Importance of Having A Good WordPress Theme

A professional website is necessary for every business to display its expertise, get worldwide customers, and avoid spending on online brochures. Moreover, they can keep their customers informed and gain considerable credibility.

I assume that you’re a minor business owner/digital marketer/online publisher or, at least, a devoted blogger, and thus, you are here to read the importance of having a good WordPress theme for a website/blog.

Before checking Why having the best WordPress theme is essential, I would suggest you have a look at the post where I’ve explained the proficiency of WordPress Content Management System.

Yes! This open-source project serves many well-known websites without any noise, as it is highly optimized for search engines and can logically interact with visitors.

It is suitable for severe corporate projects and the best self-hosted blogging tool; Plugins do magic here!

If you still doubt the courage of WordPress, you may have a look at some surprising WordPress statistics that make it remain rocking on the web.

Let me come to the point now!

How Themes Play a Vital Role in WordPress Sites?

A plethora of researchers proved that a website with a good design would drive better customers, and that, in turn, leads to more sales/subscribers.

You might think, does it matter how my WordPress site looks?

I would say, Yes, of course!


I assume you have chosen a brandable domain name and reliable hosting for your blog/site and installed WordPress.

Are you aware of the optimization that needs to be done after installing WordPress?

Now, you should pay attention to get a superior WordPress theme design with simple features to reap the following benefits!

1. Dig Up Branding

Creating a memorable brand name is more important to run a successful business. You may use your WordPress website as a public branding portal by highlighting your skills in the featured section.

So, just think how much effort you should invest in grabbing the first impression of your site visitors. A clean, well-organized theme design can tell your site visitors that you care for them a lot.

If they can feel your spirit with the visually pleasing design, then no one can stop them from interacting with the information you have provided on your website.

When you continue to get loyal customers, you will establish your foot in your niche/industry, and your brand becomes more noticeable.

With the MyThemeShop fast-loading themes, you can dig up your branding for sure!

Have Better WordPress Design -> Get More Visitors -> Maximum Brand Identity

2. Get Search Engine Paybacks

Even though WordPress is good for SEO, you must get a responsive theme to avoid adverse impacts on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Probably, you are aware of the new Google search algorithm, Mobilegeddon, to rank better in mobile search, and fast-loading sites would yield more traffic from search engines.

Accordingly, you may opt for a responsive WordPress theme with clean codes, minimum CSS & Javascript files, a straightforward layout, Schema Markup, and speed optimization features.

I would always like to recommend Genesis Framework from StudioPress since it boasts specific codes, inbuilt SEO with, robust security, premade templates, dedicated plugins, and many more helpful features.

Thus, a fast-loading WordPress theme is an essential element of your site/blog in making it SEO-friendly. Look at the best premium Genesis themes of StudioPress and buy the suitable one for your website. 

Place Quick Loading Responsive WordPress Theme -> Catch Targeted Visitors Via Organic Traffic

3. Offer Great User Experience

Choosing a tailored WordPress design that can illustrate your business features and benefits would give your audience a great experience as they can maneuver your site with easy navigation and get everything that they are looking for.

Yeah! If you buy any of the top-rated WordPress themes that make sense and hold the combination of user interface & interaction design skills, then your readers will enjoy every portion of your site and come back for sure.

I would suggest going with Thrive themes, as it would let you create an excellent design with no distraction layout. Besides, it lets you focus areas for massive conversions through call-to-action or opt-in forms.

Out of all, you could offer a pleasant user experience through its straightforward navigation, clever widgets, and unique social media buttons.

Hence, do not confuse and distract your readers with a terrible site design! Instead, pick the best WordPress theme to fix the particular elements in appropriate places and make them feel comfortable by giving a brilliant user experience.

Create Tailored Design -> Give Best User Experience -> Acquire Loyal Customers.

Wrapping Up

“WordPress is the Emperor of CMS Universe”

A high-quality WordPress theme plays a vital role in determining the success of a business website. With the fast-loading WordPress themes, you can reach a wider audience, influence their decisions, and educate them about your product or service.

Even though you’re consistently giving content updates to your site audience, if you put more hurdles on your WordPress theme design, they will leave your site without racking up any precious data or never respond to your call to action.

So, I suggest you choose an excellent WordPress theme to gain brand exposure, get love from search engines, and give a better user experience. You may also look at the in-depth war between MyThemeShop & StudioPress Genesis themes and purchase the appropriate one for your WP Site.

You might be considering the factors to consider while selecting a perfect WordPress theme for your blog/design. I have given some helpful tips for choosing an excellent theme for WordPress

Do you agree with my viewpoints on the importance of having the best WordPress theme? What is your opinion? Does your WordPress design influence your success? Share your thoughts and WordPress theme experience in the comment section.

by Nirmala
Nirmala is an avid blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She loves to write useful WP tips & tricks on this active blog.

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  1. Hi Nirmalam Ma’am!
    I love your new blog and you’re sharing some great WP stuff.
    This post is really interesting and I agree with all the points, you mentioned!
    A good theme provides a good user experience and that’s all we need.
    Thank you for sharing!
    ~ Ahmad
    P.S. I updated my blog design TutorialsFist[dot]com, could you please check it out and share a feedback about the design? Please!

    • Hi Muhammad,

      Thanks for getting time to read my post, I feel good with your kind words.

      Yes, it is imperative to fix a best WordPress themes that could grab our readers’ attention to react to our call to action.

      I agree with your views as well.

      Great to know that you’ve updated your blog with a new theme. Sure, I’ll have a look and let you the know my opinion.

      Stay tuned to read more useful WP stuff, have a great rest of the week.

  2. hey Nirmala coming to your new blog for the first blog.

    This comment won’t be a long one as I want to keep coming to your blog again and again.

    A good theme is definitely important for better ranking, branding, social media marketing and much more.

    It is good to see that many new amazing themes have launched for the WordPress platform.

    I hope that new bloggers will think about having a theme which can provide them success in their blogging journey.

    • Hi Mohit,

      A warm welcome to my new blog, its okay with the comment size.

      I accept your thoughts on having a good WordPress theme and yes, the newbies should understand the importance of having a perfect theme for their site.

      Thanks for your comment, keep coming!

  3. Thats a good post Nirmala. It is really important to have a great professional looking theme for our blogs which elevate the blog branding. You have mentioned very good points. Many of the part time bloggers wont care much about themes including me because of many reasons. This post reminds me the need to update my blog theme, thank you.

    • Welcome to my blog Hemanth Kumar, Good to read your viewpoints on setting a good WordPress design for a site.

      Thanks much for your kind appreciating words, glad I could help you in reminding your blog theme change.

      Keep visiting to share your valuable views, have a good day!


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