6 Email Newsletter Tactics Your Business can Start Today


Are you looking for some exceptional email newsletter tactics to move your business to the next level by improving the user experience? You are at the right place!

Email marketing is not dead yet. It might be a traditional marketing strategy, but it is as popular today as it was when it started. The techniques, however, have evolved.

An email has a higher user engagement and click-through rate than the top three social sites (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). 

According to Optimonster, emails have an open rate and click-through rate of 22.86% and 3.71%, respectively. Besides, emails are the most appropriate channel for business communication.

Customers want to engage with brands and get the latest updates about new offers and product launches through emails instead of social media. 

The question is, “How exactly can you engage your customers through email newsletters”? Let’s check out the six email newsletter tips that work for all sizes and types of businesses. 

Top 6 Email Newsletter Tactics for better user engagement

You have a long list of subscribers and a good customer engagement rate. However, it will be useless if your newsletters fail to convince your prospects. Remember that your end goal is conversion. 

Sending those long, boring, essay-format emails to your clients will not help grab their attention. To make an impact, you must develop an engaging and informative email newsletter that gets your readers to your landing page. 

Using a carefully crafted email marketing campaign, you can attract many customers to your online and land-based store. 

I have put together six email newsletter tips that will make your job easier and help you get the required levels of engagement from your email newsletters. Let’s get into them!

1. Build a solid welcome campaign


Emails with a personalized opening line are 26% more likely to be considered than those with random headings. You need to engage your customers from the start. When they sign up for your email newsletters, they should feel like they are given personalized treatment. 

Your welcome campaign is the first email your target customers receive when they join your club. So, make it as engaging and informative as possible. 

Address your customers with their names and give them a warm welcome. These small gestures can differentiate between a prospect converted into your customer and a user unsubscribing from your email newsletters.

Hubspot states welcome emails are 50% more likely to be opened and 86% more effective than regular newsletters. 

Take a look at Uber’s welcome email campaign.


They have added every detail about the services, including steps for booking a ride, getting started, and getting in contact. Started with a simple thank you message, Uber has nailed it. 

Your welcome email should be detailed. Keep it informative. Add pictures, make it look professional, and put an incentive for your new users. These tricks work for all types of businesses, irrespective of industry and size. 

The welcome email campaign aims to educate your users about the type of content you will share, how frequently they will receive an email from you, and what kind of offers they can expect. You must add your contact information so they can contact you for further queries. 

It is the first step to building a loyal customer base. It also gives your audience a good reason why they should stick around. Give your best!

2. Keep it simple and fun

A fun element in an email newsletter is an impressive way to attract your audience’s attention. Even if they are not interested in buying your product, they will gain the required information by reading your email newsletters, which might lead to a change of mind. 

The real question is how to make your email funny and entertaining. This is especially challenging for businesses sending an informative email newsletter. Think about a joke, a meme, or anything that looks relevant to your brand. 

If you can’t brainstorm on memes or jokes, try to keep your tone humorous as Hawthorne did. 


This is a perfect example of a funny tone and engaging copy, which they have nailed. 

The company in question sells facial beauty products. They have used humor to ask people why they should use face wash.


In the following email, the company added a quiz to help customers find the best face wash.

Similarly, your email copy should be tailored to the needs of your audience. 

Not every email newsletter needs to start on a funny note. You could use quotes and videos as well. A meme also works in such scenarios. 

3. Build a smart and easy-to-use feedback form

You can collect insights into your email’s performance. But, these technical numbers do not tell you whether your audiences liked your content.

Anyone can have a high click-through rate for their email newsletters. You can get your audience to open your email using a custom-crafted opening line, but what about engagement? What about ensuring that they read the email and take action? And that, of course, will always be your primary goal!

This is where a feedback form comes in handy. Ask your audience to leave feedback for every email.  Make sure to keep the format simple. Hire programmers who have taken the Java coding test to build the best feedback forms and newsletter campaigns. 

In the following example, check how the food service company has kept the feedback form simple without much of a fuss. There is no lengthy survey, only three emoticons. 

There is a good chance your customers will leave feedback after they are done taking your service. After all, it is a one-click process. Plus, it looks quite engaging.


You could also use visuals to ask your customers to describe their experience with you. Do not ask them to send an email or complete a survey. It is too much to ask.

4. Build a solid relationship 

Emails that brag too much about your products may not strongly impact your audience. Your customers do not want to know the benefits of using your products and how your services can benefit them. 

It is not a webinar or a book that can be promoted (unless you are an author selling a book). Selling a product by email does not make sense since email only brings your customers to your landing page or the product page. 

Consider it as a way to connect more with your audience. Learn about them. Ask them what they are interested in, what type of content they like, and whether they are interested in your product. Take feedback and send regular updates for your latest offers.

Remember their little details, such as their birthdays, and offer something special to them. That’s the treatment your customers expect from you. 


JetBlue did it well! See how they remembered the day the customer joined their services and sent a personalized email. It is a wonderful way to build a long-term relationship with your customers and keep them engaged with your brand.

Selling your product is not your final goal. It is your customer service that your customers will remember you for—the better your services, the higher your repeat purchase rate.

5. Keep Your CTA Simple

Take Youpreneur, for example.


Customers are highly likely to click on the “get instant access” button, as it is too impressive to be missed. 

Emails featuring a simple and single Call to action (CTA) saw a 371% increase in click-through and a 1617% increase in sales.

One of the biggest mistakes of email marketers is adding “continue to read” or “click here to learn more” options. 

Do not complicate it for the readers. Your email newsletters are designed to make it easier for your customers to know about your services to decide if they should buy your product.

Most of your customers will not even bother to visit your website from your email to finish reading the article. Your call to action is the final step. You don’t want to lose customers at this point. 

Design a simple CTA with only one redirect link directing your prospects to the purchase page.

6. Use ready-made templates 

If you can’t figure out the right colors and designs for your newsletter or don’t have time to build an email newsletter from scratch, why don’t you use ready-made templates instead?

Let’s say you are launching a new product and need a perfect email template that attracts views. Check out the latest product launch email examples and use the built-in templates to craft your newsletter.

The biggest advantage of these built-in templates is that you don’t have to select colors, designs, or text. Just add your offer details, and you are good to go!


There is no sure-shot success strategy for email newsletters. However, you can increase customer engagement using the email newsletter strategies above. 

These email marketing tips will help you grab your audience’s attention, increase conversions, and build your customer’s trust in your brand. Hope this helps!

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