Top 10 Best Rated WordPress Themes 2023

I would like to appreciate your keen interest in knowing some of the best rated WordPress themes! I hope that you will pick a suitable template for your site to improve its performance.

As you know that the WordPress is a highly customizable CMS (Content Management System), this makes it as the most preferred choice for all the passionate bloggers and digital marketers!

I always talk about the first impression of a site and how important it is to have a unique yet mesmerizing design for it! 

Yes, you should check the compelling reasons to have a best WordPress theme and look for SOMETHING BETTER to make your website stand out from your competitors.

You might ask, “Something Better?”, In what way?

Getting a WordPress theme with the highest user rating has a lot of benefits; let me explain! 

How Important Are User Ratings & Reviews?

Before buying any WordPress theme, you should take a look at the User Ratings and Reviews. It will help you to get an outlook on the theme and decide whether you should buy or not.

The theme marketplace like ThemeForest, Envato has a separate section for User Reviews, and you should invest some time in reading some of the reviews.

Most of the user reviews for the themes are honest, however, in some cases, the publishers might have written some fake feedbacks to boost the sales. 

For a better vision, read the negative reviews first so that you can get an idea of what this particular theme lacks. Also, make sure you to check the number of total ratings before considering the average score of the product.

For example, if a WordPress theme has a few 5-star rating but received only 5-10 reviews, the ratings aren’t sufficient to represent the actual quality.

On the other hand, if the theme has an average rating of 4.5/5 and has received more than 500 votes, you can consider buying that template. 

Also, the theme buyers talk about the technical support in their reviews, and hence you would get a conclusion about the publisher availability and quality of their assistance. 

So, if you choose a theme to purchase, have a look at the theme rating that will tell you a lot about

  • Code & Design Quality
  • Customizability & Availablity of other features
  • Customer Support

There is no doubt that purchasing the best WordPress theme with the highest rating would tweak the performance of your site in search engines and offer a pleasurable experience to your visitors (by means of navigation).

10 Most Popular WordPress Themes With Highest User Ratings

Here is the list the best 10 Top Rated WordPress Themes that contain good anatomy and high buyer rating! 


1. Admania


As the name suggests, Admania is a Clean, Light and Responsive WordPress theme specially designed for Adsense users and Affiliate marketers to place the ads at the high-conversion places and improve the CTR. 

It has 5 beautiful layouts and supports all the SEO-friendly features like speed optimization, Schema integrated and responsiveness and 100% compatible with mobile browsers.

Front-end ad live editor, and Popup sticky Ad at the bottom of the post are the best features of this ad-optimized WordPress theme. 

It is listed under one of the best rated WordPress themes 2017 of ThemeForest as it received full 5-star ratings for the design quality and excellent support. 

Check More Features Of Admania

Suitable For: News/Media Websites, Viral Content Sites, Fashion

Ratings: 5/5 (36 Ratings)     Get Admania Theme

2. PointPro


PointPro is a top-rated WordPress theme from MyThemeShop. It is considered as one of the most popular WordPress themes as it is perfectly suitable for all kinds of sites due to its flexibility.

This best WordPress theme is responsive, compatible with mobile browsers, SEO Optimized and includes a full-featured options panel which helps you to customize the theme according to your needs in few minutes.

The drag and drop interface will assist you to setup your website in minutes. MyThemeShop is pretty active in providing regular updates for this theme.

Suitable For: News/Media Websites, Education, Tech, Fashion, Internet Marketing

Ratings: 5/5 (450 Ratings)     Get PointPro Theme

3. Monstroid 2


Monstroid is a clean WordPress theme with a minimalistic and responsive design. It includes a lot of customizing options including different skins and color combinations for the theme according to your needs.

It is an excellent theme for Business and e-commerce related site since it is 100% compatible with the WooCommerce.

Monstroid includes support for many useful plugins and is a perfect choice for those who are willing to customize their business websites to take it to the next level.

Suitable For: E-commerce Sites, Business Sites, Internet Marketing

Ratings: 5/5 (85 Ratings)     Get Monstroid2 Theme

4. Spacious


Spacious is another Business related WordPress theme with minimalistic design. What makes this theme different is its simplicity.

Although the design is very simple, it is equipped with a lot of customizations such as different color skins, slider, live customizer customizable widgets and the layout customization.

It is a specific theme for Internet Markets and Business Professionals since it is compatible with WooCommerce and includes the most needed business widgets like ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Our Clients.’

Suitable For: E-commerce Sites, Business Sites, Internet Marketing

Ratings: 4.9/5 (352 Ratings)     Get Spacious Theme

5. Vlog


Vlog is a WordPress theme dedicated to Video Bloggers. It doesn’t matter if you own a video blogging site or a viral videos niche site, Vlog can be the perfect choice for you.

What makes it stand out from the other Video Blog themes is the responsive design, lots of customizations, support to video services like Dailymotion & YouTube, and 200 different post layout options.

Enclosing the necessary video plugins like Video importer (to import videos from YouTube & Vimeo) and Video Thumbnails (To fix the video thumbnail as the featured image) is an exceptional thing about this highly-rated theme. 

You don’t need to worry about the speed since it is highly optimized for search engines and doesn’t take much time to render on the screen.

Suitable For: Video Blogging Sites, Viral Videos Sites

Ratings: 5/5 (52 Ratings)     Get Vlog Theme

6. Divi ($25 Discount)


Divi is one of the best-programmed WordPress themes for anyone who isn’t skilled in customizing the themes.

This highly rated responsive multipurpose theme includes more than 46 content elements. You can also get a Divi Discount to build a stunning WordPress site. 

Letting you customize the theme instantly with its real-time design customization tool is the impressive matter of this best-rated WordPress theme.

Another feature that could be very useful for affiliate marketers is the Split Testing of Leads. You can experiment with two different Lead Boxes and optimize them according to the results.

Suitable For: Business Sites, Media Sites, General Blogging

Ratings: Not Displayed     Get Divi Theme

7. NewsPaper


NewsPaper by MyThemeShop is one of the WordPress themes with high user reviews, and it is their best creation. If you’re confused about selecting the perfect theme for your blog, then NewsPaper is the savior for you. 

This theme can be used with almost any niche site since it provides different layout options with several color combinations to fulfill your requirements. 

If you are an expert in content creation, then you may get it without any second thought. Yes, it has been specifically designed to engage your visitors. 

Besides, you will get more love from search engines as the MTS themes contain secured and optimized codeThus, there is no wonder that this WordPress template has earned high ratings from the buyers. 

Suitable For: News/Media, Viral Niche, Video Blogging, Tech, and Gaming

Ratings: 4.7/5 (401 Ratings)     Get NewsPaper Theme

8. Oblique


Are you a Food, Travel, or Fashion Blogger? Are you tired of selecting the ideal theme for your blog?

Oblique is one such WordPress theme which is the solution for your needs. It has a unique design, and the exclusivity makes it different from all the other items mentioned above.

The theme has got a simple backend user interface and an efficient front-end design which can give your site a divine appearance. It is one of the best WordPress themes for the fashion blogger

Suitable For: Food Blogging, Travel Blogging, and Fashion

Ratings: 4.5/5 (30 Ratings)     Get Oblique Theme

9. Maple


Maple is a beautifully designed WordPress theme that comes with 3 different layouts, responsive design, and supports Retina Display.

The theme includes customizable widgets, layouts, and multi-sidebar support. It is a perfect theme for Fashion and Travel Blogger though it can still be used for other niches since it has got tons of other customizable settings.

Light & Dark designs, Parallax header background, Retina ready, and Long-term support are the notable features of this WordPress theme with high user reviews. 

Suitable For: Travel Blogging, Fashion Blogging, and Food Blogging

Ratings: 5/5 (48 Ratings)     Get Maple Theme

10. The Core


Last but not the least in the list comes one of the most popular premium WordPress Themes, The Core from ThemeFuse. The highlight of this theme is the number of entirely different layouts and skins.

This highest-rated WordPress theme includes more than 20 different designs which you can change in seconds to match it with the niche of your site.

Moreover, it contains the visual page builder and supports WooCommerce & other popular plugins which make it perfect for almost all types of niches.

You will adore its excellent features like megamenu, multiple sliders, advanced visual builder, and SEO options.  

Suitable For: News/Media, Business, Affiliate Marketing, and General Blogging

Ratings: 4.67/5 (N/A)     Get TheCore Theme

Final Words

[bctt tweet=”Theme ratings tell how worth buying it is & how helpful their technical support is ” username=”Wpglossy1″]

Always read the customer feedbacks instead of looking at the testimonials of the theme developers as the former will always give you the advantage to get a whole outlook on the WordPress theme that you are buying.

Consider getting a WordPress theme that has a high user rating, so that you will be getting the flexible options to personalize your site and perform well on search results

I feel good that I have consolidated some of the best rated WordPress themes that would help you to buy the suitable one for your website. 

What is your opinion about these highly rated themes for WordPress? Which one do you like the most? Would you give priority to the theme rating provided by the customers? Share your incredible views in the comment section!  

by Nirmala
Nirmala is an avid blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She loves to write useful WP tips & tricks on this active blog.

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