GreenGeeks Vs SiteGround – Which Hosting Should You Get For Your Business site?


GreenGeeks Vs SiteGround, which company offers the best hosting service?

It is a commonly asked question among the site founders because the GreenGeeks has improved its features and offers economical pricing plans like its competitor, SiteGround.

We are making several niche blogs and working for clients’ sites and hence we are a great opportunity to buy different hosting servers to find out the best service that has been optimized for speed and high-performance.

GreenGeeks and SiteGround, both are known to be among the best companies for website hosting and yes, we have used both the services.

This article presents an in-depth comparison of the essential features of both hosting platforms, which would signify which platform would be a better choice.

Let’s begin the war – GreenGeeks vs SiteGround by sharing my viewpoints and experiences so that it would help you in picking the ideal hosting company for your business site.

If you’re in a hurry and here comes a comparison table for you in a crisp format!

GreenGeeks Vs SiteGround – A Quick Comparison







Free Site Migration



Website Hosted

1-2 Domain

One Domain

Web Storage Space



Free Email Accounts



Free SSL (Auto Renewal)



SSD Based Servers



Security & Backup



Renewal Energy



Domain Registration

Free for 1st year

Paid ($15.95/year)

1-Click WordPress Install



Money Back Guarantee

30 Days

30 Days

Staging Tools



SEO & Marketing Tools


Not Available

Why GreenGeeks Than SiteGround?

When you compare GreenGeeks Vs SiteGround, you pick should be GreenGeeks for the following reasons.

  • GreenGeeks Offer free domain name or transfer for the 1st year, and in SiteGround, you need to pay around $16 for the domain registration.
  • No restricted web space here and hence you can host a large site without any hesitation. But, SiteGround has limited web space for every pricing plan.
  • The pricing plans of GreenGeeks are cheaper when compared to SiteGround hosting. The SiteGround has increased its pricing for all plans that could not be afforded by the beginners. Not like SiteGround, GreenGeeks has inexpensive pricing plans suitable for budding entrepreneurs and newbie.
  • GreenGeeks is an environment-friendly hosting to lessen the carbon-emissions through the internet. It has been recognised by the United States Environmental Protection Agency since 2009 as a Green Power Partner.

Why SiteGround?

  • SiteGround is considered to be perfect for the backup features it has to offer. It provides an option of restoring the data from the last seven days, which can be extremely helpful for the users.
  • Its customer support service is excellent. The agents are customer-friendly and highly knowledgeable, who are ready to help 24/7. They have a very positive and helpful attitude, which helps in empowering the clients.
  • SiteGround gives you 1-click staging tool through which you can create a copy of your site and use it for test something new and hence the live site remains unaffected.

GreenGeeks Or SiteGround – Detailed Comparison

It’s time to have an in-depth comparison of SiteGround vs GreenGeeks!


Speed is regarded to be a critical factor that is a decisive factor for a good hosting service. The faster the system speed, the faster the pages and websites would load. The pace at which the client’s websites function is dependent on the web server, which is decided by the hosting company.

Speed Test Score



Google Page Speed



Loading Time





GreenGeeks hosting platform offers a plethora of latest technologies, which help in speeding up the services which are provided. It comes with built-in services such as LiteSpeed, LSCache, MariaDB, HTTP/2, PHP7, and free CDN.

Also, the Solid-State Storage Arrays, which are made accessible for the clients, are highly helpful for increasing the speeds for loading the webpages. It also assists in growing the redundancy to the maximum point.



SiteGround, on the other hand, is a quick-growing platform that pays serious attention to the server speed. It uses fast SSD drives on its Shared and Cloud Hosting platforms. The servers of this hosting company functions on the PHP technology, which enhances the hosting speed, however, it was changeling for us to optimize a decent speed score for one of our niche blogs.

Verdict – In the war, GreenGeeks vs SiteGround speed, GreenGeeks offers tons of other exciting technical options for advancing the speed of the web servers as compared to SiteGround. I would say GreenGeeks is faster than SiteGround.

Winner – GreenGeeks

Uptime Performance

Just like site speed, the uptime performance is also regarded to be an essential characteristic of web hosting. If a hosting service has a high uptime rate, it indicates that the servers are in good condition, which would enhance the performance of your site so that it will be running almost all the time on the internet. 


The GreenGeeks hosting company boldly claims that it offers 99.9% uptime performance. This rate of uptime is relatively high and is often referred to as more than average.

The performance of this hosting service has been extremely high, especially in the last 12 months. It has a reliable system of uptime performance that helps us feel satisfied and happy.



SiteGround hosting also claims a high rate of uptime performance, around 99.9%, but, we have faced the server down issue for a few minutes and it is not 100% reliable for us.


Verdict – As GreenGeeks has a consistently high rate of uptime performance and it is playing better than SiteGround for us.







Winner – GreenGeeks

WordPress Optimization features

WordPress Optimization features refer to the multi-level approach, which is offered by the services towards WordPress, which includes many tools and technical features which the guidance towards improving the website’s performance. It is considered better than the usual web hosting systems, as it also provides an option of managing WordPress side by side.


The GreenGeeks hosting system provides several options to manage WordPress, which adds to the benefits of this hosting web service. It includes incredible features which are listed as follows:

  • Changing the image sizes
  • Instant cleanups
  • Inspection of mobile elements
  • Selection of appealing themes
  • Enables caching
  • Installs security options


The SiteGround web hosting system also, offers lots of features for WordPress optimization, just like the GreenGeeks green hosting server. These features are listed as follows                               

  • A simple click and install option
  • SG Optimizer Plugin for powerful caching
  • Able to set up a fully functional website in a few minutes
  • Automatic WordPress updates with custom Firewalls rules

Verdict – In the GreenGeeks vs SiteGround battle, SiteGround provides the user with a lot more features and options for WordPress Optimization, which proves to be an advantage to manage the website in a better way.

Winner – SiteGround


The CDN Hosting takes a complete account of the content and statistics of your website, which is provided and visible throughout the globe. The closer the CDN server is to the web, the faster would be the website’s load. Let us see who wins this bout in the GreenGeeks vs SiteGround battle.


GreenGeeks offers free CDN integration to boost performance. As it uses the best hardware technologies and networks which are available on the internet, which makes the websites with GreenGeeks faster than the other websites. It automatically caches the statistics and content of the websites, which naturally makes your site load faster.


The SiteGround hosting system also offers a free CDN hosting provision for the client’s website. Activating CDN hosting services in SiteGround is simplified, which can be turned on based on the subdomains that a website has.

Winner – Both

Green Hosting

As the hosting services consume energy and power while proving 24/7 services on the internet, Green hosting refers to the renewable sources of energy that are employed by web hosting companies, which helps to give back the resources that are consumed, to the environment.

It can involve a variety of renewable energy services, including hydroelectricity and wind power, which are generated from natural resources.


GreenGeeks is the leading eco-friendly hosting provider, which gives back more than three times the energy which is utilized by the service. It gives back the energy in the form of renewable energy.


The SiteGround hosting has all its data centers as eco-friendly. Google operates these data centers, and the company gives back the total renewable energy, which is utilized by the service.

Verdict – The amount of energy that is given back to the environment is considerably more by GreenGeeks as compared to the SiteGround hosting service. Hence, GreenGeeks is the fantastic option for shared and cloud web hosting. So, if you want to have a green web, then your choice should be GreenGeeks.

Winner – GreenGeeks

Customer Support

The customer support is considered to be an essential factor while selecting the perfect web hosting plan for oneself. A suitable customer support mechanism is constructive for the clients, as it can assist in resolving technical queries and issues for the clients on the go.


GreenGeeks offer several modes of customer support. There is a Live Chat option that can be accessed easily to get rid of your problems without any hesitation. There is a feature for phone support as well, where the client can directly place a call to the company’s agents. You may use the email ticket option as well.


In SiteGround hosting, the customer support service which is offered is excellent. The agents are customer-friendly and highly knowledgeable, who are ready to help 24/7. They have a very positive and helpful attitude, which helps in empowering the clients. They are really fast and responsive.

Winner – Both

Dashboard Management

A good Dashboard Management system is of extreme importance as it decides the level of ease for managing the website. Also, predicts the management of the control panel that can be used by the clients to manipulate the website or blog settings through the hosting service.


In GreenGeeks, the Dashboard portal gives access to the billing information as well as the website settings. The Dashboard system allows quick login feature as well, along with the control panel, which can help in managing the settings of the website.


SiteGround, on the other hand, provides the clients with a user area that comes with a lot of different tools for website management. Also, it allows the clients to make changes to their WordPress interface through the web hosting service. The site tools which are offered are new as well as advanced, which can aid in the better management of the website.

verdict – In terms of GreenGeeks vs SiteGround cPanel, SiteGround offers a better Dashboard Management system, as it has a lot more settings and tools for the welfare of your website.

Winner – SiteGround


Again, backup is the utmost importance when it comes to hosting as preserving the data, and its components are essential for perfectly managing the website. Also, it is crucial to back up the data regularly so that no information is lost, which can save the clients from a lot of security issues.


GreenGeeks perform daily disaster recovering backups, which are retained for 24 hours and then, are replaced by the most recent backup of data. It also makes use of RAID-10 storage features, which help in preserving your precious data.


On the other hand, SiteGround allows users to create and restore backups. Also, it provides an option of restoring the data from the last seven days that can be extremely helpful for the users. This option is included in all the shared hosting packages for SiteGround.

Winner- Both

SiteGround vs GreenGeeks Pricing

Both companies come up with various pricing schemes that would help you with the one that suits you best. While both hosting providers have different plans, you can still compare them.


GreenGeeks offers cheap pricing plans that are much suitable for small business startups and blogs. They give special prices that are super affordable! Have a look at the pricing plans of GreenGeeks.



For SiteGround, the pricing starts at $6.99 per month and can go up to $14.99 per month for the GoGeek option while that of GreenGeeks start at just $2.95 per month and can go up to $11.95 per month for the premium variant. This high pricing may not be suitable for beginners and business startups.


Verdict – While having quite a lot of options in every variant and having one of the most competitive pricing, GreenGeeks surely win out on this round.

Winner – GreenGeeks

Which Hosting Is the best, GreenGeeks Or SiteGround?

After using both the hosting services, I have shared my experiences and suggestions to choose the best one for your business site.

In the battle, GreenGeeks Vs SiteGround, I would advise you to pick GreenGeeks as it is the fastest, more secure, and highly scalable hosting than SiteGround. This green hosting is better than Inmotion hosting as well.

Moreover, their pricing options are good and refund policies are straightforward. The lower price that one can avail of the web hosting in the case of GreenGeeks helps the novice to start their blogging on their own.

I like their prompt response through the live chat option and phone support. Out of all, I admire their green hosting service which is much needed to save our earth from carbon emissions.

Hence, GreenGeeks can be considered to be a fantastic option for shared and cloud hosting and the winner in this GreenGeeks vs SiteGround comparison. If you still can decide between the two, then you may have a look at the SiteGround Alternatives to get a suitable server service.

by Nirmala
Nirmala Santhakumar is a professional blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She always loves to write useful WP tips, tricks and tutorials on this active blog. Sharing her SEO knowledge is her keen interest.

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