Best PHP 8 Hosting Services for Lightning Fast Site Performance

I recognize that you are a dedicated webmaster, serious digital marketer, or passionate blogger looking for some of the best PHP 8 hosting services to go with the best one for your professional website.

Am I right?

As you know, the latest version of script language increases the performance of the webserver by faster execution of scripts.

Yes, PHP 8 is the new version available for use; it is much faster than the previous version of PHP 7.4.

But how?

For the first time, the PHP version gets the JIT (Just In Time) compiler that outputs the machine code from the cached version of your interpreted code. This exceptional quality offers speed improvements; hence, the top hosting companies made PHP 8 available on their servers.

Let’s take a deeper look at this!

Is PHP 8 hosting Faster Than Older PHP Version Hosting?

Normally, the PHP script is executed in four stages. The PHP script is converted into machine-readable tokens and a syntax tree in the First Stage. It is the execution order-like structure; the third part will convert the syntax tree into machine-read opcode commands. Finally, it will compile the opcode and provide the machine code execution process.

As I have already said, PHP 8 has a new feature called the JIT (Just In Time) compiler – which will reduce the first three stages of code execution tokenization, Parser, and compilation into a single process. In a previous version of PHP 7.4, we used OPcache for faster execution of opcode for compilation. 

Here we have a JIT compiler that converts the entire PHP script to opcode for execution. Previously, if we had a new request for the same script, we use Opcache to get the opcode for compilation. But now, JIT will compile the Opcode to machine code in its first run. So it will be faster than old version PHP hosting.

Why Choose PHP 8 Hosting for Web Applications?

PHP 8 uses Union types that can be used to get two values in one type, like int| float, for each function we used in the script. Nullsafe operator used in PHP 8 can replace the unnecessary lengthy code with a shorter one by replacing the nested ones. Named Arguments used in the functions and iteration can be easily understandable by developers.

The matched expression can replace switch case and break statements for faster compilation of the script. In addition, this matched expression with a combined condition can reduce the entire switch-case statement to a smaller one. These features can improve the performance of the server that uses web applications.

Best PHP 8 Web Hosting Services – A Quick Look

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Top PHP 8 Hosting Providers For Ultra-Fast Loading Site

Let’s see the best hosting service providers with PHP 8 script availability and its other features to boost your website performance.

1. Cloudways


Cloudways has PHP 8 in its hosting account. With its managed Hosting, we can choose the default PHP version from PHP 5.6 to PHP 8.0. In the Cloudways hosting account, by navigating the server, then accessing details, and then settings & Packages, we can select PHP 8.0 for the website.

Using the staging URL of Coudways hosting, they implement the PHP 8.0 version to your live websites. These staging URLs can help check the PHP 8 compatibility issues with WordPress and its extensions used in our website to avoid live interruption during the update.

If you encounter application-level issues like WordPress plugin compatibility with PHP 8, then it can be solved by Cloudways Slack SLA support professionals. Cloudways uses PHP FPM to process PHP scripts faster, making the website easily available to users.


  • HTTP/2 supported servers for faster processing of user requests to the servers in a webpage
  • PHP-FPM (Fast CGI Process Manager) used to improve the loading time
  • Enriched caching support & CloudwaysCDN for 100% uptime
  • Auto-healing managed server makes no worry about the server crashing.
  • Easily deploy PHP and other custom packages using its support team
  • All PHP applications are supported in Cloudways hosting using PHP PaaS
  • Cloudways highest discount is available

2. A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting offers the best shared hosting service with PHP 8 availability. In addition, many eCommerce websites use JavaScript for their product listing and display and PHP script for their eCommerce functionality. 

Using PHP and JavaScript with multiple HTTP requests in its server functions may slow the eCommerce website’s performance. Even a one-second delay in uptime can greatly affect e-commerce website conversion and increase bounce rate.  

To avoid this, PHP 8 comes up with a JIT compiler for faster compilation of PHP scripts, making a faster response to the users. Moreover, in A2 Hosting, the choice of server location selection, SSD storage, and lite Speed cache make your eCommerce website load faster than ever for better conversion.


  • 100% uptime commitment
  • PHP opcode enables faster compilation of PHP scripts
  • Raid 10 SSD storage for faster data response
  • HTTP/3 and Cloud Flare CDN are used for 100% data availability
  • One-click Application installation for eCommerce functions
  • Risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

3. InMotion Hosting


InMotion Hosting uses PHP scripts for CMS operations and its LAMP stacks, here Linux uses CentOS or Ubuntu operating systems, Apache for web server, and MySql for database management PHP scripting language for good performance of Web applications like WordPress.

We can enable PHP 8 version in both managed and Unmanaged InMotion hosting accounts. They use Multi PHP Manager in managed hosting, and in Unmanaged hosting, they use PHP- FPM to install the new version. For faster script execution, HTTP/3 handles multiple requests from the webpage.


  • Prograde power with a 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 90 days Money-back Guarantee
  • Free SSL, Domain with Website Builder
  • Both managed, Unmanaged Cpanel, and Isolated resources with Cloud CDN
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magneto apps with PHP 8 support

4. Kinsta


Kinsta is now using PHP 8 for its server operations, such as data access from the database. All Kinsta web application environments use PHP 8 for faster webpage execution and for users to load more quickly.

PHP 8 has compatibility issues with the Iron Cube loader for faster page load extension, so it always uses Staging URLs for PHP 8 upgrades. Suppose you have any compatibility issues with a third-party web application used in your website with PHP 8 hosting.

In that case, the Kinsta support team can downgrade your PHP server to 7.4, solve the issues, and make your site live.


  • Kinsta uses Nginx, MariaDB, LXD container, and PHP 8 for the Faster Performance of web applications.
  • Free SSL encryption, DDoS Protection, Hardware Firewall for security, and Continuous monitoring for 100% uptime.
  • Google Cloud CDN with 25 data centers for content distribution and availability
  • User-friendly dashboard with choosing data centers, staging areas, and developer-friendly tools
  • Mykinsta for analytics and tracking of website performance

5. SiteGround


SiteGround Hosting now uses PHP 8 for all servers worldwide to enrich the web page performance and availability. PHP 8 used its servers for faster code execution by JIT compiler and cleaner and quality code achieved by the null safe operator of PHP 8.

Staging environments are available for all the web CMS service upgrades like WordPress and Joomla except Iron Cube, mcrypt, and GeoIP. Many data centers are available in 194 cities worldwide for faster delivery of web pages to their users. SiteGround Hosting uses multi-layer security available to their data centers and their server locations.

The faster execution of PHP code in SiteGround Hosting is achieved in three steps. First, one opcache extension, second Preloading, and the third one is JIT compiler. The main job of Opcahe is to cut down the process like token, Parser, and compile into (opcode) machine code for JIT execution. So it makes the website load faster than ever.


  • Safe staging tool for migration of live websites
  • Web application firewalls and anti-bot system can be useful in avoiding malicious attacks
  • Managed WordPress hosting useful in enterprise solutions like app management
  • Fast access to data centers for uptime commitment
  • Green friendly Hosting with 100% renewable power usage
  • CDN is available in over 90 counties for faster content delivery
  • Scalable cloud support for the extension of resources

6. HostArmada


As we know, PHP is the best programming language for dynamic websites. Now HostArmada uses PHP 8.0 on all its servers to execute web applications faster than ever. For faster execution of scripts, PHP 8 comes up with JIT, Union types, Nullsafe Operator, Matched expression, Named arguments, etc.

In shared hosting, PHP Selector is available in HostArmada to upgrade PHP 8.0 without affecting the live performance of the website. For cloud VPS and dedicated server hosting, PHP 8 can be upgraded by its awesome support team with the help of a ticket system.

A fully managed Cpanel with root access can install web applications faster, and its execution can be done quickly by PHP 8 hosting in HostArmada.


  • Free website migration with SSL encryption
  • Data centers available worldwide to deliver the content
  • Security firewalls used for server protection and data centers
  • Cloud SSD for storage and remote backups
  • DDoS protection for uptime maximum commitment
  • 45 days money-back guarantee

7. Hostinger


Hostinger also has PHP 8 on its server for faster execution of scripts. In addition, it uses JIT to improve Opcache performance, and it is the cheapest PHP 8 hosting solution for enterprise website solutions.

It is partnering with Google Cloud for its CDN service. Hostinger uses a Lite speed web server for replacement of the Apache server. In addition, it uses event-driven architecture for faster web performance, an advanced cache engine, HTTP/2, and QUIC support to improve server speed.

It has minimum time to load the first byte of the web page compared with other hosting services that use Apache servers. In addition, the Lite Speed cache plugin used to improve TTFP with a good margin in Hostinger can provide faster performance.


  • Free CDN available for worldwide availability
  • Managed web hosting with SSH access
  • GIT access for the development and testing of web applications
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • User-friendly control panel for ease of access to applications
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.

Wrapping Up – Which Is The Best PHP 8 Hosting?

After analyzing the top PHP 8 web hosting and the performance of several server companies, I would say Cloudways is the best PHP 8 hosting service for faster page loading and webpage availability. For faster execution of PHP scripts, Cloudways uses OPcache with a JIT compiler.

The JIT compiler uses HTTP/2 and QUIC for the faster response of user requests to a web page with Cloudways CDN for 100% uptime commitment. PHP PaaS supports all PHP applications in Cloudways, and hence, it is the best PHP 8 Hosting for faster performance.

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