) – With Speed Guru, you will test and optimize your website over Skype via free tools.



WPLook Themes has a group of dedicated people to give better solutions for WordPress users.

Even though it is a WordPress design company, it offers WordPress speed optimization plans that can help you improve your page speed by up to 90% and help you rank higher on the search engine results page.

The company claims that you could get a drastic reduction in the bounce rate and better user engagement & conversions.

So, you may try their speed solution to fix your slow WordPress site loading issue. As their mission is to satisfy the clients, you can expect better results. 

The features of WordPress Speed Optimization include:

  • Image & Database optimization
  • SSL certificate
  • Image lazy loading
  • Javascript & CSS minification
  • Mobile Optimization
  • CDN & Report facility for premium plans

Pricing Plans

There are three WordPress speed service plans, which you can start by adding any one best suited to the cart. They include:

  • Boost ($199) – Boost includes the primary fixture of your website and then optimizes the site loading speed.
  • Turbo ($499) includes mobile optimization, an SSL certificate, and primary services.
  • TurboBoost ($999) – TurboBoost is the complete optimization package that also includes timely reports and CDN services along with the full optimization of your website.

Why Should You Work On WordPress Site Speed?

“WordPress Speed is the trending and technical SEO.”

I approached the industry expert and asked: “Why is it important To Make WordPress Fast?

And check his valuable reply!

Brian Jackson from Kinsta

WordPress performance is a lot more important than people realize. Speed impacts everything from your SEO, conversion rate, bounce rate, time on page, and the overall user experience as a whole.

Google has moved to its mobile-first indexing and announced that speed is now a landing page factor for both Google Search and Ads!

Every website owner should be investing in some form of performance optimization. The ROI is there!

Bloggers and digital marketers are working hard to rank higher on the results page of search engines. 

If you fall under this category, you should understand that “USER EXPERIENCE” greatly drives organic traffic to your website. 

One of the things responsible for higher bounce rates is your website’s ‘Loading Time’.

Yes, you heard that right!

In the long run, website loading time affects your site’s overall performance.

Imagine your friend just told you about a new food joint that has opened around the corner. You’re excited to order food or visit that place to try the meal. The first thing as a basic instinct will make you visit the place’s website.

But if the website stays loading for more than 40 seconds straight, there is an 80% chance that you will opt out and press the cancel button of the search bar.

Advantages of having a faster-loading website include the following:

  • The better and faster your website loads, the lower is the bounce rate of your website.
  • The faster your website and its pages load, the easier it gets for Google’s Spiders to crawl and index your pages.
  • Faster websites can make more conversions and get better ranking on search result pages.
  • As you can impress the readers with a fast loading site, building a brand awareness would be an easy task. 
  • It gives you an upper hand from your competitors.

It is a matter of fact that your site requires constant monitoring so that your page speed is not affected by any unwanted glitches and technical errors.

I believe you understand the importance of making your site fast for readers and search spiders.

Who Should Get The Website Speed-Up Service? 

I have written an in-depth guide for WordPress Speed Optimization with all the essential tasks. However, if you are a 

  • Non-tech savvy WordPress user who don’t have sufficient knowledge about coding and hesitating to add or edit the codes to improve the website speed
  • Busy businessman or Blogger who could not invest quality time in optimizing the website for more speed
  • The webmaster who owns several WordPress sites and hence looking for the reliable service to tweak their speed performance on-the-go.

So, when you feel difficult to make your websites or blogs lightning fast, please don’t wait to reach out and get the right resource from the list I have given in this article. 

Which Is The Best WordPress Speed Optimization Service In 2024? 

Website speed optimization is much more important than you think, affecting your customer engagement and website sales. 

Moreover, you must satisfy Google and other search engines with a lightning-fast loading site if you want higher SEO rankings. 

I recommend you not neglect the WordPress speed issue because the site loading speed shows your dedication and professionalism, which are the primary aspects of attracting more clients. 

The above-given list will surely help you improve the speed performance of your WordPress website, thereby increasing your authority and sales. 

However, from the best WordPress speed optimization service list, I highly recommend you buy the speed service from WP Buffs as they offer quality services that have resulted in a vast and satisfied client base worldwide.

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