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Are you wondering about a question – How do I get a job as a fashion blogger, then this post would help you know some fashion blogging jobs to make money at home. You have made the right decision during this lockdown period! Earning at home is the right choice for experienced bloggers!

There is a famous saying that goes, “Find a Job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” And it cannot get closer to reality than this. With the rise of people opting for more different jobs, blogging too has seen a boom.

Since the internet bubble exploded in the mid-2000s, blogging has been a popular career option. It provides writers with the privilege of writing as much as they want about a field that they are interested in.

Although a college degree in the field you are writing about is preferable if you generated interest in the desired field, later on, one can work their way through thigs and still land their dream job.

Fashion, as an industry, has a lot of scope for bloggers. It has all the right elements. Being a fashion Blogger is a popular choice for people looking to make their career in the fashion industry.

Let’s see some of the trending fashion blogging jobs. If you are a passionate blogger who works in the fashion niche, then you may get hired and make some additional at home.

Basic Expected Skills

As is the case with all the writing-related jobs, blogging requires a similar set of responsibilities. One must be skilled in written literature. With all the major platforms now recognizing English as the universal language, one must be fluent in English.

Knowledge and understanding of the fashion world, being up to date with the modern trends as well as being aware of the history of included genres is also desirable. If you want to be spotted by the big shot organizations, you should have a unique writing style and have original ideas.

As the fashion industry constantly evolves not only in style but also from a technological point of view, you should be well aware of the basics. The industry attracts the attention of varied people involved in the industry.

If you are looking to make it big in the blogging scene in this trending industry, it works how a traditional career in the magazine does. You start small and then work your way up the positional hierarchy while serving with an established firm. If you are a freelancer, the number of hits on your blog increases from time to time.

The chances of your blog getting popular also increase when have the right contacts. Fashion-blogging is a subset of the whole blogging scene. There are different approaches that you can adapt to make it count within the fashion-blogging career.

In this article, I’m going to discuss what can be your entry point and further possible progress in the fashion blogging jobs field.

4 Trending Jobs Available For Fashion Bloggers

1. Fashion Blog Editor

If you look at the structure of the staff working for the magazine, you will see that as the chief of operations, a person is appointed known as the editor.

Similarly, popular blogging platforms such as Atlantic-Pacific, Hello Fashion, etc. appoint a ‘Fashion Blog Editor.’ A fashion blog editor’s job is to provide a fresh perspective of the fashion industry.

Traditionally, these people are offered the front row as an audience for the fresh portfolios of major-brand. Along with writing about current trends, these people also focus on the backlines of the industry, people behind projects. They are also hired by companies to style photoshoots too.

It is a job that requires a lot of work, and it is not a job for people who don’t have fashion in their veins. Although, like any other profession, you cannot climb the hierarchical positions that easily. But what you can do is start an internship with a reputed brand or in-fact any organization that has a decent number of audiences, and works your way up the tree.

And for those people who think that this job is all show and no money, it is not valid. Fashion is considered to be one of the poshest industries one can work in. With a front row to the fashion industry, you will be paid a handsome amount too.

An important point to keep in mind is that when you would like to earn as a Faishon Blog editor, you might be better off in trying to work for bigger titles as smaller titles do not hire editors. Still, they hire fashion bloggers instead and write about the topics a Faishon Editor might.

Key Points To Keep In Mind For A ‘Fashion Blog Editor’

  • Expected work experience is at least five years, as an editor/ blogger.
  • Immaculate language and writing style are a must.
  • The average salary is 59,000 dollars per annum.
  • Expertise in social skills is desirable.
  • A degree in Fashion design is preferable.

2. Fashion Blog Content Writer

If you are inclined more towards being a freelancer, or have previous experience in writing but not as a fashion blogger, being a ‘Fashion blog content writer’ is a suitable choice for you. In the fashion blog writing jobs, you have to write any content that you might see on any fashion website or any fashion blogging related website.

They specialize in writing content related to fashion in an engaging yet easy format. There is to document the fashion scene; they usually work under editors. Their job may sound easy, but it isn’t. Even though their scope of work is not as elaborate as an editor, but they have to churn out a significant amount of words and have a lot of deadlines to follow.

A typical fashion writer may write about the topic it is given to them by their superiors if they work for an organization. However, a freelancer either writes about the topic given to them by a client or they write whatever they feel like giving an opinion on and then contact platforms to accept their work.

As with any other profession, you can do an internship with a company that requires fashion blog content writers and then find a job in a similar role. It may come around as unfair, but in general, the pay-scale of fashion writer jobs is way less than say an editor, but it is a rewarding job as you will notice your content everywhere on the internet.

Key Points To Keep In Mind For A ‘Fashion Blog Content Writer’

  • The expected work experience is 0-1 years in freelance fashion content writing jobs.
  • Unique written material that is free from plagiarism is required.
  • Writing trending fashion topics helps a lot.
  • The writing style should appeal to the masses.
  • A dedicated writing routine is important as a significant amount of words is expected daily.
  • A Salary of 15,000- 40,000 dollars can be expected annually, depending on the kind of firm you are working for.

3. Fashion Blog Jobs On Instagram

With the rise of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram connecting with the world has become way easier. As the fashion industry attracts people of all sorts, there is something for everyone. There is a rising debate between the roles of a blogger and influencer on Instagram.

While anyone with a few hundred followers can write influencers on their profile, there is some technical difference. In strict terms, a fashion blogger on Instagram is someone who writes about fashion or documents it through Instagram. They can write for Instagram pages of popular magazines like Bazaar, GQ, etc.

Or have their page with a motive of increasing followers to earn money. If you work for an organization, naturally, you will be paid a salary, but if you have your page, you can find brands that can market their product through your channel.

Influencers perform the same role as an independent blogger; they provide their view on current trends and earn from marketing for popular brands, and that is where the similarities end; in contrast to bloggers, they have a much greater fan following, and they popularise products more effectively.

If you are looking to work as a ‘Fashion Blogger on Instagram”, initially, you should focus on gaining followers when you serve independently. Also, be skilled in documenting things comprehensively in relatively lesser words.

Being an independent Fashion blogger on Instagram is a laborious job initially, but it is fruitful. After gaining necessary followers, you can earn anywhere 500$-1,000$ for a single post if you have a few thousand followers.

However, if you gain followers significantly and end up with a following of around 6 million. You can even earn 80,000$ for a single post. Things get a bit different when you start working for some magazine’s Instagram page, in that field, there will be a group of people given the job of handling their Instagram page.

You will not be paid as much as an independent blogger, but you will not be responsible for finding brands for sponsorship, and even if you don’t have millions of followers, you can work find some fashion blogging jobs on Instagram.

Key Points To Keep In Mind For A ‘Fashion Blogger On Instagram’

  • Be innovative and brief about your opinions.
  • Have active social media skills.
  • Collaborations with other Instagrammers increase your popularity.
  • Work experience of 0-6 years is required.
  • Expertise in looking for content opportunities.

4. Fashion Blog Consultant

There are a few fashion blogger jobs from home in the industry that levels with an editor. One of those jobs is ‘Fashion Blog Consultant.’ that may require fashion designing as a professional degree.

You can become an editor even if you are great in writing and have extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and do not have a fashion-related college degree. But a Fashion Blog Consultant is a different deal. These people not only have elaborate know-how of the current trends but also have an immaculate understanding of history.

They study trends that rotate from time to time and give their opinion on the future of a product. They are also aware of the sociological standpoints. Companies also hire them for sampling jobs, and their feedback is essential in the fashion world. They supply fashion advice for people.

From time to time, their work can be seen on blogging sites suggesting an improvement in the industry. They usually work independently, but often they are hired by popular brands to improve their products.

To work as a consultant, you need to have experience in this particular job profile. If you are currently a fashion student, have an eye for detail and can give strong opinions on new trends. This is a perfect job for you.

Key Points To Keep In Mind For A ‘Fashion Blog Consultant’

  • A professional degree in Fashion designing is a must.
  • Should have constructive criticisms.
  • Should be good in conveying a message.
  • An Average salary of 40,000$ is comfortably obtainable.

Pro Tips To Perform Well In Fashion Blogging Jobs

Whatever be the blog related job that you would like to work in the fashion field, it’s better to master your SEO skills. Yes! you should understand the

So that you can shine like a star in our career by driving the targeted audience for the sites or clients that you work.

For any help in learning the technical SEO, you may reach me any time through the blog contact form or comments.

Wrapping Up The Fashion Blogging Jobs

The kind of job that is suitable for you is purely subjective. It is totally up to you on what kind of job profile in your cup of tea. If you are a rookie or currently studying and you want to work as a blogger, you need to take up writing as a time-bound activity and get efficient in your written skills.

As I wrote earlier, “find a job you love, and you will have to work a day in your life.” If you still look for your passion but still want to work on the fashion blogging scene, it is recommended that you start working as a freelancer fashion content writer, as it is a good stepping stone, then try to earn as a fashion blog editor.

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