Top 25 Cloudways Partnerships To Build A complete Business site

In this article, I’ll take you through the best Cloudways partnerships to build a dream site for your business with all essential resources.

Our journey with Cloudways hosting is long, and it is continuing! We have used this managed cloud hosting for our WordPress sites for five years.

We moved this blog, WPGlossy, from InMotion hosting to Cloudways in 2017, and later all our other blogs to this cloud server service in different accounts.

We are still at Cloudways for many reasons, as it is futuristic and provides value for money without compromising functionality.  

After using the Digital Ocean server from Cloudways, we have achieved incredible speed for our blogs and met high monetary benefits.

Not only for us! Businesses and professionals widely acknowledge Cloudways as an excellent cloud hosting solution in terms of services, features, and pricing.

In the last five years of using Cloudways, I have liked Cloudways over other hosting service providers for factors like speed, performance, ease of use, user experience, pricing, and customer support.

With reliable customer support and a self-explanatory user interface, it gives the freedom to every professional out there to make maximum use of cloud infrastructure. 

If you take a close look at why Cloudways tops the list, it is because of its partnerships with top-notch brands that are #1 in their respective fields.

Yeah, Cloudways wants to give the best to its users, and this partnership makes that happen and adds value to its users. 

I would say that these collaborations are essential for business owners to take their site to a new height and beat the competitors.

After checking the meaningful associations, you want to buy this managed hosting service. At that time, you may use our Cloudways Promotional code to get a special offer.

Now, let me list some critical Cloudways partnerships so that you will know its care of offering the best quality service to the users.

Cloudways Partnerships For Technology

The cloud infrastructure provided by Cloudways is the talk of the town because it provides an excellent hosting experience to users.

This is feasible because of the technology partner that is associated with Cloudways. To enhance the experience further, Cloudways has partnered with technology service providers and infrastructure providers. 

If you are wondering about the background of its infrastructure, the brand contains lightning-fast cloud servers. This implies that you can use those servers to host your business and get the most out of it without uptime or security compromises. 

  • Rackspace – Cloudways has partnered with Rackspace to offer affordable email hosting solutions to users. 
  • New Relic – Analytics is a critical factor for every business. The partnership with New Relic provides complete visibility and access to analytics to obtain reports and enhance sites. 
  • Stackpath – Have you heard of security-as-a-service? Only some of you might have heard of it. Stackpath partnership is especially meant to use their security-as-a-service solutions to guarantee security and speed for users. 
  • Elastic Email – Cloudways does not stop with email hosting. It takes that extra step to let you access Elastic Email services to draft and forward transactional emails and newsletters. 
  • DNS Made Easy – As the name goes, this partnership is meant to make the best out of the fastest DNS service provider. 
  • Sucuri – DDoS attacks for your business are scary! Integrating CDN and site protection towards DDoS attacks are the goals of this partnership. Sucuri is the top WordPress security plugin that fulfills its job effectively. 

Cloudways Tools Partners

Cloudways maintains a never-ending list of partnerships with tool providers. Name a tool for your website, and it would have already partnered with them!

This means that you can either avail of their services at moderate costs or free of cost based on the terms of the partnership. 

Cloudways has categorized its tool partners into different sections – WordPress/WooCommerce, Magento, marketing, conversion rate optimization, and other tools. 


1. Crocoblock

Whether you are a novice or an expert or run an agency, you need tools that simplify your job of managing WordPress sites. Crocoblock comes to your rescue as a handy plugin if you face issues with using Gutenberg blocks.

This plugin lets you create a dynamic site with room for eCommerce features, booking options, memberships, and much more.

Cloudways has integrated with JetPlugins to let you enjoy a hassle-free experience using Gutenberg with its dedicated JetEngine plugin, templates, and freebies. Also, you can strike a discount for its all-in-one toolkit and uplift your site quickly. 

2. MainWP

Are you running an agency and managing several WordPress sites? MainWP is another plugin that lets you do that from one geographic location without hassles. 

I love Cloudways because of the pain it has taken to enhance user experiences. As business site owners, we have the habit of handling multiple websites, and managing them has been a headache.

But, with this partnership, Cloudways lets users use MainWP to manage WordPress of all sites in just one dashboard. Say goodbye to those numerous tabs opened to track every site’s progress!

3. WPUltimo

Are you getting into making money from your blogs? WP Ultimo transforms the site by taking advantage of Website-as-a-Service. This lets you customize the installation and reorder features in a way that sells and attracts visitors. 

If you are new to starting a site, you might have already tried your hands on Wix or Squarespace. If those platforms have added ease to your website-building process, Cloudways hears you! It has partnered with WPUltimo to create sites with addons at incredible spaces! 

Did you also know that this partnership will save thousands of rupees you would spend on web designing? WP Ultimo is needed for every newbie, and Cloudways cares for you! 


Did you know that Google is now working towards promoting sites in regional languages? Perhaps, you and I might want to start a bilingual site but cannot afford a translator. Cloudways hear our woes!

Are you running a multilingual site? WPML lets you handle multilingual sites with its translation plugin that works well for posts and pages in a jiffy.

All you need to do is to install this plugin on your WordPress site, and it lets your content display in multiple languages. At a stage when you are wondering about the possibility of Cloudways solutions for multilingual sites, this kind of partnership is heartwarming and outstanding! 

5. Cart2Cart

WooCommerce users alert! You have the Cart2Cart plugin to enable data transfer from your online store to the platform of your choice.

Like how you migrate sites from one domain/hosting to the other, you can now migrate eCommerce stores. This saves time and resources. Most importantly, you can stay connected with your project. 

Cloudways does not limit its partnership with providers of themes and plugins. It has also partnered with services that can add flexibility to your business. 

6. WPCompress

Now that we have explored basic features, it is time to look at storage. Cloudways has partnered with WPCompress, a renowned image optimizer that works well for WordPress users. All you need to do is to install this plugin and let the magic happen! 

This is an excellent boost for WordPress agencies who want to improve load times automatically. This Cloudways partnership gives you access to premium features and boosts the site’s usability. 

Themes & Page Builders

There are also plugins for themes, including Themesgrove, Astra, Shoptimizer, themeco, themefuse, ProteusTheme, TeslaThemes, ThemeGrill, Elegant Themes, CSSIgnitor, Dessign, Flothemes, GretaThemes, Themeisle, and PixelDima. Some of them also have free themes for your sites. Let’s take a look at a few great partnerships. 

7. WPAstra

WPAstra is an exclusive lightweight theme designed for WordPress sites promoting customizations for portfolios and business sites.

More importantly, this partnership has given way to customers looking for themes to purchase. WPAstra premium at a nominal price and also enjoy a range of benefits. 

8. Elegant Themes 

Like WPAstra, Elegant Themes stands as a hub of numerous visual page builders and is also the home of Divi. Thousands of sites worldwide use Divi for its professional layout and excellent user interface.

Perhaps, this Cloudways – Divi partnership gives way to access numerous themes within the hub of Elegant Themes at discounted prices. Divi is the best WordPress theme that we have ever used.

9. Themeisle

Have you heard of some popular themes like Neve and Hestia? Cloudways has extended its partnership with Themeisle to bring the world’s top creator to the table and let you gain access to exciting features without drilling a hole in your pocket.

The idea is to bombard you with as many features and options as possible. In addition, Cloudways has partnered with essential plugins for your website, like speed, backup, security, performance, themes, and images. 

10. Beaver Builder

it is one of the best well-known page builder plugins used to create elegant sites and beautify the front end. Irrespective of your knowledge level in website creation, Cloudways has partnered with Beaver Builder, which lets you drag and drop icons and features to establish websites in a few minutes.

11. Elementor 

Elementor is the encyclopedia for every site owner who wants to build a site in minutes. Elementor + Cloudways is all set to give you the advantage of creating a professional site and showcasing an outstanding UI with drag-and-drop features.

Of course, Elementor constantly updates new widgets, making it easier to give your site a fresh look as the trend advances.

12. Metabox

When I tell you to trust Cloudways, I have already tried my hands and tested it thoroughly. Where would you find a hosting service provider that takes care of every minute need of your site?

Metabox + Cloudways is one outstanding partnership meant to manage custom fields for posts, forms, and pages without worrying about the UI. As a result of this partnership, customer support does guide you throughout when you have a query.

13. Codeable

Sometimes, your website is stuck somewhere and throws errors, but you do not know how to rectify them. Finding an expert directly can take time.

Cloudways has partnered with Codeable to give you access to WordPress developers and experts who can associate with you as freelancers and address your needs on the go. 

14. WPBuffs

So, you have a site hosted and running! What’s next? You need to know if things are as planned and monitor aspects like speed, performance, customizations, and usability to address any issue.

WPBuffs is known for a reliable solution that can be spotted on the partner table of Cloudways, and it manages your site 24/7 and takes care of your business.

Marketing Tools

A site’s growth does not stop with development. Marketing is vital, and Cloudways simplifies marketing with dedicated social media, SEO, and email solutions. 

To improve your search ranking and get visible in the market as a trustworthy brand, you have to optimize your posts/pages.

This is where you may need solutions like SE Ranking, AllinOneSEO, Yoast SEO, and Seomator. You can choose one of them and begin the growth journey of your site. 

Specific plugins like Yoast SEO, AllinOneSEO, MailOptin, Easy Social Post Feed, and WP Security Audit Log are mandatory for every site. These plugins help you in maximizing SEO performances and security statuses.

Let us look at incredible Cloudways partnerships for marketing one by one! 

15. Yoast SEO

To present the best solution for each section, Cloudways has handpicked every provider to get them away from worries. Yoast SEO is the emperor in the SEO domain, as millions of site owners have used the plugin to gain better visibility in the search engine. 

This partnership is a solution for site owners using several platforms. Begin using the premium version and feel proud of Cloudways as your choice! 

16. SE Ranking

You can never fall short of options when you choose Cloudways! The partnership with SE Ranking is meant to give you access to a host of SEO tools and plan your business by analyzing competition and finding suitable keywords.

Perhaps, this plugin also lets you track search engine rankings from time to time. We use this great SEO tool to perform keyword research and competitor analysis.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you looking at doubling conversion rates? Whether you run an online store or an affiliate blog, conversion rate determines your site’s performance. Partners like Mouseflow, Inspectlet, Omniconvert, Wisepops, Optinmonster, and Beeketing. 

17. Inspectlet

From the beginning, I have mentioned how futuristic Cloudways is. The partnership with Inspectlet is a testimony to it. You can record videos of visitors when they access the site. This helps you determine their browsing behaviors. 

18. Mouseflow 

Mouseflow is a pioneer in administering user engagement models and delivering heat maps that can let you plan funnels and forms for your online asset. In using this solution, your business grows exponentially. 

How about emails and newsletters? You have solutions from Sanebox, UpLead, MailOptin, and Active Campaign for you to design newsletters and convert visitors to subscribers with excellent landing pages. 

19. ActiveCampaign

Does your visitor like your web pages? Is your marketing strategy working? This partnership with ActiveCampaign answers these questions that focus on enhancing customer experiences. With automation at the top, you can also use CRM tools for your website. 

20. WPsimplegiveaways 

Cloudways has announced a giveaway to all its customers with WPSimpleGiveaways. It is a user-friendly WordPress plugin to grow your email list and convert more visitors into subscribers. 

Starting a site is not just enough. You should optimize it to increase readers to your web asset, and the partnership has given scope for powerful integration to market your brand across several platforms. 

21. MailOptin

Like WPSimpleGiveaways, Cloudways partnered with MailOptin to enhance user engagement and convert visitors to subscribers. 

From managing popups to sending email newsletters, this partnership is focused on building the success rate of your site. Use this plugin to generate leads and retain new customers for your business website. 

22. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a market leader in the lead generation domain. It lets you design engaging popups, forms, and newsletters that don’t appear promotional but do the job. The partnership is all meant to enable access to its top-notch features to optimize your digital pages better. 

Other Useful Cloudways Partnerships

Cloudways does not stop with solutions for your content, security, store, or marketing. It also lets you explore other services. For instance, you can also develop a Joomla site with Themexpert. 

Are you a Magneto user? You have many partnerships to handle modules, support, and extensions for Magento sites. Some notable partners include Amasty, Ubertheme, one-step checkout, Magestore, Mageplaza, Magecomp, Mofluid, Aitoc, Wagento, Wyomind, Emipro, Mageworx, LitExtension, Metrilo, Webkul, Evrig, and MageAnts. 

Suppose you are already a regular user of Magento. In that case, you must have heard of these brands offering extensions, plugins, CRM, shopping cart migration, marketplace, mobile app extension, and omnichannel solutions. Don’t you think your job gets more accessible with these many tools in hand?

23. WP Security Audit Log

A premium security plugin, WP Security Audit log aims to offer thorough logs of your site. This is exclusively for site owners having multiple users and worrying about their usage methods. Cloudways believed this plugin is a must for every site owner and brought it to you! 


Are you exploring multiple forms of content on your site? Cloudways has partnered with social media providers, including, Lumen5, and These video makers let you reach your website closer to the target audience. 

Have you heard of hosting your video without affecting your hosting plan? Well, Cloudways makes it feasible with the partnership with It is an online video maker and an editor giving you access to a host of premium stock videos free of cost. 

25. Skill Share

Are you planning to run classes online? SkillShare is for you! With this partnership, you can conduct online courses using the platform for less than the market price. 

Bagisto, tekAura, and Viral loops are other partnerships that enhance the marketplace and promote referral programs. 

Quick tip! 

The Cloudways partnerships listed above would have certainly blown your mind! There’s more to what Cloudways can do. The list is still growing. 

But, here’s some news for you. It also invites affiliates to partner and earn extra money to run your business better. 

Wrapping Up The Top Cloudways Partnerships

Cloudways is a cloud hosting service provider for the next-gen business. While some hosting providers offer solutions only for WordPress, Cloudways is a better choice for all types of business sites.

With tools that can closely monitor every user action and double your site’s income, subscribing to Cloudways is the only thing you should do now. It is the best place to host your business site.

How about beginning your journey with Cloudways today? As a proud user, I highly recommend this managed hosting for your dream site. Grab the exclusive $30 discount through the highest Cloudways Promo Code – WPGLOSSY.

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