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I understand that your requirement is to grab the fastest WordPress theme for your site, and thus you are here!

I would like to do the MyThemeShop review through this post as I’m using their fast loading WordPress themes for my niche blogs.

Let’s get into my viewpoints now!

Did you know that 1 second delay in your website loading time leads to 11% fewer page views?

Quickly have a glance at the following image, and you will know how a slow loading site kills your traffic and sales.


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Whether you know it or not, your website speed determines your online success both in terms of sales and search traffic.

If you are not focusing on building a faster website, you will hate yourself later.

Why Speed Matters?

We are now living in a world where every second count. If you are wasting your website visitors’ time by using a slow loading website, you are leaving a lot of money and traffic on the table.

Apart from that, Google gives TOP priority to the sites that load actually faster and give better search engine rankings.

So by using a fast loading website, you will be pleasing your visitors and also Google crawlers. Both can result in extra traffic and sales.

How to make a WordPress website faster? – It’s a million dollar question!

I have already discussed all the essential details 

Essential WordPress Speed Optimization

Advanced WordPress Speed Optimization

Let’s come to the point now!

When it comes to making WordPress site load faster, only ONE thing matters most.

What’s that?

It’s your website design.

If your design is messy, you are hurting your search rankings and giving a bad experience to your blog audience.

So this article is written exclusively for YOU to build a quick loading site with the fastest loading WordPress themes from MyThemeShop.

Are you curious to find more about it? Let’s get started.

Honest Review of MyThemeShop – Best WordPress Themes To Get Fast Loading Sites

If you are a blogger or an internet marketer, you might already have heard the term “Design is the NEW king.” It’s 100% correct.

Let me give you my example!

If I landed on a random site and the design is crappy or hard to read the content, I’ll abandon the site almost instantly even if the content is informative.

It not only happens to me alone but with everyone else. After all, no one likes a slow loading site, right?

Now comes the most important question: “How to make your site blazing fast”.

Either you can hire a website developer or use a fast, responsive WordPress theme.

Hiring a developer is not cheap. At an average, a good developer will charge you $1000 to $10000 or even more. So we’re left with the only choice: picking the clean and fastest WordPress theme.

Again, there are a TON of WordPress themes out there ranging from free to premium.

It can be tempting for you to pick simply a nice looking free WordPress theme to run your sites.

But I DON’T recommend you to choose a free theme if you are serious about making money with your WordPress site


You must check – “Reasons to purchase Premium WordPress Theme.”

Then, how to pick a premium WordPress theme that loads not only faster but also comes with an affordable price tag?

Here’s where MyThemeShop comes into play.

Why Pick MyThemeShop Over Other Themes?

MyThemeShop currently has 101 superior looking premium WordPress themes which are used by over 350,000 people all around the globe.

They have a vast collection of premium WordPress themes that are designed to look great and load fast.

MyThemeShop themes collection will take your website speed to the next level as they are designed for perfection and speed. They use less code; hence, their framework loads quickly.

Here are the three incredible reasons that nudge me to write the MyThemeShop review and I’m sure that you could make a fast-loading WordPress site from their premium themes.

#1. Super Ultra Fast & SEO friendly

The #1 reason why I wrote this detailed MyThemeShop review is because I wanted to introduce you to the fastest WordPress theme available on the web right now.

Hands down, MyThemeShop themes are blazing fast as they use less code, eliminating all the unwanted Java scripts and coding.

All of their themes are both mobile responsive and SEO friendly. You don’t have to install a hell lot of plugins to make your site responsive, as they are already designed to load on any device.

Because of their elegant code and design elements, it has become search engine friendly.

If you still wonder why MyThemeShop themes load faster, let me briefly explain you.

MyThemeShop framework uses;

  • Clean code (which makes it easy for you to customize however you want)
  • Lightweight code (which makes your website speed faster)
  • Readable code (so they became SEO-friendly)

Schema and Socially Viral are the popular fast-loading WordPress themes from MyThemeshop. 



The schema is the SEO-friendly, fastest WordPress theme that boasts pixel perfect design. This smooth theme has a minimal design that would attract your first-time visitors through its responsive and quick-loading feature. I have been using this speedy WordPress theme with clean photography for my event blog, and it is performing well.

Socially Viral 


Socially Viral is a well-SEO optimized, faster theme for WordPress users that could load like an express train. It not only skyrockets your site’s social shares but also makes the search engines and readers love navigating your site through its hasty loading quality. 

Can’t wait to grab those themes?

#2. Play With Your Theme 

All of their themes are integrated with shortcodes to make it easy for you to customize your design however you want.

Do you want to add an image? Use a shortcode.

Do you wish to embed a video from YouTube? Use a shortcode.

If you need to add boxes or customize your content section, then many shortcodes are available.

Basically, the MyThemeShop framework gives you access to a lot of useful shortcodes, which make it easy for you to make your design look stunning.

Not only that, but they also provide narrated video tutorials. That means if you ever want to customize your theme to make it unique from other sites, you can do so by watching their video tutorials.

Their user interface is intuitive and easy to use, so even a non-tech-savvy person can find it easy to customize the whole theme.

If you ever got stuck while making changes to your theme, there’s a professional customer staff available who are ready to resolve your problems.

Even though the exceptional themes of MyThemeShop include the shortcodes and mega menu, you never need to get worried about the loading speed of the themes. 

#3. Built-in Ad Management To Boost Your Earnings

Are you looking for a perfect theme to increase your AdSense earnings or any other ad earnings?

Well, MyThemeShop themes are designed to optimize the RIGHT places to boost your ad revenues be it AdSense or banner ads.

They are designed to let you put your ads in the right places that bring more clicks to your ads. After all, the more clicks you get, the more money you can make from your ads, right?

They provide a built-in option to manage your ads for the best CTR (click-through rates) and highest earnings.

And the best part is you don’t have to install additional plugins or tools to manage your ads; thus, you can make your site load super fast. 

So what are you waiting for? Boost your ad earnings with MyThemeShop!

Now, you might think about the price of MyThemeShop themes and wonder whether they are affordable. 

You don’t need to bother! Yes, the fast-loading WordPress themes from MyThemeShop are reasonable!

Let’s check its outlay. 

MyThemeShop Themes Pricing

Let’s now quickly talk about how much MyThemeShop themes cost you.

They are currently offering two pricing plans.

  • One is “Single Theme” (costs $29 – $59 for each theme)
  • Another is “Extended Membership” plan (costs you $19 per month, cancel at any time)


I highly recommend you to grab their extended membership plan as you can get access to all of their 102 themes 19 premium plugins and PSD files. 

Quick Note: They also give you access to 24 fastest free WordPress themes and plugins with lifetime support and updates when you create a free account with them.

What’s New In MyThemeShop?

Recently, MyThemeShop launched a new theme, Crypto for cryptocurrency-based blogs. It is one of the best WordPress Bitcoin and ICO 

The highlights of the Crypto WordPress theme are as follows

  1. Unique design with drag & drop homepage sections
  2. The coin can be compared with different currencies
  3. You can display historical price data & live coin price
  4. Dedicated Widgets and Woocommerce compatible

I would suggest you look at the recently launched WordPress theme to identify its impressive features!


Make Your WordPress Site Faster With MyThemeShop

As I said earlier, faster sites are ruling the web now. Undoubtedly, the MyThemeShop themes are precise, mobile-ready, SEO friendly, and yes, quick loading quality.

I like its inbuilt optimization, customization, and social media integration features. Out of all, their super fast loading ability nudged me to write this MyThemeShop review. 

If you are still using a slow-loading site, it’s time for you to act quickly. If you are considering an elegant, super fast and SEO-friendly WordPress theme, you should give a try to MyThemeShop themes.

Do you think MTS theme collection is right for you? If yes, grab their fastest WordPress theme layouts to build sites that load faster.

If not, check my comparison MyThemeShop Vs Genesis Themes and get the best one!

Do you already use their fast themes for your WordPress site? Are you satisfied with the performance? Let me know your thoughts and experience in the comment section. 

by Nirmala
Nirmala Santhakumar is a professional blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She always loves to write useful WP tips, tricks and tutorials on this active blog. Sharing her SEO knowledge is her keen interest.

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  1. Hello maam,
    This is a through review of MyThemeShop. My first theme in the WordPress blogging journey was of MyThemeShop. I still use one theme of theirs (steadyincome) on my niche site.
    They are very SEO optimized and their schema theme is real fast loading.

    They also have some huge authority sites using them like and ShoeMoney which shows their customer base.

    Thanks for this review of MyThemeShop which is surely becoming the favorite of mine these days.


    • Hi Swadhin,

      Thanks for reading my review. Yes, MTS offers quick loading WordPress layouts and it is indeed needed to hold the good search engine ranking.

      Good to know that you already use the MyThemeShop theme and yeah, Schema is really awesome. I too use it for one of my blogs.

      It’s really great that you aware that the Shoemoney is using the theme from MyThemeShop and I watched their recommendation video in YouTube.

      Thanks for getting time to leave your viewpoints, stay tuned!

  2. Great Review Sister
    I am Die-hard Fan of Mythemeshop WordPress themes Here is the 6 reason why I Love the Mythemeshop WordPress themes.
    – Fast loading (Speed Optimized themes)
    – clean coding
    – User-Friendly Theme panel
    – SEO Optimized (Schema Markup)
    – Rich Snippet Support
    – Awesome Customer Support

    My Favorite Mythemeshop themes
    – Schema WordPress theme
    – Best By Mythemeshop
    – Authority theme
    – Blogging theme

    I Personally Recommends Mythemeshop WordPress themes to Bloggers, developers, and Internet Marketers.

    – Santhoshveer

    • Hi Santhosh Bro,

      Nice to see you here and it’s really awesome to know that you like the themes of MyThemeShop.

      I 100% agree with the reasons for liking their designs and yes, they are fully speed optimized that help us to make our WordPress load quick.

      Thanks for sharing your preferred theme of MTS and yes, I too like their blogging theme.

      Keep coming to share your thoughts!

  3. Hi Nirmala,
    Superb post, i think there is nothing wrong in sating that 70% of wordpress themes are bought from Mythemesshop, it is the best site that offers the quality themes to their customers, i always prefer Mythemesshop over any other, thanks for sharing the post.

    • Hi Akshay,

      Thanks for your appreciation for the review, means a lot.

      I accept your opinion about the theme quality of MyThemeShop and it nudged me to write about them.

      I’m satisfied with their blazing fast loading WordPress themes and SEO-friendly features.

      Great that you prefer the MTS themes over other themes.

      Thanks again for leaving your opinion, keep visiting!

  4. Hi Mam,
    Your article was helpful, it’s an insightful review and you have mentioned crucial elements in this review.

    I can find your real experience in this article by your effective words and I also found mythemeshop offers best deals compared to other themes.

    So, I am thinking to purchase a theme from mythemeshop for my next project. This review was helpful for me.

    Thanks for your review.


    • Hey Aswini,

      Glad I could help you in finding the right WordPress theme for your future venture. I feel good with your kind praising words, thanks!

      I would recommend MyThemeShop theme for your blogs to perform well on search engines and to get loyal readers as well.

      Thanks again for coming by, stay tuned.

  5. Excellent blog here! Also your website loads up very fast!

    What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link
    to your host? I wish my web site loaded up as quickly as yours

    • Hi Analisa,

      Thanks for your appreciation! I use InMotion hosting for my blog. I have done some speed optimization techniques to make my blog loading quick.

      Thanks for reading my MyThemeShop review, stay tuned!

  6. Hi Nirmala,

    This is a fair and honest review.

    Speed is a huge issue. Especially with SEO these days as Google doubles down on ranking only quick-loading sites. With all mobile surfing now sites are either quick or dead in Google’s eyes.

    I had my theme redone and it’s super fast now. Not quite lightning quick but we’re getting close.

    MTS looks like it has the speed thing down big-time.

    Thanks for the review my friend.


    • Hi Ryan,

      Glad about your visit, thanks!

      I agree with your opinion that the Google gives preference to quick loading sites for top ranking!

      Great to know that you have already done the speed optimization for your blog.

      Thanks for getting time to read my MyThemeShop review, hope you will try for your future projects.

      Keep coming, have a happy weekend!

  7. Hi Nirmala mam
    First of all, nicely reviewed mythemeshop. As You also must be knowing that most of the old wordpress themes are identical. And not all are unique. So, i never rate old themes around 4-5 stars. But talking about the new creations and developments in features based themes, all new themes deserve a 5 star rating.
    Thanks for sharing your honest review. These are SEO friendly like amazing.

    • Hi Vashishtha Kapoor,

      Thanks for your appreciation! Yes, I agree with your viewpoints that the old themes of MyThemeShop are almost same and thus I have mentioned the same in the summary of the review.

      Yeah, new templates of MTS are really good and no complaints with them. Thanks for sharing your views, keep coming!

  8. yes the super fast WordPress themes are produced from mythemeshop only i agreed.
    And currently using schema premium theme which is seo friendly it boosts my site speed and increases my page ranking in major search engines. 🙂

  9. Hi Abdullah,

    Thanks for reading my MTS review! Yes, Schema theme is awesome and I’m using that template for one of my niche blogs. It is performing well in search engines and loads super fast as well.

    Good to know that you are also using the quick loading theme of MyThemeShop, my best wishes to get great search rankings.

  10. Thanks for your review. I would like to get a fast loading theme from MyThemeShop. I was convinced with your experience, keep writing!

    • Thanks Loria for your comment. Yes! quick loading theme is indeed needed for your WordPress site. I’m sure that you can establish a brand awareness for your blog with a stunning design. Stay tuned!

  11. Interesting post. I would like to get the WordPress theme from MyThemeShop and hence I will get a quick loading website. Thanks for writing about MTS themes, I’ll be regular here to read your content.


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