WPBuffs Review & Promo Code (10% Discount Coupon)


Good! You have made a great decision to run your WordPress sites without any technical faults, and hence you are looking for the WP Buffs promo code, right?

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WPBuffs Promo Code & Discount Coupon 2023

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You will get 10% Discount on any WPBuffs Plan.

It is an excellent opportunity to try the exceptional WordPress maintenance and speed optimization service at a discounted price.

Just enter the WPBuffs Coupon Code – WPGLOSSY10 while signing up, and 10% concession will be applied to your account.

Promo Code – WPGLOSSY10

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How To Apply WP Buffs Promo Code And Get Discount?

Step 1: When you click this Special Discount WP Buffs link, you will be landed on their website.

Step 2: Now, click Pricing, Choose the Plan, and Click “Get Started.”

Step 3: You will get the option – Have a discount code? Click to enter it


Step 4: Enter the Coupon code – WPGLOSSY10 and click “Apply.”


Step 5: You will get 10% discount on the Total amount. Enter your details, select payment method, agree to the terms & privacy and complete the payment.


That’s it! You have signed up to the fantastic WordPress maintenance service by WP Buffs either for Speed or Security and yes, you have given your site to safe hands.

Now, let me consolidate their best services & benefits so that you may reach them and get WordPress support without any hesitation.

Why WP Buffs For WordPress?

Running a successful WordPress business site is not an easy task!

Yes, as you know, it involves a lot of activities like Keyword Research, Content Creating, SEO Implementation, Link Building, Content Marketing, and much more.

I can understand your struggles when it comes to the WordPress maintenance tasks like updates, security, speed optimization, and backup activities

If you ignore these essential undertakings, then you are inviting intruders to conquer your site and will not be able to get high search engine rankings.

So, how is it possible to handle for a one-man army like you and me?

Like we babysit our kids when we are busy at business or the office, we can make use of a fantastic approach – WordPress maintenance service to take care of our business sites.

Yes, if you have lack of time and resources, then WP Buffs is the ideal choice to go.

I had a great experience with their speed optimization service for my niche blogs. They are super creative and met my expectations in improving the speed score. 

I should admit its pricing plans are slightly higher, but it is worth the money you spend on site maintenance.

Exciting Features Of WP Buffs

The WPBuffs team is highly professional in fixing complicated problems, offering speed boost, and managing backups with a 1-click restore capability.

You should know their fantastic qualities through this WP Buffs Promo code article, and hence, you will feel that you are going to get a valuable asset for your WordPress blogs or websites.

Its immense services are as follows!

1. Speed Optimization

  • Optimizing your images through lossless compression
  • Setting up the faster-loading cached version
  • Enabling Gzip compression from your server
  • Minifying all the scripts and adding expiring headers
  • Removing query strings that are not cached by proxy servers and CDNs
  • Loading lazy images to save bandwidth
  • Optimizing mobile responsiveness with correct fonts and easy navigation

2. Site Protection

  • Offering free access to the premium security plugin – iThemes Security Pro
  • Running the malware scan daily to block the potential backdoors
  • Securing your database from SQL injection attacks
  • Implementing a firewall to keep suspicious traffic away
  • Tracking the IPS and blocking the ones that try to access your dashboard
  • Managing inactive plugins and adjusting file permissions to allow the reliable file

3. Data Security

  • Saving your backups in their cloud storage using Amazon S3 infrastructure
  • Restoring backup in just a click with no headaches
  • Allowing the customers to choose storage on US or EU servers
  • Providing multiple backups per day
  • Delivering automated backup and letting you hold up the files you want
  • Updating your WordPress site at every single week

WP Buffs Pricing Plans

WP Buffs has three pricing plans – Perform, Protect, and Maintain.

If you require extreme care for your site, including malware removal, then you should go with their most massive plan, Perform.

Custom and Enterprise plans are also available; you have to finalize the services you want and talk with the team.

They could manage WooCommerce sites as well. You must send the self-destructing link with your login credentials to manage your websites.

After you sign up for their maintenance service, the team will set up everything within 24 – 48 hours and will address it automatically.

Look at their plans and choose the appropriate one according to your requirements.


Wrapping Up

Every online business that runs on WordPress CMS needs constant maintenance and support as it is a vulnerable platform due to the installation of 3rd party extensions.

If you are a busy and severe business, focusing on the site upkeeping accomplishments would be hard. Getting a technical WordPress partner is the wisest choice because you can look into business growth.

A plethora of maintenance services are available for WordPress users, and the best option is WP Buffs.

I have explained their values through this blog post and hope you have recognized them and would like to use the WPBuffs promo code to get the service with a discount offer.

And finally, stay away from slow loading site, spammers, hack attempts, site-down issues, and data loss.

So, did you use the WP Buffs coupon code – WPGLOSSY10 while purchasing their service? Share your priceless viewpoint in the comment section; let’s discuss their fantastic service.

I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to maintain a professional business site on WordPress.

by Nirmala
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  2. It is very good for knowledge for discount blog I will follow this blog it’s helpful for all bloggers thanks for sharing this knowledge.


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