SSD Hosting Vs HDD Hosting, Which Is Best For Business?

I’m a great fan of SSD hosting! And yes, I only use the SSD servers for my blogs.

Do you know “WHY?” Let me tell you the undeniable reasons through this post!

Before getting into the essential details of SSD web hosting, I would like to insist on having a fast-loading site.

Yes, Page Loading Speed matters a lot as it directly affects the user experience and sales.

If you are still wondering about the benefits of owning a site that load blazing fast, then you should read my post, Why Should You Have Quick Loading Website?

Let’s come to the key point now and yes, there is a reason for talking about the site speed in this SSD hosting review post!

Without further ado, let’s get into the matter.

After reading this post, I’m sure that you would like to buy the best SSD hosting service for your site or blog.

What is SSD Hosting?

The abbreviation of SSD is Solid State Drive. It is the best computer storage type that stocks up the Integrated Circuits (ICs) data. SSD web hosting is the hosting service that uses this non-volatile storage device.

SSD Hosting Vs HDD Hosting

If you have studied electronics in your academics, you might be familiar with SSD and HDD storage devices. (Note – I’m an Electronics Engineer 🙂 )

If you didn’t, you might think, How SSD hosting is better than traditional hosting that uses HDD (Hard Disk Drive) storage devices?

Let me briefly compare SSD and HDD hosting so that you can make a wise decision about choosing the best server service for your business site.


1. Fast Server Performance

HDD Hosting

Since IBM launched it, HDD has had several spinning disks to store and read data. Thus, it involves mechanical action and takes a long time to retrieve the data.

When the hosting server uses the HDD storage devices, it will offer delayed performance (When you get the visitor to your site) and produce heat due to the moving parts inside the HDD.

In simple words, the hotter the server gets, the slower it runs hence offering the reduced speed performance for the website.

SSD Hosting

SSD server has no such mechanical parts to read & write the data and hence let them transfer extremely fast without any delay.

Results have proved that SSD hosting can serve more than 65% faster than HDD hosting as the former does not spend time on the disk spin.

Thus, the SSD server is undoubtedly the fastest WordPress hosting that can enhance the data transfer speed and make the website load lightning fast.

For Example – Cloudways is pure SSD hosting with an ultrafast server. It is the quickest hosting optimized for speed.

And if you want to buy this managed cloud hosting service, you should grab the Cloudways Discount to grab the free credits.


2. Security

HDD Hosting

HDD hosting is vulnerable to shock and vibration; it also generates more heat. So, the probability of data loss is higher here.

To lessen this imperfection, most of the HDD hosting services use an improved RAID backup strategy that would further complicate the system.

As you know, the importance of protecting our precious data and keeping the site live all the time, getting HDD hosting for your business site wouldn’t be the right choice.

SSD Hosting

With SSD hosting, you don’t need to worry about data security as it is more resistant to physical damage.

Yes, the SSD servers have been made up of durable microchips that are less prone to mechanical faults. Besides, most of the SSD web hosting companies integrated the dual firewall system and powerful hack scan protection to prevent virus attacks.

The high-capacity data transfer of SSD technology can offer consistent performance with maximum server load to increase the reliability of your site.

Whatever be the hosting service that you use, it would be better to learn and implement the fundamental backup methods to stay safe from the data loss frustration.

3. Eco-Friendly (SSD Vs HDD Power Consumption)

HDD Hosting

The hosting server, which includes several HDDs, requires a specific cooling arrangement to handle the heat generation.

HDD devices consume 5 times more power than SDD (6 – 12 Watts) and harm the environment through carbon emission.

High energy consumption is one of the major drawbacks of HDD hosting and thus it is not environment-friendly hosting.

SSD Hosting

Due to the absence of spinning drives, the SSD web hosting server consumes very little power (2 – 5 Watts) and therefore it is considered eco-friendly hosting.

It is noiseless and doesn’t require any additional cooling system like HDD to chill out the server room.

In other words, SSD hosting is a green web hosting with energy-efficient data centers to minimize the environmental impact by reducing the carbon footprint.

4. Better Rankings & Conversion

It is a well-known fact that Google considers site loading speed to be one of the search engine ranking factors. Moreover, fast websites could offer the best user experience, which results in huge conversions.

HDD Hosting

The delayed output due to the rotation part of the HDD storage device is a major roadblock in bringing SEO benefits.

As I said earlier, Google hates slow-loading websites. So, driving your targeted visitors from search results will be rocket science for you!

No organic traffic = No sales

Likewise, the page loading speed delay in seconds may frustrate your readers and make them skip your site forever.

Thus, no matter how you monetized your site, Adsense (Ad Revenue), Affiliate Marketing (Sales), or Selling your product/service, you would struggle to make steady revenue with your time-consuming loading site hosted on an HDD server.

SSD Hosting

As I discussed earlier, SSD server hosting can load your site super fast, boosting your SEO and pleasing search engines for top rankings.

Also, your readers will never have to wait for the site loading, and thus there is a high probability of getting them converted into leads or sales.

If you specifically have an E-commerce business site or an active blog with thousands of daily visitors, then getting fast SSD hosting would help you beat your competitors by boosting your website speed.

5. Pricing

HDD Hosting

The pricing is the only favorable factor for HDD hosting; yes, it is cost-effective. HDD hosting is inexpensive since the HDDs are easy to configure with the servers.

The approximate cost of HDD server hosting is $0.05$/1GB, and it is best suited for a start-up site with few visitors. 

SSD Hosting

The cost of SSD server hosting per Gigabyte of data storage is approximately 2-3 times higher than the HDD hosting service. 

For example, the best SSD hosting company, InMotion VPS, offers 75 GB for $30/Month. This pricing is worth it for the busy business site. 

As technology emerges, it is more likely that people will get unlimited SSDs at the same price as HDD server hosting nowadays!  

Advantages of SSD Hosting Than HDD Hosting

So, you have understood the difference between the SSD and HDD hosting from the above section and now, let me consolidate the benefits of SSD website hosting!

  • Much faster performance & quick access time
  • High reliability (uptime) & secured
  • No heat generation & Data loss issues
  • Less energy consumption & eco-friendly
  • Cache memory is available
  • No defragmentation is required
  • More suitable & profitable for business sites

How Fast Is SSD Hosting?

Since SSD storage can provide quicker data access, it makes your site more responsive by letting the scripts and content run easily. Thus the server stability is improved even at more I/O requests (when you get hundreds of site visitors at once).

Most SSD hosting companies understand that the page load delay in milliseconds will affect the SEO rankings, bounce, and conversion rates. Thus, they use turbo servers that could make your site more than 15 times faster than the non-SSD hosting providers.

According to InMotion hosting (Pure SSD website hosting), when a server gets numerous I/O requests, the HDD would be 5% transitive compared to SDD. Even for the very low number of read/write requests, the HDD server would only push 35% of data as much of SSD does.

I hope you know how fast the SSD hosting is and could offer optimal performance!

Do You Need SSD Hosting Service?

Still, you might be in the dilemma, SSD hosting or HDD hosting, which one to choose?

If your business site doesn’t have plentiful media files and a huge content volume for thousands of users to access daily, then you may choose HDD hosting.

Also, if you are on a tight budget and need more disk space for your website, go for an HHD hosting service.

However, if you want to buy a high-performance hosting server with 100% uptime to handle your huge visitors and generate consistent revenue from your website, then your pick should be “SSD Hosting“.

Even though its price is a bit high, it is worth investing money in the benefits I have listed above.

How To Choose The Best SSD Hosting Provider?

As I’m familiar with selecting SSD server hosting, let me present a checklist to pick the best SSD hosting service for your business’s web presence.

  • 99.99% Uptime & Stability
  • Incorporated Pure & Best Solid State Drive Storage
  • Affordable & Money Back Guarantee
  • Multi-layer Data Loss Prevention
  • Efficient Data Centres
  • 24 X 7 Customer Support

Many hosts offer the SSD website hosting service, but you should be careful while purchasing a good SSD shared hosting.

Yes, it shouldn’t hog all the resources on the same server. If you get such low-quality, cheap SSD hosting, there is no meaning in getting the SSD feature for your site or blog.

First, you should know the basic things to look for when purchasing a server for your site. Now, have a look at the best fast SSD hosting companies to grab without any hesitation! 

Which Hosting wins? SSD or HDD?

From the above-stated details, you might have concluded that SSD Hosting is the clear winner! 

Yes! You are 100% Correct 🙂

The HDD hosting retrieves the digital information through platters that are coated with magnetic materials and cause a delay in serving the Input/Output requests. It needs regular defragmentation as well. 

To overcome these difficulties, the hosting companies have started utilizing SSD technology and helping the site load lightning fast.

There is no wonder if SSD server hosting will dominate the whole hosting industry shortly as it can work under any temperature and handle huge site traffic.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the worry-free hosting experience with the fastest SSD hosting and tweak your web presence with it. 

Which type of hosting are you using? What is your opinion about the SSD hosting type? Would you like to get it and perform better? Share your priceless thoughts and suggestions in the comment section. 

by Nirmala
Nirmala Santhakumar is a professional blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She always loves to write useful WP tips, tricks and tutorials on this active blog. Sharing her SEO knowledge is her keen interest.

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